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tv   News  RT  November 17, 2019 1:00am-1:31am EST

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a terrible between though and. i believe you i was hit by violent clashes throughout the week as supporters of ousted president evo morales him on his return from exile in mexico. a co-founder of the controversial one helmets rescue group in syria he's found dead in istanbul since then his we could be of over if he's been edited dozens of times to remove anything. and an israeli airstrike eliminates a militant commander killing half his family in the process including children that as a fragile cease fire holds following a surge in violence between israel and palestinians in gaza.
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live from moscow thanks for joining us on a weekly or not international i'm daniel hawkins welcome to the program. now it's been a week of violence in bolivia after the country's leader ever morales stepped down on monday and fled to mexico thousands of his supporters protested against his resignation clashes with police have left more than 10 dead and hundreds injured.
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after more honors was ousted senator john warner has proclaimed herself interim president of bolivia many say that was against the constitution and she wasn't in line to be the next leader most of the army supported owners and they're now under her control artie's eagle standoff looks at why iran has had to go. you may have heard that bolivia has lately been celebrating a triumph of democracy the resignation yesterday of believe in president ever morales is a significant moment for democracy in the western hemisphere these events send a strong signal to the illegitimate regimes in venezuela nicaragua that democracy and the will of the people will always prevail i don't know if it was a breeze in south america or if it was oblivion hurricane of democracy be here today i feel a little breeze in venezuela of freedom and justice well here's what
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a triumph of democracy has looked like in bolivia president morales resigned the vice president resigned the president of the senate the 3rd person in line for the top job you guessed it resigned. the bolivian army and security forces are the only viable force left after they renounce their allegiance to the government and took the side of the protesters. we suggest to the president of the state to resign his presidential mandate to allow for peace and stability for the good of our believe yeah. but it's not as black and white as the anti government side might want you to think plenty of people have been supporting evo morales in the streets and it's them who have been getting the short end of the stake here.
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in fact. that was the key reason for morale us to throw in the towel he wanted the violence to cease there's usenet and why am i deciding to resign but so the opposition does not keep pursuing my brothers and the unions we are resigning i am resigning precisely sort of my brothers and sisters leaders and authorities of the socialist movement so you don't continue to be held hostage chastel and threaten because in bolivia morale as has no one not a 100 not a 1000 supporters he's got millions this a tobar of 47 percent of bolivians voted for morality and while critics of the
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ballot are screaming bloody murder the suspected election fraud is within a 3 percent margin evil morality a die hard leftist has been leading bolivia for 14 years under his rule the country's economy has been growing faster than at any period over the past 3 and a half decades morale us viewed as the voice of the poor managed to drastically reduce poverty and economic inequality he significantly increased the minimum wage to an boosted social spending millions had no problem with that and all of them are now represented and protected by nobody this is a race is killed it is now turning very violent by the police against the indigenous population who are excuse or else been well documented in the western press those generally the western press supports the coup against morales this is
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a classic you know media manipulation situation the chance you know about meaning they're actually concerned when you know our courses mean the us is our allies when they take power we play with democratic even if it may be a right when dictatorship. meanwhile bolivia's political turmoil has given rise to questions over the country's natural resources some are predicting that morales departure could now open the door for multinational mining companies and bolivia is estimated to have 9000000 tons of lithium reserves the 2nd largest in the world and that is significant of course experts predict that global demand for the chemical element will triple as early as 2027 that increase is being driven by the rapid expansion of certain markets that use lithium today it's used in electronic cars batteries for various portable devices military hardware as well chuck of one from
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the alliance for global justice thinks that bolivia has been hit by the resource curse. there is no question the washington is behind the coup. behind regime change efforts in every country. particularly that has resources in june of this year. it was going to be. industrialized there there. it's just exporter of raw materials but his plan was for bolivia to begin to produce and batteries refining the lithium and producing batteries themselves which cuts for. transnational corporations for
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a profit stream. a co-founder of the controversial white helmets rescue group in syria was found dead on monday missed tumble appearing to fall from a balcony after james an amazing death his life and what came under scrutiny and his we could be to profile has undergone something of a rewrite i'm eating anything for mental musea was a former british army soldier who was recently accused by russia of being a former agent of m i 6 the u.k.'s foreign intelligence service and the british media has been quick to point the finger at the kremlin over his death a senior correspondent looks at the circumstances surrounding his death and the wiki page at its. a tragic death for a man who made a living on tragedy james limits syria spent his life doing what he believed in which was remarkably similar to that what the british foreign office and nato believe it almost point for point so naturally before anyone even knows how many
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bones were broken in his body after he fell from his apartment balcony that they dogpile russia it's like an evolved limbic system fight flight or blame russia did russia kill white how much founder james the mysterious co-founder of white helmets found dead days after russia claimed he was a spy did russia drive here a british aid boss to his death limits series crowding achievement was undoubtedly the creation of the white helmets politically charged rescuers who went to battle alongside islamist terrorists even al-qaeda is winning in syria called them brothers you know the phrase you want to know how man lived his life look at who his friends were and they were relentless pro-government propagandists bent on censoring everything they don't agree with 133612 edits to
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wikipedia have been made in the name of philip cross over 14 years that's over 30 edits per day 7 days a week and i do not use that figuratively wiki pedia edits the times and if you plot them the time card for philip crosses wiki pedia activity is astonishing if it is one individual before a day has passed since limits series death his friends began scrubbing his wiki pedia page the history of his life of all controversy whitewashing his biography philip cross the busy bee that he is really went to town making james as we keep pedia page all nice and pretty you read it now it was a st the times reported that the. in missouri i was the subject of an intense black propaganda campaign for years and i promise that activists and russian diplomats the new york times reported that the group and there would be syria were the target of unfounded conspiracy theories when he isn't rewriting history 247 go figure
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philip likes to watch television all sorts of channels and then go in low lying or try to discredit anyone he doesn't agree with such as government critics and he war activists and people who don't believe that the world is black and white if you peruse the added history on the wiki pedia page on can livingstone you also find the smartest fingerprints of that mr krause clearly if we could p.d. allows a person who reveals their political agenda see attached to edit pages there is a huge problem this is clearly visible on my entry which has been overwhelmingly edited by cross and which is clearly unbalanced of course a much more probable explanation is that philip cross is a group of individuals paid to further the interests of the british government than malign anyone that criticizes it or its policies they have no problem smearing and degrading others yet philip or phillips ashar i see they're fine with doing
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it to others but talking about them is a no no back in 2018 someone wrote an article about philip cross and for his troubles the article was deleted and the author was bad for life for this philip cross did because considerable effort to editing wiki pedia entries for world known british anti establishment journalists bloggers authors and academics philip cross may be a pseudonym for a group of like minded individuals acting in concert there are reasons teachers tell students never to use worked. pedia is a source philip cross is one of those reasons the fact is that wiki pedia is not an independence organization it's basically been set up by those who are very close links to western intelligence services there are attempts to manipulate
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it and to make it appear that certain things are true then they're not and other things are not true when they are phillip krause who is a very very strange person in the sense that he's a constantly changing we can pedia articles about controversial figures and he seems to be working round the clock search it's looks to me as if he's working for some kind of intelligence a service and in any case he might not even be a real individual so one of the problems we've got with dealing with any information like this is that people are out there manipulating information in real time. syrian president bashar al assad has hinted that america's cia might be behind the death of the white helmets co-founder separately in an exclusive interview with r.t. earlier this week you also touched on the u.s. looting of his country's oil and the militias motives of foreign interactions in syria. how did i says roy rose suddenly in 2014 out of nowhere after nothing. in iraq and syria at the same time with american armaments. the be physically the
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russians are saying that the us is stealing $30000000.00 of oil a month from northern syria is this a trump budgeting chip in the geneva talks why would net oil exporter like the usa be interested in $30000000.00 of oil a month no things i says the started spouting syrian oil and syrian oil in 2014 they had to partner with her. and his coterie and the america where the cia or others the american always try to loot other countries in in different ways in different ways regarding peer not only always or money or financial resources they do their rights. their rights political rights every every other right the historical role at least after world war 2 and as for girlish
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forces are they just tired after so many years i mean your understanding is they took money from. the united states the cia i know you're welcoming them back you're worth 1st of all there is the it is not only kurds it's mix of kurds and trial of and others 2nd when we talk about that is the of because in that is the ability to prevent. the measured it all because they had good relation of the government and the measured it all because support that support the government but this which is called the people id is the one who have been supported by the americans publicly they are moment their money they smuggled oil together. they are american. agents to be with most of them. all of them i don't know. all of them but their party policy during the last few years is to invite the american trustee to be angry when the american wants to leave. and to say we don't want to join the syrian
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army simply using exactly what mr herder one would say to be a protest about them actually they are going to has his own agenda which is to part his own agenda as muslim brotherhood and the american agenda as a puppet so it's to pot but they were intended to usher in death. but at the same time though those group of people i did give him the excuse and the reason to invite syria that doesn't mean invasion is legal is illegal in every things all the world but to give him the pretext cause he's been announcing for year that he wanted to invade the northern part of syria and he wanted to clean that area from the terrorists and he mean the people why did they keep it give him the. excuse but what happened that's why they
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were to be blamed but erdogan has invaded. a kind of what should that rare interview at any time on our website at r.t. dot com or of course on our you tube channel as well. german farmers were once again driven to distraction over but aims plans to go green at some of our stories still to come here not international. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to foundation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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what holds and to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to. have to go right to be precise as to what before 3 of them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. this should. welcome back to the weekly this week has seen the biggest flare up of violence in
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months in gaza so after an israeli airstrike killed a senior commander of the islamic jihad militant group on tuesday the palestinian militants retaliated by firing hundreds of rockets into israeli territory israel in turn continued hitting targets in the young clave in the early hours of thursday one strike leveled that apartment building burying the residents under the rubble 8 people were killed all from the same family with 5 children so among the victims. an israeli military spokesman confirmed the strike noting though that the head of the family was a senior islamic jihad commander here's how a local health official described the aftermath of the attack. were disfigured as a result of heavy bombardment from israeli f. 16 s. who under the rubble of. the hostilities subsided later on thursday after a ceasefire was agreed with intermittent exchanges of fire continuing into the
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weekend a local media say dozens of palestinians have been killed in israeli airstrikes claiming half of them were civilians we heard from human rights and political commentators based in the region. if israel responds to defending israeli citizens and anybody got hurt in gaza who is to be blamed the terrorists who attack israel not so when you hit the target with the terrorists who hide behind women and children who wish to be blame the terrorists are to be blamed who actually have their families then they they have them as hostages they target our civilians and they know they are of course mosque to be got must be neutralized god down is a real needs to protect protect our peaceful and civil cities. sad to mans in the south we want to leave there if we had
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attacked by they slimey jihad or by the hamas our armies duty is to protect a legitimate target does not give the israeli authorities that are to attack civilian probert these civilian houses they can distinguish and they are supposed to according to international to discriminate between civilian and months of 1000000000 targets between combatants and noncombatants and in this case even claiming that a targeted person if it proves to be a legitimate target cannot be an excuse to justify and on a number of presidents over places or areas where. civilians are there even according to the mission law in case of doubt the prayer at the end the opinion with the goal going forward a civilian rather than military so in all cases that it has been no excuse to
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a building. a fresh powder form of protests paralyze germany 2nd largest city this week in what's been weeks of demonstrations. thousands of farmers on tractors drove into handbook on thursday to vent their anger at the government's new policies traffic was brought to a halt as the city played host to a conference of the country's federal and regional environmental min is this they discussed imposing restrictions on the use of pesticides a many farmers say the new stricter regulations would stifle the sector among the measures that have provoked outcry over a ban on some pesticides and regulations to protect groundwater from the entrance auntie's abounds in a sense us was with the farmers convoy as it set out for him but. it is early and the morning that they should be working on their lands but instead of these german farmers have hopped on their tractors and will be rolling into
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amber to make a big point. as the country's regional and environmental ministers are meeting here in hamburg the farmers want to make it clear that the shifting balance between ecology and argue culture is putting them out of business as the ever tightening and national regulations on the use of chemicals from wheat killers and fertilizers to roots no be becalmed from the german government is so hard for us that we cannot drag on our farms we cannot have made good crops cannot have followed or for that for the dairies at the root of their rigorous restrictions is the protection of wildlife and habitat the farmers agree that looking after nature is the core to the job but what infuriates them more is how they were shot out of the conversation of
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how to go about implementing fundamental changes in their life would fall from this today we are staying here and spending a shoulder show. minister for environment here in germany and we invited here to come here she is staying in bali and she don't speak to us and we needs a communication that's good support lemus the biggest problem is that the politicians don't talk to us and we want to have a dialogue with them and participate in the decision making processes but that's what we're here cool with her. the government insists that germany's farmers are not a bad no i expect something from farmers yes i do and that is change but i don't do so without support in them financially or it is important is that we together with our european partners have a direct payments as an instrument to support small and medium sized farms and this is a very important signal for many foreigners that they have certain insurance against
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fluctuations but the german government is under pressure itself by the european commission over its sluggish and environmental protection record there is even the prospect of huge fines and legal actions if they do not do more having tried time and again to quietly highlight their problems germany's farmers are now having to be more tough with ever public protests while they might be outflanked by the increasingly influential green lobby and the e.u. pushing the government for more reforms they're determined not to lead generations of farming families or what in the process of vangelis obsess for artsy. programs for documentary channel heading your way in just a few of its time will bachata damask time with a fresh news run for you join us again at.
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the west on the west mindset is in decline the us is in relative decline china is rising your up some people say it is rising other people see it is declining it's likely that the sort of western mindset and western culture will decline relative to eastern culture thoughts that's probably what's going to happen the older you.
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know i think anyone that says that something will or won't happen is pushing it a bit.
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simplest so. very warm welcome to you watching on since last.
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odd. place to tell me i conceived the ultimate. the orangutang this. the don't fins. the oceans. the rain forest and even humankind. only have to do is buy a sustainable and fair products. the book but it's
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a lie. that. the epic at the end. of the bit more and more people around to melt are taking to the streets to protest the way corporations make products and behave in the market pick as i've never been to any of these protests. since my childhood i've been striving for harmony. i had debbie china told.


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