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competition says at stake this includes events like the to kill him pics and the people world cup and guitar. bass of america but if he is going to make it in this clip set on the i mean that you know when you can one of the all of them i am in the early as last year we. just as it was 4 years ago the moscow anti-doping lab is at the center of this scandal. tampered with the duping samples database and what does greegor you have to do with it. and you know she's just went out the pool i mean you know. he has to push on the additional. 6 but they don't. have the so the pull of children has no clue.
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you know all the father could go to see it because. you go back and you know. most of the males of this community. this is one of those that i know it's the kind of mind you know. just really want to but. not us. just you know what. the message to us. has been. why did with visit alexander tricky because after he's triumphant the games he clashed with the international sports authority is. a journalist. but it does
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support tickle when your boy will. try to go back to fight for his olympic gold medal twice 1st on the olympic track and bam in the court of arbitration for sport. it was assumed i suppose that i could be someone in the public at a particular point of us that will shape the truth. and you know without us knowing at least i've seen a. skeleton rider get in the queue to not have to defend her sort children big bronze medal in order as well. ali velshi imagine that. it's a while at the moment. but you. know what would it be. that you just don't want those 8. years to materialize who is it
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still. alexandra just like any other high level athlete is very dedicated and focused on his discipline and while he's concentrated on training for the skeleton race he probably doesn't have much time to ponder what crisis might come next just as russia seemed to come out of the 2015 accusations the western media started to report that the new scandal is afoot. in the doping scandal and want to investigate whether russia tempered with data. to go over the data from the moscow the oratory that was at the center of the 2015 doping scandal had been a key requirement. 3 weeks to explain alleged irregularities.
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in danger of being banned from next year's olympics. tells russia. to avoid possible burns from the 20202022 world cup. but seemingly none of these headlines pretty used in the fact. as the statement made by one person who works in this building in the very heart of the russian capital. we had a freshness anti-doping agency who we go into right now has been quite outspoken in the media in the last few weeks he admitted that. doping test results have been tempered before being sent to wada although stopping short of naming the culprit. into that it was someone over enormous power of course these allegations raise several eyebrows in russia community if you make such strong accusations then you
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probably have something to back them up right. the russian anti-doping agency in 2017 to doping scandal and to act as a crisis manager. although very moment everyone. under attack he was treated very kindly and received letters of commendation from the international anti-doping community after a statements he made at a conference in the us. test results down break. and
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you. move. we're going to go back to the. family. so that russian athletes could return to the international sports family and compete under their own flag instead of a neutral one russia had to meet several requirements set out in waters so-called road map one of the last items on that list required handing over the database of best results from the most school anti-doping class. if the database had been deemed in order. to russian anti-doping agency run by you regardless would finally have been reinstated and russian athletes would have shared their status as constant suspects and it looked as though they were about to
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close the chapter on these doping story now they seem to have started a whole new one instead. of course. what x. bridge found some inconsistences in the database but they claimed it contained traces of deleted files russia was in a formally accused but was asked to explain those apparent inconsistences just as x.-press were starting their would teen analysis. suddenly burst into the spotlight . russian doping chief says thousands of drug tests were manipulated. russian official says country also of thousands of drug test results could put a limb big eligibility and. russia anti dubin chief attacks his own.
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claims of god in governing body even during cleanup. at a slower visit but i was in the. mood. when you pull out says deep in problem in the world when we shifted its museum but it's got us that. if we wash museums busy. look 'd for. dogs are well and you regardless. but which is just part of the book for. a couple of but instead. of being for us at the asunder you often still would that of a new song but it would be 4th. but the blue you re gonna smash
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was so powerful russian sports could be knocked out cold. the thing is that since 2019 canada based world anti-doping agency has enjoyed a broader remits. now it's up to water not the international olympic committee as before to decide if individual athletes were even entire contraries should be banned. if for exult tampering is proved as you re gonna space eclipse minute. russian athletes wouldn't be allowed to compete even under a neutral flag not at the olympics nor the fee for world cup nor any other international tournament under water aegis. total sports isolation. and how do you explain that to russian athletes
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like alexander trying to call who'd already missed the olympics in 2018 because it just seemed to water that he used a banned substance. of the form or the skull. yeah. the spin of my worship if you will just a couple of things put me on the porch last. still said new. when you talk to us when you spend some time with them you will get a new perspective to their dedication and hard work will just imagine what they might feel about these never ending allegations. you didn't do anything raul you're clean you've been working your entire life to get yourself to the elite level yet they can come after you they can try to take away your medal they can try to take away your efforts you need to feed and they can try to teach you we your flag and
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there was nothing much you can do about it. allegations against trittico often many of the russian olympic athletes were based on the testimony of just one person that person played a key role in the doping scandal which unfolded after the games in sochi and it seems he has a hand in what's happening now does lead me to the need for that system to the spirit. world within the board. to do it's. put the nuts. so what is wrong with it down to base $101.00 is watching kids name keep coming up when russian sport faces the toughest sanctions.
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honest labor has been demolished in america and the average income for americans hasn't budged at all in 2030 years because they were neutered from their ability to compete for capital labor has no seat at the table labor has no seat at the central bank labor has been abandoned the jobs have been shipped overseas wall street now gets all the crap they get 100 percent of the capital every dollar per to by the fed goes directly to wall street bypasses labor bypassing the way things . are. in this community there are people who believe that it's ok. it's really hard there are no jobs and you see the kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with arguments and there's a lot of conflict within the game and between the teams close to the conflict i
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would say. there is maybe. close one on the children's cosimo each other is good business the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year of to prison complex just to get some point in your life where. you don't care anymore. but i thought it.
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'd would be honestly. the. new. oratory. accuse him of destroying more than 1400. the few days before its inspection. has moved to the us and admitted the wrongdoing suspect. informant. after watching. the i.o.c. started to disqualify russian and stripped them off medals it didn't just
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a fact skeleton rider alexander trekkie coughed but among others. group of the team sprint silver in sochi in 2014. dead man live say is easy. for me as somebody that is no west here still built up with us pieces of the really cool when they know what's going on pop by me to. play with me just now if i mean the. hell out of them which i was i know myself here from the company been with them until now but i think i want to listen what i'm doing on the. last minute your watch you but your mother for. me opinion one usually doesn't really.
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look at the series new but the belly up and. yes. you miss them with it illegal yeah you know you do it to the savannah. you know. that when you. lose a little guy just a. group of trichy cough and another $26.00 russian athletes on these so-called. were acquitted by the court of arbitration for sport a new design. you see simply to work toward where a professional judge didn't. get us going to go to. efficiently got them got to go out of. sympathy my looking. at us from
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skill no one can move 6. but i would not. it was none other than to supervise creation of what's called the limbs or laboratory information management system software that processed and stored old desk. result data sent to the most school that was run by. the. u.s. to push. by text but. this is a copy of the case file proceedings were instigated against russia back in 2011 long before russia was accused of a state run doping program even then was being investigated over illicit
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trafficking of various substances prosecutors believed he was planning to sell them to athletes. but back to the lives database as we know from the oscar winning documentary in 2015 fled to the united states taken a copy of the database with it to use it as proof of tampering with doping test results since one it has had a. base in its possession the whistleblowers database as they call it that was the copy of what i wanted to compare with the database kept in moscow at the anti-doping clap when looking at the 2 versions want to experts raise the alarm and once again russian sports face the threat of total isolation. so just to recap why they strain to say listen something doesn't add up there are inconsistences between the data passed to us by a whistleblower ended up
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a taken from the moscow laboratory in january of 2019 but guess what russian experts have known since day one that the 2 databases wouldn't match but according to them this doesn't mean that there's been any wrongdoing and now they're going to tell us why. yeah. just go on. over the. news or. i did a couple of. martha .
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stewart. put a border on the. u.s. and they're both. you did each. there's a push and then the morning tell your producer. if you need. these mean you'll. be. able to.
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get it would have all of the. leaders in the. new model you. would want to compare the 2 done abuses. and the one from moscow identified 290. 2 samples raised suspicion it sounds ominous but what exactly does it. database the digit one years next to the names of 298. but against only 29. independent forensic examinations suggests that.
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remotely logged into limbs in moscow on numerous occasions after they had defected abroad so they could have changed the zeros to ones in their database copy and the one remained in russia. but it. surely couldn't have just blindly accepted word they couldn't think that the database he used is the only authentic one. trustworthy. in certain respects why do we believe. there's really 2 fundamental reasons 1st. he was at risk if he didn't tell the truth to my myself and members of my team
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loses visa and you'd be deported. but if you go to sea to put a daisy in. yury got us on the other hand has his own opinion. and you see it showed up norm. and i want you to confirm well enough that i gotta have it all oil. with your mouth over it give you the last of our global. media she. was. indeed one representative point out that the most cool labs database was altered before it was handed over and if that's the case have had nothing to do
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with the changes we spoke to another expert who knows how would all works. through the move. they keep they do have to be. on the. limbs is quite the sophisticated piece of software you can just google it to find out how it works and it so developer has fled to the united states along with. the new lab staff have to learn the software from scratch. with. most of the new video that they. made to me your number. of months and. that's.
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what's interesting is that what i used to criticize lamps as crude and unreliable yet there are now side as the main evidence of building test result tampering of course there is another much more reliable way to find out if anyone tried to conceal the use of banned substances you just have to open up the read sample. of the month. we used. to get around you look at the budget you think what a bus. down there when you put out. at the go out of the polls to numb go out the well this will put a lid on the. media. someone punished. well we're going to go to the liberal the leader in the senate says in there but also what are we going to see the mother. ship.
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the water but also weapons but matter. all right perhaps we've missed something one is certainly will get to the truth only solid evidence could be used against russian athletes to strip them off their medals and banned them from constitutional rights that couldn't happen just because someone couldn't match sim's zeros and ones. might not be the most reliable persecution with but they had a few saga has started to testify now and he's sure to be true to his word plus to show us because i knew it was a bit of a below question but it blodgett if i was the cause i think. the bill is the oldest and it could not be as many other useful for those of us. who go out. to q are you have they wouldn't know because i just was at the when it's at the
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washington. the. us to be a number that's the to discourage you on. so i was lucky in that i live in peace but it. was. just that but other. sick doesn't. i don't think it will get me that is the new political. slogan but you see little that i made you. know i see you sing down the hall it's a place and it. doesn't go out also about the boy there's always a tough place in laos to celia the homeless if a. man yesterday to.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport this list i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately there was also a very dark side. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character
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that you type into the search bar it will always favor one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results diced on what they think you should be see if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more we give them. the sooner we're all. in america the average income for americans hasn't budged at all in 2030 years because they were neutered from their ability to compete for capital labor has no seat at the table labor has no seat at the central bank labor has been abandoned the jobs have been shipped overseas wall street now gets all the crap they get 100
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percent of the capital every dollar printed by the fed goes directly to wall street bypasses labor bypasses way the. us house democrats really so there's a report in the next chapter of the donald trump impeachment inquiry outlining claims the president abused his position for personal political gain. nato leaders gather in the u.k. to celebrate with the military alliance the 75th anniversary but while some hail and success others question its relevance today. we or we are proving every day that these have on and says this is our joy is on it's the neighboring mogul and even though it stands for. the u.s. president tries to force the hand of his french counterpart in support of the military alliance and if the threat of crippling tariffs on french goods doesn't get them to fall in line.


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