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from the state autonomy from the state you don't need the federal government the federal government is a luxury that exists at our for our amusement essentially and our consent and our consent and right there's nothing central about it you have local government and state government yeah ok you need that to some degree but you don't need anything more than access to the sum a solar powered vehicle energy powered vehicle electric battery powered vehicle and the technologies developed by a law must be law musk is a guy who's been to the abyss and back you know he made billions of dollars as a young man and he saw the future probably in some drug induced hazy kind of vision hallucination and he's come back from the future to deliver us americans to a state of our natural existence of individual sovereignty while all primates of course have evolved from south africa that's where all the great experiments and humankind has come from and it makes sense that he would be from south africa here
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in america to rescue us from our primitive ways that will kill us if we don't evolve and marginal revolution points out some of the other you know technologies he's developing on why they're so important to an individual and to a society how you can protect yourself solar panels plus the tesla give you mobility even if saudi arabia goes up in smoke and world shipping lines are shut down that's how our federal government says our national governments and these giant militaries keep us in line they say well if you don't have us then saudi arabia's oil might not get to you and there's going to be apocalypse and you're never going to be able to get to wal-mart to buy your goods well here they're saying if you have solar power panels at your home and fresh water and things like that you can you can survive any of that stuff but i would talk about dig a little ization dollars asian right so this is clearly clearly dayglo bill is ation on. micro-level in the 2nd half we talked to abraham cambridge of some sun
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exchange in south africa and he brings home the point that you can tap into the solar energy and fuel your own existence unencumbered by any state apparatus which is fantastic part of globalization that keeps us powerful as unique individuals is that we can speak to people around the world we're not ignorant we don't rely on one you know giant news organization for example or our state department to tell us what's happening in latin america or asia or anywhere else in the world we have internet access we can speak to people around the world and he points out here in this article starlink musk's plan for $12000.00 or more cheap high speed internet satellites will free the internet from reliance on any terrestrial government and you already see the beginning of the splintering of the internet as it's parts of it get handed off like dot org that domain name has been handed off to private
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equity so that's going to be like crushing that's one of the beginning of the privatization of parts of the internet and it's already starting to create it's like divides there but if we have satellites we can still communicate with people around the world and if you've ever seen an apocalyptic film like box or something you need to communicate with other people any survivors out there of whatever our governments and military going to you know bring upon us right those rail guns by the way can launch a satellite into space from a stationary position on earth you don't need a rocket to blow to blast into outer space you can launch the projectile from base on earth using a rail gun to put that satellite into space so that a given norma's ability to put these satellites and get individual sovereignty now the perfect currency for this is big because it's a sovereign and there's frictionless if it's a store of value you can move it around for virtually no money cost him to move it back and forth and that's part of this revolution so a lot of mosque and bitcoin is like a match. read heaven i'm sure he'll come up with the guy who runs twitter jack
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dorsey at some point to create some applications and financial products to go with the musk individual sovereignty revolution well actually i thought jack dorsey is in ethiopia and he tweeted at mosque and said hey why don't you bring some tesla's down here to ethiopia he was talking to a woman who runs an organization their electric suffering electric power there and so they were doing to reconfigure the world toward individual sovereignty so it's a distribution of wealth into wealth distribution energy just to be into local ization dollars ation i think those 2 guys could maybe peter teal to some degree although he seems conflicted somewhat but he could also be part of the mix if you're driving around in this post-apocalyptic world with failed states of course you need to protect your self from the many many neighbors of yours who will not have protected themselves who do not have big point who do not have gold you do not
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have solar panels and haven't thought to they had always relied on the fed to bail them out and always relied on the government to shoot dead anybody in the world that they don't like so now that's not there anymore so you need a giant truck of mad max truck and most latest venture of the truck certainly fits the theme and even if the demonstration didn't go as well as planned isn't it interesting that the truck is advertised as bullet proof mad max would be pleased we're heading into reverse hunger games in the reverse under games of billionaires are being hunted and you've got your cyber truck you've got your solar panels and you're individually sovereign and these billionaires who come around are begging bowls trying to get more money give me one more free of money and they're out in the no man's land well speaking of apocalypse ongoing apocalypse in the fracking sector just as we had pointed out and of course we got in trouble from the big state about pointing out the truth and telling you to prepare yourself frack. gang
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blows up investors again phase 2 of the great american shale oil and gas bust so in 2019 through this 3rd quarter 32 oil and gas drillers have filed for bankruptcy that makes 200 since 2015 and all the latest f.e.c. filings are showing the enormity of the losses that are going on as we've said they've never made money in the 10 years of fracking that has existed in the u.s. never annually have they ever made money some individual producers have with the sweetest spots but there are very few sweet spots chesapeake has been burning cash ever since it started fracking to feed its cash burn machine it has borrowed large amounts and has been buckling under its debt for years selling assets to raise cash and keep drilling for another day but his debt is still nearly $10000000000.00 as shares closed on friday at $0.59 which is down like 90 something percent an over 5th in an s.e.c.
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filing it warned of its own demise unless oil and gas prices surge into the sky a.s.a.p. call it continued depress prices persist combined with the scheduled reductions in the leverage ratio confident our ability to comply with the leverage ratio provident during the next 12 months will be adversely affected which raises substantial doubt about our ability to can you continue as a going concern i.e. we're bankrupt. going to go to the kids or say we're bankrupt and we're going bankrupt then we're going to need a bailout too and you've got to clean up the specially created fracking as we've pointed out was never a viable business but it was a great story and the story was we we need to be energy independent from those bad guys of the middle east and some people poured money into the story the same way people pour money into the we work story because the founder said i'm going to have a global real estate play the global real estate market as extra lanes of dollars on a bag that 5 percent of it or 10 percent of it the company is going to be worth you know 10 trillion dollars and the story sold because money is dispensed to people
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with good stories not just stop the spends to people who have good business plans you need a good story because most of the people the most the money. are beyond looking to make money they're looking to be entertained they're looking for to get a good story and so we work was a great story and it was a $48000000000.00 catastrophe fracking was a great story it's exciting we're going to big the saudis are going to become the number one energy producer like word to wire some my money it's a great story the business plan was nonexistent they'll never ever make money they're all going to go bankrupt but you want to feel better about yourself doing it well the articles that he's looking at in this piece from wall street they actually talk i think it's from wall street journal or bloomberg the financial press and they actually talk about the billionaires that have been wiped out because there was the 1st crash as he talks this is phase 2 phase one was in 2014 through 16 during the member the big crash in the oil prices and a load of billionaires poor do billions what they talk about $12.00 brothers that
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lost a $1000000000.00 by for throwing a $1000000000.00 at the fracking thing which they thought at the bottom and 201532016 but as they point out here it like waiting petroleum which was one of these big fracking plays their shares were $370.00 in august of 2014 today they're $5.34 so that's course than any of those i c o's are all in a combo i was a stockbroker for many years and sometimes you have to take the role 'd of a priest where someone shows up with a lot of money and they fit their riddled with guilt you want to lose it and you need to relieve them of their guilt and show them how to lose all that money in a fracking stock ok we take the commission i'll be happy to do so to keep the church of wall street going and you've been relieved of your guilt in the form of being disabused of your wealth and the cycle continues and all this glorious you know you often talk about your days on wall street when houston became a c 3 city be right out oil crash back that well what you're seeing in houston
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again and the in the 3rd quarter vacancy rates. in the business sector the office vacancy rate is at 24 percent and houston right now because of this white house going on and the fracking and oil sector right and the thing with houston and the energy market recovered in large part because of enron and enron had this is the answer that they were going to financial eyes everything then that was a spectacular flameout of course $80000000000.00 aberrated one day and now during this crisis you'll see another savior appear another enron like company because memory is short we've totally forgot about enron they'll be another enron like company that alone arise from the ashes and will propose some monetization of all these problems to deliver the wall street crowd the dividends that they so richly don't deserve and cycle will continue and by the way investors will have to come to realize with grapple with the reality that their money was drilled into the ground
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and is gone but you are closer to god so stay tuned much more coming your way after this. ok in the special can somebody we can benefit so as one of the men of the. book to get us to the gulf where. you thought the whole doping in russia things was over forget it. part of your book will come about through a completely sure we have them all still some of the muzzle sensitive. russian methods eligibility for the international competition says at stake this includes
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events like the tokyo olympics and the fee for world cup and qatar if miami dolly as last. year when you can one of those just as it was 4 years ago in moscow anti-doping plavix at the center of this scandal so who tampered with the doping samples database and one does greegor you want to give have to do with it and you know she still does restart the ball zameen you know. that's a little spots will not use the push on the machine you ship might expose me in the ocean touch a little bit so the pollution you're doing is noble. and beautiful kill the repeated purposes apologise to the people and come on you know it's all bots to. be ready for a. commitment.
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that you want to 1st. move no. longer. thank you thank you. for. the cut cut cut cut. cut cut cut. cut. cut. cut.
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cut cut. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max keyser time now to go to south africa and talk with abraham cambridge of the sun exchange full disclosure i'm an advisor i am i done. to say see i'm very well howie oh excellent so listen it's been about 2 years since we last spoke so for those who don't recall tell us about some exchange what you call solar powered money some exchange is a pitch to pay a solar panel micro leasing platform and i was a baby and awoke to purchase a solar panel on line the gas and stored hid in sunny south africa and eventually
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sell electricity to organisations schools and chose one lakh reserves you name it anyone from a desktop computer or a mobile phone can now slow the power africa the greatest thing about that is the income generated from selling this other is returned to people in big point so it effectively allows completely global irish of so pounds where ever to the effect of the stream modify sunshine from one form into the other and why do you think this is profound is that many individuals especially these days are increasingly frustrated by that and the lack of action of of government to stop transitioning the world to cleaner and cheaper sources of energy such as solar power and that issue is no more important than than here in africa way gone it's very slowly there's a giant need for cheaper more sustainable sources of energy well there's people living in apartments in new york and london who would love to other decide
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a panel but don't hurry to put it on and freeze and exchange dot com people are now other side panel in the sunniest places on earth so it's basically a revenue split so the sun shine hits the solar panel and the school gets some of that energy to offset their cost now they're they've. comes solar power and then anybody who puts as little as 10 bucks into financing those panels gets part of the revenue they get at david and in the form of because that goes right to their decline wallet and suffer the investor who is participating in this scheme they're turning sunshine into crypto currency and typically and it goes right into the wallet and it's happening in south africa how has the project scaled over the past 2 years you've done a lot of deals right well this time last year we are producing about $150.00 kilowatts of solar power during the during the daytime where now just about one point to make a will so we basically increase the installation capacity on africa by about 10
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fold right now we go fight for solar projects under construction hiring schools and supermarkets we're awesome own retirement home i mean these are organizations which benefit hugely from having a lower cost energy and the list will forget that solar power is now the cheapest form of energy in the world so this is a really great opportunity for businesses to get access immediate access to lower costs energy well as they bring people to a new solar panels i must point out this is not being issued as a dividend this is basically a micro power purchase agreement it's somebody who is going to a website bought a sort of i don't know and he's leasing beso about directv so a project better choice peer to peer hands page appears solar panel might be releasing fair enough. we also just you know just post a major milestone with we just generated out again to all our of interest to us 1000000 kilowatt hours of electricity that's enough electricity to fully charge
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a tesla model s. enjoyed it equivalent distance of the moon and back 9 times that's how much i trust you we are now for jesus through this platform and i'm just i'm thinking back to a book i read by buckminster fuller not too long ago he made. at the point that planet earth gets about a 1000 times more energy from the sun every day that it uses sun other words the sun is a so norma's source of energy that up until recently has been untapped and instead people are burning fossil fuels 'd and they're doing other ways to generate energy which are incredibly inefficient and in places like india are just out of saying they're undergoing ecological devastation the externalities of burning these fields as catastrophic here's the sun offering not only plentiful
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energy at cheap rates because a photo electric poundals but you have developed over some exchange a way for anybody essentially to tap into the sun and generate revenue from the sun the sunshine come here regularly and sear interior krypto wallet and totally the growth they are talking about there is phenomenal and. have there been any projects that have failed during that time what's the success ratio you know you find 100 percent success ratio i mean when we launch a project on some exchange it sits on the market place and sort of the sort of house of bull once they very likely they produce power and be electricity is so's the end user and return to the solar panel. were just your point really interesting thing you just said about your bias that the amount of some point reaching the earth and it being much more efficient and effective to source energy from that i don't just point out that it's almost unparalleled see what's going on with the in special banking system and don't forget that. bank of scotland off funding to let
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story should i mean the keys i think so pipeline in the united states which has now leaked was funded by o.b.s. that was also bailed out during the last financial crisis and these the banks which finance most of us were asians so it's going to change or is it still would seem to be going to die or. yes money away from main street high street banks which are using money to create more debt and to finance fossil fuels say money out of banks and put it into transparent certain energy projects with real valuable assets on the line then they produce real value energy on a predictable time scale with returns this great a better place. and that's what our projects deliver and so the i mean the internal rate of return of our projects is over. 1112 percent are all i'm not going to focus on a 20 year lease so somebody could buy some of our projects but 20 years of income
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source from sunshine and as we were the sun is going to come up every day yes some days maybe shorter journey is so maybe longer over year basis is highly predictable the income that people produce from this great great great points there and you are as you point out taking money out of the banks pockets that are funding fossil fuels so it's a it's a really horrendous relationship between banks and the fossil fuel industry they work together they have been doing for decades they are dependent on each other to fuel this economic degradation here at sun exchange it's an economic and an energy model that is completely divorced from the current model and if if anyone is concerned about the environment here's a way to monetize or concern you're making 12 percent a year internal rate of return which is which is amazing so lab rate on how the how
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big coin works in the sun exchange as each kilowatt hours consumed by an end user own the other end of the solar panel the electricity is purchased for whatever the lease is tied to the moment that tied to the south african rand and that is all about be converted into big coins through this african critter. currency exchange which then has been returned into the hole it on i used to count i was really cool about that is that we're tracking the energy production in real time so very soon with the introduction of lightning network rails we can actually pay out people's income as the electricity is produced in real time so you can read now imagine a stream of photons think about it into electrons being converted into cryptic currency by literally streaming monetise sunshine from from the sun source of power into some of my own i will it last last bit is coming too so this is really essential i used energy to decentralize our shit with the centralized money so this
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is history you know to the ultimate vision of how the will be with. fair economy to access to energy next to access to money isn't applicable to. topping up batteries in other words he can it can energize battered batteries this wouldn't be as solar panels for schools but just to have freestanding batteries so you could have a station intermittently over there over that array and that would it be able to power up solar cars and sorry electric cars so the electric cars need energy and different power stations can you use this technology to keep let's say stations topped up with energy to keep those electric cars going it's just as an agenda means over the metric cars it's a battery on wheels i mean and that's what the winter car is i mean this as long as you can charge the battery was sort of power we can measure how much lower power is
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going to the battery and then people can enjoy around on sunshine so it's entirely possible it is a 1000000 ways you can use solar energy and chose to go into gaza step being one of them and if anybody is looking for a cheap source of pounds charge their rhetoric on it what looks like the solar energy and this is. it makes no difference really on i want to talk a minute level what that energy policy is so power is now the cheapest form of energy so you know the likes of amazon and google facebook switching solar power on the data centers irrespective of whatever the policy is of u.s. government it's a joint revive call because it makes no economic sense to do so so let's talk about the n.s.a. how big is the solar industry at the moment how fast is the growing globally regionally for you in sub-saharan africa what's the market look like how much bigger is it going to get so i just sort of what was mornings over the next 9 years it's projected that 2 terrell's of atrocity generation from solar is going to be installed while white that's 2000000 get what's 2000 and you could house stations
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weapon at u.t. this could be below the next next 9 years there's already $300.00 gig what's. in store what whites past 300 nuclear power stations with and your production is still the energy cost is coming down so production costs are coming down but then places like africa where energy access is ret the grid infrastructure has not been constructed yet at reliance on a centralised energy distribution model which is from the victorian era where they would have an essential oils cope our station pumping out how to address the country this is the most of it that trying to replicate it in new markets such as such as african nations and it doesn't work it takes too much time to connect centralised and she stations so rural areas so energy poverty is a writ if you access what interests you are very the real problem so to power can be deployed very very fast in remote locations providing energy is cheaper meals on
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a table so the future africa really is decentralized energy is what we agreed to so enable is the radical esque acceleration of clean energy access across the continent and list all forget all that money future of africa is also. to carp so you mean here is uppers but the greatest use case per capita of big point than anywhere else in the well people know this money works it's transnational is universal it works across borders very quickly and easily and they work because you from zimbabwe with uganda living in south africa it's remit 'd money back so the future of money. is a big point if you share the energy is. solar and so so just to rebuild those 2 is 2 different what was it 2 power arms together right a brand cambers thanks for being on the kaiser report thanks for showing me all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max
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kaiser and stacey abbott like to thank our guests a brand cambridge of the sun exchange dot com if you'd like to get in touch tweet us the kaiser reports are like signed by. his community there are people who believe that it's ok to sell fracking food on my table it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids and ask and as a parent. i can come up with lots of arguments there's a lot of conflict in the game between the 2 most of the conflict i would say over money and most of them is me. close one only to. each other is good business the state of california makes 6000000000 dollars and you have to
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prison complex to get some point in your life where. you don't care and one of my cares about you so you don't care might anything. thinking of getting a new phone the ones we got in here shows no problem was as he didn't know until he was trapped in this tiny little wired lunch we'll be near the crate with the wall just. freaking out in she won't let us bring him anywhere near. breeding dogs are caged in in 2 main conditions on puppy farm i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in a cage outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the cold air the rain the snow the funder nothing they have no protection. because you. know it's ok. across the u.s. cruel puppy mills are supported by dog shows and pet stores most of the puppies that are coming from these large scale factory farming kind of operations are being
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sold in stores even joined a group businesses are involved like cargill among santa there has been a shocking amount of organized opposition to adverts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial rating for so many most of that opposition is coming from a huge agricultural groups and industries that have nothing to do with jobs don't buy dog.
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midday on the boat moscow time in the headlines 3 people dead after a saudi air force trainees opened fire at a u.s. naval base in florida authorities are investigating whether or not but instead it was a terror related i'll tell you the latest coming up to this hour since the vast majority of americans want less political division in the country called into a new poll or will some democrats are already lining up more impeach trouble for donald trump if he does win in 2020. you've got the story about a former facebook moderator too for you to take in the company to court alleging that his work caused him psychological damage. people in the u.k. failed to see the funny side of the christmas card poking fun at dell side.


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