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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 4, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EST

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because and caracas as well as action against iran trump has already violated the international treaty with iran over its civil nuclear power program and it's only a matter of months since u.k. royal marines allegedly hijacked a new ring and ship near gibraltar joining me now is the head of iran's ports and maritime organization deputy minister mohammad rust out every minister welcome to going underground i'm going to ask in age or nation media your country is a rogue state it's violated data that law you're basically an isolated country one of the even doing in britain actually what. us is claiming about iran it's not true we are a night of country in the international community a delegation arrived to london to participate in the 21st assembly of the international maritime organization you're one of the most influential members of imo and same as this organization all other international organization
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iran is a steal participate in so this is not acceptable that you are. violating country or very isolating and tomorrow you're the managing director iran's port authority i mean if you read any nato nation newspaper or what you need relation to east asian they'll talk about sanctions how do you even have any ports that function in iran given the international sanctions against your country well at the beginning of the sanctions they put the. mikes him on pressure on the shipping sector including try turning off the international shipping companies especially the container liner carriers to seize their. trade with iran and to to have. a call to indian ports the classification societies were issued deceptive because for the ships and those who are members of. i aks which is the international
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kitchen society has asians they also stopped their coverage of iranian ship insurance companies internationally into insurance companies even insured and again a collapse but fortunately due to the capacities of iranian maritime sector coding shipping companies you know our shipping line islamic republic of iran shipping line which is mainly a non tanker for lead. at the moment from capacity point of view it's ringback rank is 14th. and our national tanker company. is it's not always among the top 3 this is not something that can be ignored in the matter of time transportation. so we have such a huge capacity of our own fleet under the iranian flag or owned by the ukrainian companies and we had our own we have our own classification
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society which just after the sanctions they start to cover issuing the class 4 of the ships then we have local insurance companies that colossal at the moment majority of our ships are trading all over the water so you know going to be meeting anyone or lloyd's of london any syndicate underwriters for p.n. i know no actual down here in london probably because of the sanctions but i tell you a word presumably lloyds of london the swiss re munich re all the begin sure is very interested in what you have to say because of instability as regards shipping both in the bible my lips trades and of course the straits of hormuz just tell me what is this new home was initiative that iran is. is trying to promote to try and ensure the security of maritime trade well as.
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proposed during his speech united nations general assembly of the halmos peace in deeper is emphasizing the capability of regional countries to do to enhance the security of maritime activities. from the iranian side our naval forces not only are. guaranteed this security of the navigation in the on the waters under our jurisdiction they have a history i think of at least 10 years of covering the security of the. multinational fleets in the gulf of aden. off the coast of somalia somalia where there were threats off the piracy so while we have such a. power to guarantee the security of the shipping then what's the need of the presence of foreign or
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a. fleet naval forces from outside that region because that was you know written isn't the royal navy to patrol your coastline i'm over. by iran according to the british government there is no history of piracy off the coast of iran actually reza ronnie was explicit that it moves peace endeavor involving countries all around that region not britain not the united states there is a continuous contact between ports on my time of crisis and of iran and shipping companies and the port authorities maritime administrations of that region especially those countries that you have closer and better relation and. other countries in the far east and europe to make clear what are these other countries getting in the container ships that come from by under a bus another iranian ports a tour because they cannot load it i mean there's a story on congress here in b.c. 14000000 barrels of oil needed to china. between january and may this year it's not
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breach of sanctions because it's been held up to join these guzzles because they could theoretically flood the market is a tankers and container ships coming out of iranian ports and then just staying in other ports for fear of us 3rd party arguably illegals entering just after the. imposing of the sanctions we had for a few months. rather sudden decline of the 2 parts of the puerto especially on the container traffic which is continuing on the continued traffic so far on the other hand container fleet which is it is there it's on. the shipping lines content if it is active between ukrainian or stand the horse of far is in some european force india ports so they have important next port but none of these customers fear that the united states will pile into them for taking in ships from your ports i
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guess not because they are even e.u. borders and at the moment the true port of the union ports in total. is positive comparing to it is last year comparing to the few months after the imposing of the sanctions the are at least 4 percent. more loading and unloading in our ports comparing to last union yet what do you make looking back on it the british taking of the grace one which changes name daria one 0 well actually that was. a clear breach of the international matter time warship was. passing 2. matter time ruled and. the action which was taken against that wasn't acceptable according to international milo no usual ownership but surely was in breach of e.u. sanctions. would be carrying heating oil for the poor of syria. when the e.u.
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wanted to overthrow the government is it i've no idea about the cargo i'm just saying as a manager of your son maritime organization you do the reading the i am just telling about the international maritime regulations it's the right of the owner to change the name and flag flag of the ships and iranian maritime law a loads the tanker ships to be flagged under. iranian registration so that's what we did about grace one and it was a legal action when you're here in london or the international maritime organization you said iran is one of the world's naval powers did you run into the british delegate because of course britain is accusing your government of hijacking their steno imperio tanker in retaliation for what the iranian government saw is the hijacking of the iranian flag tanker by all the answer to the claim that sign i mean steno in peril had some actions which was. in breach of the
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international maritime rules which briefly then they are then accidents and they didn't. you know appear to the to the warning by auto to tears and that's why it was detained because that's directly contradictory to what the british authorities are saying in fact all across nato nation media was the fact that while oh how many was meeting with. prime minister japan your government. was hijacking japanese related tankers while he was in terror. no it's not acceptable there is that you're a danger to america and no evidence of our death being there was an accident we actually. risk you the people the crew of that ships which was attacked somehow we never accept such you know such claim unfortunately there were. some attacks on
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our tankers in the red sea at least 3 of our tanker ships us into regrets it was attacked by an unknown. you know people and it is clear that it was intentional attack on our tank who do you suspect we don't suspect any specific country being the managing director of iran's border 30 when you read the international media particularly that of native nations saying that your country is isolated that there's no business to be done in your country that it's declined to the point of the end of the iranian government what's your reaction to the evidence of trade and economy. activities is what we see in all the ports as the manager of course and my time organization as i mentioned i am. looking at my ports it's plenty of ships calling my main ports especially ports of man that are part of him amin even sometimes the way
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maintenance is all fine you get the parts for the same time we are expanding the capacity of our main owns the projects are running we have to sort of charge a hard beaches over new port. north of the indian ocean and i'm going to also as the storm moves peace endeavor ali larijani the parliamentary speaker said that as part of the guaranteeing security away from major powers like the united states and britain even. even the hooty community in yemen could be suggested by the iranian government to ensure political processes who knows helping to end the world's worst humanitarian crisis are we talking about massive geopolitical change ahead for you . as the woman whose endeavor goes on i hope that you know the process. goes in such a manner that regional countries can. come to
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a conclusion that the improvement of the security and especially since security after matty time transportation can be achieved with the cooperation of the regional cultures that are you see lighting the fire in poverty so you seek peace and prosperity not nuclear weapons to destroy the entire region which is the narrative here those who has done these experiences you have been always ashamed for did you know that activity against people using nuclear we've been as a weapon of mass destruction so we don't believe. such a weapon can guarantee. security any proved. cooperation between the countries. thank you have a concept after the break tens of millions and counting with hundreds killed in the past few days when will the killing would be more displacing stopped 13 years since
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the jury backed blairite labeled war in iraq and as london wakes up to the aftermath of mass protests against britain's major leaders' summit we are scoffed arrested code big leader but they are benjamin how brain dead the organization formed to oppose the u.s.s.r. is possible going over part 2 going underground. i'm going to fulfill the repeated promises. to the people. you know we've all but. it was. pretty.
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pretty clear. that you want to. know. the. link i link i can link up my. welcome back while s.n.p. lib dem green bricks of party leaders trade general election campaign arguments with boris johnson over the tragic london bridge atrocity that killed 2 u.k. labor leader german cool it was clear that terrorism is a product of the bipartisan tory backed blairite labor u.k. war in iraq the violence in iraq meanwhile has not stopped 60 mg is tornadoes from 9 and 617 squadrons bombed baghdad joining me now is iraq people and academic sami
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ramadan the of london's metropolitan university thanks so much sami for coming on before we even get to iraq chris a trump of course said the iraq war was a tremendous mistake there's no w m d although he had varying ideas about the war ahead of 2003 that he's in london for the nato summit i have that's a question i think from represents the naked face of u.s. interests question in the middle east and terms of control over oil or sources not shared resources and. backing israel to the hilt against all comers we heard about iran in the 1st of this program iraq neighboring iraq mainstream media sources saying is undergoing great developments in the sense because the prime minister a little muddy as resigned in yet this important cleric grand ayatollah sistani says the enemy's plan to spread chaos and then return it to dictators and he
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doesn't mean back to the u.k. back to them was saying days what is going on in iraq he does actually on his entire fund the intervention last week on friday was very critical critical to be events in general because he is or highs in manners as the one authority that commands respect in the streets of baghdad in the south and his intervention was quite strong. that taishan you made is a direct reference to the united states because the united states and saddam's baath party are in alliance now open alliance. representatives of the baath party abroad and so on are boasting of their new alliance with the united states to kick out what they call it or a me an occupation of iraq so his reference to the return of the dictatorship is directly related to that official endorsement of an alliance between the
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united states and saddam is about as in iraq but they can't surely be blamed for hundreds of people being killed in the past few weeks as much reporting here maybe over $400.00 people and it's the united states they're saying their investigations need to be done into the use of excessive force by the iraqi authorities for being if that the u.s. is helping the killing there is a legitimate. and and and and and amongst the people in iraq against a corrupt state against the brutal killing of demonstrators so there is a side to these demonstrations a very important side that people are angry with corruption with lack of public services some of which this is not only caused by the successive regimes that the united states installed in iraq after the occupation of iraq in 200-2003
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but the united states it's sad of destroyed iraq's infrastructure and public services but what the united states is doing today because the test setting contradictions with the iraqi government policies the united states is infiltrating these demonstrations and the iraqi government's policies the recent policies in the last 6 to 9 months have upset the united states enormously they open the borders with syria against us. concerns they have refused to apply sanctions on iran these are stronger headlines they went to china signed tough attorney and dollars where thought of infrastructure projects in iraq they have decided within the context of the middle east not to use iraq as a base u.s. base in any future attack on iran but maybe they have shown some
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autonomy in baghdad but there are reports that amanda solomon intervened to try and keep money in power and the murdoch was wall street journal saying now he's gone the jump administration has an opportunity here what do you think the wall street journal means by that and is it true that all that autonomy is not risk it is out to risk but again i stress that the balance of forces in iraq has shifted to gradually. over the last 5 to 10 years that in iraq the united states has failed to impose completely its will over iraq and its governments there are the popular mobilization forces that were called upon by ayatollah sistani to go and fight isis for 6 months the united states refused to back iraq against the isis advance on iraq and these p.m.u.
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popular mobilization units have become extremely strong and they are hostile to us for policy in iraq so you have a situation in iraq where the balance of forces is such that who ever rules iraq will have to look over their shoulders but there are important forces as well which are pro u.s. so there is a critical situation developing in iraq where the situation is quite fluid and it is not clear whether the united states will have its way even after that as a great resignation of i've done my duty so i'm around on it thank you. well joining me now to go through some of the week's top stories is the co-founder of grassroots antiwar and geo code pink but there benjamin reid there thanks so much for joining us in this year let's go straight to the barclay brothers telegraph which is related to why you are in london major some adult trump says we would be in world war $33.00 if it wasn't for me why are you protesting this week's
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today we'll hear some a takeoff on this because he was saying it referring to north korea which he really pushed that crisis by going into that whole fire and fury issue you know he is mr world with 3 if they're going to be a world where 3 actually would be around iran where he is creating this incredible conflict totally manufactured by donald trump where here because we think that nato should have been disbanded in when the soviet union fell. apart that there's no need for this military alliance that it just sucks up a lot of money that goes to weapons manufacturers and we know the like here in the u.k. their campaign saying no we don't want to do that we want our money to go to things like health care education green new deal who are we fighting against to he wants to fight against what you know he installed in but. russia i don't think the people of the european union or anybody in europe really wants to go to war with china or
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russia ok no time to end the anachronistic nato well there will be less at the nato summit about this next story from the mainline to so many images of malnourished baby boy in yemen hospital revealed devastating cause a conflict which is driven millions to the brink of famine not so much about this world's worst humanitarian crisis say that we're in an election campaign restrictions in school when the greens as in people either in the lib dems or against john sayles to saudi arabia and the tories are appear to be for it well let's just say that it's not it's the u.k. it's the us it's the french it's the wonderful liberal western democracies that have been playing supplying the saudis with these bombs that have been destroying yemen and you know you look at the picture like that and your heart goes out and you think you know what we mean we're giving aid to help the trouble but i think what they are even mr x. has that is destroying the possibility of these people to get access to food in the
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medicines they need if they survive they are stunted for life their brains are are affected by malnutrition so this is decades that it will take to say nothing of all the money that it will cost to rebuild yemen but the way to stop this immediately is to stop the weapons sales to stop the support to the saudis well maybe governments and eyeball making themselves in fact they just say. we have robust arms regimes displaying to saudi arabia but this from amnesty international on saudi arabia says saudi arabia g. 20 leaders must address human rights record is the kingdom takes over the presidency of the g 20 next year will be the g 20 summit saudi arabia doing very well is a boxing match you know to the joy sure and i'm the reason saturday gucci chanel starbucks big companies are going there's a jeezy conference in riyadh white eating amnesty international is making around
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about saudi arabia well it's not just amnesty my group code pink we have a campaign to boycott saudi arabia saudi arabia should be seen as a pariah state the g 20 should not be meeting in saudi arabia and western entertainers are entertainers from the around the world should not be going to saudi arabia with the code pink campaigns pacifically against them our campaign is the whole deal we're saying to nice companies like lush the cosmetic company that has all these very good programs one of them is that aggressive companies are bringing the surveillance they have 3 stores in saudi arabia they tell us they don't make any money there we said well then you should close them down and so we have a boycott in fact we went into one of the less stores just yesterday here in london here in london something that we do in the u.s. all the time and we were sort of live streaming and i was explaining and going to the manager and saying please send our requests up up the chain of command saying that you shouldn't be having the stores in saudi she grabbed the phone out of our
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hand to call the police on us so much for free speech in london why should the d g 20 be meeting there when saudis have thrown women activists in prison and torture them most recently in the last 2 weeks have thrown a new set of activists in prison they are responsible for the humanitarian catastrophe in yemen so it should be a country that's on the boycott list though we always invited the saudi arabian ambassador to london on the show and i'm sure lush would love to come on to. why don't you go in there and the see because you never know if you'll come out alive of course the future gene washington post journalist well saudi arabia is getting close to israel of course they're b.d.s. boycotts of israel said republic peo your secular state said we welcome the statement from foreign minister longer the libya will work to reestablish diplomatic ties with israel as a getting closer with saudi and the transitional government's desire to engage with the world's democracies as it moves towards free and fair elections but libya
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you've been in bolivia i just came from there and it is hardly recognizes the transitional government as a move to free and fair election well 1st of all let's say it was a coup when the military tells you you should leave that is a coup when a new government takes in that was not over that was not elected in fact in the elections the party of the now de facto president cheney 9 years get 4 percent of the vote and when they come in and supposed to be only for transition to new elections which by the way ever some. have said ok let's do it but they said no you've got to go they instead are redoing the entire cabinet redoing entire foreign relations breaking relations with venezuela sending home over 700 cuban doctors making relations with right wing apartheid governments like israel like balsa narrow and brazil like even duke and colombia we should recognize in 14
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years whatever morales did was lift millions of people out of poverty and give power to the indigenous community that has been so repressed for hundreds of years only about the reported massacres by the de facto british and american backed government has and you would see against yourself well tear gas but also was there when the massacre occurred in right outside of la paz they've been to massacres one outside of cochabamba one outside of the pubs all indigenous people who were killed and in addition to the over 30 people have been killed there are hundreds of. people have been wounded and we have seen with their own eyes and coughing the whole time and tears in our eyes the way they used tear gas to break up peaceful demonstrations of thousands and thousands of indigenous people it's not a democracy and will there be free and fair elections in bolivia when people are so afraid now when right wing racist people have taken over this government i don't think the conditions can be there for
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a free and fair elections in the interim thank you thank them for the show back on saturday with the 1st international t.v. interview of the russian federation's do our best to the british. and tell them to just read social media difficult subscribe to going on the grounds you. thinking of getting a copy once we got in here she. said you know what. happened this time you know why are people who use a crate with him he was. freaking out when it's pretty much anywhere near thousands of breeding dogs are caged in conditions on puppy farm i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in cages outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the courtier the rain the snow the funder nothing they have no protection. because you. know it's
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a kid. across the u.s. crude puppy mills are supported by dog shows and still most of the poppies that are coming from these large scale factory farming kind of operations are being sought at stores even joined by good businesses are involved like cargill the mom santa there's been a shocking amount of organized opposition to efforts to increase the standards of care for dogs but in commercial breeding facilities most of that opposition is coming from huge. groups in any industry that have to deal with dogs don't buy dogs. my feeling with this world it's right now is we're so confused and fearful and there's a certain generation that's controlling all the politics around the world when that generation dies off and children are brought all this. really are less materialistic don't really care about these things don't even more automobiles want
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to live by the side job want to ride a bicycle this movement is global and it's going the world is going to go with this direction and it's going to change. 1 pm from moscow the us democrats hunger trump impeachment hopes on the new house intelligence committee report but not everyone believes it's called ted some say there's nothing new in it anyway. u.k. government faces a backlash of the details are exposing the plan 3 years ago to create a positive image of the controversial fracking industry among the general public. to do investigation discovers the free dating apps like tender an ok cupid screen where there are no members of registered sex offenders i guess that you should be responsible for people's safety online. we need the company to take a moral stance or at least have some.


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