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i take it of him. he wanted to get married as. i told him his bedroom maybe i mean they've taken a few that shot. and he would on the way say on lazy i stayed this particular night i can really let. them turn a theory. thank you. but with people who didn't know how to go in heaven it would need after money that i didn't want when you would already billing to do it the money even today i care we don't money i'll go without money. and great effort. to complete some of your side of the food and place it in front of you but don't start eating. but before we had lunch one of the most important things we have to
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answer question is who's going to pay for this much how much money you have i don't have to be that getting ok with us getting money we'll. look at how much money you got a 100 you 100 so there were 350 rupees over here and you're about 30 if you were here is that enough. and the best part is that money doesn't look over here the money that they're getting doesn't look over here. ok so what i want you to do is we're going to hand out these. pieces of people to you. while you're eating before you eat please make some money on this ok make your own garden see. we had to shoulder how important to do this with the qualities of giving how home. gives and
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remember the quality of giving is spoken about we always speak about the rich that means you have to be able to make money to be able to give money. and i can tell you younger the children more money they give us as we grow or i don't know all the reasons why we become a little cynical rip got a little cautious but you know the power of giving rests with the. 300 amp road because. i want to believe you because you are right now in your tend to believe your between the ages of 40 or 40 but 16 as you grew up keep the spirit going. to have really become multi millionaires and billionaires. do the same that you have done today and i'm telling you you will be the change of the world.
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than the basic principle of simplicity. don't spend more than more that it wage. on me to to do your say of these things. that to me game. mean their reason for going bad for me me it was economical every 500 kilometers you're supposed to and you're sure i had calculated once you shoot at that time there's an enormous shoes would cost to about 5000 indian peace. if it lasted from france delimiters every kilometer to vote then peace it's cost me and then. any person with any claim to being a gandhi and an art be splitting so much money on. even if except passion you can't be spending so much.
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gun the believe in economy he knew when to use to. do. use it he would need to have the public leg this the back. and use the blanks a good h.m.t. . example take on to me. i don't put a label to light but if you can you know they want to show. me around the bike. and my leg but. i can watch. it on things now my job is your name. that you can't. get them to let happen to me morning. so mom plug
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on the go. to school and broke the back and how did you do that. $78.00 of those from out of the box and walked 241 miles to the sea coast to a village called time. and in these 241 miles with each the coastal town down be had 100000 indians with what happened was $200000000.00 indians also broke the sword flow in the box of india and the british did not have enough juice to put all these people. going to local. to me and that i had to get out of them. and learn i. needed damage along with. that.
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but she. would know when i might be 20. if not making a bank on the union should. add me to. find the fact. that he. put it on the. money you know that i've got the only. but i don't. want to get people to get it. gave me too much but then you're going to jeopardize having. me quality me out it just that i'm a jump little bit unclear what a question of warning system for. order to put it sounds to. me and. i'm going to court
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my goodness not that we could afford it. not accommodate which had been in the. book but it's almost too out it made you. don't really know what do you wish i'd brought with you on account of the. model production. which you made although able to. shout out a little poem. battle good in the national league. you would be your take would you buy a cow but i didn't put a lot of mileage elaine. well
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. she's. ok i mean if you just make another you know. how long. should the south bend. because of how. dark she could be. apparently. without a home on the house but. yes. ok. there will be a 1st name. gun to. give us all a sense of pride for example when he was a by to off the successful. doing live for the bounty in 1901 he reached england and he was last to meet the king the vicar and the os tomorrow you want to meet the king of england in this cloak. so his on so was the king of
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england razumov clothes for him and i. got the had a lot of humor at all so but he also knew how to get across his point when he went to england in the end of the round table oh you know he he was. the 1000000 state to sway india. and he said no i have come here with the good wouldn't touch that independence i cannot accept. join me every day.
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i'm sure i'll see you then. in 2040 you know bloody revolution to crush the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it. president recalls the events of $24.00. those who. had invested over $5000000000.00 to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. 70 years ago this week china started down the path of communist rule over the past few decades china has emerged or rather really emerged as
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a leading world power rivaling the us the communist party can rightfully claim a string of stunning successes challenges remain what's next for china's extraordinary revolution. leg.
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oh. it's just slept. very well now continue watching on since last.
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yes look. at those connections to mom i'm glad samson asked for the last 70 and seeing and on the day today for the rights promotion commission she. writes i'm just shoot on disk in the. green zone teaching mom. and i'm going to go so sit on the open much to the mama just back yeah.
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i know. it was partly because. hello mark it up. in the misusing the flag. the major lie at 00 is the little bit you see in a pub. window in a homage pinnacle you dismiss the beeb and a. that and the other 2 mighty big get at the guy they call me out who want to
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know. which he may didn't know. me did and. mop and down he had worked for for for 22 years to give us a defense and i think personally he was a little disappointed that we were getting independence by breaking us into 3 boxes and not for me to get one. so although there were flag hoist scenes and by his father india on the 15th agenda. he was brought to new delhi at that time he was in the eastern part of india trying to calm the people down trying to tell the people that you have to have brotherhood of religions and be patient he believed that we need to move 1. 1947 the british empire acknowledged india's right to independence
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on one condition the country should be putting into different states according to religion up to 1000000 people were killed in the resulting clashes between religious groups even when it got dirty deeds it is going to only one knows it is going to do it so why didn't you do it all in a gun need nobody knew it was community. is going to bring the good will to him and muslims are going to be good in those men don told nate. need to come to see the play and meeting me. bendish reaching to put his people they came to be a 7th grader gave to me did that all. from the home edition percentage of
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everybody's bargain when they come to read make you understand. even if you put 20000 dollars many years you're going to have him in a way neighborhood in the end i'm god. if god wanted to give me. that. that's a big meeting wasn't for the fixing the schedule he would sit there and along with his followers and their biggest forces from vegas and he just 15 minutes each and then after that he would talk to people but 1520 minutes he was heading for that one was. and one was so minute they were one was a great grand bargain and one must be taken and. he was to call them his walking sticks things to take it off his daily needs and they used to a company for the fitting in the. guard to kill
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the guard take him on this day and it showed on the next day i was standing here at the back. and i thought i'm going to say an activist with a hindu nationalist organization and. accused gandhi of yielding to muslims and blamed him for petitioning of the country how do you come here and joe no god. came in charge and yet it really pedagogic i'm here and. i would have gone i was here in my late intended is dead that he gave a little advice. there was nothing in this word that could justify him. i think that is one thing that is unacceptable that you can kill. because you don't like his views there are little history. the other way is to write against the other we do. against him but i would not be. any
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these that you are about. to. do you. want your partner. and you push on field of what i'm gonna while only will pinch me pinch a bot of the vision when she colony interim pharmacokinetic in the monologue while the name. of the ship industry cannot only dynamite on one shoe polish number one to learn it one of the nino and the old on and no are you going on in which is to know.
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and then in a month or one day. no good you call them are going to push on time i know of. the you're going to. cause i am one. and you put the. money on the good ol in the can take a push from uncle. sam to save money local power went to wallow on the porch and then no one going to see a political minus a couple on the 3rd is going to not. only the one of the additional i looked up on charlie kind of many of you wondering how much he can only contain them time when only they know positively are little yellow not. because of a clue. shown for them puns but remarkable and sometimes. i wouldn't live up to. the law benevolently in austin only a little. my mind on the one of the lot of the debacle went on until
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they were then the bottom of this. was. to put the key additionally in months and i knew what i was on one of the just want to encourage. it is. how they did it in motion a pound of analysts to call on the name of the let me get up but this tensions only one thing i need put the news in the. gandhi blue bottle and on the i know what i was one of those to the not into my car but d. because our new month. to month on the little. one i do love
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god gives us a muslim look put on the. bible janie was the security they were not political stuff to show the buffalo would our little got of a woman on a plane to going to customs and a car bomb went off no less but this vision that is how much danny wants to let loose on one of those someone on. what we could have some want to win or lose to tony someone i will call question i don't it's not about to when do you do when a christian say no a new month i wonder while all the time what i'm going out of people i thought he was kind of just going to. be a. in
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india we have the 3rd largest muslim population in the us and in the city of hydra but it is almost double the national average but we have over $30000.00 children who visit us every year at the museum in fact we have a little experiment that we you know play out in the museum and we asked the children say that you know if you want to define your religion how do you define it and almost all 'd the children from different religions come up with only single word and it's all b.s. peace and form up my god be i think peace with the village of beit sahour. the idea that i did a bunch in front of just. like i did you can study one big thing in you know
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because there was 60 plus persons. coming to these people was there and they came and muslims christians and every people are so common for every coming in india. and the os me i can see that i love being a little i born again of india. so i think the time will come where people will have a better understanding of each other you know politics would not be played right and it will turn into a bogus border where everybody would be. what danny is going to mean. make me look born about. being one. and that came naturally i didn't can do anything i'm actually going to become to be an. the man was seconded wages may nobody could take it away so much nobody.
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will if you look at the u.i. lives that is happening and throw the word. leave the lot of the conflicts you need to push the leg on the big dog. the next dog he could be a villain. could be. the could be a 12 year old child it could be any of these people but we need to make it just by the book because the odd required to cause changes the way. it chimes but these. not something about a good. sign you meant that i'm not. gonna be face 1st we're going to. ignore you. then they would mock
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you then they will join you.
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oh why a paradise with some all year round turned into a round the experimentation field but agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments but often in day you have many of these people who have one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power.
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when the whole may just manufacture consent instant of public wealth. when the room in close is to protect themselves. when the crime and merry go round lifts only the one percent of. the time we can all middle of the room signals. tomorrow morning real news. seemed wrong. but all roles just don't call. me that in yet to shape out disdainfully come to advocate and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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up. ragon forth a lot i know comes out of the cold war you are the sort of one among what i would all i'm. trying to remain to be way too high is not the high i might be heard. of this month when the us and shaun. of the closer to the north near me a lot of the. theater some when we do the board.
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finds a big journal has withdrawn a study challenging the claim that the syrian government was to blame for the alleged chemical attack in $27.00 t.v. after the article they're trying to fears the un to get started criticism. people in the french city of rwanda are demanding the truth on the all star t.v. off the air massive fire at a local chemical factory though officials insists the air is safe to breathe. easy i'm not saying that the smell is sometime place and i'm just telling you it's up the street there's no harm to see it. and the race for u.s. president collides with the trump in peach meant inquiry and the candidate for his job calls out her opponents for capitalizing off the pro and both sides prop.


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