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period there are so you don't. sleep. the leaders of the world's 5 major emerging economies of brazil today the annual bric summit to develop economic and political cooperation across nations with. correspondents there. another potential scandal emerges over data collection by the tech giant federal investigations been launched into google's efforts to share information on the health of millions of americans with a medical care provider. turkey's president says he hopes to
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reset relations with the u.s. at the talks in washington with donald trump coming up we look at some of those key disputes between the 2 nato allies. why they're pretty to talk about this morning whenever good morning to you this wednesday the 13th of november just turned 11 am here in moscow life the r.t. world news center it's kevin 0 in with the update starting in brazil. bricks summit is set to start later today the international group represents over 3000000000 people worldwide and looks to develop economic and political cooperation is a big deal with a look at what lies ahead his artie's who's in brazil for us. this year bricks group which is an acronym made of the 1st letters of its 5 member states brazil russia india china and south africa gather for 11th time and also move really
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serious stuff. and impressive set of goals for an ambitious international group and the brics members have already voiced their big expectations under the strategic guidance of the leaders of the 5 countries the brics corporation has become increasingly cohesive with its influence constantly on the rise has served as both a stabilizing in international turbulence and was example of a new type of international relations and it seems its influence is even more of this at the time off decline for so many others of such kind take the asia pacific
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economic cooperation for example the international summit that was set in chile where presidents don't trump and see jumping we're expecting to sign a trade deal. the apec summit was suddenly cancelled because of unrest that has taxed the country's security forces. this has been a very difficult decision a decision that causes also a lot of pain because we fully understand the importance of a pic and the c o p for chile and for the world but on this we have based the decision on a wise principle of common sense when a father has problems he always has to prioritize his firmly over other options just as a president or as has to put his own compact troops ahead of any other consideration and the thing is despite big plans no one set a new location or a date next their association of southeast asian nations or as young and it is far feeling well either donald trump ignored the important meeting for
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a 2nd straight year and told on leaders skipped annual summit with the united states with a majority opting to send their respective foreign ministers instead even the all powerful g 7 lately has been unable to agree on much at all the latest summit couldn't have an issue had joint communiqué and the united nations it urgently needs money badly it's so bad that this crater is in new york's un skyscraper is now saved and the heating and air conditioning systems in its new york and geneva had orders are only being started up to a limited extent with winter approaching many countries have not yet paid their membership fees and few seem to care the organization is facing a c.v. a year financial crisis to be more specific as severe liquidity crisis the question is simple without cash the budget cannot be properly implemented
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of course it would be unfair to say that brics is all the ideal we searched all through the city of brasilia where the summit takes place based here and found no official better all member states flags or anything some. even fear that with the country's openly america leaning foreign policy but the new president mr both sinatra brought here brakes is no longer a man brazil's priorities he's meeting with what more putin on wednesday in the 2nd since brazil's later took office will shed some light on how close these fears are to reality and will also answer the question of whether brics is a weaning west for a bigger role in global decision making. refresh our tea from brazil. fear is a big brother watching your every move who wants to find the works of fiction but these days prophecy concerns are being raised once again especially right now with the federal inquiry opening in the u.s.
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into google's latest efforts to collect and share data join says it's been harvesting personal information on the health of millions of americans and then sending it on to a medical care provider for one quarter reports. it wasn't too long ago that a person who thought he was being watched all the time might have been written off as a bit delusional but nowadays he'd be living in reality take google it's been secretly working with one of the world's largest health care non-profits to gather tens of millions of americans medical records the newly revealed initiative is called project nightingale and google claims there's no fell play to be clear under this arrangement ascensions data cannot be used for any other purpose than for providing the services refer in under the agreement and patient data cannot and will not be combined with any google consumer data google says the project is just helping health care organizations improve the experience they provide but the company's going about its business without any of these people's consent what's even more
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unsettling is that it's completely legal a lot of lation zone laws would need refreshing if you like to call it refreshing because of amount of data collected in different ways we are surrounded by more and more devices every day so a lot flows in the pic relations needs to be revisited when it comes to companies snooping around their users information google is far from the only one i phone users don't know their app activity is being sent to advertisers by default that doesn't exactly seem to correspond with apple's slogan. you can of course opt out but apple says you'll see the same amount of ads and they just won't be as interesting but what about cambridge analytic 50000000 facebook
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profiles had their information harvested by means of a seemingly harmless app with special permission from facebook they had. apps on facebook that were given special permission to harvest data not from just the person who used the opportunity to the but also it would then go into their entire friend network and pull out all of the friends data as well and that's just the tip of the iceberg right now thousands of apps are accessing the data of millions of facebook profiles instagram is using people's personal information for basically anything it wants the list goes on and on maybe those crazy people were right after all. don't call reporting that. he's president heading to washington this wednesday for talks with his american counterpart donald trump it will be the 1st official visit them to the u.s. capitol since 2017 while relations between the 2 countries are in the story below
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right now to another less as expressed hope that they will be able to overcome some with a key differences despite the forget misfit you know relations we agree with trauma the problems will be resolved and our relations improved. there are a number of factors behind the unprecedented strain on relations between the u.s. and turkey right now among them is offensive against washington's allies in northeastern syria american lawmakers have also called for sanctions against the nato ally over turkey's decision to purchase those as $400.00 missiles systems from russia with more caleb maupin the presidents of turkey and the united states now to call this meeting highly anticipated would be an understatement especially as the 2 countries are going through a rocky patch syria the kurds relations with russia the arms trade you name it. when the united states began supporting the kurdish fighters against i still that
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was a turning point the usa has long maintained that it can be friends with both turkey and the kurdish forces that on current considers to be terrorists and turkey as you know is a nato ally or tragically important nato ally turkey just give me your surance that you are not going to be bullied by turkey your present in order want to throw in the syrian kurds under the bus. and there's no administration tension to any large yellow objects whatsoever thank you now it's always been a tough choice and the latest blow came last month when trump unexpectedly polled u.s. forces out of northern syria at that point turkey launched a deadly offensive against the kurdish militias in the area the condemnation and threats from washington only adding fuel to the fire turkey put us all in a very terrible situation turkey with regard the alliance is heading in the wrong direction i've got sanctions against turkey that i will enter duce next tuesday these are sanctions from hill we need swift and bipartisan action to repair the
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damage caused by the decision to allow the turkey to attack our chief partner in the fight against isis terrorists it seems now the countries have agreed to a permanent cease fire in syria but let's be honest it's still a highly volatile situation. and there's a major side plot here turkey is in the process of buying the russian made s. $400.00 anti aircraft missile system instead of the u.s. patriot system and no surprise washington is up in arms turkey's purchase of the s $400.00 is inconsistent with its commitments to nato and will have a detrimental impact on turkish in or operability with the alliance the united states has actually threatened to sanction turkey and remove them from the f. $35.00 fighter jet program of which and carr is a member. and the problems don't end there u.s.
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senators have called out trump for his turkish policy and called on him to cancel the meeting with president arawak president guns decision to invade northern syria has a disastrous consequences for u.s. national security has led to deep divisions in the nato alliance and caused a humanitarian crisis on the ground given the situation we believe that now is a particularly inappropriate song for president obama to visit the united states and we urge you to rescind this invitation quite a lead up to a crucial meeting now with all these problems to solve the 2 countries are remaining optimistic and trump and here are one are playing up the idea and the fact that they are still friends but whether the meeting is a success or failure a vital follow up is already on the calendar a phone call has been scheduled between turkish president iran and russian president vladimir putin kaleb oppen r.t. new york. former u.s.
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diplomat jim jet chris thinks it is going to be a problem if washington tries to control turkey's decisions here. berky's going to continue to keep a foot in both camps certainly being in nato gives turkey some leverage with the united states a with the european countries on the other hand being able to talk to the iranians talk to the russians is also potentially a very valuable commodity i think the real problem could be for the united states if we overreact to any show of independence by mr other on for example his wanting to purchase the f. 400 missile instead of perching the american patriot system which frankly i think we pushed him into by placing conditions on that i think that really reflects more of the inflexibility of washington then turkey somehow being lost to what to america. and while the turkish president visits america continues to send for myself fighters back to their countries of origin is our next story now one of them reportedly a u.s. national is stuck in no man's land so to speak between greece and turkey there is
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in the video you can see him trying to get back into the greek boat a god send him away frezza dead and commented on the case saying that the fate of i still fights is to get stuff this guy doesn't consent kate and chris plans to send 1500 fighters home with some european countries resisting that did we discuss the policy with use of fair and he's a political analyst at the willed news channel. europe pledge the $6000000000.00 euros to turkey in 2016 is part of the my current deal which it only paid $3000000000.00 of those euros while turkey spent $40000000000.00 out of its own pocket these people are not turkish they're european and they deserve to go home and they deserve to face justice in their home countries getting hit commit crimes in turkey they're not turkish citizens they committed crimes in syria they're european citizens so where in this equation is it turkey's job to try these people or hold these people turkey's not a hotel like the turkish interior ministry said and it's not
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a landfill to hold europe's garbage syria and iraq have capital punishment many of the countries where these isis fighters are held the e.u. the e.u. is against capital punishment by leaving these people stateless and stripping their nationality what is that supposed to do wash the hands of the e.u.'s hands and say ok that's it we have no responsibility these people lived in europe 2030 years they were radicalized here they went there but we stripped them of that we stripped them of their national wrist nationality so it's not our problem you know these people are going to be put to death some of them in syria and iraq so what your needs to do is repatriate them 1st in the name of human rights. this is his national 15 past 11 after the break no matter which side you're on in the politics of human level this appears to be a grim see we hear from the family of a palestinian man shot dead by israeli soldiers in the west bank on monday but the time will be for them this international.
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shots seemed wrong. when all just don't call. me. yet to. the answer. and engagement equals betrayal. when some find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. i suggest is a call the reverse hunger games. are randomly picked $10.00 to $15.00 billionaires every year and strip them of everything down to 0 and course i'm out there to make it into the world of commerce and see if they can build it up into this risk back
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into the american capital system because once you have a certain amount of money there's no more risk you're just clipping coupons for vanity and you have no stake in the game whatsoever. like a good morning every day is going good so far thanks choosing out the next the life and work of a co-founder of the controversial white house his rescue group in syria has come under scrutiny since his recent death in istanbul in fact james that missouri is wicked pedia profile is undergoing some of a rewrite it seems are meant to anything detrimental the material was a former british army soldier and he was recently accused by russia of being a former agent of m i 6 the u.k.'s foreign intelligence service and the british
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media has been quick to point the finger at the kremlin of his death and senior correspondent laura goes to questions what lies behind the edited we can p.d.f. page now. a tragic death for a man who made a living on tragedy james limits syria spent his life doing what he believed in which was remarkably similar to that what the british foreign office and nato believe it almost point for point so naturally before anyone even knows how many bones were broken in his body after he fell from his apartment balcony that they dogpile russia it's like an evolved limbic system fight flight or blame russia did russia kill white how much founder james the mysterious co-founder of right hand it's found dead days after russia claimed he was a spy did russia drive here a british aid boss to his death limit crowding achievement was undoubtedly the creation of the white helmets politically charged rescuers who went to battle
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alongside islamist terrorists even al qaida is winning in syria called them brothers you know the phrase you want to know how man lived his life look at who his friends were and they were relentless pro-government propagandists bent on censoring everything they don't agree with 133612 edits to wikipedia have been made in the name of philip cross over 14 years that's over 30 edits per day 7 days a week and i do not use that figuratively wiki pedia edits the times and if you plot the the time card for fill it crosses wikipedia activity is astonishing if it is one individual before a day has passed since limits series death his friends began scrubbing his wiki pedia page the history of his life of all controversy whitewashing his biography philip cross the busy bee that he is really went to town making james as we keep
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pedia page all nice and pretty you read it now it was a st the times reported that delimits. area was the subject of an intense black propaganda campaign for years my promise that activists and russian diplomats the new york times reported that the group and there would be syria were the target of unfounded conspiracy theories when he isn't rewriting history 247 go figure philip likes to watch television all sorts of channels and then go in low lying or try to discredit anyone he doesn't agree with such as government critics antiwar activists and people who don't believe that the world is black and white if you peruse the added history on the wiki pedia page on can livingstone you also find the smartest fingerprints of that mr krause clearly if we can p.d. allows a person who reveals their political agenda see attached to edit pages there is
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a huge problem this is clearly visible on my entry which has been overwhelmingly edited by cross and which is clearly unbalanced of course a much more probable explanation is that philip cross is a group of individuals paid to further the interests of the british government than malign anyone that criticizes it or its policies they have no problem smearing and degrading others yet philip or phillips ashar i see they're fine with doing it to others but talking about them is a no no back in 2018 someone wrote an article about philip cross and for his troubles the article was deleted and the author was banned for life for this philip cross did because considerable effort to editing wiki pedia entries for world known british anti establishment journalists bloggers authors and academics philip cross
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may be a pseudonym for a group of like minded individuals acting in concert there are reasons teachers tell students never to use wikipedia. here is the source philip cross is one of those reasons the fact is that wiki pedia is not an independence organization it's basically been set up by those who are very close links to western intelligence services there are attempts to manipulate it and to make it appear that certain things are true then they're not and other things are not true when they are philip cross who is a very very strange person in the sense that he's a constantly changing wiki pedia articles about controversial figures and he seems to be working around the clock so it's looks to me as if he's working some kind of intelligence a service and in any case he might not even be a real individual so one of the problems we've got with dealing with any information like this is that people are out there manipulating information in real time. shocking images of emerged of israeli soldiers fatally wounding
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a palestinian man in the occupied west bank on monday 22 year old omar badawi was shot in the chest during protests at a refugee camp near the city of hebron warning you may find this video coming upsetting. was. he was clearly on and he left his house wearing slippers a group of soldiers in front of him are fired directly out of him and they see he was unarmed and holding a towel he wasn't threats of them at all they opened fire and then didn't try to help the distance between them and no mom was very short but they just let him bleed to death and prevented other people from getting close and help him later on when his relatives and also journalists tried to help the soldiers fired live rounds in tear gas at us or for their part the israeli defense forces say that soldiers have been attacked by rioters some of whom are carrying petrol bombs it's
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unclear though whether a mob adar we had been involved in the demonstrations which are marking 15 years since the death of the palestinian leader yasser arafat the i.d.f. says that it is investigating but i was killing we spoke to victim's family. because in that it was after somebody says something like it's the hope of lodi but me had i wasn't what i thought he had but you see so do the will to fight it and then maybe secure maces should be dealt. with a few. time release humanity she said madam that i was in my early home has a well i'm going to throw a little you see i'm out of candy started. to fight in on them but little does sort of one moment is one kind of not given on the counter no like i'm done. with sometimes i'm out of movement for the so far side like i'm just one of the typical . loony b.g. i know a lot of dot and it took off. in the end of december what
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i'm going to the choir if we don't. bust this shit. and then hold on to the babble but my mum bought about him it's not deny that i'm me and. i mean what's . going on now i'm out of the. land now but all you know oh mother met him out of the dumb move. on out of. but it's all from the newsroom so far much more of course it all to dot com of social media local stores are covering for you today but if you do this wednesday shooting it rather will thank you for it i'm kevin i would i wish in your great day. what hopes is just to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express. yourself want to. get to the right
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price this is what. you get that. i'm interested always in the water. this. time of the time cold parisian to repeat the same mantra sustainability. it's accelerating the transition to sustainable transport sustainability remand more equitable and sustainable well. they claim their production is completely harmless. because. companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away this is something this we don't even look. and we didn't. understand it looks so good in.
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this room both broadcasting around the world and covering all aspects of our global economy in the 21st century and i'm 50 i'm washington has a lockout what's on that today as consumers around the united states and the globe continue to fight health care as a major concern of their daily lives tech giants have now set their sights on the sector dr john dombrowski of the washington pain center london is
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a hand in studio to break down google's 4 way into health care and the privacy concerns that surround the move as the search engine now has access to the physical data of 1000000 plus there is a whole life we are playing in. they'd work still hard to get it. wildfires continue to blanket california haven't saved millions for many the fight for their home insurance has just begun r t correspondent we take that on the ground in los angeles just bring us up to speed on how major electric utility p.g. and e. if they think and what we think this mean for the victims of that raging blazes and later the new york federal reserve has just accepted a major of repo bid good again but does that bode well for the economy overall steve kean author of can we avoid another financial crisis joins us today from amsterdam to delve into the details of the injections and what waves it could have for global markets so many stories to get to in so little time so let's go. we
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begin with major news on the health care front google has reportedly partnered up with one of the largest health care providers in the nation to access health information belonging to possibly as many as 15000000 americans across 21 states the wall street journal reports that google has won access to health related information through its partnership with ascension which that is the largest 2nd largest the 2nd largest health care system in the u.s. through a collaboration code named project nightingale so what kind of information will google have access to how about lab results dr diagnoses and hospitalization records just to name a few insured google now has access to a complete health history including patient names and dates of birth from the journal quote google began project nightingale in secret last year with the st louis based ascension a catholic chain of 2600 hospitals doctors' offices and other facilities with data sharing accelerating since summer but here's the kicker with all of this happening neither patients or doctors were notified so of course the 1st question that's
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going to be raised does this agreement fit within hipaa laws which are designed to safeguard to protect medical information ascension says that it does and that no hipaa laws are being broken. but we also now know this that at least $150.00 google employees already have access to much of the data on tens of millions of patients again google insists that they are in compliance with federal law so the next question does this agreement put your private information at risk by allowing a monster tech company like google to have access to this information and how will google use it to answer that question we're joined by dr john dombrowski a pain management physician with the washington pain center thanks for being with us so when the wall street journal broke the story on monday google admitted that ok you know it's not a big deal you know a lot of doctors the pages they don't even know who's handling the back end of technology acting as if this is an apartment right that's not at all.


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