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they've been promised much and even more with the americans pulling out from the territories east of the euphrates free for what does the future hold for the currents across the region well to discuss that i'm now joined by hoshyar zebari a prominent iraqi kurdish politician and former foreign affairs minister of iraq mr zebari so good to talk to you think you very much for your time good talking to to through our 2 year old so now you called the u.s. myth troll from syria quote painful and shameful why is that wasn't it the american presence in that country that fitted that description better well the u.s. administration some of the not this isn't true disengaged its forces. allies who fall together. who sucker far is that a great deal with. precociousness or don't understand came as
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a shock great disappointment to everybody really not all new to the kurds but to all. us our allies in the region as a whole. but obviously. there is a lack of clarity and policy confused. i mean they're pulled back and then went back again to protect the oil. still the situation is very unsettled. going we in iraq. receiving refugees coming across the border zone of the turkish military incursion so far we have $15000.00. who are crossed into northern iraq now mr zebari there's a lot of talk right now about the u.s. so-called betrayal of the kurds. but then merican decision to rely more heavily on
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the kurdish military units in syria grew out directly what some see as the american betrayal of the turks it's no secret that the obama administration actively sought to draw into the syrian war only to abandon its later was it realistic for the kurds to expect that the americans would have their backs for longer than it suited washington. american themselves u.s. leaders congressional leaders diploma it's cold the this is an arbitrary no. this has created. mistrust. with the united states. mainly because of this. abundant and green lighting the turkish army to intervene. so
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far to. russia. we are encouraging some kind of a dialogue between the. syrian regime for the syrian forces to come by russia patrols also in certain parts of the of the border but the situation is subtle medica i think they reconsider their position somehow they went back to. did a zoo or but the situation is very valid and south of everybody is watching the upcoming visit of president or do go on to see president trump to see what will come out of it i will definitely ask you more questions about that but before we go into there let me ask you one more question about the kurdish the syrian kurdish decision to align themselves more closely with the americans now you obviously come
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from iraq and formally speaking the iraqi kurds are a separate entity but i'm pretty sure that you've been following the developments across the syrian border very closely do you know even what word the syrian kurds x. picked a chanst when they aligned themselves with the panther gone back in 2015 of were they promised anything concrete no archery nothing has been promised to them body. must because government when. foreign minister love rule visited iraq on a visit to kurdistan ny met him and i b m. we asked him really to initiate some kind of dialogue between the mosque goes on that as they have been this was before the. because we believe they will have a better future with trying to reach some accommodation of the region is also
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a lot of voting much still it is acting or behaving in the old mentality of the ba'ath regime unfortunately but the recently that has been some positive movements i think some interaction. of course we look forward to this meetings that happen in suits in geneva the u.n. is trying to do to have a constitutional conference on for the kurds also to be represented that. they have legitimate rights and concerns with the. new cd new constitutional hopefully democratic syria mr zebari you've been talking about the lack of promises on the part of the demographic of government but my question was about what the americans promised that we didn't promise to the kurds back in 2015 they are they are there just to protect them they have fallen. on the ground
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to fight the isis. these were the promises then when they pulled out all of us knew so there could this reaction which was very angry and also international reaction and american reaction by congress by the media by the think tanks so all this pressure as i think convinced that mr asian to. consider the position. some forces may involve protecting the views not to fall into unsafe hound's that's part of the. reason i'm asking this question is because i covered the syrian war extensively from from the ground and in the 1st years of the conflict there was a tacit agreement between the assad government and the many kurdish communities in syria and not chad taki chad that there was. a bit of
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a neutrality in the works and then the kurds decided to abandon that neutrality for the sake of what we now see to be a very short sleeved alliance with the americans in hindsight do you think it was a mistake to for the courage to align themselves with the pentagon that the time back in 2015 of the moment they were facing this existence will it by isis by. terrorism. what happened in many parts of the. bonding. with the constant through. the kurdish communities so they were looking for support or for. that assistance from other countries that. seized on though fortunately to step in and to provide. logistical support for the.
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forces they formed. so really it was our current of. convenience the support to the way. in order to fire their common enemy but there could should not see them so. out of younes to be honest with you too far to be good fighters and so on the should have a political agenda. we are using all up our influence to encourage them really to be part of the political process speaking about this political legend that the kurds in iraq where the main beneficiaries of the iraqi invasion your people managed to secure very good terms for for that tommy both politically and economically as far as you know were they similar assumptions assurances may be hold in the case of the syrian kurds going back to 2015 did they hold that this
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alliance with the americans would pave the way for larger autonomy and hopefully maybe even independence. of independence is not on the table let's be very frank with you but some form of autonomy. regional council autonomy yes our experience differs with the syrian brothers are to move come a long way. in the kurdish struggle for freedom for recognition as goes through so through the foundation of the iraqi states from the twenty's onward but. honestly we secured a rise with the iraqi constitution iraq is a federal and state and we have a federal entity or region where we are able to run out on affairs we have on the elected parliament of all and regional government we have the board the.
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regions the guard which is the push various forces and also working very closely with back that so our experience differed from them i think they are aspiring they look forward to copy what we have achieved but the situation and see the jury graphically demographically is a little bit different somehow you just mentioned that the issue of independence is of the table. and yet nothing is permanent in the middle east and i think the iraqi kurds joe that message home for everybody 2 years ago when the masoud barzani left government held an independence referendum don't you think that data referendum despite it's non-binding nature in a way the how to bring the american pullout from syria about because it definitely made the turks far more perhaps if i'm perhaps far more persistent with the trumpet ministration in communicating its apprehensions yes really. went
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into different them to exercise our right of self-determination 1920172 years ago. it was an overwhelming successful process 92 percent voted for that but the other. 2 the war that really the carrying out of that of her doesn't does not mean automatically to establish an independent kurdish state but this is a message by the kurdish popular to the war that this is the desire this will how that could be translated should have been worked out with iraqi government i mean you have ideas also in crimea. which also you call for certain that the relation you see absolutely but we acted on the results of those referendums on like the kurdish people bad there is
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a big difference there no no i think we have those discussions with our russian friends by the times the standard should be called to see the judges. this is. the right of self-determination of having a nation but the political situation differs definitely from different parts. we do have that a thought on them but also. we would resist the most all new by turkey by iran by the iraqi army. by the iraqis security forces who tried to reestablish that of control but they failed because the people resist they felt they haven't done something wrong just express their views so i think. on a stronger footing with our people and also in iowa relations with. neighbors through ok well mr zebari we have to take
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a very short break now but he will be back in just a few moments statement. those who consume corporate media will believe the bolivian army rightfully overthrew the democratically elected president of bolivia the word coup is not mentioned but this is exactly what happened the tried and tested color revolution playbook was on display for anyone paying attention bolivia's democracy is in retreat. is a tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been fully
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implement inside venezuela things are different we're going to announce sanctions against the truest of venezuela so if you. have a son of. the temple. football and it is. the people. whose story is a mix of kendrick kissinger to tell him that he would not. tolerated in latin america and terms of economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make. the chilean economy scream so wants to make economy is in this way.
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welcome back to worlds apart because she has the body of a prominent iraqi kurdish politician and former foreign affairs minister of iraq mr zebari just before the break we were talking about the strategic process and cons of the kurdish alliance with the americans and you said that it was a marriage of convenience which is hard to deny because both sides needed each other to fight isis but what i'm struck by is the sheer gap in casualties the as d.f. is believed to have lost 11000 of its fighters while the americans in the same period recorded 5 called casualties while still maintaining that they are the ones who defeated i says how do you take it. well it was very painful definitely i mean after all this losses i mean over 11000 people that have lost thousands of injured people hundreds of thousands of displaced people definitely knew it was it was very
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painful i mean to look back to the recent history of it in this. alliance was it was new and. it found a very bitter taste to be honest with you with the kurds that our alliance with. allies is not reliable and they have abandoned us and they have abandoned their friends and the past also on many occasions but the united states is the. foobar power factor. that has interest here we have to be realistic really how to deal with this changing position. as i said they have reconsidered why that position that back in the small of number but we hear from that diplomat. that there are still
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committed somehow and they would prevent through see a massive turkish incursion or invasion. of he has and one of our main concerns actually is ethnic cleansing in this kurdish areas or demographic changes this is an extremely warning and we are also boarded up accidents of people from issue freight is from kurdish areas and seed into iraqi kurdistan as i give you the example i checked today with the interior minister he confirmed that all the 15000 refugees have crossed into iraqi kurdistan recent now. i think you don't have to agree with me but i think there is a definite tendency on the part of the united states to kind of short change the currents and i think it was while demonstrated in the recent story with the killing of the isis leader abubakar but died because the americans claimed all of the
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credit and yet according to the as the af all intelligence had access to all but died as well as the identification of his location of his identity were the results of the kurds own work who are you more prone to believe in this case whose achievement is that reading the world of that horrible man well if the student questions yes they were hopeful archer's out that they're following the location of . the head of isis terrorist organization and also. have been helpful tool in the kurdistan region as well as the iraqi intelligence organization have all collaborated some people believe i don't know how true or not of believe in the conspiracy theory but see some some do have been struck between. turkey. over this
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issue i'm in but on us they're often not believe in conspiracy theory but they were helpful instrumental in tracking or following the location of a bunker about the yes when the obama administration managed to eliminate the some of bin ladin there well there was a lot of talk about decapitating al qaeda but it certainly didn't still being a major security challenge with al baghdadi hopefully gone do you think ice is will continue being a problem for your country and for your region as a whole no arse's threat the ideology of isis is. environment which led to isis to rise really is still available both here in iraq and we can sense it we can smell it and also in syria so the head of isis is the copy but the organization the ideology is still there just
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2 days ago there was an explosion. near much more south of the guests on italian special forces unit which led to the injured are 5 of them this is the most recent incident and therefore. regrouping they have sleeping cells not on the here in iraq about in syria too so we have to deal with this problem actually for a long term it's not the media. as well it's been loved and was the copy to but then was offered to so i think the certain logic applied to this story that i was a shoo in which have a global. now one of the most pressing issues as far as isis is concerned right now is the refugee camps the security of refugee camps in syria
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some of them of being still being guarded by the kurdish units there are a lot of isis women and children there are some of them are many of them in fact are iraqi citizens and not many countries want to take them back how do you think these issues should be handled. this is the whole come. really holds thousands of isis families and children that is why there are former members and some of the double nationality from european countries france of british german and saw. through to receive. still looking after this comes but the danger actually if this god will be removed definitely they will go back to that old tactics most of the iraq is not all of
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that. really within the iraqi government there are discussions and debates we should. they have these 5 millions or this people or try those who have committed crimes. by iraqi laws so those discussions are ongoing but it is an embarrassment to everybody what to do with this sons of isis or their wives who are stuck in that come well it's not only the embarrassment it's also a major security challenge and president erred on of turkey when mentioned a couple of times during this conversation just earlier this week sad that turkey is going to x. sure that those fighters regardless whether their home countries want them or not i think he already sent one of the former isis fighters to america to the united states there are 7 obvious who will be sent to germany and perhaps other countries
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what do you think about this initiative do you think that's a way to handle the issue really the news or compressive solution not by piece smell. some dollars. cases i think this is a problem that not concerned cd. iraq are such but all those countries who. listen to fight isis and some of the other nationals have taken part and crimes and war crimes and definitely this should not be used bargaining chip. to the security of our people of our countries. there has to be different solutions i think i mean to screen these people to suffer those who are wanted. by the court in iraq or in cabo or whatever countries and the rest of the families
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should be rehabilitated in my view now you mentioned just a moment ago that these people are very dangerous people some of them should not be used as a bargaining chip in geopolitics and some accuse president are there on of doing exactly that because he's conditioning his relations with the european union on what turkey die as with many of those rebels or that many of those jihadi fighters as we are talking president are there on his visiting the united states do you have any concerns about what may result from that meeting because he already said that he wants to turn a new page with the trumpet ministration and develop a new call peroration based on security do you have any concerns that he's in charge of security may come with insecurity or for your brother and across the border in syria. no definitely there are concerns on this the fate of this
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people should not be used as a bargaining chips against european and other countries that has to be there is a problem of security problems and needs to be dealt with collectively. and we have codes of this people are released. they will pose a threat on a danger to our security to the security of others but. so far according to my information i mean these people are still under the protection under god. they have not is the control of this column. for them also is not our good policy at this recount all do we would release. this is also an acceptable i think we have to to engage other countries let's to deal with this issue collectively to find some last things so to do since not.
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convenient solutions or symbolic solutions to this major problem and how thick now we've talked a lot about the syrians and the iraqis and there's a lot of mutual grievances between these 2 countries the syrian government has been accused of providing safe haven for the iraqi insurgency and vice versa iraq has been accused of a betting the insurgency in syria now that to be are sort of back to square one do you think these 2 governments these 2 countries could come up with a more new chile accommodating and arrangement one that would focus on the security of their own people rather than the interests of foreign players. but definitely haven't the iraqi government relations with the syrian regime or government. government gets. its call for it in terms of security in terms of visits by security officials there is that count as i'm so on the ground yes in the possibly
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suffer from all this jihad. coming from different countries foreign countries through see them turn and that has been a problem between iraq and syria but no i think. there is a better understanding between the 2 countries because of the threat of isis because of the civil war and see. that this may spill over to across iraq already has suffered from. major protests these days and back that in other. southern provinces and iraq and we all out of try to contain this peacefully and to seek solutions to respond to the demands of the demonstrators because the whole region is boiling to be
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honest with you while mr zebari we have to leave it there thank you very much for sharing your perspective but that's today most of us most of our viewers can keep this conversation going in our social media pages as for me and the team we hope to see you again same place same time one of the world's apart. maximizers financial survival guide. housing bubble.
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lice between the and the. a high school shooting in los angeles leaves 2 teenagers dead and 3 others injured on the very morning the suspect 16. child abuse in the u.k. linked to beliefs including witchcraft is on the rise while critics say political correctness is becoming a barrier to protecting vulnerable children. and police in the u.s. attempt to detain an antiwar activist for allegedly assaulting a member of congress meeting on venezuela the arrest. without a warrant. or from the networks.


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