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what's signed. it's come to light the u.s. intelligence community quietly dropped the whistle blowers must possess 1st knowledge apparently paving the way for the trump ukraine revelations triggered an impeachment inquiry. national mourning in france as world leaders gather for the funeral of former president jacques chirac the way last week 6. 100 of his anti defamation league recognizes the. great symbol of widespread adoption by whites this is a. problem is the symbol has become an actual code to say hey we are part of this group you are not. there to drink water. so we
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label it as racist. good evening i welcome this is. donald trump is demanding to meet the anonymous official who blew the whistle on phone calls with this ukrainian counterpart the scandal surrounding those conversations led to the launch of an impeachment inquiry last week of a possible collusion with a foreign power the us president claims the whistleblowers account of what was said was totally inaccurate. meanwhile reports have emerged pointing out that the u.s. intelligence community quietly changed the official whistleblower complaint form at around the time the ukraine call scandal broke the old version required a whistleblower to have 1st hand intelligence but the new 4 made another tick box
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option available meaning relayed information would be considered as well. now the timing of the change it is noteworthy the latest version of the document says it was revised in august the same month in which the scandal triggering complaint was filed the apparent coincidences led to questions understandably being racist it's not clear to me when the people who are behind all this realized all my goodness this is not going to play well this will not go through the inspector general process because it's all hearsay is certain here information it's funny to me at least here on the u.s. that the news outlets just immediately identified this person as a whistleblower but if you are a whistleblower blowing the whistle on waste fraud abuse and illegality in the intelligence services you're not a whistleblower you're a leaker and so i think that's really where the transformation is. he's my guest if
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takes a look at the sudden change of standards and the possible ramifications most of us we reveal whistleblowers the men and women who put their careers their very lives on the line out of principle you know look the other way they speak up when they see corruption abuse and then justice. you know why we revere them so because we trust them they were witnesses people on the inside they saw with their own eyes a whistleblower is any individual who provides the right information to the right people that's now changed you no longer need to be a witness to be a whistleblower no longer need to have documents or evidence all you need is to have heard someone talk about wrongdoing that's all as a matter if it was false or made up just far less than hey presto you are
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a whistleblower like the individual who spoke on the trump ukraine scandal of the background of this of course the whistleblower the filing report and state in the 1st sentence i don't know this firsthand you know this 1st told to me by i learned this from say and then multiple shots so i didn't have any 1st and evidence let me in our legal system here shit it never stands up in court he was told the trump said something questionable by anonymous officials told them wrong it seems at least some of it was already proved false the president pressured mrs lenski with a specific request that the ukrainian leader locate and turn over service used by the democratic national committee and examined by the u.s. cyber security firm crowd strike. i would like you to do us a favor though because our country has been through a lot and ukraine knows a lot about it i would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation
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with ukraine they say crowd strike the server they say ukraine has it whatever you can do it's very important that you do it if that's possible the president also praised ukraine's prosecutor general. and suggested that mr lansky might want to keep him in his position. i heard you had a prosecutor who was very good and he was. shut down and that's really unfair a lot of people are talking about that the way they shut your very good prosecutor down and you had some very bad people involved they these in gentleman we have front row seats as we watch the noble even all noble title of whistleblower sally my deed bipartisan politics in the accuracy and bias over the intelligence community inspector general's preliminary review identified some indicia of an arguable political bias on the part of the complete in favor of a rival political candidate such evidence does not change my determination that the
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complaint relating to the urgent concern appears credible what do they do. you know american chargen we say did it change the goalposts they changed the rules how could these people possibly see that we get away with this whistleblowers now essentially a 5050 anonymous source you get on c.n.n. for example fun to listen to but as practice shows as taken with a dose of salt source tells n.b.c. news law enforcement and democratic sources telling c.n.n. on it in a fired sources anonymous sources according to anonymous washington post source you're basing all these allegations of one or maybe 2 sources which c.n.n. is this is not receiving any reports it's washington post new york times wall street journal c.n.n. a.b.c. elihu resources all because they're hiding behind us in anonymity cannot mean we're seeing you know you don't want me to you're just going to attack sources these
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whistleblower a poor it was but now for the democrats finally a chance to bring down trump but now that it's showing cracks liberals are sprinting the plus the mover this whistle blower they claim can should and will be trusted you know why because he's one of them. if we think of the whistleblower as a reporter the whistleblower talked to a lot of people who had firsthand knowledge or seen them post strange it to this reporters a free free to be as politically biased as they want twist news to their political agenda and then call it truth all of us who have been involved in national security and have reported are on waste fraud abuse and illegality have been whistleblowers but because this whistleblower in particular fits the mainstream media's narrative of donald trump committing crimes he was automatically
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called it whistle blower he was automatically assumed to have the national interests at heart and i'm not not really sure that that's the case the think it all but crucified snowden manning for exposing global surveillance on all of us and war crimes that we'd never have known about but here you have a biased complaint riddled with an accuracy as submitted by an individual who saw nothing but passed on what he was told the clear political spin to it and he's applauded cheered and praised. it isn't gentleman watch as the new born the mob with all blow up dies i think this is effectively making the whistle procedure in america into effectively a sneak snitches charter where we have a situation where someone can just report some gossip and it will be taken at face
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value as bona fide a whistle blowing i think this is highly dangerous in how whistleblowers are going to be perceived so rather than people coming forward and saying i have an eyewitness account i personally experience this wrongdoing this crime it needs to be investigated up to and including congressional hearings on ochs suddenly going to have rumor and gossip probably gossip fed into the political process and it's going to poison that this process. dozens of world leaders of arrived in paris for the funeral object shura the former french president who died last week served as the country's head of state for 12 years or correspondent has more from paris. well a national day of mourning has been declared in france here to remember the former president jacques chirac who died last week at the age of 86 the funeral service took place behind me at the church of saw where willed leaders including president
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putin of russia came to pay their final respects to a man whose political career spanned some 40 years going from being elected as an m.p. in the national assembly all the way to being mare of paris to being prime minister 2nd time twice 2 of course being france's president a presidency he held for 2 terms starting back in 1995 he was considered to be a political comedian so he has stuck to his guns and perhaps his best known internationally for the fight back in 2003 he refused to let france participate in the iraq invasion that was led by the u.s. in the u.k. famously of course going to the u.n. security council all queuing why that invasion shouldn't take place let's have a look back now at some of the highlights of his political career. the military operations have just started in iraq friends regresses action taken
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without the approval of the united nations. houses burning down and we blind to it nature mutilated and overexploited can no longer regenerate and we refuse to. rebuild it barack obama you know. let them go these dark hours for of a solo history and they're an insult to our past and now traditions. the funeral took place with full military honors and some of those who pay their tributes last week when we heard the news egyptian wreckage died came here today including president putin of russia he described him as being a man who was wise and far sighted a man who. as a great friend to russia we know that the 2 had a fantastic personal relationship in fact chirac when he was at the nato summit in latvia back in 2006 on the sidelines of that summit invited president putin to come and spend his 74th birthday with him and even he awarded president putin one of
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france's highest honors for a foreign as this is a growing classically owner so a sense of 2 men who really respected each other in fact president putin once said that chirac was probably one of the best world leaders that he knew of one of the ones that he most respected we also heard tributes from other world leaders over the last few days accusing angle of merkel who said that he was a great partner when it came to germany and also herself and we heard from president marc cohn who said he was a great frenchman a man who embodied what it really was to be french we were also speaking to some of the crowds of people can pay him to see this funeral to pay their final respects and they told us that jacques chirac was a great leader and that it was important to come and say one final goodbye. the of playful he was a true frenchman there you go what i loved about human after doing it all the good
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it was for me for friends. and then me your place he was one of the best presidents that's what i think he did many things for france including many things that people don't know about in the social sphere and things like that so. that was his character that was his character might all the same not everyone liked him. many in my family were fond of him it's nice to know that. he was we heard during the service a man ahead of his time a man who was fiercely proud to be french thousands of people have paid all major respect as jacques chirac now makes his final journey to his resting place. him offering us here in paris. the university of edinburgh has found itself in the firing line after rolling out his red carpet for a so-called racism conference that has burned white people from asking questions during a q. and a. we will therefore not be given the microphone to by people during the q.
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nace not because we don't think why people have anything to offer to the discussion but because we want to amplify the voices of people of color if you know white person with a question piece share it with a member of the community all our speakers after the panel discussion. the event was organized by a group called the resisting whiteness collective the organizers say their aim is to raise awareness about the importance of anti racist actions in the u.k. the hosts of the event however have created 2 separate rooms called safe spaces for those who could feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable as one of them barring white people from even entering and bring inversed expressed concern over certain aspects before the event including the safe rooms the universities officials claim the organizers have started reviewing that particular point but no changes if any were made were ever published on the official event page all of this has provoked
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a strong reaction online this sort of stupidity by edinburgh university actually fuels racism if the years who came up with this idea lived in the real world they'd know inclusive ety not up a tide is what's needed and where university hosts rhesus event banning polish people from talking the aim of the event is to end racism presumably by actively being racist they have come full circle in an effort to become normal racists they've become racist talk about overcompensating. i'm joined on the line now by david curtain who is a briggs it alliance london assembly member very good evening to david what's your take on this story i mean some people are claiming this is reverse racism what do you think of that claim well it's blatant racism there's no such thing as reverse racism racism is excluding people because of the color of their skin and this does
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that you know whereas before we've had the kind of racism that excludes people in discriminates against people because they're black this blatantly discriminates against people because they're white and this doesn't do any good for anybody whether they're white or black or brown and this kind of thing just simply should not be happening. there are you get a few examples of incidents like this and it feels like people are always slightly afraid to do anything about it for fear of being called racist themselves or the university got the situation they've got a group i think they're called resisting whiteness now if that was called resisting blackness the action they take would be pretty clear this way round though they struggled should they have given a platform to this group and given the conditions in which the group was operating . well i'm for giving a platform for for any group you know whatever anyone wants to say but that's the whole problem with this event is that they're not allowing a platform for people who are white on the basis of their color of their skin and
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as you say if someone decided to put on an event called resisting blackness can you imagine the outrage which we would have had from the same kind of people who are putting on this events and then everyone would be up in arms from people on the extremes of the political spectrum and all of the liberal if you like elites in the media would be be writing about it condemning it and we wouldn't hear the end of it for days if not weeks so that just goes to show the kind of hypocrisy that you've got in academic circles these days that they will allow this event called resisting whiteness to go ahead which is blatantly racist against white people but they wouldn't say a thing that they are absolutely scared to death of being seen to be politically
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correct so we have this politically correct culture which is suffocating and people are just fed up and sick and tired of it but it just seems to go on and on and on and you know the good thing about this is that people have started to speak up not people so much at the university who were still scared who said nothing about it but people in the country as a whole really just had enough of this kind of thing. ok many thanks david david kurds my guess sprigs it alliance london assembly member thinking. the ok hand gestures been recognized as a hate symbol alongside the swastika america's anti-defamation league based its decision on the signs adoption by white supremacists. even as extremists continue to use symbols that may be years or decades old they regularly create new symbols memes and slogans to express their hateful sentiments we believe law enforcement and the public needs to be fully informed about the meaning of these images which
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can serve as a 1st a warning sign to the presence of haters in the community or school. the ok symbols white power meaning was initially part of an online prank exposé but apparently white supremacist like what they saw and started using it that way in earnest among them the christ church terrorist during a court appearance the i.d.l. says that cases like that warrant its inclusion on the list of hate symbols adding though that context is always important to former white house staffer was accused of making the white power side but her defenders pointed out she's mexican american and a descendant of holocaust survivors we put the issue up for debate. i think it's pretty ridiculous to label a thing like a bull or the ok symbol as a symbol of white supremacy i feel like races do do certain things but i mean at a certain point they do everything or people do mean races have to eat food they have to drink water they have to breathe air so at what point do we label eating
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food as racist drinking water as received in breathing air is very soused it's just really can of started his particular point sounds a little some of these things that have been in his ear things were very low with or a soused hateful subversive groups the problem is that the symbol has become an actual code to say hey we are part of this group you are not and you know the minute one of us is like. well it's a far it's far right movement supporting you know again far right ideologies that are very well known in this country to be you know florist and but my point is you know as for instance and it was an indian sacred religious symbol 50500 years b.c. and you know. people in germany it's ok to put it on a on a red flag and now it was a symbol it was an inverted this massacre and that became the symbol of nazism
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nieces and ok but the ok sign is nat day all right ok so you can find it right now on your phone via. device i phone you can find it ok so right now when you search for the new moji there is the equivalent to ok ok it is being used ok for a very loans and it wasn't a couple years ago where it was some kind of troll thing happening on the internet there it became so on those because the mainstream media picked it up and i think the whole purpose of trolling campaign was to trick the mainstream media into doing it and of course now we hear that the a.b.l. is looking for here is not to label every single thing that we do say or or. or you know we communicate what they are to specifically doing is trying to inform you know people that there are certain symbols that seem innocuous but that are currently being used. as actually inside violence and crime and you know fundamentalist political ideas that put this democracy in jeopardy but we're
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talking about a symbol that started it as something that was not necessarily what it is today the problem is that somewhere along the line that symbol that cited as it trolling can ban as a bait became an actual you know sino with a longing for though it. it's not it's really not what somebody told me how will you know it hasn't be the symbol is not some kind of a symbol like i see the blood gain uses day i'm sure to have been plenty of actual killings they happen every single day and have been going on for a very loans ounces in 1970 s. when they came out but for some reason that's not been seen as a symbol you can that be right now in your phone as an emoji for the ok symbol in smartphones and all of it have come around long after the street gangs have originated so obviously we didn't think about this thing that existed in a certain context in new form of a symbol in general which is labeled as
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a symbol but now what was saying because you need to let me hold because of the trolling campaign now we want to say is a symbol is ridiculous it is not a symbol it is a n.s.a. thing if people want to use it for whatever they want to use it for ok but to compare it to nazi flag is absurd ok millions. if you like. versus the ok so i think i was not a hate symbol until it was. an indian youth a day early his whole can ensure that although it's not the. somali. every u.s. military base has been attacked by the local islamic extremist group al-shabaab it claims loyalty to al qaeda and is listed as a terror group in the u.s. and u.k. and european military convoys also being attacked although so far no one has claimed responsibility for that somalia has been wracked by civil war for decades
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now with 2 significant parts of the country who are claiming self or ptolemy the u.s. armed forces have been fighting al shabaab since 2007. i johnson is a journalist an african affairs specialist joins me now very good evening that these 2 attacks how significant would you say they are as part of the bigger picture of this you know many years long crisis when i think that the us above are showing that they're clearly there for still to be reckoned with maybe you have thought that they were demise many of them that they were finished or that they were moved and could never be a force to be reckoned with were clearly to have dawn this daring attack in the
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heart of where the u.s. army is with almost that with that of local somali forces is very very very ambitious extent duke with some degree of success as well so truly troubling and very embarrassing for u.s. army regime that's currently physically there on the ground really troubling i would say. you've got the might of the u.s. military the greatest in the world they tell is frequently taking on this terrorist . 12 years bombing them and they've not managed to defeat them how do. what are the consequences that you've seen of this bombing campaign well the drone attacks have been the worse i mean the level since trying to call. nominally. drones and their attacks usually get the bad guys as they see more of those locals
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that. gets attacked themselves and the bombs do not discriminate and women and children have been hurt so to an extent the longer this campaign goes on which you clearly have stated some of the fact that i should be asked about is clearly going nowhere and the u.s. will food very demoralized and i think the longer it goes on it's also shows a degree of weakness because if you can't dislodge the enemy if you can't break them down if you can't dislodge them from the areas where they're currently occupying that in itself is draining and over time the locals who would otherwise have support of the campaign tend to start putting on their movements over time becomes that much larger and stronger so it's very. very upsetting to an extent for the united states i think that they were very disheartened because of that moment in time right now they would be expecting should successes and they're not seeing that right now something else seems quite remarkable as well as you know the
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military assistance of the united states you've got the african union which for us 12 years we're talking about all 55 african countries has been you know trying to help the federal government of somalia hold its ground against the terrorists 12 years still they haven't managed to defeat them do we anticipate any kind of breakthrough. well one thing is clear is that al shabaab is clearly not a force 'd that's going away they are local jihadists they belong to the somali itself and it again the fact that you are just mentioned all the countries involved the african union clearly playing a part only able to dislodge this group over a period of time i think it shows that we would have to start looking beyond bombs beyond guns beyond bullets and something and how if at all there is an opportunity for negotiating with this group because we've shown over time that the military capabilities that they have the ability to go on the ground. is going to continue
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and that the united states and the african union on likely to do to dislodge him in that short or medium term. great speech appreciate your time my guest johnson journalist african affairs specialist thank you and thank you to all you guys that have a chance again if you just wonder what you're watching it's r t international enjoying it i'll be back with updates on the top stories in 30 minutes. here in kiev in recent days it might dawn independence square has turned into a full scale war zone. full clancy's in ukraine's capital kiev.
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absolutely no. hard to tell what. are there to. do. now on the brink of a civil war at least 70 dead so far and the death toll rising. to. a new. poll we saw here today was a revolution. and said to. have invested over $5000000000.00 to assist ukraine in these and other goals. nato has expanded into 13 countries up to the borders of russia 13 countries. focus has to be on not allowing ice on into hot wall between ukraine and russia.
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in the city would. and. elaine . are live. please elite
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