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tv   Cross Talk  RT  October 23, 2019 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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and we have alexander macarius he's a writer on legal affairs as well as editor in chief of the duran dot com and in belfast we cross to david vance he is a political commentator as well as editor of news media dot net all right gentlemen cross-like rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it alexander lee i'll go to you 1st i mean if i weren't mistaken this could be a reality political reality show watching brags that i've been watching the house of commons you know and you know what there's some really eloquent people in there though most of time i don't have an any idea what they're talking about here the people voted but we're still not there and things are still in flux here what is what is the overall impact that has had on political and social life in the u.k. i mean it's gone on 3 years now go ahead alex. well well i think the 1st thing to say is that if you look to walking about large a country the country remains extremely calm but politically
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it has created intense division and of course perhaps the most damaging thing is that he's draining away political energy from discussion of every other subject it is also translating into a major political and constitutional crisis right at the very center in westminster itself as a political class which found itself completely unprepared for this challenge and seems to lack the agility to rise to it has struggled to cope with it so we have a situation in britain where we seem to be at a kind of impasse with no very clear idea of how we're going to find our way through and that of course is worrying because all kinds of other problems are piling up at the same time as people are becoming increasingly polarized and angry with each other. ok leave same question to you what is the overall impact to date
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of this entire process because as i said in my introduction the people were given a proposition and they voted on it ok and it's incumbent upon the political class to. fulfill the wishes of the people and it's still not happening and you see road brought blocks left and right and center including i would say the speaker of the house of commons go ahead lee. but i think their reality is is that the country's completely transfixed by this debate the reality is you're right there was a referendum on a vote but the simplistic nature of that debate has meant that nobody actually considered this sort of buys on time structure of complicated legal economic social cultural citizenship rights implications of disentangling from the european union and the reality of the matter is that even if
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we proceed on a linear path without any problems the detail of the negotiation is likely to hang over 'd britain for the next 10 years so we see that a broad implication ways of our constitutional crisis i don't agree with the speaker was blocking anything it's conventional parliamentary. custom and practice that you cannot simply reintroduce bills that you've already lost in the house of commons unless there's some way substantively well and i mean less and less sure everybody's cosin lesser to resume ok i mean come on all right i mean that happened in that case here david let me go to you here i mean i can i can i can i do i take leaves point very well ok and it is very complicated but these people are in power it's their job to do this ok you don't have to have sympathy or cry on their shoulder or you know all the drama no that's their job do it do what they're the
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people voted they have to do it with the the that the mandate was passed in the they have to move forward i'm sorry it's complicated that's been get out of office and let somebody else do it go ahead david yeah but it's actually really not complicated at all we were given to given a choice today to remain or 'd leave the european union in this country to leave europe in union unless. thinking that the last 3 and a half years plus has exposed is the fact that our parliament is essentially opposed to the will of british people in $26.00 thing. that the original question you pose the whole gregson negotiate experience let's call it the exit experience issue one a complete dismal failure of democracy in the u.k. and so many people have started to wonder well look if we vote on ok the elites don't like what we fought for 'd we win the vote and they then and then they spend
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3 plus years. doing everything possible to avoid it then what message does our send to the state of democracy in this in this country and i believe what it shows is we've got a a rotten parliament we've got a rotten media we've got a rotten corporate capitalist class out there and all of these people are inspired to deny the will of the people but guess what we're not going to be deny and we will leave the european union well until we won't tell what people might see what they lead but we actually with you know i don't even know if i'd come to her but if i was some sort all up ok now when i say i met here it's because the people voted we've gone through this entire process here we watched all lot of it on television and i can tell you as an american i actually enjoy watching the debate in the house of commons it's it's the entertainment and entertaining in its own way all right but but on the ladder after all of this debate they still can't get to the end to
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get past the goalpost ok because leave to set it but they won't why alexander let me go to you go ahead. well i think when people say that this is all too complicated and is bizarre and so on and we go all these complicated rules the truth is that there are lots of people in britain particularly within the police equal clause who never actually accepted the decision to leave there was a referendum leave one but a lot of people who belong to remain have never really accepted it and i think that what we see happening in parliament increasingly is not so much a desire to sort out the many complicated problems that involve leaving the european union which to be very clear on resolvable it is rather an attempt
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to prevent the hope process happening at all and that is what is causing the quinces that is why you have got to ation where there is as i said growing anger and a impasse and the constitution is now in facing extraordinary stresses ok we didn't want to jump in don't know that they had liefer here are dick look you know the country voted to self harm itself politicians are politicians have come to the challenge of how do we priscilla tate a democratic mandate that these injuries to our constituents is right everybody agrees that short term mid term long term it's going to have an economic impact on the country so there are struggles issues try to well let me finish to try and make sense where you don't find somebody who says i'm about to commit suicide and i've done it by democratic vote you know we talked about him by saying you know can we
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just let me get on with the plan so i've got all this for me and yet for all the how do you do this during the british usage of for nigeria as a distribution for suicide. ok. all right look i think it is economic suicide a big economic suicide i think the country voted to cut its own economic throat i think it was just like in the banks it was like to we were all like so we came to a wrong conclusion to face all misinformation and the reality is that employees who lost struggling with the decision that it's against the national interest on our contract that's right it's not going to be an easy decision let's go to date with. let's go to garbage out fast go ahead do it what we just hit her really is the hysteria that comes from being a sore loser leak things he knows better than 17400000 people let's really i don't think i know better you're right i do think i know better because 17400000 people got up 3 calmly believing it ok to talk me to i'm all right you think if you
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think you know that's a show where we interrupt so i think i can talk you down go ahead of it david go at it oh like if this is the way it's going to be proceeded usually shot across me then i'm not going to continue david. got so by you so the point is the defeat of your ultimate the laziness by this host of parliament is a roumanian hoist of parliament but the uniting there is known this uncertainty that now that is just ridiculous you've got people even a tall matola riis who are very supportive go ahead david keep going keep going to talk to the talking go over well not work in me late so this is like you know the economy is a room in a parliament leave u.k. a lot to mislead people like italy just can't get over the fact that they lost and we will keep losing and so what i'm also really very pragmatic what i want actually
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is to execute the referendum in a way that he doesn't harm people. i don't i don't peanuts. integrity i don't think that's treachery. but we've got to get the best possible job we can do if it started to be to talk what would be you know do you understand something simple it's not a debian is listening to each other sorry. it's going to cross over the shoulder. it's an interventionist debate the home should not welcomed intervention i mean to meaning it were me in not allowing me to extend an argument to understandably that you're not you know i'm a little echo chamber of your own anymore but i'm here knowing the way this all this. how a general election peter i agree let's talk about people all i'm saying is right let the people speak at the ball bomber books what do you disagree on that point
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gentlemen we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on the braggs it saga stay with hockey. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately it was also a very dark side. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will always be worth one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they
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can see. what they think you should be seeing if they have this kind of power and democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more rope we give them the sooner we are all. little. little. lead.
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the. please little. please. play. lists lists. list. playing.
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very well now continue watching on since last. during the great depression which are old enough to remember there was most of my family were working. there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objectively. but there was an expectation of the things we're going to get better. there was a real sense of hope. there isn't today today's america where shaped by the 10 principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduce democracy at tax so low down engineer election manufacture consent and other principles according to. one set of rules for the rich. that's what happens when you put her into the. narrows. we'll switch is dedicated to increasing power for
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a job just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. welcome back across where all things are considered i'm peter little to remind you we're discussing brags that. ok let's go back to alexander in london well as you saw in the 1st part of the program it's very contentious here and it remains to be in nothing's really changed since the referendum it kind of reminds me how democrats think oh by hillary clinton in 2016 topic for another program but alex. what about you know let's i'm very interested in how institutions are. being affected by all of this you know and and you know the whole russia gate trump and brags that you know they do have
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commonalities where you do have. a deep state and i'm not try. to be used in a perk for george of way characters that have a vested interest in the status quo that it works for them ok but what about let's say the political parties i mean jeremy corbyn is suffered tremendously during this entire process basically because he hasn't really taken a very hard stand at least that's my opinion from my perch so far away and the tories they don't pull this off they're they are in there are going to be in the dustbin of history i mean this is been disastrous for the establishment the who wants to keep the status quo go ahead alex. well well if i can say i think what we just heard on this program is the point that i made at the beginning people are getting more angry and our political system is at an impasse because some people will not accept the decision of the 2016 referendum and of course that is creating
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a political crisis of course it is creating instability and if i may make a further point when people talk about economic harm the greatest possible economic so far you can do to a country is to destabilize its political system so that it is impossible any longer either for decisions to be made or for political parties to function properly germy called in the labor party have a very ambitious program which they wish to implement going forward no good she is discussing that because the labor party has been taken over in effect why those people within it who do not want to see the britain leave the european union and the result is that the labor party instead of discussing its program is constantly
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involving itself in all sorts of devices to ensure that britain remains within the european union the result is it is bleeding support and he's not able to push you a coherent message the same is true in some ways of the conservative party it too is fracturing yeah the best way to address these problems is to implement the referendum result store using this melodramatic language about people committing suicide because that is frankly. exaggerated and you. same here to walk that has no connection to reality and then to deal with whatever problems arise in the process and move forward britain has only been in the european union for a comparatively short on in its history it existed as a major power before it can become a successful country after. ok well it was
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a very go ahead jump in david go ahead if i can actually build in the very interesting point so the alexanders mitt i think the reality is that rex it is kind of redefined what has been traditional british politics and so it's not a no longer a right left argument sudden it's essentially a bracks that argument once we get on with our son has just said the toilet over is nowhere in the polls it's almost melting down that's why if you say peter if the conservatives conservatives do not deliver their goals and that's what in the lead there was a decided to be the new liberal to become a creditor bracks it has redefined everything and so it's only when we actually get a satisfactory conclusion to bracks but if you like normal politics will resume and i think that's been the the of the thing that has sort of seeped into the political
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psyche across the united kingdom and so that's what the resolution of rex it actually will define everything else but you don't get away with talking about it being at leavers exciting marxist agenda or being foresters desire to have more teachers and doctors and nurses none of the cuts through you believe until bracks it is resolved you know only if you get in watching the debates and watching all of the drama and everything. on the face of it i can agree with you a good deal but if there is it would ever be good enough deal i mean it seems to me that's the excuse i mean i'm talking to leave right now it seems to me the the they keep moving the gold coast might be opposed you know this is not a good enough deal not a good enough deal because they don't want to deal i mean if that from the outside looking in that's what it looks like to me it's always ok we agree but it's always but and then if you get this paralysis am i wrong and seeing it that way we go
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ahead. nah i think that the referendum is a fair reflection of the views of people in the country i think that parties are split tory and labor are split on the implications are a total drain on confidence on democratic institutions in the united kingdom i think that the balia to resolve these matters whatever one's view is one that invites a kind of politics that i think we'll all come to bitterly regret for a long time i think britain has felt itself inculcated from the sort of european style fascism and racism that we've see elected in many countries around europe i think that could change i think it is changing and the longer that this matter remains on resolved the more likelihood we are for communities who when daley's made on that we leave without no deal begin to feel the economic consequences of that won't be blaming the houses of parliament not of politicians
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they'll be looking for an extreme alternative and that invites people like nigel for rajan of the extreme elements within british politics maybe to gain electoral advantage bob just say this by way of the sort of this utterly naive assumption that there is an easy thing to do to leave the european union as if 40 years of economic ties and deep. regulator re procedure and legislation can be as made as if the northern ireland border question can be solved just like the these are deeply. questions and the kind of punch and judy politics that we see played out in the referendum just doesn't lend itself to the realities of the modern world and as much as people will say well it's hysterical language i think that everybody agrees that the consequences for britain will be some economic harm what some options will be worse than. but everybody agrees we're going to take
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a step back and i we really going to sit as men of my age i'm 60 now and tell our grandchildren that we we doused britain in an economic an inferno or because we didn't like the polish guy 78 test goals i mean i think it's bizarre one it's not a it's not a decision. intellect yes made on emotion yeah. let me go down as enemy curious but i mean ok fine people voted for it when talking about it for over 3 years ok. does anybody really know exactly what's going to happen when it happens no but you guys you know you made it this far in history you made it this far news story and i have a lot of faith in the in that and britain and the people of britain i think you can handle it i think you can handle it i'm ok david you've got a job and go ahead david jump in we've actually managed you know all those years as a as a treat as a free country so i mean a certain years of british history disappears because khomeini really your union
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for example rightly so they're relatively short a short 40 years but demonstrates to me and said you're a toxic european union is on high and prudent of british people were to say we want out and you know and some people can't accept that and some people never will it's because there are loyalties in brussels not to not to or to the united kingdom but just to all we need to do a little and not just as bad as saying that all bricks are racist i don't believe it and i don't believe people are in a position about why they are all conspiratorial opposition it's not just the belief i think that it's an enormous yeah but let me let me go to alexander point me go now xander me curious here alex to see this is an interesting point we just heard here i mean it seems to me and i'm not choosing sides at this moment my question is neutral here but both sides have made the whole discussion about briggs
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that toxic and. because it has become toxic it's very difficult to come back from that ok and i was really worried about that irrespective of how the brig's a question goes you have a toxic political discourse and it's really going to be difficult to move away from it alexander macarius in london. this is exactly true and can i just make a further point that of course if we we all risk of seeing a wrong is in political extreme extreme ism in britain how do you find political extremism you fully strengthen democratic institutions how do you strengthen democratic institutions nor by insisting on saw its referendum results that seems to me elementary that is elementary democratic politics you may disagree profoundly with a decision that the british people made in 2016 you may think it was wrong in many
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respects but in a democracy is that is what people dissolute to do then you include them to it and if it turns out wrong or it turns out validly well you deal with that too and then you are in a much stronger position to deal with any concern and you very or dangerous person needs that appear on the scene afterwards ok i'm going to get the last 4 i can still eat because i want everything to be balanced here legally had 42nd look i hear that i don't think all those 'd who support bricks are all fascist racist and i don't think those who oppose it all you know conspiracy theories against the referendum result i think that we had a very simple question referendums are not a good way to govern a country and in the end we've got a very simple binary response to an enormously complex question i think that we've all got to step back from the heat and say you know what we could to do what's in
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the national interest for our children. country's future and if we can do that then maybe we can get a deal that we can all live with but at the moment the toxicity albrecht say is sopping the democratic reputation integrity all britain and i agree you strengthen democratic institutions in relation to my aid i have to admit i've been you know i have to judge you are gentlemen we've run out of time here many thanks to my guests in london and in belfast and thanks to our viewers for watching us here arky see you next time and remember. there are no official statistics in india concerning children who have been lost or separated from their parents something to estimate that everything 8 minutes in the
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country the child goes missing. in the. morning i think. the national human rights commission stated that $44000.00 miners going missing every year while the police quoted. the united nations children's fund has described the situation as genocide and various sources suggest that in india there are several 1000000 missing women and children. seems wrong but. just don't call. me. yet to stamp out just because that's ok. and in gains from an equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common ground. 0 this is a stick from the water bottle found in the stomach of the fish the brand is sponsor of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there are the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has promised to reuse the plastic. soon. that soon. there's. a special project funded. on the line your best bet is the end of a footy team but for now the mountains of waste only grow.
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from. 6 hours of talks between the presidents of russia and turkey it resulted in a new plan for northern syria that person is the removal of kurdish y p g forces from a border buffer zone. also this hour a report by the international chemical weapons watchdog on last year's alleged chemical attack and fear it is more by irregularities the conclusion of an independent expert panel that's been scrutinizing the o.p.c. w.'s findings. plus fears rise that the mistakes of the $2800.00 into a crisis will be repeated as a congress accuse us ratings agencies of going easy on.


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