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tv   News  RT  December 3, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm EST

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democrats released their report in the next chapter. outlining claims the president abused his position of personal political. leaders gather in the u.k. to celebrate the military alliance his 70th anniversary. question its relevance today. we're proving. sidelines the us president tries to. french counterpart in support of the military alliance and if the threat. doesn't get it.
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some other ideas. where democrats in the u.s. house intelligence committee publish their report detailing how president allegedly abused his office for personal gain and solicited interference from ukraine 2020 alexion the release of the 300 page document which is based on testimony given in a series of closed door and public hearings marks the start of a new phase in the impeachment process. billed as another big turning point in this inquiry what does it outline exactly.
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well the document that is over 300 pages issued by the house intelligence committee democrats basically puts forward 2 main accusations against the president of the united states the 1st is that the president conditioned military aid on a meeting with the ukrainian president and that he give a public announcement that was beneficial to donald trump in his reelection campaign they're essentially alleging that the military aid that was approved by congress for ukraine was conditioned on the president's olinsky of ukraine making an announcement about an investigation into the company associated with joe biden's son hunter biden in the investigations etc secondly they are alleging that the president carried out obstruction of the house of representatives impeachment inquiry and that essentially because donald trump was instructing witnesses allegedly and that agencies to ignore subpoenas and he was basically obstructing
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a congressional investigation those are the 2 main points that donald trump conditioned ate up on this meeting and made political conditions to president alinsky of ukraine and furthermore that he you know he tampered with and obstructed the investigation by the house impeachment inquiry now essentially these allegations have been denied by president trump on numerous occasions and present zelinsky of ukraine has also come forward and says that they are simply untrue now on monday the democrats in prior to the release of the democrats report the republicans released a $123.00 page report of their own defending the actions of president donald trump when it came to his dealings with the ukrainian president now this report that has come out it's quite lengthy goes into great detail documenting these allegations against the president united states and many have noted the timing it seems like
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the report was released at the same time that donald trump is on the other side of the atlantic ocean celebre. 70th anniversary of the north atlantic treaty organization so the timing is something many have noted but the document is out it repeats the longstanding allegations against trump that people have seen in the ongoing impeachment inquiries the republicans donald trump and the ukrainian leader of all deny these allegations. ok for now kind of open in new york thanks for putting all that into context for us well this was mentioning it's been the nato summit it's been a landmark day for the organization with leaders of member states gathering to mark the military alliance his 70th anniversary having been hit by a series of high profile disputes in recent months including over defense spending it's going to be looking to promote internal unity over the summit how do we see the organizations chief has been feeling somewhat optimistic and that is your friend president trying. it also was a good breakfast. probably
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told. by the. way all some people in london for their thoughts on 12 and its successes to date. people what they think are the main 3 achievements of. in terms of achievements no. i don't know what i have no idea but any advantage of me let you know i honestly don't know anything about it until the flag of the day you know me my husband recognized what it was who it's a good question. under the boot. so this probably. to be honest i don't have i don't have even one for the 1st day of the summer job done and dusted crowds have been gathering in central london in protest
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at the slogan no to trump no to nato he said he is there for us. as donald trump and other world leaders arrive in london for that nato summit these protesters have gathered with many different banners many different causes all coming together we see in palestine flags in balance against the potential war in iran we've seen many other banners against the protesters who were caught in the coup in bolivia but also closer to home domestically many banners in support of the n.h.s. national health service and what protesters here fear could be an attempt to privatized the n.h.s. in the in the event of a post briggs a trade deal between the us and the u.k. and that's something that's long been feared by those particularly on the left in the k. and we're expecting a number of n.h.s. workers national health service workers to join this protest well in order to show
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their solidarity not just against donald trump and nato but also again on those domestic issues and earlier i was joined by. the belgian and who are activists and also alexandra noya a german parliamentarian who gave me their views on everything to do with donald trump later we are here because we want to protest a nato summit is taking place today and tomorrow and we are doing this because for example the nato is forcing its member states to increase their difference budget for my country for example belgium it means doubling defense budgets while we are asked to have an austerity policy and the same time they are transferred using this money to transform armies into intervention armies we have seen what this means in libya or in afghanistan they stabilize in countries and sold another important issue is the confrontation policy to towards russia which is exactly creating this kind of arms race so there are many many issues why we have to oppose nato that's
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why we are here if hypothetically to my. nato ceased to exist would not create perhaps a security vacuum a security problem in europe that would lead to more instability this is an old argument done by the conservatives. i don't think so what we need is a new security architecture what i say to the security quality if. this is what helps. to secure. or by the close of play tomorrow the alliances chief also says he expects the member states to agree on methods to further strengthen the block at the summit that's despite growing divisions inside the organization itself as nicky aaron reports an act. happy birthday nato that's 70 years of strategic economic and security stability especially if you ask them yourself we are we are proving every day that this alliance this. is our joy is active and it's that liberating nato is the most successful alliance in history that strive to join
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showing the historic suspects of nato on the liberal nato and it does been the most successful alliance in the history and the reason why nato is the most successful launch and history is that we have been able to change in the world is changing but not everyone is in a party mood the thing is the alliance members just don't get along as well as they used to. the advent of donald trump s 13 least which stopped the dynamics nato is obsolete it covers the soviet union which is no longer in existence this led to questions over whether the alliance can even survive donald trump perhaps in an effort to mollify him nato has announced a new spending projections and a new formula which will spread the costs of the alliance in central budget between its members on moves that might prevent any more embarrassing trump tirades aimed at his nato partners the relationship with nato has been very good the relationship
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with the secretary general's been outstanding i said it was obsolete it's no longer obsolete but the truth is he's not the only potential party pooper. in october this year president emmanuel mccrone of france stole the spotlight when he dubbed nato strategically brain dead while questioning the validity of article 5 of its founding treaty that is the commitment to collective security. nato is a collective defense alliance against who and what is organizing who is our common enemy what are our common issues these are questions that deserve clarification but this the idea. is quite similar to the one expressed by another dissatisfied nato member turkey. turkey has not received the kind of robust support it expected from nato in recent years meanwhile turkey's president appeared to demonstrate his true feelings towards the alliance when he chose to spend money on
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russian defense systems rather than american so not exactly the model of nato member but despite these similar complaints about nato tensions have escalated between turkey and france in recent weeks with mccracken warning turkey but it cannot expect solidarity with its nato allies if it continues to carry out military operations in syria response 7 but only up the ante room. i'm talking to france's president emanuel macron also say that nato 1st of all have your own brain death checked. as for the u.k.'s boris johnson well there's not a verse or a gathering could not have come at a worse time. for boris is clearly invested in maintaining the special relationship with the us he knows that a loose lips trump giving a glowing endorsement could be catastrophic donald trump is coming to terms with the shortly he offered his support for you and indeed my colleague knowledge of
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russia on this radio station is that welcome what he what we don't do traditionally . as lobbying allies and friends what we do traditionally is get involved in each other's election campaign he did when nato was forms the common goal was clear to stand against the u.s.s.r. but i think that once held the alliance together is now the missing piece what is nader's biggest threat today. uncertainty and unpredictability we haven't identified one main target but we see much more complex on much more unpredictable security landscape with a more assertive russia and nato needs a purpose and result. russia as an enemy they have no real purpose so it is propaganda to have russia as an aggressor and this is a good reason to buy a lot of. the rocket bases and so on and so on most probably they will continue
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to accuse russia to be an aggressor so they have a reason of existing and they will continue to buy arms billions of dollars and this is not their very good contribution to peace in the world the americas rick sanchez discusses the current purpose of nato in his later show which you can watch online. you're a diplomat you've had a lot of experience in this field what is it that nato either must do today to stay viable or does do we even need it anymore you know it's a bureaucracy in search of a mission i was right in 2016 when he said it was obsolete and so afraid was the establishment that he meant what he said on the very day he was inaugurated and they tried to ram through the addition of a new country montenegro thankfully they got it through because it turned out they didn't have to worry about intentions once he filled his administration with a bunch of bushies and retreads of the heritage foundation they've simply adopted
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of the policies we've had the last few decades and somehow turned it into nato is obsolete in 2 let's make nato great again which are strong on these countries to pay more for their defense against nobody in particular you think they know has in fact outlived its usefulness i thought so in 1909 and i think so today it's been known as a loser from the standpoint of being a naturalized american and having read you know the founding fathers warning you can't seem to angling alliances i mean what is this but in entangling alliances it's our own foreign policy that did reason nato is being kept around by the foreign policy hawks in washington is not because it's necessary for the actual military operations and nato itself doesn't really contribute a whole hell of a lot there are very few countries with the notable exception i want to say france and turkey but it would put it in as if this is not a good idea for the united states and its very close allies to have an association a military economic class size that's what i was trying to say france and turkey could theoretically mount independent military operations everybody else is just
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a hanger on and they're just window dressing for the u.s. military operations but the literally like roman of zilly aires want to do what i've been hearing go bad where did that word of the destruction went or where that is what it seems to be a dismissive alliance in 1991 when the soviet union and the warsaw pact would out of business nato should have as well as why don't they let russia in that mean that literally that time i've read on many occasions booed himself and said why don't you get is that. no you are you're going to tell you who it was but one of the european european nato hacks said if we did that the nato would be like the un just to talk shop it couldn't take action by which they meant military action all the way to listen to what you just said if you're saying it doesn't work if we don't have enemies exactly what if we had agreed to had be about as the ability to inflict a military force and i dare to say aggression in places like serbia and libya whatever we want to using nato as a platform but enemies could change by the way russia could be s.o.b.'s at one time like of the 1950 s. but not so much now right but better why don't you have a system that allows that that the ability i guess because because whose interest
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is that serve and all these all these are they that these these military companies and these bureaucrats who have the nice cool rice balls at the expense of their taxpayers because there is a threat out there is a bear in the woods. of the tensions in the alliance room full display during a joint news conference between the american and french presidents this tuesday before that meeting donald trump described emmanuelle mccrone suggestion that nato is in terminal decline as now state the pair then went on to jabs to over a range of issues in front of reporters including the fate of european isis fighters in this bizarre exchange. for. you. where you are. often over mine does go wrong on. the big. one i use is. this is where he's
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a great politician as it was we're going to answer is that. just hours before that meeting the u.s. president threatened to impose a huge tariffs on french goods including cheese and champagne shouted to penske has more on the rift. well to add into those tensions that nato there is even the simmering tensions between france and the us this comes after the u.s. has threatened to add more taxes on french products in retaliation for the so-called gaffe attacks this is a tax on digital joints such as google amazon or facebook and apple suggesting it will levy those taxes of up to $2400000000.00 some of that's important such a sharp pain on luxury goods such as handbags and also the famous french cheese some of those products could see taxes of up to 100 percent doubling that price to u.s. consumers now the u.s. trade representative's office has said that this so-called gaffa tax is
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discriminatory and trump is hittite against that tax saying frogs will not be taking advantage on his watch. brands puts a tariff on our companies again these are companies that are against you know they were against me or if i read the papers correctly or whatever we're going to be we're going to be this supposed to be very powerful and you know what so maybe they're not seeing her but there are companies i don't want to bridge trashing american companies if they're going to be taxed it's going to be. taxed their wealth of france's part they think that they have a right to the slice of the pie of the profits of these big digital giant saying it's unfair that they've chosen to put the european headquarters in low tax countries and that's why they slapped this 3 percent levy on these companies this year and the french finance minister says he's furious it is unacceptable that america is now threatening more taxes. this is unacceptable behavior by the
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united states towards one of its main allies france and europe in general in case of new american sanctions the european union would be ready to respond add that into the mix. of the all the tensions we've seen over the past few years between the 2 administrations things such as the iranian nuclear codes and of course the us administration pulling out of the paris climate records and it looks like there's going to be a lot of discussions a lot of soon faces at this nato meeting and unlikely that they're going to be popping the champagne corks as they should be celebrating the anniversary. next it's been 35 years since one of history's most devastating industrial disasters hit the indian city of bhopal a highly toxic gas leak from an insecticide producing factory spread to nearby towns with catastrophic consequences thousands died and around half a 1000000 more were affected.
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but it's still unclear to this day what really caused the incident as the indian government continues to argue over the disaster and how it was handled but the company would run the factory at the time called it an act of sabotage back in 2018 former plant employees were sentenced to 2 years in jail a piece of garbage groups working with the victims said the verdict was too little
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and too late earlier we heard from the curator of the remember bhopal museum who says the consequences of the disaster still runs deep. the 2nd in the current generation and continued do they continue to suffer debilitating health has the impact of the tragedy that took place in 1984 and more all work using many many families were destroyed they were pushed forward because you know able bodied workers could no longer work they could not bring alleys home they cannot sign full employment international attention has been there my need of you know people's individual small donations have come in that sustains and activists have been honored like real justice continues to elude them because people of bede been to this after decades people literally 95 percent of people got about $500.00 after 2 decades of waiting that's how bad it was. in
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africa demonstrations against united nations peacekeepers in the democratic republic of congo have left 5 people dead and at least a dozen others injured. violence broke out on monday as protesters marched over a u.n. base near the eastern city of dany demanding they withdraw from the region locals accused peacekeepers of failing to protect them from attacks by rebel fighters. we want different military units in our country we no longer want all those soldiers who have been here for a long time. their mission is to restore peace and to accompany the government forces but the population in the territory of bernie has been mourning for at least 5 years there has not been a satisfactory reaction from monusco of the head of the u.n. mission in the democratic republic of congo says the escalating unrest is making it increasingly difficult for it to fulfill its duties. where this we know that.
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because we have no other option than to do our work and to try to mitigate their attacks against this civilian population the protest started last week after peacekeepers and government forces failed to prevent a massacre by the so-called allied democratic forces a shadowy islamist inspired grouping the congolese army launched operations against the organization in october which responded with brutal reprisal attacks on civilians.
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the un's largest peacekeeping mission there are more than 16000 military personnel in the area the organizations operated in the sea for the past 20 years it says its top priority is to protect civilians there from groups morris county from the friends of the congo advocacy group told us the current unrest is a symptom of the problems than an effective peacekeepers. the context in which the instability is taking place in eastern congo is one of 20 years of invasions wars of aggression by sponsoring of militia groups in the east of the congo plundering of congo's minerals by congo's neighbors over one day and uganda in particular. that. unfortunately has been backed by the members of the international community the united states you know the kingdom i'm so there's a whole chain. starting from local to internet. you know where there's been
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a lack of accountability where there's been a lack of justice where there has been impunity so a comprehensive approach is is needed now it's just a question of assuring that the u.n. troops are doing their mission to take in their mission properly but there is an international system in place. of which the congolese people are and. how that's all for this hour thanks for watching i'm calling her back we are next update after we spend 30 minutes with max and stacey stand by for the kinds of report after the break.
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ok in the special case something we can bank of socialism it's a minute of. yeah but isn't it also a little bit off where. you thought the whole doping can russia think was over forget it. but your book you talk about through a couple of. summers muzzles a good. russian outlets eligibility for the international competition says that stake this includes events like the tokyo olympics and the fee for world cup and qatar if i am in the early as last. year when you coming out though just as it was 4 years ago in moscow anti-doping plavix at the center of this scandal so who tampered with the doping samples database and what does greegor you want to give have to do with it i knew. it was dr paul mean you could not come with
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me on that he's a push on that was just blown up by to expose me on the front of a little bit so the polish you know dinner tonight. i am max kaiser this is the kaiser report and we are talking about the complete absence of gravity that's right gravity no longer exists quite quite quite quite quite quite amazingly they say you know history oh of financial markets analysis is filled with people who get the call right way too early and irving fisher may have been right that stock prices have reached what looks
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like a permanently high plateau of course he said that in 1929 right before they crashed into the bottom of the barrel but maybe you know had he waited around for another 80 years he would have been right so it's all about stock prices right hitting new all time highs all the time many times during the course of this year fuelling the trump phenomenon every time his opposition tries to attack him markets make a new all time high and of course everyone likes that look look at markets make new all time highs i like to watch football the weekends i like to watch baseball they like to see that would teams win you know it's all very basic winners and losers and the markets are winning and we're winning and it's a very simple message and they're making new all time highs and either that's an economic phenomena or there's something else going on and if you look at the statistics of the history and the trends it looks like it's trading at a phenomenally overextended level most percent of g.d.p. and the stock market which is warren buffett's favorite metric to determine
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valuation overvaluation if you just for stock buybacks is trading for all time record price to earnings multiples right if you were to strip out the stock buybacks which up until recently were illegal even do a stock buyback so this looks like nosebleed. territory but it's been this way now for a few years and doesn't seem to be any stop there any any any any stop sign in the road it does seem to be any end to this for years i'd say all through the ninety's and the early 2000 most people in the market still had memories of real markets that you would genuinely that there was no fed to rescue everything so a sense of greenspan and the introduction the put you know it took people a few years to realize that any time any even a slight i mean when when markets go down 11 points them up the fed intervenes like so the fact is that. people now are the opposite of what they used to be they
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used to expect a cycle now they don't expect a cycle every participant in the market does not expect a cycle to ever be able to fulfill itself so that the fed will always tend to be of course i think that makes it probably more dangerous for when they do lose control or when fewer and fewer actual people are participants in it so the fact is like we know something like you know 85 percent of all stocks are owned by the top one percent so it's not like everybody is participating and the fact that we keep on pointing to this thing hey look this magical bowl of you know is glowing and this means something to you but it doesn't mean anything to anybody of course donald trump this is what he looks at he's a new yorker this is what defines his reality and he says down now is that chasm p. $500.00 closed at record high so he was super happy about it well for most of the american history there was always a competition for capital between labor and.


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