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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  December 7, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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and understand that this by a bunch of words obama spit out he also laid more oil pipeline than ever before he and his secretary of state hillary clinton ran all over the world promoting fracking which releases the even more potent gas methane i mean all obama might as well been run around shooting penguins in the face with a. difference he did the policy of quibbling of punching endangered species in the right. which is difficult for the rhinos because there's a former. liberal helmet. maybe this former obama administration official now understands this catastrophe is related to both parties we've had increasing emissions over the past decade those emissions are expected to continue increasing with business as usual it really suggests that leadership matters president obama brought the countries of the world together to
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create a global agreement in the paris accord he works on a bilateral u.s. and china commitment to reduce emissions. why didn't someone just say missions have increased every year for the past decade meaning every year obama was in office to double just. we've had increasing emissions over the past decade yeah what that guy's got. obama went around saying he was going to do one thing and did the exact opposite from on the other hand. but he gets on stage and he goes good evening ladies and gentlemen i am a lunatic and. all right maybe he doesn't say it but he says it with. and during all of this very little changes because big oil and big banks are secretly running the cut. we need to be talking about this issue for what it is
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which is a public health crisis that is playing out right now and when people understand that climate change isn't just some distant environmental problem but it also means that the air that we breathe is going to be more contaminated the water that we drink is going to be less safe that the environment that we have that we live in will be less inhabitable yes yes the air the water we need leadership like obama showed with the water flint michigan. a crisis of lead poisoning hit flint in the middle of obama's term and he in the big i ignored it harder than i've ignored the ads for michael bloomberg. how about the water off the gulf of mexico as long as we're talking about water b.p.'s. deepwater horizon oil spill happened during obama's term and he made sure b.p. understood that destroying the gulf of mexico was frowned upon.
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the same will happen under donald trump he would boldly say he likes oil spills. because there are fewer dolphins to clog up the engines on his yacht. during this incredibly rare amazon b.c. climate change coverage this week katie tour was not done dropping truth bombs here's the thing we didn't always disagree on this this was something that everybody agreed on as late as the one $980.00 s. all politicians basically agreed on it it wasn't until there was a concerted dissin from ation campaign perpetrated by the oil industry yes and just after that she had to pause for an ad from shell oil. for katie turner no one told her that amazon because she is from the past few decades manufacturing consent for wars for oil she's working for a pro-war propaganda. outlet that is trying to make sure america gets all of the
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oil so that we can use all of the oil. today and when she finds out. you would see finds out where she works out it's going to be so very. sad and of her. look at everything she said about that everything she said and everything that the u.n. reported about the cataclysmic harm of climate change is true but funneling our outrage and anger and activism into wall street 2 party system is the opposite of creating change it's the opposite of getting active it's the opposite of saving humanity from a planet wide death spiral however wise if you see the value. of
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going on like a i know is there going there is room behind it the british elections are mere days away. you know what i said this is only actions are mere days away and they just called for elections a few weeks ago how could they already be having our orders are nearly a year away and the campaign has been going since before abraham lincoln grew up here. if i have to hear people who judge speak one more time. i'm going to vomit up green smoothie that i purchased to help my amuse just to deal with hearing people. i think the u.k. election style is plenty long enough and gave them plenty of time just enough time for jeremy corbyn to reveal leaked documents that show boris johnson has a plot to sell off their beloved free public health care system and u.s.
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trade talks with trump however because i need to give equal time to each side i will now let you know that boris johnson has no plans to sell off their health 'd care system. they will go to their health care system from our ruthless american corporate vampires to his dying breath. and he does not look like slaughtering the goonies mated with a toilet bowl right. the way speaking of quietly doing the exact opposite of what you claim to stand for house lawmakers recently passed a short term funding bill and talked into the end of this must pass legislation in a section titled other matters is language reauthorizing 3 foreign intelligence
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surveillance act of storage use key provisions of the patriot act and in case you were unclear about this the democrats run the house of representatives so both parties are allowing our rights to continue to be cool. rushed and i guess i shouldn't be surprised considering this video i found of obama's attempt to stop the illegal surveillance of american citizens back when he was president. that was his only attempt right is to protect horizon and every guy down with that he took a break. moving on you guys know a 10 year challenge write a viral campaign where people posted photos of themselves 10 years ago then follows it themselves today and everyone loved it because it was a way for us all to to voluntarily give facial recognition software tons of data
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to better track us the next fun viral campaign will be the insert a tracking device under your skin. and a cool one i partook of this one this week if you have a daughter get on it it's the stick and amazon dot up your butt challenge. it's really great now amazon can analyze my likes and dislikes and send recommendations for future purchases straight into my colon. anyway the 10 year challenge was a thing and now u.c. berkeley economist has a slightly different kind of 10 year challenge so $400.00 wealthiest americans doubled their fortunes in the past 10 years the total wealth of the $400.00 as americans jumped from $1.00 trillion to $2.00 trillion the tax rate fell from 27 percent to 23 percent in that time and while they've doubled their wealth the
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average worker has. not not not not not not. wages are stagnant income disparity. has gone up and the housing crisis in some cities has gone so bad that most millennial now live inside goddamn pods for. but on the plus side they can more easily now be freeze dried and shipped around the country. not sure if it's possible to have sex and one of those things so i guess just put up a sign that says if this pans a rock and call an ambulance because i probably had a seizure it certainly no thanks whatever is rocking the. sax says never been sacked or the god. at least done with another person. anyway point is the overage have doubled their revolting wealth since the last economic collapse and the rest of us are more exploited than ever before in other
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countries they seem to understand that aggressive neo liberal exploitation is not ok right now there are massive protests in chile colombia iraq ecuador haiti france village yes even the goddamn smart village they rose up when they found out papa smurf had $37000000000.00 i was living in a polite usual toadstool pack for the love of hookers and blow all right i mean smurfs are different biological systems so coke doesn't do anything for them they start cross doubling and berries but they call the call to get the point. they rose up and now papa smurf is on a bike trying to like. it serves its shares as a mother's perfect symbol to any further who want to harm others with maniacal levels of mother's market greed. get it 1st get it.
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first. green while representative bill hunt omar has actually been working to help people see. ogling under our abusive just him her new homes for all act would fund the construction of 12000000 new homes in the u.s. over 10 years mostly as called like housing. yes the public housing used to be part of the social safety net affordable housing was practically a right but presidents clinton bush obama and trump have led in a stalled against public housing reducing it to almost nothing but a mars program will cost a trillion dollars and so critics are saying where will you get the money for that i have some ideas. thank. god here's one of my more peaceful ideas how about we collect the trillions of
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dollars hidden in offshore tax havens and it's only gotten easier it's only on the easier for them to become more tax havens and 8 years ago i investigated the biggest tax haven in the world in the cayman islands i went down there yes i really did that's a real photo and they were not ok with me being there. furthermore i was not ok with that erica. we have the money in this country to alice everyone it gives everyone a fordable homes don't let the pathetic kleptocrats tell you otherwise if i have your one more musty mouth to bank of put that i think housing initiative i swear to god we learned along the way from feedback from the unity that sometimes we were too aggressive on us and we needed to step back and make sure we were talking with the commune make sure we were being reasonable with those landlords or property owners who really were trying to do the right thing and it's one of the reasons why
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locally we've started directing more and more dollars to help people with repairs. apparently my munity supplements are not working. and also. bosco. why is he tilted in that interview. i watched the whole 5 minutes these are. so why is. he standing still to look maybe maybe maybe he thought voters will think i'm left wing if i lean laugh. while all the. wall eyes continue to be a right wing war hawks oh i know it's because he's sitting on a stack of telephone books so you're behind the camera. finding it on one side
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or maybe it's because he's on a sinking ship where to go to a store bright but. i'll just have to have 33777 in the united states supreme court authorized by law to our.
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lives community there are people who believe that it's ok to suffer food on my table it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that ask. and as a parent. i can come up with arguments and there's a lot of conflict within the game between the 2 most of the conflict i would say. is made. close one of the children's children is good business the state of california makes $6000000000.00 a year of the prison complex just to get some 20 a life where. you don't care. anything. the defensive alliance that has shaken several countries it's the union of the supposedly like minded the cult agree on what the main threats of it's the appear
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to me of military might but said to be both in great shape and brain dead at the same time as the organization celebrates its 70th anniversary is it find its own through just think about it so. 6 i'm still only half the problem to straighten has announced that it will now in a department for a departure from decades of u.s. policy recognize israeli settlement expansion as a legitimate and legal because we have a special relation relationship with israel so nice special relationship this comes at a time when president netanyahu faces indictment on bribery charges for more we're joined by our special relationship correspondent and. the state department is now claiming that israeli settlements in the west bank are
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legal under international law that so fast what secretary pompei o has said is that building these settlements is not per se inconsistent with international law per se does that mean either it is there isn't no no no this isn't black and white it's in what's called a purse gray area. that's a longstanding american foreign policy standard for when our allies are accused of violating so-called human rights international relations circles it's known as the doctrine. so we're letting israel play by a different set of rules that's not going to help broker a peace deal well according to pompei oh there will never be a judicial resolution to the conflict and arguments about who is or. right and wrong as a matter of international law will not bring peace so what will bring peace but war of course. lou all we need to do is give israel their military money and get out of
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the way and truck truck gets this that's why he's filled his cabinet with christian zionists like the $2.00 mikes on pay $1.00 pence. for them any attempt to alter the terms of israel's borders is seen as a direct affront to guy. christian scientists tend to view human attempts at reaching peace as few tile it best and say tannic it worse so trying to negotiate a peace settlement between israelis and palestinians is say tannic look i don't make the rules say. satan worshiper. thanks. who doesn't make the rules the same guy you put up in office you don't know who i mean listen to unofficial white house advisor pastor john hague i assure you that one dollar trumps started showing good things about israel the winds of heaven got behind his political choice so you're suggesting god interfered in the election
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held trump you might say that but there is no collusion. believe me trump has never had a meeting with god. but his law god's law is what matters here the white house believes that the settlements have never been illegal because god's law supersedes international law and now so do the laws of israel and the united states. ways and israel isn't following the laws of israel either netanyahu is just an indicted for corruption this isn't even he does have a legitimate government party can't even for majority i'm not legitimate it's israel we're talking about this is benjamin netanyahu is. not just anybody he was granted by the almighty a pair of pecs infused with lightning in a forehead of steel. as for these phony charges the netanyahu nater
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is prime minister to him it goes without saying that he cannot commit a crime the ethnic and class based hierarchical regime in israel rests on the assumption that it is not what you do that is important but what matters is who you are. one of those a crazy question what about the palestinians don't they have a right to be there too sure they do yeah just so long as they abide by laws dictating which buses they can take who they can marry where they can own property and are ok with getting their houses forcibly rebottle every now and again. everybody. will now turn to a city in texas where thousands were evacuated due to a chemical disaster for more on this raging controversy we sent redacted correspondent naomi scherr vonnie.
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papers giving sweep was a slow news week except for the weather reading the macy's day parade how worried were you that you were going to florence i was so worried monday morning i was screaming. 'd you were tired of your right wing uncle talking politics have you ever heard your aunt express her views on and try an inflatable nutcracker and explain to you how that's the only thing that turns her on also on that day an entire city 90 miles east of houston was evacuated because of a chemical plant explosion 3 workers were injured and nearly 60000 people had to flee following several blasts which were old projectile metal towers into the air blowing doors off houses and throwing boards smoke and. into the air. very few outlets cover the end vernal of the plan which manufactures the flammable
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future dye in the e.p.a. and the state of texas have fine b.c. texas petroleum chemical group for air emissions violations more than half a dozen times in the past 5 years after finding many of the steps preventable the disaster and the. facility took place in the trumpeter ministration rollback safety rules meant to protect workers and people who live near chemical plants that's like when a venice council rejected climate change measures and moments later their own it or when officials declared pompei a burning hot lava free zone or one thing the ban on smoking in the hidden burg and then soon after well there was no not of smoking not until 2 days later were people within a 4 mile radius of the chemical plant able to return to their homes and churches
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and they were thankful that the company the t.p.c. group took care of them this holiday season and blew out their windows you can feel the gratitude in the air which they say to bring despite the fact that it looks and tastes like burning used. after the residents return one comes by another tower of the plant falling down and a warning not to touch the debris because it might contain. according to an official statement the black stuff floating don't touch it. and he really dances around that word as specified which is cancer causing a washout for those odds and ends. get in your. texas rich in petroleum and natural gas is also rich in chemical blends that have exploded several times just this year we had fires and deer park at the
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petrochemical plant and exxon mobil plant in baytown and fires broke out at the k.m.c. go chemical plant and. this put a lot of pressure on the news anchors to stand outside and pretend the air is safe to smoke i mean great. now to mention the infamous west fertilizer company explosion in 2013 was so powerful that it registered as a 2 point one magnitude earthquake it leveled homes in a 5 block radius and killed up to 15 people and injured up to 180 well that's nothing compared to the damage done by the winds at the macy's day parade at times to control knocking this balloon into a parade route. surely that great worker survives but think about the p.t.s.d. they'll face the next time they try to get a walnut. we as a nation need stronger regulations so that we're no longer getting beat down by the
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real seasons or later will not crack reporting from a safe distance outside portland. and the macy's day parade on their way care of the rejected tonight. during your headline from the future tomorrow you'll read a confused robert mohler shows up to capitol thinking he's involved in breach of hearings. and in 3 days you'll learn. mike papantonio slap forehead upon discovering he forgot to crit a fascist doing paraguayan last week or was it. and joe week from now oh oh. adam schiff suddenly realizes he's achieved his lifelong dream of being important to people who don't understand what's going on. and this is the big 13 months from now trump overheard telling turkish ambassador here the most perfect impeachment
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there's ever been. held by my new blog bullet points and punch lines is now available for presale you can take a look at grab your copy of lee camp book dot com until next on good night. it was. a.
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little. please. play. lists lists lists. clicked. playing. and very well might continue watching on since last. what
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politicians do you should. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to go right to be cross the border before 3 in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. there should be. a little bit of let me. ask i would him we'll. pick i could get on pretty good not trouble getting moles to show more than. you love food you know mothers. tend to make good or stupid and don't want to touch
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. the who would do a lot of the kook on the standards of that not as you had done this mission. and then most of the difficult to. get. a new of those 2 moons. much of the suits flown in on 2 from the kids who would you hire tied to use in did . not. want to meet your house on the net classroom. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will
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be successful very critical of god i'm time to sit down and talk. 3 people were killed after a sunday air force trainee opens fire as a u.s. naval base in florida the authorities are investigating whether it's terror related . north korea has conducted what it calls a very important test to look at launch sites state media reports and that says tensions between the country and the u.s. with pyongyang saying it's no longer willing to hold talks on its nuclear program. and no laughing matter a u.k. dimension charity sharply criticizes online retailers with selling a christmas card making fun of people without science. well those are the headlines will be back next hour with another update and stay with us for the kaiser.


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