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tv   Cross Talk  RT  September 24, 2019 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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russia's being investigated over claims it gave manipulated data to the world anti-doping watchdog casting doubt over the country's participation in next year's olympics russia says it has fully complied with all regulations. addresses in a summit of world leaders in new york telling them that they have stolen her childhood by not taking action on climate change. in washington's lead saying that iran has attacked saudi oil facilities with the british pm stressing he's ready to join us military effort in the gulf region if needed. kevin no one has all the latest for you coming up next talk though is
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coming up on our international while in the u.k. and ireland it is and again stay with us. hello and welcome across. the recent attack on saudi energy installations as red faced many in washington and the kingdom we will tell you why also uncle joe's troubles in ukraine a story beginning to be revealed for a very long time. talking some real news i'm joined by my guests here in moscow going to. and he is
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a professor at the higher school of economics as well as author of decay of western civilization and resurgence of russia we also have alex cross of forro is the director and writer for the duran dot com and we're joined by dmitri bobbitt she is a political analyst and editor at innocent me internet media project right gentlemen cross-talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate glenn let me go to you 1st here saudi arabia is the 3rd largest spender and military hardware in the world after the united states and china. and we're told at least who these claim that they attacked those installations last weekend. there's a lot of red faces in washington and riyadh right now i mean do they have do they actually use military hardware or is it the wrong kind or is it just expenditures no one is really explain this but of course we know one thing it's a rants. you know all the big joke typically has been the saudi arabia has this huge wonderful military but nobody knows how to use it. however so the problem goes
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a bit deeper than that i think because it also shows you can't truly measure military strength in terms of the amount of money you spend on arms now for certainly you should get some modicum of defense with that kind of expenditures yes of course but when you for example compare how how would a color military conflict look here between saudi arabia and iran often people fail to take account of very simple or cheap drawn can be used to attack a military installation and this. energy solution and and this is really the vulnerable the weak spots that they have. that they have presented to them so there's not much they can really do about it so they could make peace with the with the who these in yemen one think they could do to show us that iran with the various simple weaponry can create some pain for the who is easy to be careful i don't know well i would guess that the drones themselves the construction of them
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probably some of the strategic directions probably have come. with some input from iran. i think is reason to lose even if it is reasonable until they get over it alex it seems to me it's not important who orchestrated this because i don't think that's the point i think the point is that it could be orchestrated and it's a demonstration of what can come all right you have saudi arabia spending vast amounts of money on quote unquote defense that apparently doesn't work or they don't know how it works in the united states is any more forces there they're learning the wrong lesson whoever orchestrated this said stop the war because we can do this again it will be more intense higher magnitude right sort of trump is going to sanction our central bank in iran he's going to sanction the sovereign wealth fund as well he's sending. troops to saudi arabia in order to prevent this from happening again and you know do you want to sending a few ships right more troops i was not going to stop this when we were even told
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there are some people saying that the attack it's no more reaching needed and in saudi arabia exactly exactly i think you're spot on peter because it doesn't really even though is a lot of people theorizing who did this was it iran was it the who these was it israel was it saudi arabia was it the cia everyone's you know has their theory as to who did this because you know a lot of people saying this was a false flag and that's what worries me it's not who did this what worries me is that ok you're sending a message to stop the war great the war needs to be stopped you're sending a message that saudi arabian n.b.s. is vulnerable he's the weak link in the in the u.s. iran is real kind of structure in that he's only has to be portrayed as been shown running steroids right and right before the iraq oh floatation as well so you're sending a message there and you're sending you know a message to trump in other words you're saying you don't really want to go to war here in the middle east and i get that as well but what worries me peter is that we had before this we had the all tanker incident a couple of them 'd now we have this and you can only push trump so far because i
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really think trump does not want to go to war i think it's very clear now but he's surrounded by a lot of neo cons he's surrounded by a lot of war hawks left and right and maximum pressure has failed i worry about real quick i worry about that because sooner or later one more incident whoever does it whoever does it he's going to have to take action and that worries me going to the brink real quick go ahead real quick a vietnamese is going to say i also believe the trump definitely wants to go into the new election as the president who didn't actually start a war which will be the 1st time and i'm going to go toward. the bar exam because i'm not going to problem is this maximum pressure strategy is put all the conditions in place for because what is done with iran now has put in the situation where there is all or nothing so wrong house and everything to lose from just sitting still and doing. thing and sort of see it's a coming choke to death or it can make a big gamble and effectively shoulder saw this american concept help you become
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supportive and also telling the rest of the world if you try to crush us we have ways to get back at you so having this powerful deterrent it's there they can gain a lot from doing this high risk investor problem put him in a position where iran kind of has to gauge and high risk in order to save itself well you know they could always buy a russian isp or hundreds but you know. my question to you is is that if. we can speculate who might have helped who they think we are speaking the obvious you however i think with another message going with my line of thinking is that other. into the region could have access to the same technology so i'm talking about as below in lebanon this is sending a message not only to the saudis that they're vulnerable not a message to the us that he's vulnerable but the entire stability of the middle east is at stake right now and i think this is the message they need to start ratcheting down you could very easily be ratcheted up again well i think they're
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basically when we have person to blame you know we should remember who started the whole thing you know the whole start things started in 2015 when star saudi arabia started being yemen after a. coup there you know with total support from the united states from president obama from there somewhere i wanted to do so because i want to because in her memoir she white watches or cell phone now now we're kind of the international press basically be mourning their fate of the civilian population of yemen which is a right you know but the international press does not remind us that our barbara and the ultra liberal are you always just in the united states and in that you were directly complicit in starting that war part of the blame is on them and even if. he is or someone some. are the shia groups in the middle east even if it was they walk. alone right to say that it's a deterrent you know it's amazing for the 1st time in their european press i see
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some sympathy for these action against saudi arabia for example often blithered often bothered which is a swedish newspaper writes that easy is it only me who is happy about what had meant maybe it will send a message that we need to protect the environment and they're basically if you can cause a lot of it in a matter of minutes you know then maybe we should look for a replacement for oh ok it's a very twisted very swedish you know ecological argument against the war i think there was still primarily in order to prevent people from being killed and the environment but it's for the 1st time in many years that europe is kind of opposed to all these aggressions it's obviously a boss to the aggression of saudi arabia against yemen and it is becoming more and more sympathetic with the shiite minority in terms of what it does is it is increasing the chasm between europe and the united states because the europeans
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have made it very clear that they're not willing followers they will be if their knowledge to push to blackmail they will continue to support the u.s. but it's showing their cows i'm glad about the europeans also recognize that this is directly linked to the iran nuclear deal. and because the american sunni latrobe withdrew from it and even now the americans are threatening to put sanctions on the europeans a 2nd there are sanctions if they continue if they don't also withdraw from the deal so so so obviously this is a big split with this conflict becoming more more moving towards war iran needs to show that it it also has a deterrent then i don't see the europeans thinking this is a great time to suddenly switch sides and get bored with american idol continues a trend i would say yeah yes you know. what i think is very interesting is that the saudis are being the anti in there saying the ball is in your court right now and
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then we all know that trump doesn't want to get into a new war but he's painted himself into a very terrible horner and that's what makes the stakes so much higher because you could have a 3rd party that is interested in a conflict in the could we could see a potential false flag this is very very dangerous and putting the mess the wrong message has been received sending more hardware there more troops there more ships that shows that they haven't learned that this is a game of chicken that has reached it's been the ultimate stage you know just not believe had an article she said that you know the united states and trump is losing the narrative on iran and i think she's exactly right and i think dimitri's right too in that aspect that trump did inherit the yemen war but he made a terrible strategic mistake by pulling out of that j.c. p.o. way and then he painted himself in that corner that you're talking about but the narrative is being lost because because people now are actually seeing saudi arabia as the aggressor whether it's yemen or whether it's with what's going on in iran
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and we're talking about before the show peter we actually are told see cowbird go on fox news the other day neil cavuto and she actually stated and i'm paraphrasing that saudi arabia is the bigger enemy not iran don't go to war with iraq just see how he choked oh yeah she buried him because that's the name of the pushing demon before we go to break very quickly you know the war in yemen i think it was the 1st war that obama wanted to conduct with old the boots on the ground by someone else's hands you know that was his new strategy i'm not saying american troops and that the soldiers do it and it was a complete disaster i think you know the french. that if this operation is called resolute force it's resident force against yemen yes it killed tens of thousands he displaced mediums it was supposed to be a single ended little war once there results but it was supposed to be a splendidly. look a.b.b.'s would come out on top showing his credentials and all that everything this man touches in the region goes south absolutely last word was
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so to say this is a difficult situation for both sides because. iran has been put in the place now where it really has no hour to spend very precious put in a corner but the americans are kind of put themselves in a corner as well and that's i think that's where the danger comes because. to point out that some point now trump will have to attack iran otherwise he will be out of options and the wrong that's the same problem they don't have any other options than to and is why we have you on the program frequently with real fears here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some real news state with our. next geysers financial survival they say money to develop. closer to d.c.
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this is a central plank so for dying at the moment kind of problem right now so he stopped . but if he warned you can i do. to shoot at the bottom or the g.'s nudist beach and you see me we need to blue truth. about that come on when you guys e.q.'s will be. in the news i mean that that in fact involved. a lot of you will see sawing during fuzzy fights about 2 kids each other both sides. but as he admits to me as if i change. it. by. ear. i don't. even listen.
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to him. welcome back across now we're all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some real news. i just limit switch gears here. in ukraine alex finally finally people are talking about it but the wrong story ok give us the background yeah 3 years 3 years in the making of a story for 45 years actually during the my dad and during the war nice ukraine this story has been a rout and biden hunter biden to be more specific along with devon archer who is quick coincidentally the roommate of john kerry's son in law christopher heinz
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fame building right the heinz dynasty those 2 along with another ukrainian oligarch were part of a company where directors of a company called to respond this company is an energy all the gas company operating in ukraine headquartered out of cyprus for various tax reasons now during the war there were a lot of reports that hunter biden and actually were pushing for the war and ukraine in order to clear a lot of the territory in order to do what peter in order to frack rock get to the energy in the east and now here we are 3 years later with a whistle blower out of the intelligence apparatus for some strange reason tries to pin all of this. trop so because so biden's corruption is trump right thing because exactly drums desire to investigate it is who investigated because but it had the
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church during a conference we also took about how we got victor show one of the prosecutors to really pick and prosecute a degenerate prosecutor general of your fire because he wanted to investigate the corruption of hunter biter and the binoche archer and one more thing peter the kerry family christopher hines to all want the bidens and hunter biden a barista about 2 to 3 weeks ago so. we have ukraine gate hold around the globe because the media is dominated by the people who are interested in concealing biden's corruption and they're already turning of the tables saying forget about by this corrupt ok. in i think it was in their foreign policy or in some other things and she ruled that yes contra by them acted inappropriately and joe biden acted inappropriately they should have known that if you protect you know your song who is doing business in the country
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that you supervised from the united states it's going to come back to you well of course but you know that privately is the trump is calling. ukrainian president zelinsky and asks him to investigate it and you know this is the 1st time that i've heard truth from mr trump since his electoral campaign in 2016 just very simply explained what has been telling us about joe biden this is trumpeted in the media he calls the ukrainian government and says don't you dare prosecute if you don't fire this prosecutor. if you don't fire this prosecutor we're not going to give you $2000000000.00 in loan guarantees or whatever he was supposed to give can you imagine i did that and of calderon mr trump but the problem is that. this is the truth for all 8 ringback doozie this is how it would work but the interesting thing here glenn is that for some reason we can speculate why this is really come up in
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the news you know obviously it's an entire term gambit there's nothing new about that but as our gentleman friends here pointed out this is part of the public record and then what's being talked about publicly is if it's news it's not news it's not news that they were officials from the d.n.c. visited ukraine during the 2016 election looking for dirt on paul metaphor and they loaned it and they found it and they used it against him and he went to jail for what 4 years for something years for something that had nothing to do with russia only with ukraine but only with ukraine i mean the interesting thing is that this is a very selective view of looking backwards and what is happening we still don't talk about the coup in 2014 they don't want to talk about biden's role that he was obama's point man here and how his family benefited from it profited from it yeah now it's. well they're going to have wrote
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a lot about this case in book come out in 2016 so no it's not it's not it's hard to look at this i would say for the public is yes it is but there's also because. there hasn't been much interest in the media to kind of dig into this issue and especially after trying to get elected as well they're very much been in the u.s. obviously taken a very anti trumper session so i think the rhythm only reason why this really came out because it could be argued that this was transcription by trump because you know he dared to call the president of ukraine selinski. pressure him in order to start an investigation however and this is the scandal however again the reason this will backfire most likely is because by by bringing up this issue their fact of legal review. the trump is merely asking to restart and in this the geisha which joe biden killed into his son there is no evidence that we're aware of that's been reported there was
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a quid pro quo so that's that's the thing here again western media there is they do the sins of omission it was once you said to me earlier in the day is this is this a tactic to get rid of by you know we were discussing this because this is it was so obvious this was going to backfire on biden it was obvious and the democrats less they wanted this out now i can only think of 2 reasons why you have this leak and you know the whistleblower didn't even have this as direct knowledge from what we understand this came from another person to another person to that whistleblower and now the only reason to put this out into the public domain is to either do biden because it's obvious this is going to come back and get. why else would you do it to do real bad or to get ahead of the story now i don't think you could control it and i think that what is out of the question and he quoted trump but he was quoting the video you can get away with race from it this was this being done
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to the real biden and get to a war in. candidacy i mean the real scandal you don't need any whistle blowers foreseen the read of scandal here what is the most sure can about this prosecutor short in trying to prosecute over ukraine is that by then had the power to remove him in a matter of hours and biden boasted about it he has been there since you know mounted promo for that one for several years he has been called boasting about it you know victoria no one said who should be the prime minister of this new liberal. nor clique right so the united states has been dictating the ukrainian government for all these years who they should have liked as ministers absolutely and who should that them point us prosecutor general so they have been dictating and now what does this ukrainian government to look like these so-called free guys who liberated some sort of russia during their 2016 campaign they were all on the side
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of he were clinton they gave her the materials which the stall from the party of regions about mana for its payment then in 2016 when trump won the interior minister of arc of quickly cleared out from his facebook account all of the attacks against trump. praiseful clinton then the. new general prosecutor decided od trump has won so now i can go against this clinton i'd gates guy so he gave an interview to the heel of bart then merrick an ambassador in ukraine meri jaan of age who told him whom he as the prosecutor general could not touch. no the least of the untouchables and that was published in the here and now would stand on the stance that he was stupid trump is not true in the country and liberals are running the show there so we suddenly hear from now
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how do biden did not fly way to new york reunion was at least optional we don't see any wrong doing a company you can play you call that much of the most goods bought you know how to buy that was on the board the really clouds how he made least 100 pounds a long experience in the energy field correct apparently. this is no. less no no no no or so we were very close with your cage so he left the navy. just sort of cocaine yes this is the man he was making 50000 i think this is a this is a good thing about ukrainian government you don't need any credentials or could have qualifications would send good did not have a deal of education and he became the prosecutor general right. you know basically the chairman of the rub that. he has been a professional nazi all his life he followed the national socialist party of ukraine in 1901 he never did anything i think was called socialist nationalist he just flipped the words if you call that nationalists social but everyone understood
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what it meant in 1081 right so he became the chairman of the rather without any qualification and then that the states was perfectly fine with because they were going there what does this mean to me because we went through this 3 years of russia gave russian meddling in the election but it looks and i have been talking about this for years there's ample evidence that was ukrainian meddling in the us presidential election cycle here. it seems to me both sides now are kind of in a quandary because they both have their own narrative. myself going to be well this case broke it for us is really. going to have a day job because if remember the 2016 election. the big play by the democrats was you know that they got exposed clinton had worked with the d.n.c. to rig the primary but then they were able to switch narrative by saying oh no actually trump the reason why we know this is because all the information came to
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trump and now it seems like we're going down this road again this is like yes yes biden after the coup in ukraine you know biden got this position and all this money even though there's no no skills in this area. by all means it seemed like a this was very much a way to. sort but i mean folks are going to have to throw some money at the american oligarchy to stay protected but but nonetheless this is not the this is not a this is not the case neither of the you know joe biden was trying to successfully got the chief prosecutor fired for pursuing this the real case is now that trump wants to reopen the investigation but it is it is shocking that it seems like if he is the frontrunner really for the d.n.c. it looks like it will be pretty much a replay of 2000 it's going to trump kin can say whatever he wants to world leaders he has that type of latitude he had many conversations with the lecky and so even
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the quid pro quo part where they were arguing that he offered up military aid to ukraine that's been debunked that's been debunked now say whatever he wants to let's keep the fact of the matter is that we have bite in video biden why did to admit. that he got show can fire he wanted to think another important issues we wrap it up right now is it again his white house leaks very badly you have a person that knows a person that knows a person is a whistleblower this looks like him in intention to harm his presidency but i think it's backfiring it's a boomerang it's going to boomerang on a lot of people it's going to gentlemen it's all the time we have here many thanks to my guests here in moscow and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. an exciting remember. join
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me every 1st day on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then. you know world big part of the law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. the world is driven by a dream shaped. dare's
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thinks. we dared to ask. the more i tried to understand venezuela the more i could see the signs of all solitary unism emerging on my continent as well. however what venezuela's critics didn't didn't do was compare human rights issues to those in other countries on the american continent. civil and political rights
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have been violated in venezuela. but they are violated every day in colombia and they are violated every day in mexico and they are violated every day in brazil. what i call human rights. what i call selective integration. you show enormous in the nation with regard to one country. and you keep quiet with regard to many other countries where the situation is many times worse. in brazil the police killed 14 people a day on average. the colombian army killed 10000 civilians between 20022010. that doesn't include hundreds of political activists assassinated every year pal ability groups taller.


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