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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 2, 2019 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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and as a parent. i can come up with arguments and there's a lot of conflict within the game and between the teams most of the conflict i would say. is made. close one of the children's children is good business the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year of the prison complex just to get some 20 alive where. you don't care. anything. hello and welcome to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle trump on hong kong protecting democracy or more meddling in the internal affairs of
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china also can nato as european members reimagine the alliance and more terror on the streets of london. cross talking some real news i'm joined by i guess robert bridge he's an r.t. website writer also we have dimitri bobbitt she's a political analyst and editor at innocent me internet media project and in london we cross to marcus papadopoulos he is the editor of politics 1st magazine right gentlemen cross-talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it let's go to marcus 1st in london let's talk about. the trump administration's agreement least tacitly to sanction the china over what's going on in hong kong when something i just don't really seem to understand i mean out and looking at hong kong i know that there's an enormous amount of inequality there that is the responsibility of the hong kong government and it's
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a one country 2 systems so why all the arrow at beijing and of course we know the united states is cheering it on along with its western allies as an irritant to china go ahead marcus your thoughts. anyone here is. that it's all. concludes that what's happened in hong kong what is going to happen it. is concerts it is well planned and it is exceedingly well. executes it and it is only possible through the holes of special services then we have to ask which special services in the wilds of holland it will or you merely need to do is look at the some cool protests in hong kong and it might get you they are no longer protests as they are militants look at the flats they are waving they
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are waving american and british so let's look at the absolute they are singing they are seeing in the american and british out from look at the support the political circle they are now citizens from america this week we had donald trump signed in so last. package which condemns china and risks are american terrorists because of the so called refreshen in hong kong so it is my opinions that american and british services are tense in to the stabilized destabilized no right yes no it hong kong is a big revenue and for beijing well hope so but mostly you know what they want to go but what is happening here is that they are hurting themselves hong kong and in the process here demon one of the interesting things is that if you look at the media you know it's all about democracy or you know why you think waving
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a british colonial flag there was no democracy in heart in hong kong under british colonial rule what are they talking about or is it just a talking point obviously this wasn't the right kind of colonialism it was british colonialism it or not russian colonialism or spanish colonial but i just love this you know in their water drawn oh you know what they describe their peaceful protesters who were just staying in for their freedom so then just the next paragraph or 2 of the police collect a contract for more of cork tales hold out baskets of preview to one. golden sleeve insurance balls with their office and clean the wreckage with hundreds of people injured you know so you know the western media controls are the peaceful protesters or do they have contracts of more difficult it's the same story as with tea you know that the western media wants to have a board to waste they want to intimidate the government doing to me did that and at
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the same time to have this image of purely peaceful protests which is one of the interesting seeing robert i think it is fascinating again looking at the through the media prism you would. you would get the impression that hong kong and china are 2 different places you would get the impression that hong kong is not part of china and that it's a narrative a media narrative is being pushed this is an internal affair of china well if you look if you look at the at the end china legislation the trumpets pushing through it's very it's very ironic to me that one of them is that it bans the export of non-lethal munitions ok so we're talking about tear gas. tasers pepper spray ok so it's interesting to me that these are the exact type of weapons that the western governments regularly use against their own people i mean notably in paris for example in paris france what's happening there we had a visit of those protesters i mean people having their eyes shot out with rubber
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bullets ok so. when the west when the west does something like this this is fantastic it's the protection of democracy but when china does it here we have you know grave human rights violations but i just love that you know that corman off president trump saying in this bill i signed this bill out of respect for the president see china that people can call well you don't. see is interesting because it's so. i'm not really sure it's even hypocrisy and i think it's going to look really good but you know but marcus i mean this is clearly an attempt to create a hostile relationship with beijing i mean this is something it was a it was a unanimous decision in congress here i mean again this is using sanctions as a political weapon and and it's baiting beijing to do something they want something to happen so far nothing has other than some rhetoric coming out of beijing what's
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the gambit here go ahead mark. well it's not just hong kong that is on the radar also the americans and the british there is another region it's all china that in my opinion we go truly institutes and achilles heel of china and that is the western most region of china it's a largely speak in muslim and how it's region cool. campaigns that this is a region but i have been talking with russian officials and chinese officials for about 5 years now and it's my conclusion that jim shank not at the moment it's henschel it could become what chechnya was to russia in the night of the ninety's and early 2000 and bleedin wounds because we're starting to read now in american major and in british major these completely malicious and outrageous
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and unfounded allegations that the chinese authorities have set up concentration camps in june shan't know what the situation is in ships is that it is i hope it's serious limits on to mentalism and the chinese military and the chinese police are cracking down as they should be but of course we know that the americans and the siege accumulation this is something we have seen before this is another playbook here there's a go ahead jim i'm going to jump in well it's amazing that the western press itself report that several years ago or that the so-called islamic state was actually active printing and in other more than we know that people from that region are and were in syria would be the same story with burma you know when it happened when there were problems with them or the minority that but it's very interesting you know they say go with liberalism for money it's about all been border you know supporting internationalist spirit going up but when they fight their enemies and
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these are usually begun just such as russia china. immediately if they pick a name it's you know their neighbor or that mine or it gets inside this congress and the west supports what kind of crude national is going to say action of yugoslavia which is actually knows a lot about i q a croatian fascists against serps ukrainian polish nationalists against russia now more than fundamentalist against china so it's one of them mazing traits and latent features of these noted that if they're not going to liberate it using into all others in the name of human rights i'm sure that that's the coverage had on hand and internationalism in the name or walk. i think you pretty much covered them above one thing i think that needs to be added is that while the west while the united states and nato through many decades of the regime change operations you know we are investing our money in what war ok what
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was trying to investing in to do so the new silk road to the west is invest in besting in war poor outcomes it cannot control markets reflect upon that because i've said on this program 10 years now is it when does the regime change operation actually bring positive results and always ans and disaster misery and destruction go ahead marcus yes it does and the latest example of spots is in ukraine where the average ukrainian us and is now suffering in. place that's took place in 2010 well. it's a waste and death and destruction it always benefits american global and germany and this regime change history by wilson said it's not going to end the libya is the most recent example but i can cite my question america as you and i and unite
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very very often agree with each other and i would i would meet you halfway on that . it had gemini is extended for a time period but it is a very unstable had gemini dimma jump in well you're absolutely right that this is germany that benefits because the united states as a country was financially because of what happened in ukraine the ukrainian market shrank relations with russia soured there were mutual sanctions between the united states and russia so basically the western globalists there rigged to move their taxpayers' money in huge amounts all need to have the little you have to measure money do you think they did and they made properties with the owner and they are under pretty nurse money also well with hong kong what is interesting is that the market did not react to this so called hong kong. freedom and democracy act they almost didn't but i threw in a really refused to even use the term ok let me repeat so or will you keep
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finishing. the markets did not react but the point is that the states government now will have to make a report every year how autonomous hong kong is so this is bad for business because it's not of their business comment on it was from is now it's it became a part of china basically there is a transition period there is free press in concord there are many anti chaney's newspapers coming out of south china morning post you know hong kong free press there in english there of able there were elections recently so it's not of the business of the united states all of the you can to check how democratic well. fortunately world the world works differently when you go to a break here after a short break we'll continue our discussion on some real news stay with her thing.
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coming from these large scale factory farming kind. operations are being sold at stores even joined a group businesses are involved like god give them santa there has been a shocking amount of organized opposition to adverts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial rating facilities most of that opposition is coming from agricultural groups and industries that have to deal with dogs don't buy dog. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics or business i'm show business. welcome back across the uk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some real news.
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ok let's go back to marcus in london we have an upcoming nato summit it's been truncated for to 2 days i guess they want to avoid any fireworks they want to down perfectly scripted summit is they usually do well it seems to me that there are different. trajectories in play for the possible future of nato now one thing is for sure nato needs to exist it exists to exist that is its primary objective and to do that it needs to expand but mccrone the french president came out and said that nato was brain dead which of course i very rarely agree with the french president but i agree with him on this point and i tend to agree that that's donald trump's gut feeling too but that's a tough a topic for another program marcus brain dead nato go ahead well you know i would want to see nothing else. this decadence this
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terrorist this. wretched criminal organization schools coast abject pain and suffering for over 20 years now but whilst i believe that nato has overstretched itself i haven't expanded since reese and your i haven't expanded into the boat experience i do not see its imminent demise indeed i don't see it's the mayas at all i believe that if you just look at a map of europe the fact that ukraine as each day goes by is instigating more and more with the west makes that nato is even more important in court to get trump to forget boris johnson if it gets matter of the real people in power in america britain and france are the ones you don't see and their commitments and later can not be a challenge that cannot be broken we spoke recently about the amounts of money the
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american support into ukraine since the coup in 2014 and yes you know that money has gone on ukrainian corruption but the americans get something in return they are increase in their presence and with it nato is presence in ukraine the americans and not just axes in all ukrainian lands they are active now at ukrainian poles they are challenge in russia in the black sea and the ultimate price for nader is ukraine's accession and it's only ok that is what he will say but is it possible is it is possible but i tend to think if you look at what. was coming in was coming out of berlin it was coming out of paris i think there are some different ideas being thought of here i mean that mccrone it seems to me wants to recreate some kind of napoleonic empire ok or is someone cross told means must
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weak as it once. essentially sell the french military to the germans ok but leads to a capital b. in paris but the brain dead statement is important here because it does show a different vision here well i'm not really sure if it's going to work i know that mccrone wants to be another de gaulle which there's only one to go and only i will be only one to go on the air but i mean the there are the horses in washington the tickle lions world but there are some new things happening right here because there are tensions over the most interesting thing about this statement from our crowing about the brain death of nato was their reaction to it how important need to lead us are you know america will drop when you said you want your destructive policy and there have to glue together they will look at what she did in ukraine ok so why is she an authority on anything there absolutely well the border. there which more
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advanced also is called at micron you know saying that he statement was irresponsible i mean look how tolerant these people are and they accuse. everyone was angry because mark wrong invited the leaders of kurdish groups you know to paris he was also angry because graham in the united states is facilitating their visa for someone whose real name is up dish right here but who is called general bani by by the u.s. well i mean how would you react if someone who is can see that a terrorist in your country is welcome to you but by the president do you bring up these inconvenient you know what my point is here is that the media is projecting this seamless unanimous. blah blah blah you know but you get this in a few seconds you get you gave us some real differences here there is a fish should between turkey and the rest of nature there is
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a fish to be in france and germany and. east european countries or the south but what is most important i agree with mark was you know what he said in the beginning that nato has caused more wars recently than it prevent that i mean the wars in ukraine in georgia i ask real for important experts people tell you the real reason the real reason was their decision to expand you know whart georgia and ukraine were promised nato membership in 2000 immediately was started in these countries why because this is unacceptable for russia and because of these countries' leaders felt kind of. russia you know robert let's be fair here and maybe marcus will disagree with me during the cold war i and i understand the need for existence of neat-o. during the cold war the warsaw pact dissolved nato should have dissolved is
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absolutely you know very knowledgeable about all of this here but if you look at you know george in ukraine i mean i think most americans don't understand people in the western world don't understand that the west has no treaty obligations to ukraine whatsoever but as marcus told us a few minutes ago you would know that from the media and from the the clueless bureaucrats that went in front of chairmanships committee for him only material kind of the old what are we doing patrick adams of a saint in my mind you know but you know it gets down to it no matter how you want to spin it its mission to exist is an anti russian expression institutionally no absolutely and i would i would probably argue that it's less the nato is so-called brain dead as it is purposeless dead i mean purpose dead there just doesn't seem to be any coherent activity on their part action aside from what you're saying peter is just moving closer and closer and closer to the russian border and prevent
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provoking the situation provoking. you have this is the 1st time in i don't know how many years. the western troops have been right smack on russia's border this is a tremendously dangerous thing and a kid the slightest little altercation could really and we have. lindsey and rearrange trying to reach out but he wouldn't have pressure in washington and in in the political satirist really encamp not to move forward georgian president saakashvili he would have never met that. if he didn't feel reassured a few months before that at the nato summit in bucharest when they said georgia will join their alliance you know distant future we don't know where he's he's reading all that signal was. not waken stuck to war now i can crush these separatists you know so in this way nato provoked more conflicts in the last i would say 10 to 15 years than it actually. marcus i want to switch gears here
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the recent attack on london bridge which i think should outrage all of us. i can't even use the language on this program to express my outrage here is a man that was convicted of being involved in a terrorist operation had his sentence have released because he was rehabilitated how can people be real ability to when they have contempt for your institutions and their culture how can you how that happened this is an outrage because what i see from the british elites in the media that people should be given a 2nd chance fine but victims only get one chance please reflect upon that and to i think i'm my tone and tenor are correct here go ahead mark. iter london has a cancer and has had this cancer for many years now and that chance is violence not
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just in the form of terrorism islamist terrorism but also in the full night crime and gun crime and despite that what do we hear from the mayor of london city car what do we hear from these so-called human rights groups all we hear about other lots of perpetrators other white soul terrorists other lots of people who commit not crimes are the rights of people who commit gun crimes and the rights of people who for assy in people's faces not just at night in broad daylight and even though once again we london has experienced a number horrendous terrorist attack no steps are going to be taken in large measure because of political correctness and this problem is not going away it is costing the lives of innocent londoners while i would like to hear from my men
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because i live and love that what i'd like to hear all these human rights groups is how the ordinary man and woman as our in london 8 protect it from terrorists from gap and culture from people from an assett impedance faces i don't want to hear about how in schools children from the age of 5 must be talkers it's a human rights that if they don't feel like a boy or they don't feel like to get out they can go to any consenting london to have sex shane and the others there is and 1st thoughts as you are carrying out these operations on children as young as 10 commits in order to use this is what this is a big this is what this is about this is an attack on our culture is what it is and it's people taking advantage of one of our greatest virtues. through the centuries is our tolerance but it's been trampled upon 30 seconds 30 seconds go absolutely i mean what's happened in london what struck me about this attack is that the 1st
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thing i read was the perpetrator was shot dead by 2 police officers. i found that i kind of ironic that england is letting in all of these unrestricted immigrants into the country ok but yet they're not letting the people protect themselves and it seems to me that pretty soon people are going to start saying hey if you're going to let all these people into our country unlimited without any restrictions let us have let us arm ourselves ok well at least don't let the criminals out of prison and out of prison like that it's outrageous here finish up the program i'm kind of angry well there is also a huge discrepancy between the 4 important shielding within france and the terrorist threat i mean. president was never involved in any terrorist acts in england or france russia was never in what iran was not involved in the last at least 20 years but all we have seen in the western media is how bad also this how
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bad russia is how but iran is so there's a huge discrepancy the people who could meet that crime stereograms in paris and london for against asa do you know the ones who made that wrist act in the bottom one so i think this is the most absurd you know that's a very good point to end this program you know and i hope people reflect upon it that's all the time we have gentlemen many thanks to my guests here in moscow and in london thanks to our viewers for watching us here on d.c.u. next time remember. in the special something we can. really look. yeah but is it also.
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the whole doping in russia i think was over forget it. but your book come about through a couple of. summers models of. russian outlets eligibility for the international competition season steak this includes events like to kill him picks and the people world cup and qatar if i am in the early as last. year when you can go just as it was 4 years ago in moscow anti-doping plavix at the center of the scandal so who tampered with the doping samples database and what does greegor you want you guys have to do with it and you know she still does restartable zameen you know. that's a little spots. he's shown that. he will share point 6 percent in the sometimes a little to suit the pull of the.
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produce conservative and labor parties accuse each other of failing to prevent the london bridge attackers early release from prison we put the issue of. membership of any terrorist organization should have a life imprisonment that would resolve that what do you mean members and nobody can know who carries a. heart of terrorism fattens. russia and china strengthen their ties by launching a strategic natural gas pipeline it's been dubbed power of siberia. and u.s. investigative journalism struggles to survive in the era of big corporate media and powerful political clowns as a reporter claims hillary clinton cut him off when he started investigating hollywood producer on.


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