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tv   News  RT  November 9, 2019 11:00am-11:18am EST

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the berlin wall was torn down reuniting east and west berlin and heralding the beginning of the end of the cold war security is high i had a major celebrations across the country and berlin thousands are expected to take part in numerous events including exhibitions on the walls history let's take a quick look at its rise and fall. east still remain intact 3 decades after the fall of the wall even chancellor angela merkel admits it. show the majority of east german citizens in today's germany feel like 2nd class citizens but according to those less than 40 percent of the germans think that reunification was successful books and among those under 14 the figure is around 20 percent less than hoff satisfied with democracy in germany former interior minister told us that his good one said that for east germans everything has changed for west germans only their postal code and 30 years on his comments seem to be quite superficial
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a recent study shows the significant gap between the west and the east in terms of wages and unemployment and also to commemorate the fall and he used the occasion to take a job at china and russia everyone in this room has a duty we must recognize the free nation dressed in invade his neighbors. slays political opponents the chinese communist party uses tactics methods to suppress its own people that would be horrifyingly familiar to former east germans. as a former cia chief and did some of his military service patrolling the berlin wall but his attendance not they ceremony was also greeted with criticism from one of germany's biggest news outlets that handed down its highest ever sentence to a congo as rebel warlord he joins a growing list of africans convicted by the court of crimes against humanity however artie's a look at why the i.c.c. seems to really focus on criminals from that continent. this. is
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a very special court it's out there only to rule on cases such as genocide crisis earlier this year alleged american war crimes and of ghana's stan came into focus. if you're responsible for the proposed i.c.c. investigation of u.s. personnel in connection with the situation in afghanistan you should not assume that you will still have or will get a visa or that you will be permitted to enter the united states the case over the afghan intervention unanimously rejected even tony blair could have appeared before the judges in there but you got it right it's not something such a high at least seemed former u.k. v.i.p. would go through they get a bit more into history and you'll find out america's response to the very foundation of the i.c.c. was pay attention to this one a law that authorizes the use of military force to liberate any american or a citizen of a u.s.
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allied country being held by the court in the hague the message is clear if you don't want u.s. marines storming the shores stick to the africans that someone say there's been a clear signal for the untouchable i believe that there are certain continents like africa and countries within that continent that are looked at with more scrutiny perhaps because they are less developed nations and have less power when it comes to their economies in the ability to shape grow. policy and so it's very easy to target those countries and to ignore some of the larger countries that might also be guilty of some of these things as well but have more influence and more slip sway globally the united states sits in a very interesting and powerful position worldwide where we are able to exert influence over international courts and to ignore those we want to ignore and to demand investigations we want to demand them u.s. government has a very simple policy which is that war crimes are never committed by the united
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states or by its military that it simply does not happen and when you take that view you immediately begin to turn around and say well we can punish anyone who thinks otherwise and quite candidly the united states government can punish countries that push against it economically and through sanctions we've asked the i.c.c. for comment and we'll bring you any reply we wish see if. they hate him but they want him that's how the syrian president bashar al assad describes relations between europe and the turkish leader and an exclusive interview with r.t. that's the 1st time he's spoken to an international channel and more than a year you can watch it in full here on monday as well as on our website r.t. dot com but for now here's a quick preview. i don't know you're antagonistic with nato nations turkey but with. and arguably
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yourself must be aware that western policy is liable for blowback into the european union what have you made of say european union government's response to the possible. outflow of british ises day as fighters back into the european union how dangerous is it to be in london today or paris or berlin. actually the relation between her and the e.u. is always they hate him but they want him. they don't do that in the know that he is phonetic islamist they know this and they're the bin or that is going to send them both. extremist or maybe terrorists egypt in many refugees from your country many of them from syria some of them know they're coming from different areas in the world not only syria actually but the majority are syrian up all of them are extremist. the measure 2 of them are actually muscle the turkey that have to
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because of the terrorism in syria because of the bombardment of the terrorists and so on. so they don't want him but the same time the fear him but from the other side let's hear that thin being those. syrian and other. is dangerous the most dangerous on europe is to support the terrorists in syria this is the most dangerous part so this is hypocrisy how can you fear those few 1000000 is the measure of them are moderate and they have while you do you support those dear is there to clean 100 in tens of thousands. i think i may be hundreds of thousands in syria and you don't hear that they're going to go back to a country. still
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to come an updated version of the iconic song baby it's cold outside or is this fresh controversy that story and more after the. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person with those great. thinks . we dare to ask. nobody wants to look at the wildfires and say the obvious number one the taxes are
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being misused they're not being adequately distributed to where they are needed on the infrastructure side because there's a government failure number 2 climate change regardless of whether you believe it's happening or not the damage that is going to be applied to your pocketbook that you will pay for climate change whether you believe it or not you know it's still the price is still there. welcome back brazil's former president lula da silva walked free from prison on friday to be greeted by a chorus of cheers from supporters. who early release was made possible by a new court ruling that allows convicted criminals to avoid prison if they have not exhausted their appeals hundreds of his supporters took to the streets of sao paulo to celebrate himself addressed the crowds. on the
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who by the federal police the joe stuff. anyone i have a desire to prove that this country can be so much better when it doesn't have a government that lawyer is as much on twitter as both the no realize that has the courage to true to its people about solutions to the problems of the country. supporters see has released as a sign of democracy and action. looks like emotion you cannot imagine what this day means to me this is the victory of democracy up and hope for brazil louis freeh who is the hope of this country the president always cared for the poor who always look after poor people lula is free today forever. it's a very happy day for me and many others because lho was freed we've been waiting for justice to happen our country is a joke i believe we have a reason to celebrate and renew our energy to continue wishing for a better country
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a happier resilient people like you are we are here to celebrate hope will win over fear democracy is going to be deleted off the opposition is going to be walking on the streets go to the pay you want to do in clothing and the kind of political action is part of the season i remember from when i was in brazil for the 24 team president lula was astounding but it was clear this man is greatly loved in brazil he's got a huge fan base a real presence now him just being out and about with the electorate does that put a lot of pressure on the the current president i'm sure. because now the opposition is going to have a leader up to this time amounts after both a nod to. the opposition of both not have a leader has merely there in conditions to talk to people now with ruler walking
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and talking on the streets the opposition is going to have a very important. that's i think is going to change political situation in brazil i'm sure about that. classic christmas songs apparently don't mix all too well with new politically correct lyrics as demonstrated by an updated version of the iconic tune a baby it's cold outside that's causing disdain for many a song that tells a story of a man trying to persuade a woman and a flirty banter to stay for a night has been blamed for promoting harassment and was pulled off radio playlists a new version by american singer john legend sends the woman home in the taxi. stock you. watch your might market right. soon. right now hey what's in this very happy to be had right now.
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the yard shot. right now on no no no and it right at least right now. he's made it more sexual with those words and i think what he's done is he's stealing this sunday from frank loesser song and from my dad he should write his own song if he does not like this one but don't change the live akes it's a classic perfect song john legend and natasha rothwell co-wrote a baby it's cold outside for makes that doesn't make us want to wear out by the spray i thought nothing could be worse than the annual baby it's cold outside is problematic discourse but then i read the lyrics to john legend's baby it's cold outside remakes say what you want john legend version of baby it's cold outside is so wholesome and changing the lyrics made the song that much more enjoyable we spoke with radio and t.v. host karen turku things that the new words do more harm than good to the song. they
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took a song that was innocent flirtation and that was a beautiful classic christmas song about a relationship between a man and a woman and a harmless flirt and they have actually made this song more sexual by what they've done it's really hard to believe if they strongly believe in a me too message that they would even agel the song the way that it is they made the song dirty and the song was in a dirty song i don't know if this is just a really bad p.r. move or if they actually believe that the song should be changed which i think most of america would find very hard to believe most of the world would find it very hard to believe. that's your news breakdown for this hour and that's all for me as well today but we're not harvey will be taking over in about 30 minutes thanks for tuning in wherever you may be.
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you know world a big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other
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it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. today there are good terrorists and bad debt is the bad debt it is said those in the end then who the united states deems to be a threat the looked at those a lot in syria the cia and the us military were engaged in covert actions really throughout the world. where they were assassinating populist leaders they were backing up the right way military funding an army of death squads there's no end because there's always a small for a really good. profit. oh
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max keiser this is the kaiser before i go to areas sense that things are not quite what they appear to be stacy in fact we're going to look out at california 1st and then we're going to go to a town right here in new york and that is kingston new york where our guest in the 2nd half is from it is going to it's a tale of 2 economic models over in california we know not only do we have forest fires going on all over the place huge fires thousands of people being evacuated from their homes but we see blackouts millions of people suffer and blackouts and p.g. and e. the multinational basically utility the giant utility company listed on the stock exchange they have declared bankruptcy to avoid all their obligations over you know over the last years disaster and it looks like we have
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a disaster again this year and people in california are not happy with the blackouts stop harassing p.g. and e. workers gavin newsome says they didn't create this mass amid reports of pacific gas and electric company workers being threatened and run off the road governor gavin newsom urged californians to save their outrage for the utilities corporate owners and treat workers on the ground with respect over a 1000000 people and businesses have their blackouts essentially and people are getting angry and they see p.g. and e. you till you try x. and they throw stuff at them or they're trying to drive them off the road they say this is a actually we're a capitalism fails we have this debate about capitalism versus socialism it's been very big in the coming election and in the areas of the economy like utilities you have a distinct preference for the role of government why in the case p.g. and a they. they are a private corporation in the business of providing
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a utility electricity and whenever they get in trouble they just declare bankruptcy so it's an asymmetric warfare going on they extract wealth and when they get caught doing bad stuff they simply say oh we're going to go bankrupt and as a result you've got these enormous wildfires burning you've got the economy in danger you've got people's lives in danger because as private corporations they know how to game the system in a way to absolve them from any responsibility and to not pay for what are called in economics the externalities of their business model utility should not be in private hands transportation should not be in private hands education and medical health services should not be in private hands for this reason because you've got gouging.


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