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only purebred registry in the united states with an ongoing routine kennel inspection program with a dedicated team of field inspectors casey says that it inspects channels but they don't make any of those inspection records available. they say that they've got rigorous standards but they really don't know what those standards are real terms they say that they kick people out we don't really have a comprehensive record of when they're doing that or what the consequences are even if they're ticked they'll be can still keep breathing and they can still keep operating so what's the value of their inspections program there in force and efforts for all we know are completely meaningless we don't know what they even inspect for when they go into these facilities because they don't make their inspection records public quite frankly if they were meaningful inspections there would be no reason not to make them public. while the a k c boasts of
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a rigorous inspection program in 2011 only $1500000.00 of their $59000000.00 in revenue was spent to employ just 9 inspectors across the entire united states. big. is a group that says it's the dogs champion but in practical terms is consistently leading the fight against efforts to establish humane dog breeding standards in the states at the federal level. over $5000.00 kennel inspections last year. the american kennel club. we make all this possible because you make us possible. just or your dog the only us registry that matters isn't a g.c. dot org and we're ever we advance that sort. of legislation radical not far
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reaching just basic fundamental anything that a pet owner would think is a minimal standard of care the casey opposes it since 2009 the a k c as opposed over 100 different bills regulations or ordinances the protect dogs in 2012 alone the a k c opposed to nebraska state bill that would require commercial breeders to have regular on site visits by a veterinarian a louisiana state bill that would prohibit all dog owners from stacking crates a rhode island state bill that the a k c deemed dangerous that would make it unlawful for dog owners to keep a dog confined in a pen cage or other shelter for more than 14 hours a proposed ordinance in shelby county tennessee that would make it a violation to leave a companion animal unattended in a vehicle for more than one hour when the temperature is above 70 degrees or below
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35 degrees why is the american kennel club the dogs best friend opposing this legislation that says that once a year you've got to have a vet examine these dogs or you can't breathe them every single heat cycle or you can't have more than 50 breeding females at an operation why would a group pose that well they were there because they're making money from those large scale operations. while the public does not have access to a k c inspection report many pet stores across the united states emphasize to their potential customers that their facilities are a k.c. approved and inspected one such company is pet land the largest chain of pet stores selling puppies in the united states while most pet plants are independently owned and operated the company's relationship with the a k.c. is a central focus in nearly every store. it's not unusual to see a dog. it's
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a k.c. registered in a pet store. casey could be targeting this major distribution channel saying we're not going to endorse pet stores if we see our dogs in those stores because we don't feel that is a good means by which a dog is being raised. and unfortunately had not taken that position. for years. so i thought. it was. like. i actually bought my 1st dog from pathway and in my head i was saving that dog from the cage only because it was way too big for the small cage it was a there was poop and he just likes a and i went back to visit and visit and visit well there it is very pushy if you've ever been in a paddling and they want you to buy the dog no matter what and you know they give
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you all these options i would visit the dog it just started me looking through the cage and i code you want to go to our puppy play room and then they'd give you a toy to get to play with this dog and you started falling in love with the dog and then you're broke and so they're like here's a credit card if you will help you pay for the dog and you know he would really love to go home with you and so they're trying to play on your emotions and on your pocketbook your reasoning apparently in store with your family and you can help. you. for your family and now maybe you are asking yourself where did this come from let's take a look at the journey that when puppies make the right our store. while pet lamb maintains that it does not purchase from substandard breeders there's no doubt that the vast majority of puppies sold in their stores come from large scale commercial kennels where the parents of those puppies will spend their whole lives in a cage. in 2009 the humane society. the united states released an exhaustive investigation
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into shipments over 3 months of more than $15000.00 puppies across the country the report determined that 95 percent of the puppies in pet land stores come from large scale commercial kennels i work at a gym right next to a pet lair and i see it all the time and i even stopped and said you know even to a young couple you know a kid say beef do me a favor before you go in there you know google puppy mills oh we know a popular so why are you going to buy a dog. i know rescues that have puppies right now what are you looking for a lot of the dogs that are purchased in pet stores we we end up with them because the families can afford their medical care they have a birth defect or some chronic problem or worms or parvo or anything that at least animals can pick up in the actual milk and they always seem to be in a weakened state always most of the puppies that are coming from these large scale factory farming kind of operations are being sold in pet stores so when you go into
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a pet store and you see that beautiful little puppy that's a jumping out animal really wants the attention from you most people have no idea that the mother and father are back somewhere any factory farm type a setting where it can be horrendous it's not just pet lamb franchises they get the vast majority of their inventory from the primary states for puppy mills independent pet stores choose to seek out these same states a stark example of the supply chain leads directly from holmes county ohio to a single pet store in patterson new jersey d n g petite pups inspection reports obtained by ohio voters for companion animals show that in 2012 over 300 puppies from puppy mills in holmes county were sold wholesale to d n g only one reason would seemingly compel the owner of d n g. to seek out breeders located over 7 hours away the price from
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breeders simply selling to a pet shop that's not about placing that animal with a family for the rest of the life that's really about the money pets are happy for our puppy poppy's because a reputable breeder somebody who cares about their animals and wants to know where that got me and he breeder that is in it for the love of dogs and they they love what they're doing they're good breeder they're going to have as many questions for you as you have for them no good reputable breeder will sell a dog on the internet or sell a dog to a broker to sell to a pet store as a good breeder or want to know who you are you always have to go and see the parents of the dog that you're purchasing if a breeder does not want you to see the conditions that the parents are living in you're almost guaranteed it's a puppy mill. this
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is largely a marketing sort of enterprise were people can register the murderers the puppies and you get the halo effect but this isn't a need to see registered all go or litter when in reality it has no practical meaning when it comes to animal welfare a hasty papers mean absolutely nothing you know and when you come push comes to shove a hasty when they're backed into o'connor was a mess and as us to do with humaneness or the quality of the dog only means who the mother and the fathers there are in favor of breeding dogs and the more dogs that are bred the more money they make if those dogs are registered with the a state for years and years and years in fact even to this day registration ain't home registration fees and puppies are subsidizing the dog shows that the a hasty puts on because the registration fees for. dog shows me the amount of money
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for the expenses of putting them on so for me they have always subsidized their dogs as a registry so this is why they're going to have their own money and that's what i always say when people go to the westminister dog of show go in there knowing that this show has been subsidized by the quality of those because the a c. will not stop paper dolls from commercial dollars and they oppose legislation when you go through the standards of. my 2010 missouri had an estimated 3000 commercial dog breeders and was the largest supplier of puppies to pet stores across the country the nearly 1600 breeders with the u.s.d.a. license was more than the next 3 states combined in the hopes of improving the lives of dogs living in missouri puppy mills national and state animal welfare organizations focused on a ballot initiative that would later become known as proposition be over 190000 signatures from missouri residents were collected and the measure made it to
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the ballot in the 2010 election. politicians to. put themselves on the line. they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president. or some want to. have to go right to the press this is what the 43 of the more people. interested in the water. there should be. my feeling with this world is what now is will focus. here for and this certain generation that's controlling all that all objects around the world when that generation of. children that are brought all this new breed. really are less materialistic don't really care about these things don't
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even more automobiles want to live right beside job want to ride a bicycle this movement is global and it's going the world is going to has to go in this direction and it's going to change. maximizers financial survival guide stacey let's learn about fill out let's say i'm not sure i get any or at least. have the fight wall street spot thank you for helping. destroy that's right. slavery. ok in the special can somebody who can benefit so is one of the men of the. book to get us to the gulf where. you thought the whole doping can russia think was over
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forget it. but your book will come about through a couple of pressure we have the most real some of the models and that is. russian outlets eligibility for the international competition says that state this includes events like the tokyo olympics and the fee for world cup in qatar if i am in the early as last. year when you can one of those just as it was 4 years ago in moscow anti-doping plavix at the center of the scandal so who tampered with the duping samples database and one does greegor you want to give have to do with it and you know. what is the pool zameen you could. use the push on that was just what you will ship by to expose me in the ocean to actually build the world so the pollution it initially. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately. it was also
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a very dark so. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will always favor one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results on what they think you should be seen if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more we give them the sooner we all. be was something that was in the works for many years because missouri is the capital of. the simply saw to impose humane
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breeding standards and limits on the size of the puppy mills you know what i started out paying for all this stuff and literature and pictures of puppy mills. after 2 weeks i just forgot all that literature was a copy of me because it wasn't that people wanted to support the bills or call the dogs business jerry that if i did other things it was a campaign of fear and misinformation fear that he was going to mysteriously morph into a ban on all of animals in agriculture you know they said that this would affect farm animals you know and of course when they were confronted on it on the wall they'd say well it's a slippery slope but there was still continue to go into rural areas and convince everybody that this was going to shut down the family farm and it just created a mystery and it made a really difficult campaign. deal with cattle pigs it in deal with chickens it in
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the old any other species the language was explicit and anyone who was a 1st year law student could say with definitive precision that it just applied to dogs in space a clear way to one of the dominoes in what i call the line of dominoes out here you know women ating all of domesticated animals you know dogs cats and you want the livestock arena forces and so forth and in a bell of measure campaign you don't necessarily need to convince people that your position is right you just need to sow enough confusion so that people maintain the status quo and vote no clothes no way to defend this so instead they want to change the subject to all these other animals that people will respond to an emotional way this isn't really about puppies this is about your chicken and your beef and your pork and this group wants to take those off your dinner plate. emotional trigger
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that they're going to they're going to press those buttons to get people to respond emotionally oh it's basically a form of lying i mean let's just cut to the chase this proposition was about dogs but wants you to think it's about all these other animals because that will scare the hell it. really is an issue for anyone to like speak meat protein in their diet thank you very much thank you kelly smith marketing and commodities director for missouri farm bureau much more to come on this and other issues as we broadcast from the missouri farm bureau offices here in jefferson city missouri stay with us it's half time on average. interestingly my wife and i had made a plan. we settle we put on a piece of paper what our dream of a farm. search i will show this.
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so that's why we here. we lived our lives here pretty much your noël happy leave with we raised our family we raised our kids we felt very comfortable here. we didn't feel threatened at all you know and i mean i would have never at that time suggested to you that clean air was a vitally important thing in my life. they were going to raise hogs ok and at the time i did not know how many hogs they were going to raise and it turned out that now they raise $80000.00 hogs and 3 miles more than. the farmland foods facility in milan missouri is owned by smithfield foods the largest hog and pork processor in the world with revenues exceeding $13000000000.00 in 2013. the operation north of me is called green hills. there isn't a single pig in there that ever sees the green hills there isn't a single pig down there that ever sees the valley ok so these are wonderful names
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but in this are these factory buildings where these hogs are housed in these big barns with little fresh air with no sunlight with little movement with no grass no nothing you hear the name valley view and you think all little piggy riding on grass you know just kind of smooching out there living in the sun you don't see that. these are feeder pigs in the amounts awaits are just incredible and you sit in your backyard with your family and you eat dinner or you sit outside on a warm summer night and all over sudden this thing rolls in and i would call it a trespasser it just trespasses on your property and in golf's you and it's there in the media just like it's just like if a visitor coming that you have not invited relationship. at the missouri farm
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bureau radically changed when he began to complain about the daily waste and odors emitting from smithfield foods that tree farm while he assumed the farm bureau would support a local independent farmer against his new corporate neighbor rolf was left to fight alone. i felt abandoned and also felt that i was working for the wrong organization for for so many years because all of a sudden this operation this organization backed out and it supposedly is a farm organization these supposedly supports individual independent farmers and all of a sudden they were siding with the industry and they are siding with industry to this very day they campaigned against prop b. began immediately after it was approved for the ballot at a gathering of the most powerful agricultural forces in missouri at the stinson morrison and hecker law firm in addition to members of the dog breeding industry the meeting included the leadership of the missouri farm bureau the missouri pork
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producers association and the missouri soybean association at this meeting these groups agreed to fight prop be in a coordinated effort with the dog breeding industry. 2 front groups emerge from the meeting one which would eventually be called missouri farmers care and the alliance for truth while these front groups seem to have sprung out of thin air it was actually a highly coordinated effort financed largely by corporate agriculture nearly 82 percent of total contributions to missouri farmers care originated from 3 corporate agriculture trade groups and their respective political action committees. the missouri farm bureau the missouri pork producers and the missouri soybean association while the missouri farmers care campaign highlighted the positive role of missouri. the farmers in society the alliance for truth was focused on
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misrepresenting the clear language improper be the majority of the funding for the alliance for truth was funneled through missouri farmers care by the same agricultural trade groups the trade groups involved represent the interests of their member corporations in missouri these corporations include some of the largest agribusiness is in the united states months sent to tyson cargill and smithfield foods while these trade groups use their vast financial resources opposing prop b. the corporations that ultimately provided the majority of the funding for the campaign remained silent simply put without the financial support of corporate agriculture the puppy mills of missouri would not have had the ability to mount the alliance for truth or missouri farmers care which were largely responsible for the opposition to proposition b. and lions for truth that could be for anything you know but they can't call
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themselves you know friend group in favor of herding dogs so they have to come up with them their word to just totally distract you from the issue at hand it's not about the dogs it's about liberalism growth of government in an intern your life has a proud tradition of dog breeding for hunting home companionship and just best friends to enforce existing law against animal abuse but vote no to the big government liberalism of proposition paid for by a life for truth mark paterson treasurer i mean they would be fending of those when the thing i mean alliance for truth is literally just a front so there has been a tremendous amount a shocking amount of organized opposition to efforts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial breeding facilities and most of that opposition quite frankly is coming from huge agricultural groups and industries these are groups that have nothing to do with dogs look at who is funding these fanfic. to
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see who's really benefiting from them it's not the individual farmers who man choose who you know may believe in some of the messaging that these groups are putting forward but it's really the major players in big guy with business who are benefiting and it's the industry why defense that's going on it's not to protect the for the poor rancher i mean those guys are getting screwed i have to stink interests in the future of this farm and the future of this community. corporation . their interest is making money their interest is not in the community their interest is not what is being left behind community interest. is 0. prop b. was very specific it was a bill that he dressed commercial breeding dogs not chickens not cows not pigs but that's what the opposition said that's the misinformation that they gave to people in the state of missouri to scare people it was purely fear tactics on
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their part and it really ended up being at the expense of the thousands of dogs that suffer on a daily basis in the state of missouri every signature that put be on the ballot was signed by humans or roses every boat that passed property in the wall was passed by a missouri rose missourians here and this was not i doubt a story you know like saying all this i was saying it was that you know they might have righted the money so we can get the word out that they didn't go to the polls obviously but missouri residents of both of those already say so when we 1st heard oh you know it was over we were very very. bored by 51 of the have became very close fortunately because of those mass hysteria that was just being spread in the rural areas and they really do people. i
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really believe i mean i talked to him one on one that they really believed this was going to close down the farms. thank you for joining us all i there on missouri governor jay nixon will he find a bill changing proposition b. even though voters already approved it probably be stirred the emotions of missourians on both sides of the issue but it was ultimately approved by 51 percent of voters the thought of altering it is an outrage and a lot supporters essentially a couple of 100 lawmakers have come to treated their judgment for the judgment about a 1000000 voters nancy weller says she can't bear to see another dog pulled out of a puppy mill she and more than a 1000000 other missouri voters pushed for prop be the very bill lawmakers are now working to change the ink wasn't drawing on the formalizing of the final election results when state lawmakers in missouri were going to repeal several of them if they had bills to review in its entirety immediately after the war the people
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you know were not out to put these people out of business for say we just want them to comply with good standards of care but instead they wanted to refuel the whole side they threw it all out it was just 5 months after missouri voters approved a tough new puppy mill law the law is changing they even changed the name of the long puppy mill cruelty act to the canine coolly prevention act and it does remove the breeding dog limit and the requirements of the living conditions of animals it is a constitutional process and when citizens decide they can do that the legislature should defer to the will of the people how do you run a government when the voters go to the polls they will and so it's just ignored there is an election that's the way things run and i have to think what is best for these new normals you know to swallow our pride and sit down and work out something or i'm going to take the high road and and say no no we're taking anything we want all of us know you have to do what's best for the year as far you got into this.
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up until recently politics were about policy preferences and ways to implement them that is not the case today your political views are now what define you as a person and there is a moral dimension bias against those who are not politically correct is the last acceptable form of discrimination this is the end of politics. and. the european union's tendency to believe that. it represents europe has long been a major gripe for russia but as the e.u. experiences significant internal difficulties it is studied to reassess what it is and what it stands for what does that process mean for the countries sharing the
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continent with. his community there are people who believe that it's ok to sell for x. food on my table it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with lots of arguments there's a lot of conflict within the game and between the 2 most of the conflict i would say revolves around money and most of them money is made. close one on each of those he knows each other is good business the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year off to prison complex just to get some point in your life where. you don't care about your so your care might anything.
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germany expels to russian embassy staffers in berlin saying there's quote sufficient evidence to link russia. to the murder of the georgian national moscow denies any state in both. the celebrations come to an end for its 70th birthday in the u.k. nato member states in the line struggle to find common ground. and donald trump labels the new house intelligence committee report on his impeachment a joke as u.s. democrats hang their hopes on the document being enough to pin the president.


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