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tv   News  RT  November 16, 2019 1:00am-1:31am EST

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i. steps up security measures and braces for a surge in protests as the movement marks its 1st anniversary. of. tensions rise in bolivia where 5 supporters of ousted president morales are reportedly killed in clashes with police. the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine testifies as a witness in the trumping pietschmann hearings we report on how americans are now apparently losing interest in the whole process.
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saturday morning at 9 here. around here keep it well means we're keeping watch on from this which is braced for a tense weekend because some today marks the one year anniversary of the yellow best movement thousands are expected to rally in paris despite the numbers predicted for the weekend there have been a different support for the movement the number of activists that show up for the regular demonstrations has dropped significantly compared to give ago but many hope the anniversary will renew interest in the cause according to a poll this week more than half of those surveyed still support the yellow vest while 63 percent say they don't want the protests to begin in earnest again. he looks back at the protests that have rocked frogs. from this once revolutionary now or at least for a few years populist movements a country where protests is in the blood and over the last year and nation defenseless against the yellow vests paris landmarks of triumph are left defaced and. they call it street smashed and looted it even left the most jaded well
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shocked. my corner it come to power with his own no idea of a french revolution it was one of reform he would not to fall on his sword as others before him by not giving in to protest movements but even he was forced into a treat the planned carbon tax hike was abandoned he opened a state purse to boost low income households mark or even he said he was there kindred spirit. it's been the yellow versus leans been in favor of higher salaries
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and the more effective parliament than i am yellow. but for many yellow vests those promises were empty a little in a at 1st mccrone didn't the way they were and the promises and that he backtracked there was a tax bonus but not of a company had the resources to offer it he also promised 100 years extra for people a minimum wage but in the end we realised it was only for those on social security . the anger continued to spill out onto the streets while some yellow vests were caught up in the violence for the most part to protest his argue their movement had been infiltrated by extremists. it's the radicals who go out for violence it's an adrenaline kicked for them it makes them feel good i suppose but there are also people who become violent because they are being attacked by tear gas and police battens discouraged they've tried to discredit the movement by showing images of burning trash cans and cars and also to make sure that the rest
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of the population don't join the movement the police don't understand anything the government tells them money but instead of marching with us they hear the protesters what you're looking at the violence made a big impression on me and the police against our guys i have been to every protest in paris and i saw things i should never have seen people were hit in the back for the forces of peace in order they have been left so scarred by the pilots there was a police car we had been this huge protesters and that type of fire inside it there the french but his men were very very close to use their weapons to get out there was also the out of the 3 of there was a charge of police officer so there are there were exhausted and there were there was a counter from the man years apart that. we almost lost one man. and
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according to this police union the problems were compounded from the very top. it was a mess. it was a mess. we had but. we had bedded our ship there was an order that referred to. but leadership implies a program meanwhile for latisha divel the struggle continues but she's also aware the weekly protests may have lost someone very national impact so how will the yellow vests movement adapt in the future to change the system she says you need to be inside it this if it was when i decided to join the local team because if we can find the problem from the outside we should do trim the inside i also invited the other young lest activist with similar views to do the same if they become a counsellor or a deputy they will be inside the system and we built to change it. what ever your
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view on the yellow vests movement one thing is indisputable they've had a profound effect on france over the last year now could be a pivotal moment to see if they will continue to burn a torch under the current administration this weekend we may find out so much even ski r.t. paris. 5 people have been killed and dozens more injured during a protest in bolivia according to medics there supporters of ousted president over our list claim that security forces opened fire on a demonstration with life around. so i wasn't of mostly indigenous people took to the streets in the central city of secada since the political crisis erupted there after an election in october at
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least 10 people have been killed in clashes across the country supporters of the ousted president demanding the resignation of the self-proclaimed interim president janine and there's brothers was forced to step down on monday after weeks of bottoms triggered by claims that last month's election victory was rigged violence looting and vandalism followed send some of his supporters now say they fear for their lives. meanwhile bolivia self-proclaimed leader is being accused of racism over a tweet that she wrote 6 years ago but later deleted. what i am wearing a new ear satin ists no one replaces god. we want the racist lady who is automatically proclaimed herself president to resign that is why we have said resign. that so-called president is usurping our country we want to respect the editor of the news website operate monday believes that the new government is trying to exclude the country's indigenous people from politics. there is no indigenous group replant at the age in her cabinet i think this is clothing
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decision say's a lot about who is hidden in the aeneas and reach values and interests sheesh she is from poor us indigenous people most important. to evelyn moralities and to his party movement to socialism i think the new government to south proclaim with goldman is trying to boot the indigenous people out of the political game because it is necessary to boot evermore ollie's of the game and the indigenous people being backed by dis new government including by the almost full force because indigenous people of 40 percent of the county and this is a conservative which have organized the who did know that in order to give step billeted to diss new government they have to put the indigenous
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people protest out of the streets they need to control indigenous people they need to violate their rights in order to give i repeat. to the new government. former us ambassador to ukraine who is a key witness in the trump impeachment inquiry has said she has no evidence that the president caved in criminal activity of ukraine marie if and if it was questioned during the 2nd open impeachment hearings. you have any information regarding the president tonight is states accepting any bribes. now you have any information regarding any criminal activity that the president of the united states has been involved with at all. now. despite that is kind of open now explains there could be some impeachment fatigue because what needs flagging in comparison to earlier trump scandals. as impeachment inquiry hearings against
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donald trump continue on capitol hill the new star witness is marine given of it and she is a former u.s. ambassador to ukraine who was removed from her post 6 months ago now donald trump definitely does not hold her in high esteem that's what he actually tweeted during her testimony everywhere memory of an obit when turned bad she started off in somalia how did that go then fast forward to ukraine with a new ukrainian president spoke on friday ripley about her in my 2nd phone call with him it is a u.s. president's absolute right to appoint ambassador has now she testified that she was not part of the biden family scandal regarding natural gas in ukraine and furthermore she was not part of any effort to leak information from ukraine during the 2016 election furthermore she testifies that donald trump is intimidating her and that he's responsible for all the wrongdoing and so is what amir putin well i mean president putin must have been aware that there were concerns in the u.s.
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about russian meddling in the 2016 elections and what the potential was for russian meddling in the future. you know classic for an intelligence officer to try to throw off the scent and you know create an alternative narrative that maybe might get picked up and get some credence yes fitting in the name of the russian president is what you do if you want a catchy headline and the media is keeping up. hype calm before the impeachment storm washington is bracing for a blockbuster day washington on edge all day for this 2nd day of impeachment hearings it was a storied day on capitol hill with the 1st public impeachment hearing of president tonight history of the hill as house democrats make their case against president trump an attempt to remove the president of the united states from office now you would think that that would be front had line news but is the u.s. public really interested not too much 13000000 americans watched the 1st round of
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testimony according to the nielsen ratings now that's one in 20 certainly sounds like a lot but compare that to when former f.b.i. director james coleman got up to testify about how he was fired by donald trump 20000000 americans watch that that's roughly the same number as tuned in when brett kavanaugh was being confirmed as a supreme court justice amid sexual assault allegations you would expect americans to be glued to their t.v. screens now there is an actual impeachment inquiry open after all articles of impeachment could be drawn up the senate could be faced with the choice of whether or not to convene an impeachment trial and the stakes are significantly higher but the american public seems far less interested i wonder how many americans know or even care about the key witnesses you never heard of the master you have on a bitch you know have you ever heard of george can't. are you watching the trumpet pietschmann inquiry hearings on t.v. . does it interest you at all. why do you think fewer americans are turning into
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watch the beach because it's it's a full d.c. yeah sure it's fake i mean like 23 years since he's come into power if you like this one are you really going on and i think you have. to break here it was more so like you know sensitive to the public and this one is just everybody is either this or they're so yes it seems that the donald trump is a bad guy a show has been airing from. apple hill for a few seasons already but americans are now yawning and saying haven't we seen this episode before. artsy new york illegal and media analyst jennifer de musta says that the drop in interest actually comes in handy for the us democrats. the american public i think the public in general is getting bored with some of the narratives that have been pushed against donald trump have been shown to either be completely false or unfounded in facts but there are some important things that
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have come out one of those i think is is the fact that well what for one thing she didn't have any firsthand knowledge of what this is about and she wasn't even in her post for several months and so the fact that she was there was just to showcase her as somebody who could say things that would maybe paint on a trumpet a light i think a lot of this has really been planned i mean after the you know these hearings started out with 45 minutes of the democrats of adam schiff and the democratic attorney being able to question her and again when we hear these questions what is this is just praising her and talking about her roic life story and her parents after that they're supposed to be there is theoretically generally a 5 minute recess or a break which turned into 3040 minutes and even if you were that were turned in at the outset would have just tuned out or become bored with that and but what the democrats in the house have done is completely turn it on turn it on its head they think they the public is dumb they think the american people are dumb and so they just keep saying these things they're making up their own elements of legal facts that are absolutely already solidified within the american justice system. still
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has this sense that i. sing gold swim for venice is the historic city experience is the highest in decades the city's mayor blames it on climate change we'll get reaction to that later. plus as the clock ticks before huge books dominance on social media as bosses lashing out at the competition. china wants to trade russia wants to trade trump wants to trade the enemies of trade are conflict in a war as they love war the same like the trump opposition parties in america are the war of. the world is driven by a dream shaped by phone person.
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in the day or thinks. we dare to ask. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back climate change is being blamed for the devastating floods that are continuing to search through the italian city of venice unesco world heritage site
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that's the assessment of the mayor's other officials call the worst crisis there in half a century a blow to the heart of italy. because the basilica is at risk i prayed a lot i tried my best last night and the basilica is a huge worry for me as well as truly our city people's lives and security are my top priority now. we risked our lives thank god we had a security plan which was quickly implemented.
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here are tina care and discuss the issue with a panel of in bottom mental experts and journalist. well i think there's a don'ts ongoing problem with all this which is that it's. doing rather than talking about climate change in general it's about providing the infrastructure it's true that this isn't strictly done to climate change it is a series of different events it's very high tides coupled with the storm so climate change has to be exacerbated some of this in the fact that sea levels have risen about 20 centimeters in the last 100 years so that's going to have a big effect look fundamentally freak weather patterns will happen they continue to happen and they have historically. happen what i'm concerned about is a very shrill why which freak event site makes a treaty it's my concern about the way that we're traumatizing your own people by telling them that the world is going to end imminently i have to seriously disagree with their level and that's the end to rights that we're seeing now is
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unprecedented at the rate of rise in talk about this being an event that happens and you know regularly in terms of history and the last 12 want to get we're seeing 14 here on this level 6 times who are who are those in the last 20 years so the way to change is happening is happening faster and faster you know you can have better all sorts of better infrastructure the fact is there's a huge risk from climate change then yes isn't necessarily the best example of something which may have happened there was a huge risk from pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere of all the parts i think is really important to get across here is the way that a lot of these climate activists oppose improvements in technology that actually are going to save the planet it's they do not want to allow was the time to move to a low carbon economy what they want to do instead is cut off net carbon to 0 by what in the next 20 years that would mean no more cars no more electricity no more
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heating of your homes it returns it returns britain to the stone age you're talking about exaggerating the risk of climate change which is a genuine risk and then every time you mention going back to you couldn't stone age back to the dark age that's not going to happen it does need to be a change in how we look at the economy and it needs serious thinking but it's trying to guess because in terms of the dark ages tony just complete nonsense there is no alternative put forward really except we're going to change the economic system become explained how they're going to change the economic system in the ones that allows people to carry on living the decent lifestyles and improve their lifestyles over time that's a film but appears on television. says we need to end the myth of perpetual economic growth that's easy to say if you're from sweden i can ride around the $4000000.00 pound yachts harder to do that if you're subsistence farming nigeria we have lifted a 1000000000 people out of poverty in the past 10 years and what you guys what's
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there is condemn those people to bad evil poverty over your own hocus pocus religious views impeding words like hocus pocus about climate change is very very dangerous language we've been mapping this data to the years and years we've been predicting what's happening we have a matter that never seen the rise of change of c o 2 levels at the rate of change that we see now so what are you going to do to replace fossil fuels over them as those living in the dark ages you're going to replace those is going to have a plan stood up so just declaring that we're going to cut c o 2 is not the answer and i think we can call it c n 2 and then we can cut c o 2 cried drastically by reducing the amount of energy that we use and we do have technology to capture this and we have technologies and we knew noble when we got away from our marine technologies and things that haven't been exploited because of economic reasons and if we can invest in those shoes then we can
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a massive change this whole situation and we can reduce the waste massively. facebook chief mark zuckerberg taken aim at the chinese social media video sharing platform to talk news rapid growth could soon overshadow his brainchild so the book portrayed the rival as nothing less than a threat to democracy but i guess they have takes a look at what might be behind the animosity. social media it's a market like anything else with its own competition the difference is coca-cola doesn't come out and say that pepsi is for nazis and b.m.w. doesn't come out and called let's say these satan worshippers they're a little more what's the word grown up facebook however says it's competition is a threat to democracy went to the back to get to school knuckleheads out of.
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course don't ask me who are beyond this something to do. and i see 3 major threats until recently the internet almost every country outside of china has been defined by american platforms with strong free expression values but there is no guarantee that these values will went out a decade ago almost all of the major internet platforms were american today 6 of the top 10 are chinese. and we're beginning to see this in social media 2 1st things 1st your new dads wondering how exactly a lip sinking app threatens the more crecy but just think about it a little longer. another is changed it still doesn't make any sense so why would he say this.
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now it does make sense facebook is eating dust in 2016 zuckerberg tried to buy musical daughter l.-y. the predecessor of take stock talks collapsed facebook walked away then the chinese boarded and take stock exploded leaving facebook envious of the numbers that were being pulled in so as would any businessman zuckerberg smears it why are services like what's up are used by protesters and activists everywhere due to strong encryption privacy protections on tick tock the chinese are growing quickly around the world mentions of these same protests are censored even here in
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the u.s. . is that the internet that we want. first off mr zuckerberg protestors in hong kong a using telegram to coordinate which is a russian app just before you say something stupid again but serious accusations could it be could take talk really be censoring lip sinking in hong kong the chinese government does not request the tick-tock tons of content and would not have jurisdiction regardless and stick stock does not operate there to be clear we do not remove videos based on the presence of hong kong protests content in try to but you try to smear it so now zuckerberg trying to copy it and has facebook has launched a virtual kloden of take stock. now
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that we've established what's what we can ask ourselves if there's any cause left the zuckerberg won't use to get his hands on more money i don't know if he knows i mean do you think he knows what it looks like to everyone outs the c.e.o. of facebook complaining about censorship mr zuckerberg i will say there are a great many. americans who i think are deeply concerned that facebook and other tech companies are engaged in a pervasive pattern of bias and political censorship in may of 2016 gizmodo reported that facebook and purposefully and routinely suppressed conservative stories from trending news facebook that is purged itself of conservative voices banned the naming of a trump impeachment whistle blowing the sold out its community to the highest bidder information that was used by dictators to clamp down on opposition and he
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tells us the chinese lip sinking app is a threat to democracy. ok that's your update so far this saturday thanks for choosing r.t. this hour i'll have more from the moscow news team in just over 33 minutes. you should. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. i want. you to go on to be the 1st to see what before 3 of them or can't be good. i'm going to steal all those in the waters of my. first city.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy for them to you shouldn't let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical of the current time to sit down and talk. and this is a boom bust broadcast around the globe covering the world of business and finance
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and the impact on us all and been slow and i'm pretty i am washington has the luck at what's on that today incredible numbers of global debt has risen to $250.00 trillion dollars and there are 2 countries responsible for more than half of the increase over the past 10 years while breaking down a lot of tech companies want to be more than just social media and search engines they want to provide checking accounts credit card and payment services these companies kind think game too much access. and finally just had its blockbuster launch this week and one considering how to get to the streaming at places. this is their branch of why well joining us to talk about it came as a landscape. today so let's go and die read. and we begin with what you might call a race to the bottom as the u.s. and china have led the way it is surging global debt of over $250.00 trillion that's trillion with a t.
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dollars when we talk about numbers that high it's hard to even fathom but just in the 1st part of this year 7.5 trillion was added to global debt again just the 1st half of this year and the u.s. and china responsible for 60 percent of that the entire rest of the world more than $140.00 other countries are responsible for only 40 percent now this is government and private debt in fact according to the institute of international finance over the past decade global debt has ballooned by more than 70 trillion dollars which again has been driven by both governments and corporations so let's break this down here because we're talking about a global debt that is really equivalent to 320 percent again these numbers are so hard to even fathom 320 percent of global gross domestic product how is that sustainable on any level it's not a stamp on that's why this rising debt level that has absolutely no signs of slowing down has been flagged by economists as one of the biggest risk for the economy and probably the next breaking point and right now as you point out this is
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a combination of both government debt public that.


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