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tv   News  RT  October 14, 2019 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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kurds in syria's northern region celebrated a deal between. the government in damascus. in the area. over the. treatment from a psychotherapist. and president. on a state visit. to following events.
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which included russian. everyone's homes. surprises ready for mr cole but for now. welcome to the program. a major shift of alliance kurdish officials in syria say they reached an agreement with the government in damascus from now on syrian troops will be able to kurdish controlled northeastern syria for the 1st time in years to help the kurds. these are images from the north. africa.
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also reporting that government forces have already begun moving into the north of the country at least expertly with however told us he doubts that syria and turkey are moving towards a full scale war. you know this step it is quite a significant step but i wouldn't necessarily think that. conventional war with the rest syrian. president would go that far now we see what you kurds appear to be. the syrian government and also with russia and so are the most the it cannot be us they're. also saying that the u.s. the syrian forces already syria and russia if that would mean that it would prevent genocide remaining would be to deal with the areas which turkey now.
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urging i think that would be the main sticking point they agree when it comes after donald trump ordered the withdrawal of u.s. troops from the region despite growing fears of a potential terrorist with. tangles are still being held in prisons across northern syria u.s. president however says it's turkey and the kurds who are responsible for not allowing the terrorists as scape. takes a closer look at how the crisis could unfold. this is turkish and kurdish fighters beating each other black and blue. begets hate a hydra that was thought to be cold dead is raising its head again. the vision does not only threaten the reactivation only revival of islamic states has revived and activated its cells in chemistry and other areas left all alone against the turkish military under its proxies the as d.f. need. every man and woman who can hold
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a rifle to defend their homes so the guards abandon some of their prison posts and some 800 i saw affiliates missed no chances here breaking loose from captivity and more and sensing the lax watch over them are no longer afraid to rattle their cages both of them running for the hills there and while both damascus and its neighbors have plenty to be concerned about because of this it's europe that is really worried. the turkish operation in syria is our main concern our common wish is that the offensive must end we believe that it risks on the one hand creating an unacceptable humanitarian situation and on the other helping to reemerge in the region military action will undermine the security of the coalition's local partners namely the kurdish forces and risk for attacked it is the ability in northeast syria providing fertile ground for the resurgence of and
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the latest jailbreaks might be only the very beginning of a truly massive outpour i mean look at this there are eisel detention centers all over the kurdish controlled areas they hold tens of thousands of islamic state affiliates thousands of them being former fighters actual former fighters and many of them holding foreign passports yes the e.u. had every type of warning bell ringing for them the kurds begged europe to take baji hardass with the e.u. passports and put them on trial at home the position of october many european states have also been adopted but many other states across the globe countries are very reluctant particular back home everyone has been connected with so-called islamic spirit as a foreign fighter because the judicial systems within men. liberal democracies
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haven't got the ability to bring evidence that would be sufficiently robust to get through the court systems and prosecute these people and the 2nd thing is to try and monitor them would cost a huge amount of money europe of course is haunted with p.t.s.d. terror up from the caliphate headed smite and we're living those moments he's europe's worst nightmare.
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so condemn call for dialogue stop every last arms crate to turkey all you want now like fixing a crumbling house with duct tape over worked well the situation is worse because evidently old these foreign fighters which were detained under the kurdish. detention centers are now being opened in different ways and these people are being freed on the territory which means does this people 1st of all can be active in the territory of syria again and possibly being foreign fighters they might even decide or choose to return to europe and therefore to uk t.v. there celts in europe again. president adeline has intend the report for the last of president breakout by islamic state fire. as
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a family members as dissin from ation aimed at provoking the west while the middle east has struggled with the remnants of vital caliphate a region in africa is seeing a rise in jihadist attacks we find out where the next higher the extremist and could be setting its later in the program. england's 1st clash on gender clinic is being sued by the mother of a patient and a psychotherapist who used to work there they claim that experimental treatments used on children as young as 11 have not been researched enough they're asking the court to ban the tavistock center for prescribing hormone blocking medication unless a court decides it's in the child's best interest they also accuse the clinic and the trust that is in charge of gender identity services in north london of giving families and misleading information about the risks of treatment the clinic denies the accusations and claims its treatments are well monitored however marcus evans of psychiatry is to work at the clinic and the husband of the psychotherapist so in
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the facility it argues that the treatment is indeed under researched. clinical interventions laid out in a nationally set service specifications and his england monitor our service very closely the service has a high level of reported satisfaction and was rated good by the care quality commission it was a controversial. long. long reaching consequences. we really don't know what's going on. yet the trust was acting as if 'd there was nothing to look at everything was just carry on never being again transition i'm just. young making to see all they ever sees or maybe are. i couldn't as a parent make a decision not that i'm told enough of my children now how do you talk to
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a 12 year old about the implications of their treatment so they will know when they're 25 will name i feel like a completely different person. despite the controversy around the treatment the number of referrals to this clinic has increased exponentially in recent years have again believed the topic of gender dysphoria has become highly politicized in the well being of patients and overlooked. it is something about this area is highly politicized which means this is a column ask questions all your kids that being transposed it and actually may all my medical practice 'd is not taking place in my v.a. is not enough research is not enough interest in the downside of what's going on is not on our scrutiny all. 'd of the issue of consent and i think we need an independent regulatory recorder that would oversee 'd the least controversial 'd
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area and not reduce the trust this chilling role with 'd the approach trans lobbies is not it's not only of any necessary relies to what extent political forces driving what's going on in this area and the clinic has yet to respond to arteries request for a comment. president putin is expected in saudi arabia later today it seems 12 years since he was last there and is expected to meet car salmon and sonic crown prince philip a tranq at the falling of that 4th. saudi
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arabia and russia is a remarkable example of how 2 countries could be great partners or friends and foes at the same time everything that riyadh gets itself involved in and the middle east be it about iran yemen or syria gets full support from washington and you do realize that and all these cases russia is on the different side of the barricade. but when the russian leader in the saudi crown prince get along so well in person by the way they are the authors of probably the most famous high profile high 5 in the world the chances that the dialogue could work will always be very high.
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very good relations with both the king and the crown prince of we have been making good headway practically and. surely we do have to bear in mind that the 2 countries are the world's largest oil producers are their competitors you know in this case most likely opec plus partners too so all kinds of oil and gas and issues related to the energy sector are on the agenda especially after the drone attack from last month on one of saudi arabia's most important oil refineries which the country's output by almost a half. and almost put the region on the brink of a real crisis.
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yemen's who the rebels said we didn't washington and allies almost immediately blamed it all on to iran it was feared that a u.s. led strike on iran could have been imminent the incident even led to vladimir putin suggesting that saudi arabia whose army is almost totally dependent on arms imports from the us should buy a russian made air defense missile system it's another chance for mr putin to sell those but even without them 2000000000 dollars worth of contracts are expected to be signed between moscow and riyadh. but apart from things to be bought for cash moscow is bringing plenty of presents
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which include russian movies cartoons an operant concert and a collection of russia's painting everyone's sure that the hosts have plenty of surprises ready for mr putin and co but for now what that will be has remained the secret. dad's permission keys grand rule to take cool in its service and he won the u.s. state where critics say the natural results should pay for the people that think it's a long story after this break. when lawmakers manufacture consents to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the frame of.
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the one percent. we can all middle of the room. you know world of big part of the law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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welcome back to the program and i have attacked a mosque in kenya faso in west africa killing at least 16 people it's not clear who is behind it but there's growing concern about a surge of religious extremism in the region the vaal sawhill a region in sub-saharan africa is one of the areas most at risk it spans from the atlantic ocean all the way to the red sea encompassing 9 countries our senior correspondent mark explains the fears it's becoming a fertile recruiting ground for jihadist groups. these days it's getting harder to sell jihad in the middle east people know what hides by those pirates. promises and todd generations culled at this point who could just sick of killing so the fanatics are packing up and leaving apparently for them there's more fun to be had
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elsewhere at the doorstep of the sahara i know we are all very concerned about the continuing escalation of violence in the city heal and its expansion into the gulf of guinea countries it is already one of the most inhospitable places on the planet and if the merciless heat of the malnutrition and almost total lack of medical care weren't enough to kill you well religious nut cases will take birth kena fast so just last week gunmen killed about 15 people in an attack on a mosque during friday prayers 2 weeks ago 20 people mostly miners dead in an apparent jihad as the tack on a gold mine a little earlier at least 38 soldiers killed in the jihad this attack in neighboring mali according to n.g.o.s the number of jihad just attacks in the us the hell have doubled every year from 2016 and if you're
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a career terrorist with affordance for killing web better to be the same hell is huge almost 7 times the size of iraq plenty of fresh recruits high birth rates high poverty high desperation the perfect place to recruit an army of hopeless youth and start over. this ladies and gentlemen is the setting of the 2nd war and terror. this is where it's going to be waged front's arguably fired the 1st shots when it invaded mali set up a task force of sail nations the g 5 to stop islamist radicalism
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the hardly any effect underfunded under support the dead in smaller numbers than expected in the beginning the war on terror in fact has become so hot and so complicated that even the africa command the pentagon the u.s. military is not yet water in africa even though its primary or a primary objective is to fight this so-called lawrence here and it's decided to be good for the state court hermit. hundreds of thousands of miles of the battlefield . you have military figures who are not on the front lines in or trying to fight a war thousands of miles away that is not really an optimism with regard to the prospects of combating this but dammit a religious zealot lack of funds was address to the summit in brooklyn
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a fast so last month with west african leaders announcing a $1000000000.00 plan to combat jihad this violence which is pennies considering the challenge the 1000000000 dollars to protect an area roughly the size of a 3rd of the european continent the sale is a gateway to the richer central african ivory coast gonna southern nigeria and when they get there we'll all feel it from coffee prices to food shortages and or oil production declines that will batter the world's economy and make no mistake this jihad is intended to hurt. in the u.s. state of south carolina water service providers are concerned over the decision to let google use ground water to cool its servers the search giant has a permit to pump hundreds of millions of gallons of water every year to cover its
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needs but it could be revoked if limits are exceeded critics of the decision believe the water should be used for better purposes i don't have a beef against google itself but i don't think it's appropriate to use pristine groundwater for cooling computers versus providing that water for people who are obviously concerned about the long term safe sustainable yield of that aquifer r.t.r. people in south carolina what they thought about using water this way. yes i think it would definitely affect the ability. to have clean water without more filtration being in the process i'm not sure that would be the best idea just for the environment probably wouldn't be the best i think there could be a better way i think that. google being a multibillion dollar tech company maybe collaborate with another tech company to find other ways to call servers the controversy here in south carolina and google
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involves something called ground water or water that it's sucked out of an awkward for the concern is that as you pull the water out once it is used unless it is replenished by rain or snow or by some other source that over time the aqua for begins to collapse in on itself the ground shrinks and that creates infrastructure problems but beyond that the problem is for the next generation there isn't enough water technologies that exist today can provide vast amounts of clean safe healthy drinking water and water for other purposes in society it's being stated by local people that google is acting in a very irresponsible way at this is not an evil corporation you know trying to steal the future of a widows and orphans would google tried to do is they try to at the time they built this facility to be extremely energy carbon fuel independent and sustainable and the choice is between whether use air conditioning which means to say burning
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lots of carbon fuel or using lots of water which is more much more energy efficient . now back in around 30 minutes time with more with us. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. the world is driven by dreamers shaped by one person or those great.
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dares thinks. we dare to ask. are you really get the. purple room that was appealed to me on social media needs to stretch it's just. he was the digits of the 6th sense. that satisfied with. just. a. little of the fisherman moves just as from the. top of the mind that you're not on the. ball.
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2006 i was substituting for a 5th grade class all of sudden it's kids come bursting. really agitated said one of the boys to their health and on the way he collapsed the next morning. we were not spraying anything but the teacher actually gone out and taking pictures when all this chaos was going on the school and students were being and they were spraying right in the feels right adjacent to. a follow up study was done on that $32.00 page study the last 4 pages are the chemicals that they have found.
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we have shown an association between organophosphate exposure as measured by those metabolites in the mother's urine during pregnancy and shorten just station abnormal reflexes decreased mental development in the children and 2 years of age decreased i.q. at age 7 and 10 years of age pervasive developmental disorder which is like. symptoms. attention problems in schooling poor executive functioning in pre-adolescent and we have also shown that there are separate collations of people that might be more affected than others i have virtue i think genetics. protecting our kids from chemicals is a common sense thing that everybody can get behind it's leave points to examples in recent years of students getting sick from pesticides used by farmers near schools this is really great and several incidents in 2008 in why man koichi where dozens
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of students got sick after a pesticide was applied on a nearby seed corn plot we've seen example after example where we've had to rush children from a public school to an e.r. like the ones i work in across the state for severe area long problems we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would that a chemical company workers themselves be geared up and suited up what happened with why i'm a middle school was particularly egregious the state of hawaii department of agriculture does not do its job with respect to investigating complaints about pesticide drift and for years this has been the case it doesn't monitor the air it doesn't monitor the water it doesn't monitor the soil to make sure that pesticides are not leaving the fields and going into where people live and play and work.
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as a mom i think about what would i do. if i had to send my child to school every day alongside a field where i knew they were spraying pesticides but i didn't know when and i didn't know what. we require our kids to go to school why don't we require these companies to at least inform the parents or the school administrators what they're spraying when and where. so we started to ask questions like well what chemicals are they spray how do we manage run off an email to gary who is or asking him about it what we can do what we could start a bill to get these chemical companies regulated so we can put a stop to it at least find out what's going on this was
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a group of people and they were saying gary can you do something about this issue gary started meeting with representatives of the seed company as they deny the use of that which was a very potent herbicide that's questionable and banned in a lot of places they've clearly said they're not using i mean and i was like well can you get records like how do we prove that they're not using i choose the os for their records that's when everything started to get interesting i knew at that point that there was something going on the more i dug into it the more troubling because. you're telling me like you can't get the records so he goes one minute i'm submitting freedom of information department of agriculture $600.00 in like 3 months but we got a list of $22.00 different. many of those are banned in other states and other in other nations and above all there was actually in 3 different forms. these companies have lied to me personally and directly as a council member a number of questions misled me that if i don't like.


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