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tv   News  RT  December 8, 2019 6:00am-6:30am EST

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in france violent clashes blocked roads and disrupted transport services as a nationwide strike against the government's pension reform spilled into days of protests. we saw. find they got tickets really coming quickly and you might get a sense of just down that if you can see that military gas coming to an end to the protests try and move people away. also this hour at nato 70th anniversary summit exposes new divisions within the block with a viral video from the event showing world leaders apparently mocking president donald trump. and a new investigation reveals that dating out such a tender don't safeguard users from sex offenders are guesstimated where the
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responsibility to protect women lives. we need the companies to take a moral stance or at least have some sort of responsibility you can't trust these companies to tell you who's good news that you need to take that into your own hands. a very warm welcome to the program from all of us here at our teachers here in moscow thanks for joining us this hour and france one of the biggest strikes in years which was supposed to last one day has turned into consecutive days of protests on saturday tensions were high as workers once again took to the streets across the country they were venting their anger against the government's plans to overhaul the pension system and on sunday more protests are expected public transport disrupted amid fears of violence.
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massive demonstrations were held across the country on thursday. and also clashes between riot police and protesters one of the largest trade union says 1500000 people marched in support of the protests or the interior ministry estimates just over half the took part officers used tear gas to disperse the crowds with the most violent rallies occurring in the french capital to witness them unfold. this strike has been planned for many months now and this is against a proposed changes by the french government to the pension system here in france the idea here is that they want a model come a number of different systems around 42 different systems into a universal system but people say that i will have a massive impact on that pensions because it will mean that their pensions perhaps could be lower in the future or in fact that they might have to work even longer and that has caused a huge fury here in france the crimes go all the way back more than a close to god do nor which is where this process was originally due to start off
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with what was coming for many hours has turned to huge tensions with clashes between the police and the protest as we saw a van that was certain i'm on fire and they got tear gas really coming quite pleased to us and you might get a sense of it just down that you can see there more tear gas come into the protesters shariah and move people away incredible as fame is just beginning and as you can hear you know we're seeing protests this crushing shops in front of us tear gas is bringing down and those crews battling. battling you if you are contain this fire you've also been tensions elsewhere in front nor just the tensions in places like. other cities the suggestion now is. that this one strike that was initially planned by transport workers and is now encompassed teachers health work is the firefighters and even the police could now start
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a ruling striking in the lead up to christmas and going on until the new year as the strike is attempt to make the french government rethink these pension reforms for the moment here in france people are adamant that they want to have their voices heard this come out to the streets to make sure that's happening. earlier this week nato leaders gathered in the u.k. to celebrate the military alliances 70th anniversary but it turns out people in the host country have little knowledge of its relevance. what do you think are the main 3 achievements of they. even though. in terms of achievements no. i don't know what it's about have no idea any advantage of nato next year i honestly don't know anything about it so the flag still a day and only my husband recognized what it was who it's
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a good question. from the group. so one probably. to be honest i don't have i don't have even one. leaders use the occasion to claim that nato is the most successful alliance in history some of the members disagree as to what the main threats to the bloc are they did agree about to share its running costs more evenly something the u.s. has long been urging simon right from political satire show in case you missed it gives an alternative take on the summit. $29.00 nation alliance which makes up one of the hall of the world's military spending yet still calls itself. has turned 7 c. congratulations. what a lovely party in london some drinks spread some president trump accused the president of france and anyone michael of being nasty bullied the least popular
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video from being laughed at by trudeau cronon even boris johnson has been seen around the world today wouldn't say exactly plain sailing for this nato meeting but here come all the leaders now coming in with. many of us the president of somewhere oh yes i know that one i know that one. together last. leader. that's the least popular to keep this christmas. happy that you today. i suppose they are having to this is this going to strengthen the school to. no one. before the main festivities started a select group of leaders have the tools to meet at the u.s. ambassador's residence we like kids going to. play by the orange one on a golden throne i suppose he does pay for
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a nato presence off the road something the head of the alliance un stoltenberg knows very well believe this was the spine this is. going to get america to pay the bills you know i've always thought that being the head of nato must be the least powerful job in the world despite their recent differences france's emanuel did meet trump in. frankly all some display of man spreading. and passive aggression this is where. it would be great if you know. it's. ok because. you could have something different from the us. but. also water. you. know well with nato which has become like any 70 year old its way slowly and has expanded since it's probably become a bit of
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a financial burden to the family they can't work out who it is slow and small the russians the chinese all the middle east and. the anniversary party was marred by protests in the british capital some demonstrators vented their anger against certain attendees others objected to nato pressuring its members to race a fence spending. far to america's rick sanchez asked his guest about the current purpose of nato and if it really is obsolete as once put it before changing his mind. you're a diplomat you've got a lot of experience in this field what is it that made. either it must do today to stay viable or does do we even need it anymore you know it's a bureaucracy in search of a mission i was right in 2016 when he said it was obsolete and so afraid was the establishment that he meant what he said on the very day he was inaugurated and they tried to ram through the addition of a new country montenegro eventually got through because it turned out they didn't
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have to worry about trump's intentions once he filled his administration with a bunch of bushies and retreads of the heritage foundation they've simply adopted of the policies we've had the last few decades and somehow turned into nato as obsolete into let's make nato great again we'll just strong on these countries to pay more for their defense against nobody in particular you think they know as in fact outlived its usefulness i thought so in 1990 s. think so today it's been known as a loser from the standpoint of being a naturalized american and having read the founding fathers warning you can't seem to angling alliances i mean what is this but in entangling alliances it's our own foreign policy that did reason nato is being kept around by the foreign policy hawks in washington is not because it's necessary for the actual military operations and nato itself doesn't really contribute a whole hell of a lot there are very few countries with the notable exception i want to say france and turkey but it would put it in as if this is not a good idea for the united states and its very close allies to have an association
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a military but i would close our eyes that's what i was trying to say france and turkey could theoretically mountie independent military operations everybody else is just a hanger on and they're just window dressing for us military operations but the are literally like roman exactly erisa want to do what i've been hearing go bad what word the word of the launch window or what that is what it seems to be a dismissive alliance and 991 when the soviet union and the warsaw pact would out of business nato should have as well as why didn't they let russia in i mean that literally that time i've read on many occasions buddha himself has said why don't you get is that what you are you're going to tell you who it was but one of the european european nato has said if we did that the nato would. like the un just to talk shop they couldn't take action by which they meant military action. listen to what you just said if you're saying it doesn't work if we don't have enemies exactly what if we had. the ability to inflict military force and i dare to say aggression in places like serbia and libya whatever we want to using nato as a platform but enemies can change by the way russia could be s.o.b.'s at one time
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like the 1950 s. but not so much now right but better why don't you have a system that allows that ability i guess because because whose interest is that serve at all these all these are the military companies and these bureaucrats who have the nice cool rice balls at the expense of their taxpayers because there's a threat out there is a bear in the woods. popular free dating apps such as tender are not protecting their users from sex offenders on their platforms that's according to a new investigation by american nonprofit organization probably the protest a look at more than 150 incidents of sexual assault over the past decade and found that the majority of victims were women who met their attackers through me match ups and 10 percent of the cases they were paired with men who had already been accused or convicted of sex crimes match group which owns over 40 of the most popular apps says they do conduct background checks on their members but only for paid accounts for the company says it disputes the investigations findings. the
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implication that we know about such offenders on our side and don't fight to keep them off is as outrageous as it is falls and stick knowledge evolves we will continue to aggressively deploy new tools to eradicate bad actors including users of our free products where we are not able to obtain sufficient and reliable information to make meaningful bank ground checks possible chadwick more a journalist at spectator magazine and reese everson it women's rights advocate gave us their thoughts on dating platforms and their screening policies. the match group is a $1000000000.00 company there is no reason why they couldn't allocate just a small portion of their revenue to screen the people on their ab just so that there's just a smaller since of increased safety it's a precaution it's a measure but it's deserved if they if they're suddenly saying that we want in order to join the service we want to perform background checks on everyone who
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joins 1st of all that would kill the business and they know it there's a moral responsibility on these companies that are making billions of dollars 1700000000 dollars from women looking for love to say oh you know what it's too expensive for us to do a little bit to protect you nobody's going to want to join these apps with these kind of if they're doing that they're being this invasive about background checks with that said people maybe shouldn't be on them especially women and not only are these dangerous for women but it's destroying women so just get off the dating apps if you don't perform your own background checks on in your own time with your own money get off we're not going to restrict women from using the internet because there are predators we do desire for these companies to at least take the step into the right direction why do you want to put that kind of power on these monolithic tech companies and up saying that you know band women for dating apps i'm simply
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saying you should rely on this and you can't trust these companies to tell you who's good and who's bad you need to take that into your own hands so if you meet someone do a background check before you do good for you go out on a date if they work in tandem with the courts to get the names at least of the 1st and last names in the location of where these people are and perhaps create some type of monitor of their internet that's a step in the right direction it's going to be a mess i think no matter what and there's always going to be people who perhaps squeak through or don't get picked up who then commit assaults and crimes get a gun ladies. protect yourselves and we don't and by the way these incidences are obviously extremely rare and you know by and large the vast majority of men are not sexual predators one woman is enough we need the companies to take a moral stance or at least have some sort of responsibility to protect the women that utilize their ad and then what happens you know it's it's never going to be
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a perfect system. still to come at us 2020 presidential rivalry sees an unexpected turn with the baby out of character from the latest star wars saga spin off outrunning the democratic front runners on social media other stories that shape the week after the short break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy on sunday shouldn't let it be an arms race is on very dramatic development the only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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the defensive alliance that has shaken several countries it's the union of the supposedly like minded the culture agree on what the main threats that it's the appear to me of military might but said to be both in great shape and brain dead at the same time as the organization celebrates its 70th anniversary is a fine line for it just think about the time. welcome back to the weekly russia has denied it's been unwilling to cooperate with german authorities over an investigation into the murder of a georgian national and berlin in august and after berlin expelled 2 russian
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diplomats on wednesday claiming that moscow hasn't been forthcoming enough russian foreign minister sergei lavrov told r.t. that it appears moscow will again be blamed for a crime it was never involved in. the federal foreign office today declared to employees of the russian embassy in berlin to be persona non-grata with this step the federal government reacts the fact that the russian authorities despite repeated high level and in fact it requests did not sufficiently participate in the investigation of the murder of tony k.k. in berlin zoo. they said we did not cooperate enough this is groundless some countries today recalled the tragedy of m.h. 17 my dutch counterpart said we didn't do enough then we supplied them with all the necessary information with data from our radars and so on we gave them everything we're all the satellite images the us promised nobody answered that we asked them what kind of cooperation they want from us they responded by saying you have to
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confess you did it that would be corporative if germany wants to follow suit nothing good will come of it that's not a good way to deal with anyone and with russia in particular. the murder and question happened in late august and want to burrow wins parks the 40 year old victim was shot and killed while on his way to a mosque i witnesses say a cyclist shot the man in the back of the head and then fled the scene the slain man is on con congo shmuley also known as torn at k. was a georgian citizen who sends 2017 had lived in germany as an asylum seeker he had ties to a high profile chechens. terrorists in russia and fought against russian troops and police during the 2nd chechen war the man was wanted by russian authorities on terrorism charges the case was seized on by the controversial belling cat investigative group which along with german newspaper spiegel were quick to point the finger at moscow with allegations that russian authorities had helped the assassin create has fake identity economists i com are told us the evidence
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presented so far has been inconclusive. you can definitely see that there are certain interests who want to poison the relationship between russia and germany it seems that there is some cleaning up we're going on with isis and everything around and this high profile terrorist who might be related to all these happenings in there with isis and syria and so on so i think there can be many more reasons why this was done and who did this apart from russia the problem is we cannot trust any of those explanations from german governments at all it was already with the script it was with iraq all these so-called big evidences turned out to be just nothing and in this case to make such a big thing like sending 2 people home is without any proven
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fact it is just a disgrace i'm feeling very ashamed of the federal bureau of foreign affairs. it's been a rocky start for some us presidential election campaigns with several runners already stumbling at the 1st hurdle and dropping out but it seems the baby out of character from a star wars spin off can be quite a successful candidate if it through a tap into the 2020 presidential race according to a recent poll outrunning all democratic hopefuls on social media including front runners joe biden and bernie sanders about not going to stop those tail and the many other still up for consideration striving to be called the perfect candidate. has a story. in is imperfect world of ours the who league will these finding something perfect it is of course impossible but goodness do they really
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try every 4 years in america elections the eternal so. for the perfect candidate a smallish chink in their houllier than that our armor is enough to sink him or her and i really mean the smallest chink for example pete booted judge currently ranked 4th in the democrat candidate polls he's a darling a mayor a family guy openly gay and he even has a disabled dog i mean what an angel but then i see he went too far he helped the homeless participated in salvation army charity events and that's a christian organization which is sometimes accused of homophobia you know hard core christians and all apparently race issues aren't the only thing. is slow to grasp what is his excuse for not realizing the salvation army is homophobic hard to
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imagine a more succinct visual metaphor for i will gleefully work for the active destruction of my people if it makes me seem in a yacht or more electable than boots adige shorter within a seriously antique with salvation army these activists are literally accusing an openly gay man of supporting homophobia just just let it sink in you haven't dropped out of the race yet unlike camelot harris and one of her crimes as a half black half tamil indian woman was that she just wasn't black enough skin pigmentation seems to really really matter for a presidential candidate then you have bernie sanders who spent his life trying to power the poor and for his troubles had the d.n.c. election rigged against him last time around but bernie isn't get it
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america doesn't want. someone who cares so much for the poor sanders just does not understand that a $15.00 minimum wage will hurt the job market and there's no way we can afford to make education free for everyone and on top of bernie's you know principles and decency he's just ancient. get on much like former vice president and controller see magnet joe biden ease neck deep in just the weirdest stuff begin getting really close and taking the nice sniff of people's hair now embroiled in ukraine gate he got his little boy a nice cushy job that pays a standing amounts in ukraine the poorest nation in europe and modern civil war to boot i'm sure he couldn't remember all that stuff for them ages getting the better
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of him to his memory isn't what it was then we have elizabeth warren who hasn't quite yet figured out who she is in case you missed it she tried to pass yourself off as part native american which was an exaggeration by which i mean it was entirely made up. no one it seems is good enough homosexual whole move a black woman who isn't black enough an old man that's obsessed with helping the people that need help biden in his head sniffing and seriously what the hell then again perhaps people wouldn't need to pick so much if you know they had something else to talk about if these people had a plan beyond beating trump a clear plan for america and americans but hey maybe not i mean
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seriously heston if ng stuff. that's our wrap up of some of the week's top headline news thanks for tuning in this hour.
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what holds and. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. i want to reach. out to the right to cross the sea level before 3 of them or 10 people. i'm interested in the waters in the. west. to globalization be dollars a share in the us happening as the world is kind of drifting apart a lot of different lawyers will look into it because there's an economic force behind it is always.
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going on and welcome to all the parts it's a defensive alliance does destroyed several countries a union will deal like minded we're going to agree on what the main threats are and then the be to me all from the military mindset to be both in great shape and brain at the same time as nato celebrates its 70th anniversary isn't it finally time to think it's not about retirement done at least a change of course to discuss that i'm now joined by yusuf political analyst for turkey state run broadcaster tete a tete world is to everyone's good to talk to you thank you very much for your time thank you now turkey has been a member of nato since 9 to 52 year it's the 2nd largest military in deadlines it's
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taken. in many of its operations including the one in libya which triggered the largest gratian crisis of did take it with a profound effect on turkey itself as they thought celebrates its anniversary is it more a reason for celebration or perhaps contemplation in turkey. well i definitely think it's a time for contemplation because nato right now is lacking a strategic vision many of the allies inside nato right now have very did different threat perceptions inside of their own domestic national security apparatus and when nato comes together as the 29 members it has a problem agreeing on who the threat is now we saw the french president mccrum the couple days ago before the nato summit called nato braindead he wasn't exactly correct nato still has value but nato definitely needs to be diagnosed i like to
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call nato's problem a midlife crisis at 17 years old it's still thinks it's 40 years old and it's still things the enemies the soviet union when there is no soviet union there is no communist china and there are much more imminent threats right now in the globe non-state actors terrorist organizations i agree with you there are lots of disagreements internal disagreements within their lines and yet at the same time to turkish officials continue extolling the value of neda and how substantial turkey's role within they to has been if we look specifically at the last 3 decades what did he get out of nato for all its contributions frankly i over the last 3 decades i don't think turkey has gotten much out of nato besides a couple air bases inside the country at times a limited deployment of some air defenses turkey hasn't got much but when you look
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at what turkey has given nato whether it be supporting the afghanistan operation whether it be supporting kosovo or bosnia and when you look at the turkish military nato 2nd largest army you see a army with a very high operational capacity and a heavy experience when it comes to hot conflicts. geopolitically turkey's the long arm of nato that extends deep into these hot conflict zones and gives need to a border where it can operate militarily in these areas very very comfortably but what is turkey gotten out of it we're seeing that turkey has been isolated right now especially in syria when it has a serious national security threat most namely the presence of the syrian arm of the u.s. designated e.u. designated terror organization the p k k i'm talking about the.


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