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tv   Going Underground  RT  September 28, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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a top u.s. democrat provokes the author of donald trump oil for misleading summary of the president's. lead over ukraine. an investigation reveals kind of has been illegally transporting it's plastic waste in malaysia we get reaction from climate change running in montreal. but. if you wish to curable. dishes i'm sorry to hear i'm dealing. with one now. claims of complicity victims of oppression and filed a complaint against the french bank alleging it provided a lifeline to the brutal rights abusing regime of the country's previous leader.
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all those. going on the ground is coming up next the international in the u.k. and on and. we'll see you know. we're going on the run of the day afghanistan elects its next president coming up on the show does the spirit of the line of timeshare live on 18 years after 911 and the assassination of the man who warned the usa of the imminent attack the younger brother ahmed shah masood runs to be the next president of afghanistan we speak to him just days after a u.s. military attack that killed or injured at least 70 civilians and we continue our series looking at a new generation of u.s. congressional candidates. challenging the status quo ahead of the 22 idea lection
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with a democratic candidate didn't north carolina campaigning for a socialist america told us of all coming up in today's going on the ground before us today the country britain and the united states bombed catalyzing the killing wounding or displacing of millions goes to the polls what happens in afghanistan has shaped the course of the 21st century from $911.00 towards all around the world while the us is brown university estimates around 150000 were killed after 911 in afghanistan the u.k. saw 13000 of its own soldiers killed or wounded there the international criminal court dropped all investigations into coalition war crimes earlier this year after donald trump's top diplomat mike pompei o effectively banned court members from traveling to the usa i'm announcing a policy of u.s. visa restrictions on those individuals directly responsible for any i.c.c. investigation of u.s. personnel so today's afghan elections take place amidst deliberate u.s.
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attempts to curb international law as well as taliban claims washington is interested only in perpetual conflict mr barak is the problem is that he says he agreed to that if you're doesn't bother well so if you don't have the office why did we could not get one of the more blogger with this to go away to different i would simply have different people who defeated north and people up on the bridge over there we would be bombarded with. different people it was not always like this in fact 911 only happened 2 days after the al qaeda or its as a nation of afghan leader ahmed shah masood who had warned the european parliament of upcoming al-qaeda attacks on the usa is killing prompted vladimir putin to warn george w. bush the day before $911.00 of his worries of an imminent terror attack but nato with ortiz appeared to have ignored afghanistan's implications for global security will not ignore them ongoing underground presidential candidate in the younger brother of the so. old line of pants here ahmed wali mustard joins me now from
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kabul thanks so much for coming on the show you know even before we get to the elections can i just ask you about your reaction to a u.s. drone strikes i understand there was a terrible drone strike on nanga ha 70 dead or injured civilians are these just continuing every other day thank you very much well i do believe that hottest on is becoming some sort off. unfortunate case because. we don't have a responsible government at the moment to really kind of. check what is happening in discount and who was fired and to where and who was only me who was friend it's a very kind of unfortunate case he had enough upon his son so that is why it's becoming som how field of different entrusts of foreign countries that's very very unfortunate and i'm. i don't know i mean the only thing i can say is that the
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government of afghanistan is very very weak it's not responsible it has to duty to give to account for what is happening in this country what about safety there are 16 candidates and a stand just in august 74 a day have been killed perhaps it was deadly campaign ever how safe do you feel being a presidential candidate in afghanistan after the most the longest american war is a very well let me say that since i've become a candidate. for the past months of campaigning is still the government have not provided. security requirements which ought to be given to dick a different kind it's by the but as far as the people is concerned well let's see what happens because again all do it they have given to shortest a day off the election will be fully secured but of course it all really cut if it pays on to political understanding between the afghan government and opposition in
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order to position we don't know because afghan government this is not clear and it's not transparent so therefore the people it off was son do not nor does the last moment that they have really got into security or not so who will that benefit i mean the government says 100000 troops have been drafted in to protect the people for this election to government house it doctrine that they will deploy to troops and do it take to secure. it to bypass you know that even when they're massaged not letting himself when his team was good to competent power want a few days ago in charge a car was a bomb blasts and quite a lot of syphilis were killed so therefore we should not be short by what the government sees but why by what exactly do you are doing and as far as we know presidents have gunny i mean he was in the headlines in the summer over a sexual harassment scandal alleged sexual harassment scandal that made headlines around the world of sexual favors this amidst all this violence you have a bill or
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a bill or the c.e.o. these 2 favorite candidates he has the support of a doest i'm the infamous northern alliance warlord what do you make of these 2 and you characterize them as the reasons for the crisis in afghanistan today well it did to who ruled off what a son for the past 5 years and then name off the national unity government so flawed they have not delivered to the afghan people doubt fail even if they get together they have a lot be some sort of compromise decide to a state to get a unity government all in one government because their member of each team just so hostile towards each other that will be impossible to really bring them under one umbrella but if they go alone to read the established on ag governament again i don't think if they will be very able to deliver because the past 60 showed that
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they are not very able to govern afghanistan so they. the new fashion off these teams of course one side is merely their old mage idea and that is a sense people and those who have got some roots and side the people the delete of off there if this is all just politically though on the other side there's some some young technocrats and. some does this not much rooted in this country saul i think took that idea really wants to challenge everyone everyone else to somehow according to us all saying that he wants to root out the old resistant forces so therefore they're kind of fashioned that we can see it's something. i'm compromising other hostages of washington i don't know what you thought when donald trump was meeting imran khan in washington and said he could wipe your country off the face of the map and ashraf ghani only said he wanted
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clarification when i think he's very far away and he may not know much about the history of our hardest sadat's not been so easy so far for centuries have hottest on as a state as a country and has been a sacrifice but has defended their own country and i think that maybe later on he must suffer realised by his advisors that no off potus son is an end up and a sovereign country and its people his very proud and they will defend their own homeland so therefore it's not that easy to wipe out what he did of course drop the most powerful conventional bomb in history on your country but do you think your candidacy off is something about the context of afghanistan of a global security the entire global war on terror what do you bring to the table if you were to lead the country from next week well i brother of a suit and as you know it muscle it was the lead off that is a sense against russian invasion as well us against the anti mesha terrorism so far
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masood was successful in his campaign against terrorism and against extremism so therefore although he's not any more with us plus has taught us his ideas and the road map is with us so we know awful lot of people and we know our society we know of course how to combat terrorism so therefore what we really. kind of delivered to the people off of august saw and we said let's target the root of terrorism want to extremism which is their extreme theology let's talk at that one as far as their property city in part is cause sun but at the same time let's get ready to defend our country to resist against terrorism and this country so therefore it's not an easy and to us we have got years of experience of ca batting terrorism and extremism so therefore we can deliver us well much better than what they have delivered for the past 18 years we can deliver our people can deliver hopefully if
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we do have the moral support often to initiate community we can deliver but because the formally u.s.-u.k. backed al-qaeda protected by the taliban and killed your brother how frightened do you know that even running for the presidency that wasn't being president of the taliban a resurgent taliban who are new fans of your presidency i assume will try to try to kill you this afghanistan of course not only in my brother you have lost toxins 100 soft targets and millions of people decide our country we at the end off today we really have to stand for our country i one of these millions of people here so therefore that is our responsibility it was time for our country i know that's dangerous i know a stretch i think i know that this very volatile country but it to same time we do have a responsibility i very historical responsibility to deliver for this country so
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therefore today we stand tomorrow if we are not here our new generation williston dishonest son who is a defendant well defending your country supposed to be helped by british soldiers as well as obviously the american soldiers would have the british soldiers hundreds of them doing in your country you were ambassador of course to london with your understandings of what they're doing that when they came to disk. it came as an international force to combat and tanishaa terrorism here so far for the passage in 1000 years much of this foreign troops have a state in the country to combat terrorism but the ironic side of the whole process is that so far the terrorism have not finished that has not been rooted out now on the contrary dot has been increased so the level of dividers have increased i do not know how to explain that paradox but what i'm trying to say now this is the time that we should be must sort of horror on county and off our own distance
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because at the end of the day terrorism is not a sort of mystique and a father son it's a global threat so therefore i global efforts is needed to combat you know i do believe that if we go back to the old resistance time we should really kind of offer that we do people of afghanistan we are able we do have our security forces as well radie almost 350000 people who we do have our people we are determined to defend our country so therefore if we do have the help and support of the international committee we do appreciate it but so is president you'd welcome the thousands of soldiers from all around the world to tramp up and down afghan mountains and build massive military bases run by nations. around the world i mean as you say this war is longer than the war in vietnam yes a stronger and stronger but i do believe that if we dead half for the past 1000 years if we don't have
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a sound political leadership in afghanistan national leadership of good government i do think that our i go need and the problem would have been over years before the problem is that in this country so far we still do not find do not have to leadership so the people of afghanistan can put their faith and trust on them so that is why we do have this problem prolonging and i do believe that we could have . we quit office top to trip off terrorism yes the 1st years off 'd that alicia committed to we could have done that but we didn't have the right but we did have the wealth to do it i thought but i forgit it to put it together leadership prop up be in some sort of court the nation with some thought a set of goals the kind of postponed a ward in this country and duchessa problem i would really was a thank you i'll stop you that more from ahmed after this break and 2020 u.s. congressional candidates to enter a cotton. run
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across from the island comes out of the cold war you are the set up i'm one among what i would. find after 90 they tell you nasty hi i'm i said. months in front of them i don't sense on the. phone from. a lot of the. board.
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welcome back i'm still here on the day of the afghan presidential elections as one of the candidates for president but while he mustered washington also hosts the i.m.f. they have given tens of millions of dollars to afghanistan with where is all that money going well that's another question just what you said at our team. position. saying that we really have to be rich to government we really have to go ask this question where this money gone where that the mission. had been assistant god what happened why the policy went wrong odetta hunder soft cushion to be asked so nobody knows because we do have a government which is very kind of that hidden agenda us person i joined us which is not confirm it you were drafted and pressed but surely the country needs a president with the answers and isn't it time arguably then to turn to china and
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the rivals of the i.a.m. have the ai be and change tack well of course condit is president should have the answer the program is that there are questions which of not been revealed to said are facts which are not not been revealed by the government at the end of today i've got a son is becoming the center of so many dissent of interest of so many powers it's kind of a very kind of i'm bigger situation which one cannot really kind of explain every day we can hear something very different the stories for example look at the piece what happened to the peace and i've got a son talked of has a for 9 months he went he said that he'll bring peace stuff a lot of sun but they die off today what twit from president truck change a whole course of the peace in this county well if people don't know afghanistan through violence from derived from training in afghanistan they know it because of drugs do you think british soldiers stop the drug flow all around the world from
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your country because on the streets of this country the united kingdom as you all know when in the days when you were ambassador here that's where afghanistan is drugs well let me say that probably 20 years ago there was not that his story when that is this is was an awful lot of sun doc was not that big a sort of drax in afghanistan i fortunately i mean for the past 20 a distorted has become. so big that is why we don't know exactly who are playing these games who are doing that who are doing this we don't know because we do have a government we can all feel belongs to discover them and our political dissident would not belong to discover them because i discovered it would up the went to have election would not pov election what happened to peace other security. feels do not belong to this column and all that it cannot be feel do not be noticed so therefore it rocks problem also do not belong deceived like that of today government of us and so therefore it's becoming very complex because don't forget that tough lot of
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sun is been threatened from 4 sides sall therefore there are counties that asika there are interest groups there are some intelligence services proxy wars you know there are so many things here but it distant off all this chaotic situation we have got that government which is weak which is kind of it neatly. a kind of ethno center regime which we want to have all power by itself we have got dr heidi who cannot really control the situation who does not give a good leadership to this country so we will have problems and this country i'm going to sit thank you well after decades of us to factor destabilization of any of afghanistan but countries right around the world a small number of democrats are attempting to mount a challenge to the wall mongering status quo in washington joining me now from north carolina is one such progressive democrats wanting to shake things up in congress de andre carter thanks so much for coming on the show you know before we
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even get to impeachment didn't the only other issues that are currently making waves right around the world would you do you make of trump's speech in north carolina campaigning for the 9th congressional district republicans one with bishop he said the problem with your body is you want to dismantle demolish destroy everything you've gained he said to north carolinians and that you had a problem with believing in god. nor was i actually going to be home rather what it will be about. trying to guide him through isn't just that her being shown to us as the all in all counting on. a sense of just my own unsure and meanwhile i nurture their we absolutely right at least. we people to actually force her issues live meijers isn't one of them but the
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democrats gave no outcry and i know it's actual progress. right now. leaving 'd the door stuck just saw hopefully the next trick for me we can ashley through betsy are you getting the full support of the d.n.c. because the d.n.c. appears to be my added in the something of a scandal over fossil fuel money going to joe biden tamala harris famously we on the presidential candidacy level never supported body cameras for police is the d.n.c. out of touch with the street level in the united states. do not make they understand the people on the street. of course they're not supporting here. i'm running against. who also 'd in hospital me so.
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my. goals and me want to chamish to prepare their credit card. we don't want. you know their policy to make sure that they cheat of the media congress as possible on sleeves are there. is an maybe more we're just not going to discover. oh no as far as. the presidential of rights. so i have to be and see nobody. really. we more on you know through congress really want to be there actually change our. lives and unfortunately you know see push me back. you know more force
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the candidates you know on the congressional level ran our presidential 0. you hope and change instead of actual policies that were people's last while around the world what the d.n.c. is famous for is of course the strategy to impeach donald trump i don't think the strategy is to save joe biden more than the issues you just mentioned. ahead of the 2020 alexion pashley true. it was a very it was a job our own home if it wasn't it was someone that they are xander earth. do not believe methadose it was ok let's let's impeach the president try and crawl more believe. just now
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reading to now. there is a rare. and special yapper here in the national where it's true around the issue of those who really aren't but those aren't in the narrow scope of unification to discuss adamy true us to cry on rich hourly. or later do we need to investigate every band of. didn't lead american people who were truckers an r. and r. so to. have the senator if they want rich to continue to have shaw as a growth there and not only are our offices out in the burbs and they are ok if they are to branch. breaking the law. honestly trying to do this short of radical our constitution but you don't think i
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mean last time around we know from wiki leaks what hillary clinton did when he signed his campaign you think they're going to try that again even though of course clinton lost. and. only. push. that we should be no. the chances 'd and 1.2 whole people in our office count it would be due to something on the in c b n we hope you'll see it. what do you think about the alleged racist gaffes of joe biden i mean he said appeared to say the legacy of slavery could be solved by therapy for people of color whereas you seem to be arguing for reparations. nearly. out of and it. is often just a way to brand
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a victim. of everything that's happened in the united states. we care is not. singled out. every day our city. is there to kill americans are our friends. wow. i mean you 2 actually more people then just. we. where is the oath to us that the reason why our side to not just agree with democrats actually having some counsel research for a case of reparations pots so if the policy is passed in congress back in america where i actually started to the seat
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rush so tell me a little bit about how the democratic establishment tries to attack progressive candidates like you is there much to difference between that talking points and say g.o.p. republican talking points against people like you or. guys or cortez and the many other congressional new generation of candidates there's now most of the difference . we are to our economy for there is very limited or open top or our own really are all socialist verse so some of us is not very were i am a democrat socialist home we. meet people i mean the media outlets it was used to. pour on the. chariots or is it normal on 1000000 of them the only reason they have been able to get into our
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show in the media is because campaigns other were phenomenal to the point every thing you know hundreds of thousands of dollars they cannot. vote for the other candidates who are still not growl. still. raising money focusing more on rational communities doing. the work doing camps. those. are the ones who pass. our. congress. thank you. that's it for the show will be back on monday and some do that no matter the people's republic of china which divides the end of history to become an even 21st century communist powerhouse 5850000000 out of
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poverty we'll talk to the hong kong government on monday and to link you to judge by social media don't forget to subscribe to our you show. as like richard marles worst nightmare his language hi i'm richard burr i want them to dead planet everything on planet earth is dead because been securitized and we've consumed it all well there's a teenager in the us more a brother heartbroken crying her eyes out because she's going to grow up on a dead planet because all been securitized and sold and resold and repack the cater to 1000 times 10000 times we're left with nothing except a dream of wonder was what it was and it is no more.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy one foundation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic to follow can only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.


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