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get away with that because the people have less political power. after clearing the way for turkey to me against the kurds in northern syria by putting u.s. troops the president. has to mediate between the 2 sides. to come environmental watch told to keep. the running at 1st instance highlighting green activities. being against tougher regulations and ukrainian pace publishes documents he says reveals corruption involved in kiev and democratic presidential candidate.
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in the morning here in moscow you watching international. after pulling troops out of northern syria and essentially clearing the way for the military operation targeting kurdish fighters president donald trump has offered to mediate between the 2 sides you have the choice of bringing in the military and defeating everybody . or you have the choice of for they actually doing some very strong things to turkey or we can mediate i hope we can mediate. well the 1st phase of the turkish operation began with air strikes on the 2 kurdish controlled border towns the kurds have ordered a general mobilization along the border with turkey to confront the attack and they call washington street withdrawal of betrayal the international community meanwhile has condemned turkey's assault and current turn as one that it will send millions of syrian refugees currently in turkey to europe if the e.u.
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calls its operation and invasion middle east analyst out of sundry bruno says that turkey may not benefit from its current operation against the kurds. most of turks and the kurds are saying or suggesting that they have been betrayed the kurds have been betrayed many times and this is the standard policy of the west in fact but it's not just the kurds were betrayed this is been the western policy in the middle east for a long time there have always been this unity between this president and his own republican primary so particularly on issues regarding the middle east and u.s. involvement also talks yassin at khe he's an m.p. for the turkish justice and development party and he condemned america's treatment of the kurds. the government of turkey did not break any rules or norms of nato and it is the united states which is breaking the rules this is why we have to ask the
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question about the us and that alliance of friendship this alliance pledges to protect any of its members if they are in danger and today turkey is in danger but we don't see the us cooperating with us their ally on the contrary they are part of the threat it is the us who is breaking the rules of the alliance turkey maintains its position and if all the members of nato agree with this violation everyone will be infringing the rights of other members of the blog i don't even want to talk about it. meanwhile u.s. senator lindsey graham is slammed the decision to withdraw u.s. troops from northern syria according the biggest blunder of president seen even suggesting that the result could be worse than the vietnam war were from defended the move by saying the kurds did not help us during world war 2 he did warn however that is offensive could lead to isolate prisoners escaping and heading to europe.
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fighting just came and told the thread where well they're going to be escaping to europe where they want to go they want to go back to their homes but europe didn't want to from us we could have given a job they could have had trials they could have done whatever they wanted but as usual it's not reciprocal you know measure every word reciprocal there is a risk of coming to europe there's a restore go into syria proper will attempt to or into iraq or into many other places as long as. everything was beginning to calm down in syria the war was essentially over more or less and now this is all kicked off again the timing is very interesting mr their guns claims are very interesting the fact that mr trump makes all of these claims about you know we're going to step aside and this is the stupidity that he's saying that didn't help us in world war 2 i mean what's world war 2 got to do with the price of fish it's very strange what trump says ultimately what everyone is doing what may so he's doing all the nato countries are doing is
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essentially rekindling the war in syria this all needs to stop and i think the only people the only countries that have got the morality in the decency in the honor to do it is russia and iran and i really hope they do something. nice from london to paris and new york the environmental action group extinction rebellion has been rallying and a series of coordinated protests since monday though more than a 1000 people have been arrested in the u.k. alone well as it's also known was established in london and describes itself as a decentralized movement pursuing its aims through grassroots activism it's a claims to have a presence in 70 countries and shot tonight or i think over the past year by staging a number of protests meanwhile holing gas giants are spending millions of dollars in social network ads on the one hand these highlight companies scream activities but other advertisement still be against tough. climate regulations
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a new report reaches similar conclusions to the one published by greenpeace. as more. going green is big business in an age of protests like extinction rebellion companies want to show that they are making a contribution to saving the planet whether that by reducing the use of plastic all spending money on campaigns to let you know they are dedicated to the future but according to a report by greenpeace they may actually be deceiving you through the of the global plastic pollution crisis some of the world's largest companies have started to admit that they need to act but close to scrutiny shows that they're mostly continuing on the same track by investing in full solutions take the whole issue with ching single use plastics global brands like dalton starbucks got on board for tea quickly when it came to ditching plastic straws the solution to use paper ones
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that was met with the right choice applause because paper can easily be recycled right wrong not only cold stores be recycled greenpeace points out a more fatal flaw there is no way the planet can sustain additional demand from companies attempting to substitute this single use plastic packaging with paper or cardboard another solution to conventional single use plastics made from fossil fuels is to use by you based plastics these have been snapped up by companies such as coca-cola pepsi co and nestlé no bio based is a very clever term because it probably makes you think that the product is by you degradable and well yes some boy are based plastics should be able to break down however when added to land fill the conditions are rarely favorable to that. actually happening but there is an even bigger problem the majority of bio based
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plastic is derived from agricultural crops which compete with food crops threatening food security globally the production of agricultural commodities is the leading cause of deforestation and habitat destruction ok so what about recycling we're all being encouraged to do that except as we've recently learned most of all recycling ends up being sent to countries in southeast asia where it's routinely being dumped that's if it even leaves your home country in the 1st place u.k. waste management or was recently fined 350000 pounds for trying to ship household rubbish to china that was labeled as being the waste paper for recycling when in fact sanitary towels nappies and condoms were all found or wrapped up in the bales in the container and studies show that when it comes to plastic more than 90 percent of the world's plastic remains on recycled greenpeace says it's time to
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declare peak plastic and move towards 0 waste easy to say clearly much more difficult to do especially when almost all the products that we use come readily wrapped in $12.00 sometimes 3 layers of plastic or paper others say the only real solution is for governments to take action and to ban single use packaging but as you've seen exchanging one thing for another may only be shifting the problem. artie paris well professor of sociology frank furedi says that campaigns against plastic bags to create a good impression but often don't tell the whole story. i think there's a lot of. really covering where companies. making a major contribution to solving our mental problems and a lot of the campaigns against. are really what creating the impression that we do
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something good. you know instead of organizing the. campaign we ought to be thinking of developing technologies and they will bring different kinds of materials that can do what we know will be done beforehand. and i do you'll find that when you when you look at all the different recycling schemes going to be initiated a lot of them look good on paper but when you actually find out the benefits in terms of cutting carbon emissions goes over saving the energy of very elusive and there's very little to do games from it. ukrainian men pay has published documents that he says reveal corruption involved in the u.s. democratic presidential hopeful joe biden and 2014 biden was u.s. vice president and the going to man for ukraine while his son hunter was on the board of the ukrainian gas company. as the thing turds. with its big
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personalities and explosive revelations politics is like a good t.v. show take the biden's ukraine plot for example which is currently stealing time former vice president joe biden his son hunter trouble of course i mean crane in president have recurring roles but a new character has appeared on the scene ukrainian m.p. andrey catch now catches and to center stage and accuse biden of making a pretty penny from his dealings in ukraine and with one company in particular mission it was conspiracy this was the transfer of the barisan group's funds for lobbying activities as investigators believe personally to judge but i didn't through the law being company funds the amount of 900000 dollars were transferred to the us based company send it to partners which according to open source is the new york times is if. payment reference was payment for consultative services
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just a quick intro to the reason a group is one of the largest natural gas companies coincidentally or not hunted by tomorrow on its board of directors for almost 5 years a job he was entirely qualified for having no background in the energy sector many experience of ukraine but his father was the obama administration's point man for ukraine so why not any way to capture the published documents which show that over many years the brits macgruber almost $1000000.00 to a company called rosemount seneca partners before anyone cries foul and says photoshop spin up to its old tricks the money transfers can be seen black or white in a federal court fall from an unrelated new york law suit there's nothing concrete to suggest that biden sr has been sconce in a big leather chair at rosemont seneca but let's just rewind a few years. the year is 2009. i joe
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biden's riding high he's vice president but poor old hunt is not doing so well his cryptocurrency fund is going through a rough patch off to one of its key people and stanford is court red handed and charged with forward and to the tune of a tidy sum the indictment on wages at stanford in his co-defendants shouldn't scheme to defraud investors who purchased approximately $7000000000.00 mr tickets of deposit c.d.'s administered by the stanford international bank ltd so hard to decide to see green a posture has and sets up a new company rosemont seneca partners he got sutton christopher hines on board who conveniently happens to be the stepson of future secretary of state john kerry it's a small world of people who couldn't cash in on their family name rosemont seneca advertised itself as a consultancy that just wanted to help small and middle sized companies expand not
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just across the u.s. but into foreign markets too. the yen is now 2010 and raise months out of has partnered with a little called the stilton group and continuing his good company hum to chooses as his partner james bulger the nephew of new tourists us thanks to whitey bulger who modified and gruesome and in prison just last year so sensational was his life he even got a movie based on. this you are very very good you come. remove . when you. do. so here we have this happy trio the piece on the future secretary of state steps on and the nephew of a mob boss for lying around the wall trying to get money from investors.
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but he is now 20 thought teen and joe biden's on an official visit to china 2. and in photos from the trip hunters by his side just a regular full of the song trip except 2 weeks later and his buddies signed off a $1000000000.00 investment contract from china is the wall just full of coincidences. the hero is now 2018 and hunt is again in a bit of a pickle as co-founder of rosemont sanuk up owen fellow director of the barisan a group is charged with security for what it's funny how many bad apples hunter has been surrounded by like i said every t.v. show has got big personalities and big revelations and it would seem a very tangled web of characters it-i live at will the scandal surrounding biden has given a boost to one of his 2020 democratic rival senator elizabeth warren the bright
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will have a way of trying to be very different from that of donald trump's. most people think just stand out in this is this you need to be the 1st one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest read. to stand losing you since you just need as the right questions and the right answers. question. you know world big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that
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mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back you without saying now with 2020 us presidential hopeful joe biden's campaign my advice scandal another democrat in the running is gaining momentum senator elizabeth warren but she's also attracting more scrutiny as a result of more pain looks at how she's trying to win i've affect us. elizabeth
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warren the current front runner among democrats contending for the 2020 nomination says that she has been the victim of an injustice she says that back when she was 22 years old she lost a teaching job because she got pregnant when i was visibly pregnant about 6 months along. the principal called me and said. that he wished me luck but he'd be more comfortable having someone else now back in 2008 she was telling the story a little bit differently you actually pursued that career i did that for here. and within that summer. i actually didn't have the education courses so i was on an emergency certificate it was called and i went back to graduate school and took a couple of courses in education but in 2019 it looks like she decided playing the victim card would get her a little bit farther just like her claim to be native american which helped her get into harvard university the democratic candidates absolutely believe that voters
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need a victim mentality she needs to be authentic with voters more than being a victim to voters it appears that she was never actually fired for being pregnant in fact there is a resignation letter that she apparently turned in at one point and here's another presidential candidate he's chosen a different role as i've stated strongly before and just to reiterate if turkey does anything that i had migrated on march wisdom considered to be off limits i will totally destroy him and a brooch or a the economy. i've done before now donald trump can certainly play the victim when it comes to impeachment inquiries and media bias however he's also clear on other things he's big he's rich and he almost always gets his way for them in trouble also considers himself a victim he refers to the witch hunt against him especially in the russia collusion case now with the impeachment he refers to himself as being the victim of one of the biggest hoaxes in u.s. history and which so he. this is the big good in term in many cases but then he
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will flip that on its head and suddenly talks about how he has this unmatched unparalleled wisdom many americans don't like the idea of being the victim they like the idea of being a victim of being stronger or being a winner as opposed to somebody who's been put down so different camps and different means of appealing to your voters democrats seem to seek sympathy by showing ways they have been mistreated i grew up knowing that the way we can make change is when people come together when i was a baby my parents tried to move us into a deeper great public schools but realtors wouldn't fill the hole because of the color of our skin you know there was a little girl and california who was part of the 2nd class to integrate her public school and she was bused to school every day and that little girl was me in each generation in my family starting with my grow up my grandmother who came in 1902 from mexico as an orphan. we found out that it's not enough in america to just work
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hard and for your family to work hard not to stone at all let's review how the donald presents himself i am. i'm a very stable genius i'm so young i can't believe it was a young person i am a young vibrant. i would give myself a plus now to be fair donald trump is not facing any serious primary contenders he's got the republican nomination pretty much in the bag but it is interesting to compare the 2 different approaches the victim mentality is not the winning strategy when it comes to a general election in the primary system in the united states you are actually playing to only about 2 to 3 percent of the electorate in order to win a primary when you get into the general election and now you're facing all voters it's a very different mentality i think the general sentiment of americans is to be confident to be strong to not be a victim. to be a winner perhaps it's just
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a different psychology if you're a republican you want someone who is strong undefeated and will come into office in order to make america great again and if you're a democrat you want someone who has suffered and understands what you have been through and when they get into office they'll help level the playing field now there's admirable aspects to both approaches but the gap between them is pretty staggering kaleb mopp and artsy new york. of indigenous people gathered for another day of protest in ecuador's capital for a week of demonstrations against measures one of their leaders condemned president decision to cut fuel subsidies as part of a loan deal with the international monetary fund. the next words are we have a murderous government against its people we have a government that has given itself what soul and blood to the international monetary fund was but. protests have turned ugly with violent
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clashes roadblocks and also disruption to the country's oil output in the capital kaito a funeral was held for one of the indigenous leaders killed during the protests on wednesday from there our correspondent nicholas o'donovan sent this report. this is ground 0 digits resistance thousands and thousands of people came to call themselves in the selecting the building behind me so they can put up a big building where they've also kidnapped a policeman one of those officers came on stage to say that he was being treated well but the government was clear that any negotiations to carry on these offices have to be released the indigenous people on the other hand have their own conditions to come to the table they want both the minister of defense and the interior minister to resign and they're also still pushing for fuel subsidies to be back in place then there's a disagreement about the number of people that have died here in these days of
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protests the indigenous leaders say that it was 6 while the government is still sane one is the official figure also or a tease in ecuador who have arrested over 750 people in a week of unrest and dozens of police officers have been injured also hundreds of protesters have suffered injuries during these violent clashes so the situation here in ecuador still tense in the negotiations between the government and the digital speed who are still blocked or still far from the result because of those. night t.v. shows will have to meet strict ethnic gender and sexual minorities diversity standards if they want to win britain's top small screen awards the battles. we are delighted to be piloting the introduction of the b.f. i dive versity standards to deploy and to introduce diversity standards for 2021
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our aim is to bring the industry together to improve diversity and inclusion through sharing bass practice which shows must meet at least 2 or 4 diversity standards including at least one main character from an under represented social group the rules serve acquirements 2 for gender ethnic and sexual minority balances among the whole cost and crew working on the show we discuss this story with media and legal on this line all who feel is it could hurt creativity in the industry if i'm trying to do was story about a group of men in the war or students or whatever sometimes the subject matter lends itself to a particular demographic not because i am bi is not because i'm hateful not because i want to explode but sometimes in the scheme of the imagine doing the godfather with the more swedes more asians represented i mean it doesn't make any sense
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they're doing this gratuitously i respectfully submit because it is posh it is the neck tattoo the stud the the a cool trim or so to speak it is what is hip what is new and what it is it's the ice falling it is taking the free exercise of unbridled creativity and saying you may do this but if you would like to win awards which of course your commercial success is dependent upon this you must compress your particular creativity in this particular framework it is intellectually disingenuous it modern day blacklisting horrible. now before we go out some news just in 2 missiles have reportedly hit an iranian oil tanker in the red sea this led to a fire that caused significant damage and also created an oil spill the incident occurred about 100 kilometers from the saudi port city of jeddah no casualties though have been reported so far of course we'll bring you updates as they come in
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. so that's the news that's how things are looking this morning we're back with the headlines and more stories at the top of the. senator's financial supply guy couldn't find i'm common features. such. as the last of my ex from the future tucker watch kaiser. i'll put out a toy religious. the rumor is appeal to sell is what he. says . he wants the digits of 6 credits that
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kind of not that out of high. school official says so small over the phone company the moment that you are on a. public support for a he shouldn't proceedings is growing and at what point should donald trump on the g.o.p. worry bill mccollum former congressman from florida one of the managers a bill clinton's 1998 impeachment is here with us to give us his take
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on this edition of politics. in the politicking on larry king according to several polls all recently public support for the impeachment of donald trump is growing in a washington post poll released this. week nearly 6 in 10 americans now support the actions of house speaker nancy pelosi in launching an impeachment inquiry how worried should down from be above those numbers for analysis i'm joined by an old friend former g.o.p. congressman bill mccollum of florida he served on the judiciary and intelligence committees he was also attorney general of the state of florida and he was one of 14 so-called republican manages a bill clinton's impeachment and he resumed the urge caution about rushing into an
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empty chair when the president trump bill joins us from washington thanks for being with us bill various my pleasure this is a slow. a cause for waiting and jumping too soon on trump well i think in the time we did the clinton impeachment trial we had kin stars independent counsel investigative report we had lots of data that supported what the actions that were taken by congress and the house went through a vote on the floor sent the matter as a full impeachment inquiry to the house judiciary committee we held hearings we had witnesses in public we went through a quite a process ourselves in addition to the previous investigation material that was enormous as an attic room that would take a lot of people long time to sort through in this case we're dealing with a much bearer issue right at the moment it appears it's all about a phone call and a potential abuse of power.


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