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tv   Documentary  RT  December 9, 2019 1:30am-2:00am EST

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so when they miss otis johnson. and i just got out of prison for. 41 years. i'm 73 years old and. i got arrested. filled you know like just everything was taken out oh you know. i used to get up. for 30. so do i got it. as a day then about. 30. to
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go out. and do my shoe ots mostly just. as an. all black. just 17 you know and i practiced martial confluent tied c.
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. doing. teach you forms were. more our practice just like movements and stuff i did 40 years all of a hit me 10 times at the boy and i think by training you know it helped me to survive. and the prison system was resting 119-7597 made a 5th and so having come from. training kids in ma she was and when i came out on moscow the concert ran up behind me throw me against the wall and stuff like that and they said i. always stop you because you shouldn't use just another person the tan jacket that's only the end of a case and was on the not 11 call. home
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i just came from nepal you see and a gun on me you see any powder or anything on me just. fit. a coke but under it i show this again but they say we heard the 911 to call the police they said look for a man that shots from. a tan jacket. no race they wanted to wrestle by because of all so i got some. hopefully this officer you know the 1st thing they look for is after america. course an. hour for america because of oil expand. that might fit
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the description and all close and my case they had witnesses to him said that they seen a man running down the street. that had a bald spot on the head like i have now a right. time i had all my hair and put my law even said that you know well this is eyes they saw benny had you know very little. i. don't have no balls because these i'm 25 years old and dating. a respond to that quest. or the criminal justice system you know if they want to be accused of. our 1st day in prison walls i just meditate about the situation what i have to the company of this day from. with no evidence.
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because it's going to affect you. if you is. by yourself and you go and what. i work in the hospital. i think was wayne made. this young man that looks a little bit like me and he's talking to someone as home was assaulted by that in. a homicide on to cops. and i start talking to me so i would you say you do. every day manson saying if i. could have shot him the police turned around and. is. just.
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you know. looking back me. you know also obvious you know. what you want me to do. just you know if you want to you know. if you can you know write a statement that you did not say you know. you know i did. 30 years now so i use a deal. we'll talk about it you know timing on and i said ok i mean it's in the law library sadness so you know he agreed but he never came to the law library. i go to my hearing in a pro also tell me you know if you want. to say you did
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a crime being on release from prison you did good behavior. you got a degree you know anything god i mean you've got no saws no fights when that night so they don't let you go just did send no i'm not going to do that. and i didn't do it and i'm afraid the case try to fight the case when i get out on my own say i did something i didn't do i got. 9 times my 10th time they let me go. when i came out from prison ok. i really didn't know that much about
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society so i was dropped off at times square 40 seconds you were a little packets. to take its bus to gets $40.00 and that's just riding. the people had things knee is now i really. it was like i said cia the f.b.i. working on the cover back as you see t.v. ads you see on these cop stories. trays. and other foods and stuff like that you know i talk about the peanut butter and jelly because i when i was i never seen that crazy stuff nothing about it's elegant and i like the peanut butter best and don't for dinner you came to the ice cream craze with that. ben and jerry's and stuff like that look at all this stuff
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live what you call that stuff sexual harassment everybody seems like coming out of the woodwork. todd people essentially harassment cause i think most the people is doing is going for the my own thing people wanting to come off 50 years ago you don't remember you know that rape or you got tricked on having sex with a person. you know come up now and not only that you've got. gay people. that look like female so you can hardly tell the difference and that's out me a lot to ask awolowo. one lady told saying no that's i think the smell that that young lady you know soon experienced of that see. that's the main. thing though i go over
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a bad deal with add not obey. the most thing that really hit me was us died when society was we had lost so much you know respect for you. is to come dangerous and that's my thing is to bring back the costs to people small things to help people you know really. don't mean the respect for your own person walk off the street like this guy right here he's almost to knock him couple of dollars you know something. serious all right. how you doing today. while mom why you don't want to sell to. the simple why you don't want to go through the. gauntlet. that i see a lot of people in the streets right they will stay in the streets to go under so
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not talk of people. go down. for you. say strawman in the wall street ok ok. then i'll show this same wrong. but all roles just don't call. me that is yet to shape out distinctly comes to educate and in gauge equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. up.
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the world is driven by dream shaped by. the day or thinks. we dare to ask. is you'll be via reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe the. isolation
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will community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallows. a bit of let me. ask i wouldn't. kick i could. not. can you left. who you know nothing. tend to make it
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a secret if the ones who. did what they were would the kook on the scene do it in the out not as you. wish. i knew of those demos from little known to the cynics florida nice to know. so would you hire the moody tide to use in to do. one thing with your house on the. classroom.
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if. the bad thing. sign of all of been inside prison farai is a thing which you call prison mentality or prison behavior when i take a shower. i wash my clothes on a was my shirt made in my past i wash the whole thing. to show off. because no one because that's where i learnt inside the prison and that's a form post of mine to stress. not only that but my eating habits when i got to the prison you know i learned how to eat more salt junk food candy oh call. soda because
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that was you only get maybe. 15. to 35 a day for working you know also that's not really the grocery shopping so what i do is i buy canned food. junk food i screen kate candy cookies just go go and buy a piece of meat on credit and this because. i just got used to you know not by me plus. i don't make that much money. i had one. sexual relationship to my whole life. i think was 16. that was on a sexual relationship right. now. to this day. i've
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. also almost. 50. had sex with a female begin to help me with that discipline to. get away from it is just like i never use drugs i never got high in my life and. asked me to go out with this woman with been going to movies. and i make excuses that i got to meet this town and i got to go to college and you know to get away from you. stupid where you can still for. the ship think of money not think oh i'm just a. lot of people say doing angry about what happened you do for. us what will help me. if i get angry. don't you think also better off and get a bump. on. ricky
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. this is sonny. do you know. my mother. who was buried. that's one. year ago someone to go to and you know. oh great book on net 0. 00 won't look at ok. i'm john here ok trying to get information from you ok. ok
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thanks. from the cold last night from my cousin ricky you know we're trying to never turn up with where my or. my family is buried. i think i. remember. the way to town. you know that you might be a very. good friend might be very sure he'll admit. i don't remember i think. 90 is far too down wife to last
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time. my mom as she expressed that she she came to stop. shipping. in our. case and i mean that was like that are tough to me off. because there's just taken a lot from our miami terminal i wanted to dance you know especially if you're in prison to all that time and your mother would say you know why he and then from now for no reason she's you cause you're locked up that's when a mother spoils stood by especially and gave no debts to innocent. people. i sort of for that report that may tell you too that.
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samantha. and then of course through from serious grandma. close.
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china china cardiod everything that. an arsenal nasser fall and also car ricky you know isis was a car there for here you see the new series girl called this model. here. we're going to hear hearing get back to me i'm in asbury park right now. thank you sarah. and i just says. is not together man is the only no sickness you know and says. oh nike makers
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cures a moment of not. i'm not i'm not i just saw no how. to word it. in the nowhere sneers and now people resent my mother those here some are sent with him out. 'd and i told him as their father now i know what they do read around here you know why they can't come here and help me 5 an hour a day at taps. dallas died and. highlands going to get her phone on me just more when i just talk to me about my mother. i'll. soon have not came to i can't talk to you no masaki my. skin is. red here. right here and nobody will come.
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'd you know i want to see my mother living my sealers. really hard to me to day. see that come from our family. our really see how other people feel when they talk to me about the same situation our love was on his family i was one of the wisest oh i.
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don't respect and they just want money. just want money. i got a saying that everything and i have stories i really think i was put in prison to meet will serve to. get what i'm talking about to the people now so they can see
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that somebody really will too. this kind of stuff can do talking to progress have been assigned to have fun thanks life gotten shot.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you have an. imax keyser one more of my guide to financial survival this is fun it's a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these has flaws are simply not accountable. to them. destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get in for your guys or. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected.
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so when you want to be president and you. want to be. the 2 going to be press this is like a muscle tree in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of our. city. you know world of big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wait to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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so we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. crazy foundation let it be an arms race is on all sides very dramatic development only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately it was also a very dark so. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will always be worth one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they
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can suppress certain types of results on what they think you should be see if they have this kind of power then democracy is it an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more we give them the sooner we're all. flush now thieves brace themselves with the well done to do it thing agency to decide on whether it's not on the dollar to international support from them for the next 4 years. yeah the little bit the bill for it is. just that but others from chile have gone 6 dozen of the. the us to live in a blemish that's that to get discouraged on the russian grounds the proposed doping sanctions and the inappropriate.


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