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most of. the streets. in the u.k. . question. today. even though. the. french. people are killed.
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there. every hour of the day this is our to international my names you know. your company our top story it's a landmark day for nato leaders all of the member states are gathering in the u.k. to celebrate their military alliance. we asked people in london for their thoughts on nato. today. people what they think are the main 3 achievements. in terms of achievement. i don't know what it's about having no idea of any
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advantage of nato but you know i honestly don't know anything about it until the flag seal the day and only my husband recognize what it was who it's a good question but let me think a little bit. so it's probably yeah to be honest i don't have i don't have even one. but a lot of awareness about nato and its policies has not phase the alone it's cheap about this by growing divisions within the organization itself as an appearance be looking into. how to best day nato that's 70 years of strategic economic and security stability especially if you ask them yourself nato is the most successful lawrence in history the oldest strive to join showing the historic suspects of nato on the problem nato and they does being the most successful alliance in the history and the reason why nato is the most successful launch of these 2 it is that we have
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been able to change in the world is changing but it's not everyone is in a policy mood the thing is the alliance members just don't get along as well as they used to. the advent of donald trump s 13 least which stop the dynamics nato is obsolete it covers the soviet union which is no longer in existence this led to questions over whether the alliance can even survived on the trump perhaps in an effort to mollify him nato has announced a new spending projections and any formula which will spread the costs of the alliance is central budget between its members on moves that might prevent any more embarrassing trump tirades aimed at his nato partners the relationship with nato has been very good the relationship with the secretary general's been outstanding i said it was obsolete it's no longer absolutely but the truth is he's not the only potential party pooper. in. october this year president emanuel mccrone of
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france stole the spotlight when he dubbed nato strategically braindead while questioning the validity of article 5 of its founding treaty that is the commitment to collective security. nato is a collective defense alliance against who and what is organizing who is our common enemy what are our common issues these are questions that deserve clarification but this idea is quite similar to the one expressed by another dissatisfied nato member turkey. turkey has not received the kind of robust support it expected from nato in recent years meanwhile turkey's president appeared to demonstrate his true feelings towards the alliance when he chose to spend money on russian defense systems rather than american so really the model that nato member but despite these similar complaints about nato tensions have escalated between turkey and france in recent weeks with mccracken warning turkey that it cannot expect solidarity with
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its nato allies if it continues to carry out military operations in syria response 7 only up the ante so. i'm talking to france's president emmanuel macron also say the nato 1st of all have your own brain death checked. as for the u.k.'s boris johnson well there's a lot of us are a gathering could not have come at a worse time. for boris is clearly invested in maintaining the special relationship with the us he knows that a loose lips trump giving a glowing endorsement could be catastrophic donald trump is coming to terms very shortly he should his support for you and indeed for michael ignatieff or rush on this radio station is that welcome what he what we don't do traditionally. as lobbying allies and friends what we do traditionally is is get involved in each other's election campaign he did when nato was forms the common goal was clear to
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stand against the u.s.s.r. but i think that once held the alliance together is now the missing piece what is nader's biggest threat today. uncertainty and unpredictability we haven't identified one main target but we see a much more complex a much more unpredictable security landscape with a more assertive russia and nato needs a purpose and result russia as an enemy they have no real purpose so it is propaganda to have russia as an aggressor and this is a good reason to buy a lot of. rocket bases and so on and so on most probably they will continue to accuse russia to be an aggressor so they have a reason of existing and they will continue to buy arms billions of dollars and this is not the very good contribution to peace in the. americas rick
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sanchez of his guests about their current purpose of nato if it really is obsolete . you're a diplomat you've had a lot of experience in this field what is it that nato either must do today to stay viable or does do we even need it anymore you know it's a bureaucracy in search of a mission i was right in 2016 when he said it was obsolete and so afraid was the establishment that he meant what he said on the very day he was inaugurated and they tried to ram through the addition of a new country montenegro thankfully they got it through because it turned out they didn't have to worry about intentions once he filled his administration with a bunch of bushies and retreads of the heritage foundation they've simply adopted a policy that we've had the last few decades and somehow turned it into nato is obsolete into let's make nato great again which are strong on these countries to pay more for their defense against nobody in particular you think you know has in
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fact outlived its usefulness i thought so in 1909 and i think so today it's been as a loser from a standpoint of being a naturalized american and having read you know the founding fathers warning you can't seem to angling alliances i mean what is this but in entangling alliances and our own foreign policy that did reason nato is being kept around by the foreign policy hawks in washington is not because it's necessary for the actual military operations and nato itself doesn't really contribute a whole hell of a lot there are very few countries with the notable exception i want to say france and turkey but it would put it in as it's not a good idea for the united states and it's very close allies to have an association a military economic class size that's that's what i was trying to say france and turkey could theoretically mountie independent military operations everybody else is just a hanger on and they're just window dressing for the u.s. military operations but the literally like roman of zilly aires want to do what i've been hearing go bad what word the word of the destruction world or what that is what it seems to be a dismissive alliance in 1991 when the soviet union and the warsaw pact would out
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of business nato should have as well as why didn't they let russia in i mean that literally that time i've read on many occasions booed himself and said why don't you get is the. if you are you're going to tell you who it was but one of the european european nato hacks said if we did that the nato would be like the un just to talk shop it couldn't take action by which they meant military action all the way to listen to what you just said if you're saying it doesn't work if we don't have enemies exact even if we have to create the ad be about as the ability to inflict military force and i dare to say aggression in places like serbia and libya whatever we want to using nato as a platform but enemies can change by the way russia could be s.o.b.'s at one time like the 1950 s. but not so much now. but better why don't you have a system that allows that ability i guess because because whose interest is that serve and all these all these are the head of these these military companies and these bureaucrats who have the nice cool rice balls at the expense of their taxpayers because there's a threat out there is
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a bear in the woods for. rick sanchez i guess though the nato summit is just kicking off double child has already rocked the party by saying his french counterpart doesn't that the organization. it's a very tough statement to make when you have such difficulty of. perhaps you look at what's happened with the best you look at what's going on during certain parts of this season of the year and you just can't go around thinking today because we're going to it's very disrespectful. by the way another aspect to this nato gathering as the u.s. president was jetting off for the u.k. his administration threatened to impose huge torah on french goods including cheese and champagne. he told us more. well to add into those tensions that nato there is even if the simmering tensions between france and the u.s. this comes off to the u.s. has threatened to add more taxes on french products in retaliation for the
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so-called gaffe attacks this is a tax on digital joints such as google amazon or facebook and apple suggesting it will levy those taxes of up to $2400000000.00 some of that. pain on luxury goods such as handbags and also the famous french cheese some of these products could see taxes of up to 100 percent doubling that price for u.s. consumers now the u.s. trade representative's office has said that this so-called gaffa tax is discriminatory and trump escaped out against that tax saying front's will not be taking advantage of his watch. your friends puts a terrorist on our companies again these are companies that are against you know they were against me if i read the papers correctly i don't know why they were against me but they were going to be the supposed to be very powerful and you know one so maybe they're not so hard but there are american companies i don't want to
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bridge trashing the american companies if they're going to be taxed it's going to be the united states will tax their wealth of france's paul they think they have a right to the slice of the pie of the profits of. these big digital joints saying it's unfair that they've chosen to put the european headquarters in low tax countries and that's why they slap this 3 percent levy on these companies this year and the french finance minister says he's few is this an acceptable that america is now threatening more taxes. this is unacceptable behavior by the united states towards one of its main allies france and europe in general in case of new american sanctions the european union would be ready to respond add into the mix of the all the tensions we've seen over the past few years between the 2 administrations things such as the iranian nuclear accord and of course the u.s. administration pulling out of the paris climate records and it looks like there's
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going to be a lot of discussions a lot of hard soon faces at this meeting meeting an unlikely that they're going to be popping the champagne corks as they should be celebrating the end of this story . also laid a ton of surprise for brazil argentina restored steel and the evidence against them over their currency devaluation what that means later in the room. to people being killed on several injured as u.n. demonstrations continue in the democratic republic of congo. protesters marched towards a u.n. h.q. in the east of the country demanding that they would draw from the region big queues the peacekeepers are failing to protect civilians from rebel attacks by islamists. we want different military units in our country we no longer
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want all those soldiers who have been here for a long time. their mission is to restore peace and to accompany the government forces but the population and the territory of bernie has been mourning for at least 5 years there has not been a satisfactory reaction from moscow. well those comments come as the head of the u.n. mission there sees the escalating unrest is making it increasingly difficult for it to fulfill its treaties where this we know that we assume and accept because we have no other option than to do and to try to mitigate their tax against this event population of the protests started last week after peacekeepers and government forces were unable to prevent a deadly attack by the militant group allied democratic forces the congolese army launched operations against the islamists back in october and in response they must occur in part to discourage civilians from helping the military.
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the un says largest peacekeeping mission there are over 16 fellows and military personnel in the region the organization operated in the democratic republic of congo for the past 20 years of its stated top priority there is to protect civilians from groups morris carney from the friends of the congo believes of the problem is much bigger than a failed un mission. the context in which the instability is taking place in
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eastern congo is one of 20 years invasions wars of aggression sponsoring of militia groups in the east of the congo plundering of congo minerals by congo's neighbors over one. particular. time during that aggression unfortunately has been backed by the members of the international community the united states and you know the kingdom i'm so there's a whole chain. starting from local to international where there's been a lack of accountability where there's been a lack of justice where there has been impunity so a comprehensive approach is is needed now a question of assuring that the u.n. troops are doing their mission. in their mission properly but there is an
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international system in place. of which the congolese people are. still in the program a transparency groups. have been routinely evading taxes. the intricate scheme that's been exposed after this break. in america the average income for americans hasn't budged at all 2030 years because they. didn't neuter from their ability to compete for capital labor has no seat at the table labor has no seat at the central bank labor has been abandoned the jobs have been shipped overseas. now get all that they get 100 percent of the. capital every dollar printed by the fed goes directly to wall street now and bypasses labor
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by passes away. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic developing the only i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. hello again donald trump has announced he's going to restore tourists on the brazilian argentinean steel an element he claims the country's currency
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devaluations have harmed american agriculture he's heading. to. really. take a look at what's happening with. think that you. might. get a big break going. to get that. area. back. their economy is not comparable with ours it's many times bigger i don't see this as retaliation i'm going to call him so that he doesn't penalize us our economy basically comes from commodities it's what we've got there was no sign given to our government to the brazilian government or to the public sector but there would be a change in the deal with the united states. yes indeed the tourists come as a surprise according to the government in argentina they were exempt from the 25
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percent steel and 10 percent last year both countries affected say they want to discover the real reason for the tax hike the u.s. is one of the biggest customers for brazilian steel tariffs could hit each nation badly 6 in the economic and political situation in brazil and argentina right now is on stable even without u.s. targets a lot of last year both were repeatedly gripped by antigovernment protests are continuing to blame the world's biggest i.m.f. alone for the country's economic crisis while in brazil people have been protesting against the president's financial reforms and. we asked our guest what the american presidents motivation could be. trump believes that when a currency its value goes down role too to the relative to the dollar he thinks that this is something that's being done by the regime deliberately to gain some kind of trade advantage this is completely untrue nobody really likes tariffs my
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expectation is the president doesn't like them either and he's hoping that they will be very short in duration and that that he'll get brazil and argentina to. protect their currencies and that he can reverse course and remove the terraces trampas ideologically in philosophic he committed to terrorists who thinks they're good for the country and can rebuild american manufacturing and america culture the president. is going to say friends. currencies against other friends and he feels like their currency is unreasonably devalued and that brazil and argentina can take steps to prop up the steel tariffs and the u.s. aluminum tariffs and not helped the steel or aluminum industry in the u.s. at all. in fact it's hurt many many other industries that relate to rely on steel and aluminum in the us if there is
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a short term pressure put on them that causes them to respond in a way that's fair that equates things levels the playing field for american consumers and american farmers then everything's great. thinking of tar of silicon valley tech giants appear to have aggressively avoided paying $100000000000.00 in taxes that's according to a new report by a transport and secret kill up ins been investigating the complicated scheme of dodging that he's. now the hollywood movie ocean's 11 for trey's coming wheelers and dealers which is supposed to walk out of it with $150000000.00 in cash. yeah. oh but the silver screen seems to have been outdone by real life in the silicon valley 6 amazon netflix apple google microsoft and facebook have
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a combined market capitalization value of roughly $4.00 trillion dollars they are worth more than the $1000.00 companies listed on the london stock exchange these companies have a special knack for not paying taxes according to the fair tax mark community group they seem to have avoided paying roughly 100 $1000000000.00 worth of taxes around the world now how exactly did they pull this off let's look at the details now the report says that amazon paid only $3400000000.00 in taxes this last decade while they made a revenue of roughly $960500000000.00 and made profits of roughly $26800000000.00 fair tax mark said this means amazon's effective tax rate was 12.7 percent while the standard tax rate for american businesses was 35 percent for most of that period amazon has gotten a lot of heat from u.s.
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politicians over tax issues both trump and the democrats seem to disapprove i have nothing against amazon but no company pulling in billions of dollars of profits should pay a little tykes right than to send teaches we need to reward work not just wealth you know which i was on paid in taxes last year owned by the wealthiest guy in the world paid 0 in federal income taxes that's insane i have stated my concerns with amazon long before the election unlike others they paid little or no taxes to state and local governments using our postal system as their delivery boy causing tremendous loss to the us and are putting many thousands of retailers out of business so out of the big 6 dodge the tax man well for steps step one they create. access terms that are so complex even the watchdogs can't understand the stepstool they shift their revenue and profits to different countries and tax havens step 3 they take advantage of existing legislation and step before they sit
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back and enjoy themselves now the taxes they aren't paying could cover the expenses of quite a few things for example trumps war wall with mexico could be built 4 times over one could and malnutrition around the world and send roughly $750000.00 students to college small businesses pay something like 25 percent tax rate on their on their profits you know when they're making barely anything compared to these multi-billion dollar companies that are paying sometimes you know 10 percent of their profits towards taxes so highlight it definitely became clear you know there's a different system for these very large companies it could be a whole lot more progressive but sadly i think a situation like this could even be used to increase the taxes small business owners so i think it's typical but. sadly that's kind of how the tax codes operate
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and why you think is the bigger question like why is that work this way. yet there's been a response from a muslim they say the report suggestions are wrong if the company had a 24 percent effective tax rate on profits from 2010 to 2018 furthermore it claims its profit margins are low and not true results in a lower tax rate all right delving behind beneath all across really the financial headlines next to its mucks as we mix in the kaiser report. a special can somebody who can benefit so is one of the men of the. book to get us to the gulf where. you thought the whole doping can russia think was over for get
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it. through a couple of pressure we have them all still some of the models a little. russian athletes eligibility for the international competition says that state interesting close events like the tokyo olympics and the fifa world cup in qatar if i am in the early as last. year when you come one of the just as it was 4 years ago in moscow anti-doping plavix at the center of the scandal so who tampered with the doping samples database and one does greegor you want to give have to do with it and you know she's stupid because we've got to pull zameen is a lot. about the little spots we're not used to push on the bush you'll ship might expose me in the ocean touch a little towards the pollution and then there's no. the world is driven by a dream shaped by. military
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thinks. we dare to ask. i am max kaiser this is the kaiser report and we are talking about the complete absence of gravity that's right gravity no longer exists quite quite quite
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quite quite quite amazingly stay. you know history oh of financial markets analysis is filled with people who get the call right way too early and irving fish here may have been right that stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau of course he said that in 1929 right before they crashed into the bottom of the barrel but maybe you know had he waited around for another 80 years he would have been right so it's all about stock prices right hitting new all time highs all the time many times during the course of this year fuelling the trump phenomenon every time his opposition tries to attack him markets make a new all time high and of course everyone likes that look look at markets make new all time highs i like to watch football the weekends i like to watch baseball they like to see that with teams when you know it's all very basic winners and losers in
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the markets winning and we're winning and it's a very simple message and they're making new all time highs and either that's an economic phenomenon or there's something else going on and if you look at the statistics of the history and the trends it looks like it's trading at a phenomenally overextended level. 2 percent of g.d.p. and the stock market which is warren buffett's favorite metric to determine valuation overvaluation if you just for stock buybacks is trading for all time record price to earnings multiples right if you were to strip out the stock buybacks which up until recently were illegal even do a stock buyback so this looks like nosebleed territory but it's been this way now for a few years and there doesn't seem to be any stopped any any any any stop sign in the road it does seem to be any end to this for years i'd say all through the ninety's and the early 2000 most people in the market still had memories of
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real markets that you would genuinely that there was no fail.


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