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as far off as i do. we don't know she'll share this truth. and of this unfortunately you. will still not know she'll just. this hour's headlines story chooses washington of thing it's internal and softer the u.s. fails to granted visas to several members of the russian delegation to the un general assembly. also coming up the u.k. supreme court rules the country's prime minister broke the vela law 'd by suspending parliament in a unanimous decision by 11 justices it was ruled out for. legal effect there for the holidays still technically say. that's still in my
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dreams my childhood which you are and you would see teen. global attention by addressing world leaders at the un but it seems that everyone is bumping into her and. just mean those behind her including her parents and financial backers me i would have to call it what is child abuse seems like greg has had some acting lessons seem so fake to me . grab your training in from a right around the globe this hour a very warm welcome to moscow to r.t.e. international my name's o'neill our top story. the u.s.
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president just addressed the u.n. general assembly in new york a lot of topics been spoken about for about 48 minutes or so to world leaders that centra it touched upon key global challenges including trade the crisis in the persian gulf nuclear proliferation the promotion of democracy well a lot of aspects to this and indeed 'd kill up in that believe was listening in the new york thing together some of the main aspects of all this some of which have just gone through there but it was a fiery speech from from a president who seemed a little bit. beach shall we say wasn't is usually rhetoric but the language itself a lot being spoken about in the tell us more. indeed now trump hit one of his main themes in previous u.n.
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speeches which has been anti globalism and the sovereignty of nations in his speech he said the future does not belong to globalists but to patriots furthermore trump used the venue speaking to the united nations general assembly to unload criticism on various international actors now he criticized china and brought up his trade war accusing china of violating intellectual property he also singled out the islamic republic of iran as well as cuba nicaragua and venezuela and he gave them criticism he also referred to negotiations on the korean peninsula with optimism saying that he believed that north korea was full of untapped potential now it is interesting to note that some of trump's remarks seem to almost be directed at a domestic u.s. audience despite the fact that he was speaking at this international gathering at the united nations he did boast about the u.s. military budget and how large it is saying it was necessary to defend freedom he
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also talked about the pro what he called his pro growth economic policies saying that they were creating economic success and prosperity in the united states now he used the podium at the u.n. to make a point that he's made previously in his state of the union address saying that the usa will never be a socialist country furthermore he did criticize what he called radical activists who are seeking to protect the human smugglers that's what he accused of those who are engaging in the promotion of immigration and he hailed his immigration crackdown as necessary for the security of the united states and thank to mexico for cooperating with it now he also in his remarks touched on religious freedom and the importance of reports of religious freedom said the united states would stay. its efforts to protect people's religious freedom and talked about the rights of l g b t people around the world of saying that the united states would also step up its
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efforts to support them so we heard a lot of themes we've heard in previous u.n. addresses from president trump the theme of protecting global sovereignty criticism of specific countries internationally however folks have noticed that the tone this year was not as bombastic as previous speeches and he did level quite a bit of criticism internationally however out there was quite quite a lowering of the tone it wasn't as bombastic as previous years and furthermore it's also worth noting that in his remarks he seemed at some points to be almost as if he was talking to a u.s. audience and there is an election approaching for u.s. president donald trump he will be running for reelection in 2020 so that was on the minds of many people as they watched the remarks of donald trump's 3rd address to the united nations general assembly yeah thanks very much for taking us through that speech just ending in the past how far or so killer blow up and taken this through all the main suspects all of it. indeed one of them enough spics perhaps
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the biggest talking point was a run so let's head to behead all of the american studies department out to run university professor mohammad marandi always a pleasure to have you on the program don't move trump i gain labeled a global menace a sponsor of terrorism and so on i went on for quite a while now we call for a reunion leaders to step forward for a constructive dialogue to runs you know us you well know it said it's open for talks it's open for negotiations get nothing in the pipeline it seems who has got to move next year. well from the people that we hear from in the united states obviously the iranians are the root of the root of all evil but in tehran the view is quite different the iranians see the war in yemen and the massacres that are
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taking place as a result of u.s. support for this so you're abia and european support for saudi arabia whether it's the current administration or the previous administration in washington whether it's current leaders in europe or previous leaders they all have a huge amount of blood on their hands and of course in the in syria the u.n. teheran is that the. this the side that is most guilty is the side that created this civil war by supporting the extremists in the country and as a result destroyed so much of the country so the iranians don't really take anything the trump says about its evilness very seriously but with when it comes to negotiations the iranians are saying that look we have negotiated with the united states. despite our mistrust despite the fact that the united states gave saddam hussein chemical weapons to use against the iranians despite the sanctions and by
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the oil obama's crippling sanctions meaning that he wanted to cripple ordinary iranians and despite trump's. brutal sanctions where he wants to brutalize ordinary iranians the iranians have said repeatedly that if trump goes back to the nuclear deal if he abides by us commitments then negotiations can start again. tom was at the negotiating table rex tillerson was at the negotiating table they left the negotiating table so it's for them to come back and those are the conditions they have to accept their own from in double trouble also said and i quote all nations have a duty to our income iranian influence who is he trying to rally here and will leak at any backing other than from israel do you think he directly name checked today. i don't think that anyone any country really so foreseen ited states even the
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saudis and the m.r. ati's are very careful the saudis know how vulnerable they are they are they are going downhill very fast they have lost the war in yemen despite all their atrocities they have been humiliated by the yemeni army and the yemeni resistance the saudis and the emraan those throats through their proxies in southern yemen and the recent attack on saudi oil facilities by the yemenis have been devastating and all that american equipment and saudi military equip equipment has done nothing to protect them so the saudis and them ratus know that conflict with iran is really out of the question their regimes would collapse it's only the israelis that support this even the europeans know that if there is major conflict in this region they would suffer immensely it would create a global economic meltdown and you'd have millions of people from the arabian peninsula moving towards europe which would make what happened in syria
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a few years ago look like a small stream compared to a great river so i think the international community knows quite well that supporting trump is is very dangerous wait we did and i don't think trump himself wants conflict because he knows that it's a war with iran cannot be won we did hear though in this speech that he still keen on further tightening sanctions on iran you call those sanctions are ready brittle where is this leading. well he himself calls them brutal he and he admitted that the united states is engaging in economic warfare and that is targeting ordinary people in fact the united states is attempting to block iraq from purchasing medicine and foods many medical many companies that produce medicine have told the iranians that we will not export medicine to out of here the united states and our ships are being harassed when
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they try to purchase or bring food stuff from latin america as well the other parts of the world but the americans have failed i mean we've had we've seen this maximum pressure for a year and a half now and the iranian economy despite the hurt continues to move forward and the iranians are now used to this new normal and countries like china and russia are increasingly ignoring the americans because they know that if the americans succeed it will be they will be next on the list ok regional countries also need to do trade with iran if. iraq needs trade otherwise its own the country will become destabilized so it's very hard for the americans to put any more sanctions on iran because there's nothing really left to sanction there's a joke going around in iran where people say i have a cousin somewhere in some village that hasn't been sanctioned yet so all these sanctions are remote repetition of older sanctions the central bank has been
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sanctioned for instantly but it was already sanctioned before so nothing really new is happening site we got to move on thank you so much for your time and thoughts this hour ahead of the american studies department out to around the university professor side mohamad world. well look every 3rd ringside seat for this year's general assembly as we were just speaking to some russia's foreign ministry is furious that 10 members of its delegation were denied u.s. visas the program called the move a provocation which warrants quote a tough response joined me earlier in the studio to tell me what's a little. while moscow's absolutely furious because if you think about is that's a huge thing. constant in russia's prominent politician and diploma a term and all of the foreign affairs committee of the upper term for the russian parliament said he's not going to attend the un general assembly that is open these days in new york because of visa issues and he wasn't actually denied american visa
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but what basically happened as far as we understand is that his application didn't go through and he was not to fight about that very very last moment and he failed to take american visa on time it doesn't sound like anything criminal he can still reapply but clearly there is no time enough. so he's going to miss the discussions he were planning to participate in and the thing is that he was not the only one to put in this unpleasant situation we know that at least 8 other members of the russian delegation's i mean they arrived this morning in one of moscow airports with bags with tickets to new york with plans to participate in important debates and they expected their passports with american visas to be delivered to the airport from the u.s. embassy this is normal procedure but it never happened so this is an aspect of this health situation is that these people were not not to fight about what's going on and the only learned about that very last moment and the u.s. side says talks about some technical problems but constant in kosovo calls it
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a provocation this is absolutely unprecedented situation the little states of america does not have to determine to decide. who uses. to participate and who is not to participate in. the united nations. will be responded to by the russians no doubt about it you can see he is very angry it's not exactly clear what measures cousin was talking about what we heard from russian president spokesperson mr biscoe for also that there will be a response from the crowd when there is a furious reaction from the russian foreign ministry as well we know that the us deputy ambassador has been summoned to the foreign ministry here in moscow over some pleasant situation maybe we can expect some clarification later on and we heard from the foreign ministry spokes person. i mean she described it as an
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example of huge disrespect from the american side let's take a listen documents that we handed over for processing earlier a couple of months before departure were returned to us with the wording they have been handed in early it's an outrageous example of disrespect by the u.s. to u.n. members as well as an example of failure to fulfill obligation as the host country of the world are. all good thing is that we hear that. a lover of russia's foreign ministry who is leading the russians allegation that the u.n. general assembly is going to address this issue at his meeting with. secretary of state maybe there will be some explanations for americans are there any other cases though when when foreign delegations have problems entering the u.s. oh yeah of course you have those thoughts for the 1st time and even during the 74th session we heard from teheran that several members of the rat in delegation were
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not issued american so we know that the iranian leader mr rouhani and the foreign minister mr is going to attend general assembly there delegation is dramatically cut and he. yeah but i mean if you think about it that's a huge saying because the u.n. general assembly is an annual event it's a huge platform and if you do occasionally is cut by hov i mean of course you work is a factor and your expectations a lawyer and that doesn't sound fair. global affairs analyst patrick henningsen believes washington is attempting to injure the work of international organizations like the nation's. this is just beyond diplomatic games and chess is something else the broader thing people need to look at here is that this administration the troubled ministration is actively trying to undermine and dismantle multilateral institutions wherever they can find them and so you have
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unofficial sanctions and official sanctions those people on the lists of course are using that to maybe impede their ability to travel that includes diplomats but the un officially they can do this via bureaucratic red tape and games by using the state department as a kind of political instrument in this way to harass certain countries that the administration believes are perceived as being enemies of the united states and right at a very crucial time with between saudi arabia iran and we also have the kashmir crisis going on china and hong kong the i.n.f. treaty being abandoned we have syria right now an impasse and it lead potentially is such an important time all diplomats need to be in new york need to be attending all of these important meetings and for the u.s. to do this it really draws into question what the real agenda of this administration is in terms of its relationship with the world. in speaking to me
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earlier well russian deputy foreign minister sergei cough spoken of the problems ordinary citizens are going through whilst trying to get visas to the u.s. in an exclusive interview with r.t. which airs later today he also the sky's the obstacles moscow and washington are facing in their relations. we have problems in areas that directly affect the interests of people from the main street in both places we're deprived of our consular presence as for instance at the best ghost and we have a long huge rows before people waiting for interviews at the u.s. consulate missions here this is just an example and the goals across the board from such things further to for instance limitations for normal activities of embassies in both places further over to our economic corporation and you know arms control and nonproliferation we're just stuck.
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moving on britain's highest court has dealt on precedented legal defeat to the prime minister would judges you know i'm asleep ruling that boris johnson is the solution to suspend parliament earlier this month was a lawful the prime minister's advice to her majesty was unlawful void and have no effect. this means that the order in council to which it led was also a little full void and of no effect and should be quashed the probation was also void and of no effect parliament has not been wrote. well i mean how of discontent from. the public the prime minister suspended parliament at the beginning of september for 5 weeks it was widely seen as a move to prevent m.p.'s from scrutinizing his plan to exit the union on october 31st with or without
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a deal court's move on the highest court as we've been hearing in the agrees it means parliament cannot sit and in fact the commons speaker says it will convene tomorrow morning. returning early from the new york state. regardless. we will respect. the judicial process i strongly disagree with the justices who. think that. it's right. so i spoke to the head of the politics on international relations department reading university in the u.k. mark shanahan he is of the few that boris johnson's mushing nations have been completely exposed. johnson is toast his political future is now firmly in the past what we had here was naked political ever since boris johnson became prime
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minister it's been less about issues such as breaks it and more about cementing his place in number 10 by calling a snap election and by getting it all done quickly before there could be any scrutiny or any accountability by pivoting away from issues and jumping on new ones and he has been caught out he played fast and loose with the law working absolutely at the margins and that's not going to play well with history it's in terms of breaks that it makes it much much harder for him to make it happen by october 31st potentially at all what the courts have done today is put the power back in the hands of parliament taking away from the executive i mean this was a massive exercise in executive overreach and that might work in some countries so the u.k. has shown itself today through the rule rule of law that it doesn't want to be driven into the arms of autocracy. the teenage environmental activist referred
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to in brick delivered an impassioned address to the un climate action summit on monday the swedish campaigner rebuked world leaders for as she sees it failing to tackle the destruction of the planet's ecosystems. you have stolen my dreams my childhood with your empty words and yet i'm one of the jocks once. people are suffering people are dying entire school systems are collapsing we are in the beginning of a mass extinction and what you can talk about is money and fame or tales of his time not economic growth how do you i 6 know mr burke also says donald trump when they almost cross part of the u.s. president paid 0 attention to the headline grabbing fly made activists she then left the room accompanied by security guards the as the president arrived at the u.n. headquarters for
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a separate meeting on religious freedom. the young activists emotional speech at the u.n. was praised by many with people describing her words us inspirational and sympathizing with her anger against environmental destruction however the widespread support has been somewhat slower by a wave of mockery the french education minister had bachao turn birds attack on world leaders saying she should not create a generation of people depressed by climate change also a member of germany's ruling c.d.u. party claimed the teen is attempting to appeal to emotion without offering russian arguments economist i.k. hammer told us he believes the 16 year old is being exploited by molly driven management team. greater couldn't hurt and this endo who was meant warse the big pressure he is a child who has got a very very good management and that is profit oriented
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and like every figure in the internet or wherever there is life or i would not believe everything he says it's a big big. process and of course the profit making process and so i don't really listen to what she says because. if you regard the facts you are more of that on the on the better side and just stick stick to the facts and we have to make good propositions on how to make the world better and no just making no demonstrations occasionally kids and way from school or whatever it's all a feud or gratitude is not the only one making headlines on the climate change platform french president or moneyball mccrone has annoyed french climate activists by telling them to move their rallies from parlous to poland tried dubinsky delve
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deeper into. president matt corner fronts has a once again called the banners to help in the fight against climate change speaking at the u.n. climate change emergency summit he said he understood the frustrations of the millions of schoolchildren who had been striking on fridays next amended be deployed in one week for months and months now we've heard the young people speaking and i think they've identified an absolute urgency that we have to respond to here but while much corn understands their frustrations his government didn't seem too keen on those climate activists who protested in paris over the weekend with some alleging brute force was used by the police as the violence spiraled out of control. and much corn has made it clear he really wants the protesters to go away well from
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false at least as what he really really wants is for them to take their anger out on another you country code that means. every friday to say that the planet is burning that's nice but that is not the problem people should go protest in poland help me move those i cannot push forward who is upset that poland is refusing to commit to an e.u. target to be carbon neutral by 2050 heads blocking the floor from adopting this is official policy that's not gone down well in poland where the country's deputy foreign minister is accused of the lecturing and it is perhaps difficult to swallow such a lecture when france itself has been accused of calling behind on tackling the climate emergency france's mission emissions targets in 3 or 4 big sectors a wise person one said people who live in cost houses. 3 bricks
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advice some may cancel my call to take children out see paris live from moscow they start international i'll see you in 30.
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pain years in the process started 10 years and i think it's time to shake things up maybe change the branding maybe the format here is what i've been thinking about next season related episodes filmed on an island expert fight about for a trophy what do you think ok a more affordable option 25 text for. one red rose another suggestion. jeopardy parody no political cookout we will literally wrote the elites. late night show it's a rare form of these days and it's cheap all you need is an old microphone in a printed banner. to leave me with i guess i can do this. and laughter politics gone wild like music. ok crosstalk is not about
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hype about meaning 10 years of talk and still going strong. peter if you want to change something why don't we get rid of the bow tie no that is too much. and i am x. kaiser this is the kaiser report the share that goes where no other show dares go brings back the truth based it up polarize it turns it into a slur the drinks are. so you see you know that's quite relevant for this episode
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of the show because we're going to get into the fact that 3 j.p. morgan bankers were arrested while we were over in europe they were arrested and charged under rico that is normally used to take down the mafia we told the world almost 10 years ago that this was the case about j.p. morgan and their precious metals manipulation as finally proven true but 1st i just want to note also that this past week just at the end of the last week we saw the fed stepping in to rescue the market 75000000000 dollars a day in free money handed to a certain group of people i.e. the same sort of bankers who can't manage their own business and they need to constantly be rescued unlike every other industry and most of the world here's a headline u.s. money market experience bank or an oversized demand for lack of available funds drove overnight repo rate to unprecedented high of 10 percent fed intervene for 1st time since.


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