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tv   Politicking  RT  October 10, 2019 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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any reason lee urged caution about rushing into an empty judge when a president trump bill joins us from washington thanks for being with us bill various my pleasure this is a. cause for waiting and jumping too soon on trump well i think in the time we did the clinton impeachment trial we had kin starr as independent counsel investigative report we had lots of data that supported what the actions that were taken by congress and the house went through a vote on the floor sent the matter as a full impeachment inquiry to the house judiciary committee we held hearings we had witnesses in public we went through a quite a process ourselves in addition to the previous investigation material that was enormous as a nax room that would take a lot of people a long time to sort through in this case we're dealing with a much barer issue right at the moment it appears it's all about a phone call and a potential abuse of power by the president
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a conversation with the ukrainian president we do not have presently with president trump in any resolution from the floor so the appearance of this is that there's a rush to judgment on everybody's part you hear a candidate for president on the other side saying even before they saw the transcript that came out a couple of days ago that that he should be impeached and then you hear republicans absolutely certain that he's done nothing wrong which you know maybe on the 4 corners of that document he has it so i think that it's a mistake to have these hearings in closed door sessions like the are right now in the intelligence committee at least in less there are some national security information there you can have hearings in open public session either by the intelligence committee judiciary somebody if there's a whistleblower you can put literally what i've done is chairman in the past you put a bag over their head to put a sheet over something that then muffle their voice so you aren't disclosing them
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but it's not a national security issue they say these hearings should not be behind closed doors and there shouldn't be a rush to judgment we should get all the facts out and then we'll know we'll all be able to decide we may still disagree but at least everybody working from a full amount of information does. not a concern you congressman that the president as the head of another country to look into his possible opponent in the next that does not concern you it does concern me in the sense that i think that it was not a good thing to do i wouldn't recommend doing it i'm not sure it's impeachable of itself i don't think it rises to the same level as we had in the clinton impeachment trial of sorting out of crimes like perjury lying under oath in front of a court or grand jury or tampering with a witness or hiding things in that sense of obstructing justice it doesn't rise to the same level as watergate where you had not only the break in but the cover up and clearly abuse of a number of agencies so the question is twofold one is did the president commit
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a any crime or an abuse of power that would merit a article of impeachment on its own related to that and number 2 do you want to remove him from office now that latter decision is going to be made if it gets through you know passage of the house there that's going to be made by the u.s. senate and i think it's clear that he's and i think every german agrees that it's highly unlikely he would be removed for this but he might well be impeached for it on the surface though larry on the 4 corners of that document that came out i don't think there is an impeachable offense there in the context that it's in in the sense that he was talking about the fact that he was asking the president it just before that comment about vice president biden to look in the crowd strike to look into the ukrainian connection to the 2016 election and the d.n.c. and maybe the the steal those things have been very controversial that still are
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being investigated by the attorney general bar and by a special u.s. attorney who is assigned to that and then he just says use these words as more or less of a by the way this thing with prosecute. people are talking about the fact that vice president biden asked that the prosecutor be changed and his son was working for the company being investigated that look good let's look into that i.e. you know that i wouldn't do that but i don't think it rises to let's kick the man out of office avoid an election do you buy the thought that republicans a lot of republicans. secretly dislike from and would like to see this impeachment go through and on the all those side as well as the donald trump would like to be impeached to increase his standing among his followers well i don't think he really wants to be impeached i don't think anybody would want that time not him so i can't speak for him i don't think president clinton enjoyed it one bit
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and we did enjoy doing it that's one thing that bothers me too is there seem to be some people really relishing and enjoying the idea but there are a lot of people in the country as a lot of congressmen and some of them i'm sure are and senators are republican who don't personally care for donald trump they don't like his style we haven't liked it from the beginning so who wanted to remove from the day he was elected or didn't want to ever serve he's very confrontational he says a lot of stuff off the cup a lot of times what he says isn't true he really admits it and then correct it i don't think he's doing it intentionally but he doesn't read a lot there are all kinds of things you could say there are they get on the other hand from a republican perspective they like his policies and many of them like the confrontational style they really have been angered that washington bureaucracy going as big as it has especially says reagan's time and they want somebody in there who's going to fight and going to win you know knock knock people down so to speak so it's a bit of a mixed bag out there i still don't think that it rises to the level it's going to
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get the public support larry that would get the senators even the republicans who may not personally care for trump to vote to oust him with an election coming up in just a. months that's especially the case i think as a republican. you concerned about removing the troops from syria i am i think on foreign policy some of his judgments as mishel gut reactions are wrong he's been tempered by some of the generals around him but i don't think we should be moving out of afghanistan right now i don't think we should be moving the troops out of syria and betraying if you will the kurds that supported us so much in the battle against isis but leaving at the mercy if you will of the turkish forces who don't like the kurds i just think it's a mistake to remove them all it can lead to other things that are there are bad over there president obama made a mistake in withdrawing out of some of that region previously and this president
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will too if he completely withdraws troops right away again not a reason to impeach him but a reason of place i would disagree with a moan policy of the trade war with china that's not good for us either i don't think his trade policy is is good in that regard i definitely agree though that china is a problem we need to be dealing with them they have been taking our intellectual property for a long time i'm in the private sector now and i have clients in my law practice that are in china doing business and i've seen them lose out there it's a centralized government still a communist government and i think there are such things today it's a dictatorship as you saw in the last 24 hours or so the president's finally acknowledged i think in a formal way with some sanctions on them the fact that the wiggers have been of religious persecution has been occurring in that country by and large measure in parts of china that is not a truly free country by any stretch of imagination so i am not believing that his
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policy is necessarily good there but i wish him well if he can get a trade deal in next few weeks with china and standing up to them and threatening things and so. 4th works then we'll all be saying that was a really good thing but if it goes on too long as could be very bad for the economy in the next few months i think close we don't know who his opponent will be looks like joe biden has the lead although anything can happen in that democratic primary how well will the president do in your state i think the president's going to be having a similar type of battle that he had before i think my state is likely to go for him again people didn't think it was going to happen last time i started it wouldn't want to bet on it but i believe that it is likely more likely than not that he will prevail in the election of course it's a long time between now and next november and politics as you know a few days 24 hours could be
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a long time and this is months away but as of right this moment i believe that he would win probably by about the same margin he did last time you served in the house a long time you served in the same time as nancy pelosi. what do you make of her speak well i was very frankly surprised when she was elected speaker she served on the intelligence committee with me when i was there for several years i like nancy personally i like her husband but i never thought of her as as the speaker as the leader i thought study harder was light more likely to win if you recall he is the congressman from maryland who was her opponent back then he did not and she today is i think captured by the left the farther left part of her party in a way that i suspect she's uncomfortable with but you know she's let this impeachment inquiry go along i'm not sure what her in game is but i think she's wanting to stay in a speaker and she's having to do it in the disappointment here i hope i suspect is
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the point for her it is for me what i see any legislative progress of any meaningful legislation now since the democrats took back the house when you run for office again. i'm not into supporting that opportunity i lost a statewide race for governor when i came out of being attorney general and i was a tough race and the 2 united states senate seats are filled now so i don't think i'll likely run back again but i'm certainly involved and i'm interested and i want to do my part to help in any way i can my country. do you think finally do you think trump will be impeached so i think it's a better than 5050 chance that the democrats without very any support probably maybe one or 2 republican votes will vote to impeach him because the base of the party so strongly feels this way and it's got gotten so to speak out a hand for speaker pelosi so i would not be surprised to see it happen but i'm not going to predict it will i just think it's it's one of those things where we are
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yet to see all the facts it could be that enough facts come out that will show in the next few days that people shouldn't be impeaching him for this that there are other fish to fry out there and things that come about or could be we see facts coming out where there are other facts that we don't know now that said what he did was really bad or something we can't foresee so i can't speculate except to say i think that that's what i see is right now about a 50 percent 5050 chance of it and maybe a little better based on politics bill mccullum always good to be with you thanks for your time today you're welcome thank you larry will be back with more politicking right after the break.
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there are a flowing rush and like this. you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wait to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart or we need to stop slamming the door. in the bath and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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arrow through russian and lights. but i really get the. rumors of your plans i wish what you'd expect just as. he was the digits of.
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the official source mobile phone company f m m i did you. call. the cops talk about one of the worst cases of predatory bank stirs defrauding and abusing the poor and sick that i've seen in a couple years you know we've introduced you to many instances of bankers preying on fox and this is this is really nothing. back to politics continuing the conversation with the political panel there eric
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beecher republican political strategist chairman of the great american pac that's a pro trump organization he has worked on presidential campaigns for rand paul newt gingrich and rudy giuliani he joins us from irvine california and in the atlanta robin birol democratic strategist former old obama campaign region infielder to retired u.s. army ranger all right are you eric are you with those republicans disappointed with trump's plan to withdraw troops from syria. i'm not actually i'm i'm within some of the i guess to rand paul republican wing and said you know look we've gone into these wars there is no clear objective into this war with syria if we're not going to topple assad what are we doing there is no strategic plan and i think you know that the president ran on trying to withdraw our troops from around the world
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and really trying to focus on you know domestic on our border and so i think this is a plan that you know while he may have announced it on twitter and you know remains to be seen what the execution is going to be here but at some point we need to understand what we're doing in other countries if it's not in america's best centrists and it's not clear to me what the objective is or what the interests is for america to be in syria at this point robin a you surprised as so many republicans don't agree with. actually larry i'm not surprised particularly with lindsey graham because he's a veteran himself particularly with the jag corps so you know he knows and he knows foreign policy really well he knows that this plays right into the hands of isis they will be will see a resurgence and they'll be emboldened look when i fought overseas in afghanistan i fought side by side with the kurds they were tremendous allies of ours they had our back and we are now abandoning them so i'm concerned and i'm glad to see that some
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of my republican colleagues are as well larry. will such other areas impeaching of course always in the news joe biden supporting it no 6 in 10 americans apparently supported what do you make of that eric. i think this is going to backfire on the democrats i really do and i think that's why speaker pelosi is has a 10 on call in the vote and i think she realizes that this is going to be an abyss for some of the blue state democrats that are running and really purple areas from around the country especially on the house side so i think this is something though where they're not able to build their case and really the messengers on the democratic side are very poor you have adam schiff who seem to be very hypocritical in terms of his presentation as well as some other democrats and even joe biden so i think you know american people have been tired of you know this president being undercut the agenda being undercut they love the low unemployment rate they love
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the economy but what they don't understand is why the democrats and even some republicans are trying to undercut our agenda here through the impeachment process you said in your opening and peach mints always in the news so it's been going on for 3 years and i think americans are going to get tired of it. that could actually be the case i agree with eric on a point there a new wants to. proceed in with this very cautiously agree i think eric that that's correct that's why she's not proceeding with the vote a she is a master at counting those votes so if she doesn't if she does not certain that she's got the vote the vote she will hold off on this trip right now is under water in certain states particularly michigan minnesota and wisconsin and the problem with the economy the economy's doing great both by and large but it's benefiting disproportionately the top 25 democratic cities where it's lacking are those states
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that really carry donald trump because they're seeing wage stagnation the farmers are hurting so these things are going to be are going to be a problematic for president trump we would be wise as democrats to say well we can do better in those states larry report suggests that the president wants to and is something to rally his supporters by that i don't buy it at all i do think that he agrees that politically this is going to be good for them i think he understands as does nancy pelosi robin's absolutely right it's not just that whether or not she has the votes is just understand whether it's good for her politically and the reality is that it's not and i also agree with robin that we need to have a middle class america message that you know the same one the same type of messaging that we did in 2016 and we're seeing new international issues that arise you talk about the n.b.a. and china for example things that you know this president can head on still talk about illegal immigration still talk about you know the trade inequities around the
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world that's the type of messaging that will you know want him those states in 2016 i think both nancy pelosi and donald trump understand that the message of impeachment is bad for democrats and it's good for the president but there also needs to be an alternative on what can we do better. for especially for middle class america robin in the strongest seas looked in a long while it would be my opinion joe biden came out of the impeachment what do you make of that and what do you that increases chances. he's got to get getting some traction here in the news cycle and in some fashion larry has really kind of disappointed me on this situation with the ukraine so i'm glad to see that is making press today about impeachment fortunate part about is that it's a little bit late all the rest of the candidates have already come out strongly in favor of this so i think this will be a short story in the news cycle but it was
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a strong message and i appreciate his delivery of it larry i think he'll be impeached. i don't think they're going to do it and i know people say well now they she has to do it and the house has to do it i think she realizes bad politically and the other thing it does do is if you're going to bring this all in and you can have republicans testify you're going to bring joe 100 bought into this and i think people o.c. and many people on the democratic side believe that joe biden is the only viable candidate in the general so if they're going to have this impeachment process they're also going to bring down joe biden and i think if that occurs the president's going to win reelection rather easily and this impeachment that may pass in the house will certainly not pass in the senate so it to me it's bad political move and that's why i don't think the impeachment will happen. and larry i think the best possible outcome here i've been calling for over a year when we had the mother investigation and we had speculation a back way back then about impeachment i've been saying for over
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a year that they'd be wise to launch and pietschmann inquiry that way we could do a fact finding mission to get all of this information out that the ministration had been stonewalling and are continuing to to this day and let the public decide with their vote right now strategically timing wise i think that's a strong move to just let americans decide with their vote but going full impeachment as eric just said it's not going to fly in the senate i think that would be a strategic mistake for us larry the only issue that robin though is you know the president and the administration and us as republicans we've wised up to that so we can briley push back and say hey why aren't you impeaching are you only doing this politically or are you doing this for the betterment of the country so i think again you know nancy pelosi is very smart and she understand exactly how the not just to hold her caucus but really to move those votes and so i'd be very interested to see if she follows through with that strategy that you just laid out because i think as republicans we can push back and say you're only doing this for political agenda just on that for the last 2 years without any results from the
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mall or investigation so that also can turn on the democrat. it's robin on the political side. elizabeth warren's rise was she left leads the democrats in polling. she is she's been she's been doing great larry is specifically with the numbers at her rallies which would be a bone of contention for president trump who cares a whole heck of a lot about the numbers at his rallies she's been at the rally that she just had most recently pulled in over 20000 people which rivals what president trump's polls and for an average rally the rally before that pulled in 14000 so these are big numbers she's got the edge when it comes to enthusiasm even going back as far as say the iowa state fair she had about 3 times as many people i once following her around the joe biden did so she's got an edge and she's got the enthusiasts and i think president trump should be looking at her right now as a possible someone to defeat. may be
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a strong word but erick one democrat do you fear the most. you know i really meant that joe biden to me is the only democrat that can. be a competitor to donald trump and the general election i think of elizabeth warren i think she has a populous message much like bernie sanders said in 2016 but you know she has a lot of. type of circumstances you know you talk about you know the harvard professor and things of that nature and getting into the school so i think there's just a lot of hits on attacks on her that will run with 3 men with the american people but also remains to be seen you know there's been some scuttlebutt about hillary clinton coming into the race that be interesting to see again but to me i think joe biden is the only viable candidate and i think he has a real message and problem at this point in time robin is supporting any democrat. oh there are so many that look good right now. i've got my favorite 3 and that would be elizabeth warren joe biden and amy clo bashar i think she's someone to
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watch because she also is a moderate centrist. and she speaks a message that really would resonate in those states that donald trump carried that he's having trouble with right now larry do you think eric trump will now carry michigan and pennsylvania and wisconsin. i do think number one i mean he has more money with the r. and c. to be able in groups like ours to be able to get his message out and i think he's going to get back to the basics of what won the 2016 election. from the continue to talk about illegal immigration and protecting the border a love for him to talk about getting out of foreign an unnecessary wars are not top and secular dictators and i love to talk about the trade in equities there it is going to impact as robin mentioned some of the farmers in iowa and things of that nature but you know there are this is also a long term plan in place that says hey we're going to make sure that we have better deals from around the country and really have america 1st type of policies i
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think he's going to get back into that during this campaign i know that we're going to get back into that and i also like the feel that's going against him i think there's a lot of vulnerabilities rather mention 3 great candidates on the democratic side but there's a lot of vulnerabilities there and i love to see that head to head between him and was about the war and inside of michigan inside of wisconsin inside of pennsylvania again to me only joe biden can compete in those areas elizabeth warren cannot. do this for a minute robin what has surprised you the most politically. larry every single waking day is a new surprise awaits us all and i actually nothing surprises me politically. this this week with with syria as it did somewhat but but really honestly at this point nothing nothing surprises me every day i'm sitting there with my hands up to my head like thing not again oh my gosh what now. these robin viro think you both
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so much thanks larry thank you larry and thank you audience for joining me on this edition of politicking and remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things and don't forget to use the politicking jack and that's over this edition of politicking. aeroflot russian and lights. you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the
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stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. aeroflot russian and lights.
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the german interior minister pledges to boost security for all synagogues in the wake of wednesday's attacks adding it's the country's duty to never again allow the rise of a summit. environmental action group extinction rebellion rallies around the world for a 4th day but the efforts to block infrastructure spark a backlash from locals didn't even get in the minds like in that film to my friend on the lead up to it and i'm sitting he. needs to either even know what the run of that line is in full it's for the environment. he's military operation against the kurds in northeast syria rages for a 2nd day with trump now offering us mediation in the conflict just days after
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watering the withdrawal of american troops from.


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