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tv   News  RT  October 22, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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genocide and various sources suggested in india there are several 1000000 missing women and children. 6 hours of mountain talks between the presidents of russia and turkey results in a new plan for northern syria that will get underway on wednesday. u.k. m.p.'s reject boris johnson's works a deal time table triggering him from the base so without withdrawal all the way to the e.u. decision over a deadline to lay. off facebook launches a crusade against foreign interference in the 2020 us election with a new package of counter measures leading blocking state run media accounts.
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live from moscow news h.q. what's your future i shall i'm daniel hawkins welcome. to turkey sees no need to continue military operations against syria's kurds ankara is saying this hour if one of those 6 hour marathon talks between the presidents of russia and turkey in the black sea resort of sochi which has resulted in a new plan for syria. has this report. you know. with putting new project into practice i hope it will work well for congress and all people as friends of the syrian people and the neighbors will read it to dog best to achieve these instability in the country syria should be free of any own little fool foreign presence the long term stability of syria can only be achieved by observing the silver and unity of the country right now vladimir putin and to
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want to have shaken their hands and the 10 paragraph agreement is there there are many elements to it 1st of all it ensures that all the involved saw its respects the territorial integrity of syria but more importantly if we look into it the agreement means that russia agreed to turkey's desired 30 kilometer buffer zone along the border and means that the kurdish militias now have 150 hours to leave that area parts of the zone will later be patrolled by russia's military police and the turkish military plus another paragraph rules that control over the turkish syrian border on the syrian side should be returned to the syrian government forces and by the way vladimir putin has already been on the phone with
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the syrian president bashar al assad and we know already that damascus is pleased with the outcome of today's talks between putin aired on it's also very important that if everything goes according to plan the turkish offensive will be put on hold for another 150 hours as i've said so clearly a breakthrough after the talks that lasted well longer than originally expected by the turkish president and the russian leader vladimir putin one of. the main questions right now is where all this leaves the us and this is exactly what i asked of the russian minister of defense and the russian foreign minister who continued talking to the journalists after the leaders left and to that surrogate lavrov reminded us that russia believes that the american troops and their involvement in syria was illegal in the 1st place and certainly showing the top
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russian army official reminded us of the expiring deadline of the so-called previous ceasefire brokered between washington and ankara and expressed some real skepticism about the americans fulfilling their promises the united states has very little time left to fulfill their obligations very soon the time bar expires which was meant to see moving heavy equipment to weight combat units and so on the singer russian officials went on to bring up a few other issues that are still out there regardless of the greenman for example the fate of eisel terrorists that were released as a result of this vacuum when the turkish army didn't and terror just yet but the kurdish militias had already retreated according to sergei scheuer who hundreds of eisel fighters have run free at this point there's also the refugee issue
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and many others but again judging by what we heard throughout choose day after these extended talks between the leaders of russia and turkey the level of trust and the friendship between the leaders their relationship that they've established in the last few years allows them to deal with pretty much any difficulties in that area given that right now they are clearly the number one players when it comes to dealing with the situation in northeast syria. we're talking to political analyst use of ferrum who thinks that this new deal between russia and turkey set in stone commissions. with the united states. it's a very important deal and while both sides didn't get everything that they wanted they got enough where they can leave the table and say we're happy and these were gains now when we look from
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a turkish perspective turkish was able to mend the diplomatic gains it made at the table with the united states by having them reflected onto the field by dealing with the russians because it well in reality the u.s. presence is waiting in the last real power brokers in syria or turkey and russia so deal with the americans to have a meaningful consequence on the deal needs to be reaffirmed by the russian president that's exactly what the president did today he had this deal and we see that even though truth is not dealing directly with the regime through russia we see that the regime is happy with this deal to the opposition is happy with this deal he's happy with this deal and the russians are happy with this deal so it's a win win for everybody from my point of view. facing repeated accusations that he betrayed the kurds in syria the u.s. president seems to be shifting to
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a strategy where he's on more comfortable ground that's business a president trump has announced he's thinking of leaving some troops in syria though it's not for the benefit of america's allies i don't want to leave there it's very dangerous where you have an army on both sides of those for so for sort of what. i don't think it's. necessary other than that we should clear the region where we've been asked by israel and jordan to only a small number of troops a totally different section of syria so we have a small group there and we should hear if you know of the religion for. and i was trying to put set him self he's there to stop endless wars in the middle east the us leaders said he was against america going into iraq but since they were very it was worth keeping the oil despite all the means linking the us invasions to oil refineries us military officials claim with as a far more serious strategy behind it we have troops in towns in south in northeast syria that are located next to the oil fields the troops in those towns are not in
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the present phase of withdrawal the purpose of those forces a purpose of those forces working with the s.d.f. is to deny access to those oil fields by isis and others who may benefit from their revenues it could be earned and international all economist octomom. believes washington is not in the position to decide the future and even the present situation of syria's oil. the united states should not be in syria in the 1st place and they are occupying hsien oil fields at a time when there are of preventing other countries from supplying oil to syria the united states is acting like a judge and jury when it comes to the oil fields owed syria there is no reason for our benefit to stay there and the orion is not
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a bet he has to so that it can divide it between the accords and between its own benefit the oil belongs to see add its people and it is high time for the united states to be cool behave in a better way and leave syria of its own. british m.p.'s have once again dealt a blow to boris johnson hopes to get his bricks and bill through parliament that rejected the government's timetable to approve the withdrawal bill and during the debate parliament slammed the prime minister's idea to pick through the withdrawal agreement in just 3 days. we warned on saturday but if the house passes the government's deal it would be a disaster for our country now as we look through the details of the bill we see just how right we were page after page of what amounts to nothing less than a charter for deregulation and
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a race to the bottom of the bill was published last month it takes time to have effective scrutiny over the said the prime minister doesn't kid of a process about parliament or about the rule of law. m.p.'s approved the withdrawal agreement itself boris johnson isn't ready to continue discussion without his timetable auntie's shot it was dusty explains. where is it being left no one really can answer that question but what i can tell you is that today there has been 2 crucial votes on breaks at the 1st one on the withdrawal agreement bill boris johnson's plans that actually went through with the majority of it's the 2nd one that's potentially controversial with the brics it plans because that was all about the timetable to implement to get the largest legislation through parliament in time just 3 days was what the timetable had in place 1st johnson losing about one then and he said in fact he would decide to take
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a poll in the brics it process and stamped putting the ball back in the court until we reach is what i was saying we would pull the legislation let me let me be clear let me be clear our policy remains that we should ignore delivery that we should leave the. job or the 31st. that is what i would say to the e.u. i'm going to report back to her well it failed to go through for numerous reasons the key one being because it simply did not give m.p.'s enough time to properly scrutinize and sift through the pages learn by law and they were handed the document very late last night and it was 110 pages long to get all the legislation around it through in just 3 days time seems to be like a monumental task for many m.p.'s and that simply is the reason why it was voted down and speaking directly also that defeat jeremy called in the leader of the
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opposition took to the floor and what he suggested is giving boris johnson olive branch saying actually let's pave a sensible way forward and look out of reasonable extension only as the forest johnson said if it fell to go in his favor well here pull the whole bill entirely and that's something that he said in fact did go for a general election instead. to a large group to have been stood against it's win decides to delay everything until january and possibly longer in new circumstances cry most of the book will have to be pulled and we will have to go forward much as a writer like you will have to go forward to a general election well much comparison has been made with boris johnson and his predecessor to reason may if we call some minds back to her in her premiership she was working with a majority of plus 10 and still fail to get have vision through parliament 3 times
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cut a long story short then if we look at boris johnson he is working with the majority of minus 45 but today he managed to get support for his deal but the fact is his timetable didn't go through and that meant that boris johnson threatened a general election over his failed attempts which actually looks like he's taking a leaf out of tourism ace books the government should cool a general election to be held on the 8th of june they have a simple challenge to the opposition parties who have criticised the government's vision for brics it you have challenge your objectives you have threatened to block the legislation we put before parliament. this is your moment to show you beat it so this defeat on the program motion essentially 1st of all right back into the european union's court and earlier today the european commission president john he said that it has wasted enough time and energy and now is the time to simply move
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forward in order for it but according to donald test all eyes are on forest johnson and parliament as to see what they would then do next you should be ready for you. but while watching closely because. there's a search to try him in this little shot so they. were dishes so it looks like m.p.'s ploughs the european union where all running out of patience with brett set and boris johnson's plans if we take a look at the timeline it's been 3 and a half years since that 2016 praxair referendum but as for today yes boris johnson got backing for his deal but he didn't get backing for the timeline essentially a press farce johnson between a rock and a hard place former london american livingston thinks it will be a long time before the government reaches any final agreement over bricks it with parliament boris has lost more votes in just 3 months as
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a prime minister than any other prime minister now history was going to be many amendments to this legislation which is a very large bill $110.00 pages covering the environment workers' rights trade deals and so on and most probably even a amendment to say that once this act of parliament is passed only becomes law if referendum means the british people support it so we're not going to be out at the end of this month because this is going to go on for several weeks perhaps even towards the end of the year and no one can foretell where we're going to end up with the government and the opposition need to green how long this act of parliament should be duplicated how many amendments would be put down but if boris doesn't agree he's just be like prince warfare going on we can for 2 weeks facebook says it has a plan to protect next year's us presidential election from foreign interference story more after the break.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond short and i'll be speaking to guests of
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the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. welcome back to the program facebook is going to flag state run media accounts on its platform as part of a bid to protect next year's presidential election from foreign interference social networks also planning to combat behavior and make political adverts more transparent. as more. it all comes from the best of intentions it seems sweep away trolls and other unholy creatures from under the facebook bridge except will team phase will really be able to tell right from wrong in the
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u.s. we have the benefit of a free press and because of that we think it's especially important to call the media coming from any country around the world is acting as an organ of the government and no the free press mark zuckerberg is clearly implying that the free american media on the one hand and government funded propaganda produces on the other what he forgets though is that the us has a whole governmental body with the millions of dollars in its coffers tasked with exactly that funding the major voice of america radio free europe the middle east broadcasting networks are just some of the outlets right there in the pocket of the u.s. agency for global media or as it was formally and more well known that the. facebook intentionally or not doesn't seem too eager to look at them this way and controversy doesn't end there the social network has never shied away from censoring what gets into your feed and what doesn't and it can really boast
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a sharpshooter's track record with this tell me this have you ever had busch you know the soup if not you should because it's great it's delicious and if yes you might be a victim of russian deception at least according to facebook it recently banned a page with some 40000 subscribers that was posting recipes of the russian institution i don't know what's more authentic than a russian posting about how to make beef stroganoff and yet facebook deems itself worthy of calling out in authentic behavior over the last 3 years we worked identify new and emerging threats and remove gordon. ated inauthentic behavior across our apps as part of our effort to counter foreign influence complaints this morning were removed for separate networks of accounts pages and groups and facebook and instagram for engaging in coordinated and authentic behavior 3 of them
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originated in iran and one in russian. so one facebook makes a statement like this we want to help people better understand the sources of news content they see on facebook so they can make informed decisions about what they're reading it seems that the network itself needs some help understanding what's going on on its pages it could be said if facebook is not independent either because again facebook arguably is the dream by a particular agenda and when you look at the least of expert facebook called dean in order to help determine the new policy they pretty much made out of the use certain groups that are very well known for a very particular point of view mostly. liberal extreme liberal and so on and so forth what the focus seem to be on is whether the
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organization can demonstrate to facebook independent editorial control that's a very difficult question i think or the very difficult thing to do some. members of the u.s. congress are calling for a regiment of ukraine's national guard to be recognized as a terrorist organization the so called as off button is accused of being involved with white supremacy movements in america but he's done a quarter takes a look at the apparent change of heart. and maybe yet another story of militants once friendly to the u.s. now finding themselves on washington's terror list congress is urging the state department to do so with the as of battalion and 2 other far right paramilitary groups while the subcommittee leading the charge is looking for support on both sides of the political spectrum i'm baffled as to why my republican colleagues have refused to sign on to this not only are as of battalion national action and nordic resistance movement directly connected to inspiring attacks in the homeland they
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direct purveyors of anti semitic id. ologies that inspire attacks against jews the state department has yet to respond but their contemplation is understandable given they fought washington's battles in the past but these guys are not your everyday soldiers. these neo nazis were supposed to be confined to the imagination of russian propagandists so why the sudden 180 well washington was only fine with them when
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they were all the way in far away ukraine and those guys have since come to the us remember this. nation was in shock such a large gathering of the extreme right a protester killed but there were other events lurking in the background that got barely any media coverage the organizers of these right wing riots actually flew to ukraine and were trained by the as of battalion on august 1st 2018 and instagram user tagged right brand clothings account in a post containing a photograph of rise above movement members during their trip to germany ukraine and italy meeting with simone young the leader of the international department for the national couper which is
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a political party in the ukraine that was founded in 2016 out of a regiment of the ukrainian military. the azoff battalion only a year later are u.s. soldier was charged with planning a terrorist attack he was planning to join you guessed it as all of battalion smith was reported to have disseminated guidance on how to construct improvised explosive devices and to have spoken about his desire to travel to ukraine to fight with the ukraine based violent far right paramilitary group as of battalion once they come knocking on the us his door they become a lot scarier some of the more radical groups including these one with nazi ideology are not really happy with mr selenski and they're putting a lot of pressure on him not to go forward with any kind of. status for the dorm boss any kind of reconciliation that would lead to an end of the law or in the standoff with russia show i don't know why suddenly these congressmen who are by no means. unsupportive of ukraine as a as
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a tool against russia and are not happy i'm sure with any kind of an issue for mr luzhin lansky why they would undermine people who up till now have been their allies in ukraine so there are a lot of paradoxes that. aside from us for the south boom bust going away next and we're back in 30 minutes with the latest toy. so there is no variety of any of the characters that make up global violence anymore everything is that 00 is is predominate every single conversation that comes out of the mouth of every financial writer in the press and on television is 0 every security is now based on 0 and the entire mix of this phantasmagoria
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of global finance is is all blending together and soon one huge void of the worst was crushed. exists is a stick a. phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're the bad ones they're the litter bugs are trying this way industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has promised to reuse the plastic. that seems cool sets. stay on you a special projects funded. on the. fun no the mountains of waste only grow.
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seemed wrong when old rules just don't hold. any new world building yet to shape out these days become active. and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. during the great depression which you must remember that it was most. my family were employed. there wasn't it was bit much worse objectively than today but there was an expectation of the things we're going to get better. there was a real sense of hope. there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn
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principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduce democracy at tax so low down engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no on. one set of rules for the rich. that's what happens when you put her into the. narrows. we'll switch is dedicated to increasing our virtue of just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. it seems the brags that psagot will never end the electorate voted to leave the european union but the political class and media are resisting does the people's voice mean anything anymore what is the legacy of breaks it on institutions
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competence and elites and the democratic process. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering all aspects of our global economy in the 21st century and in your i'm pretty i in washington has a look at what we have and stuff like that. piers used to a lot of bricks. to be who we will have to give who was the writer like you will have to go forward to a general election. write the bill today we. shared on the situation and
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what this means for the situation. in. the world's largest economy. area. and speaking of. drama continues. to take over the coworking office investigative journalist standing by to give us the latest on the. let's go. another decision day on drugs at this time with the result leads our global report today prime minister boris johnson after having been denied a vote to advance his renegotiated verge version of bragg's it on saturday and again on monday pressed members of the house of commons on tuesday with an ultimatum saying he would push a bill to call
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a general election if his version of it failed to advance in a vote reports of.


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