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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 9, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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now matter of tense here we're going underground ahead of a u.k. general election and the u.k. court appearance by the most famous publisher in the world julian assange of wiki leaks who doctors fear will die imprisoned in solitary confinement at a supermax prison for availing defacto u.k. backed war crimes coming up on the show australia's former deputy prime minister barnaby joyce hell is going on the ground that the issue of a songes extradition to the usa is one of australian sovereignty over its citizens and justice itself and to the cradle of humanity from the big bang to the birth of civilization we investigate the cause of mclucas that led to the creation of the human ability to manipulate others all the small coming up in today's going underground before us the day after this week's u.k. general elections on thursday june innocence founder of wiki leaks is said tool to appear at westminster magistrates court in london it follows his removal from the
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ecuadorian embassy here with his 70 is he had been granted political asylum from u.s. prosecution for revealing nato nation war crimes and songes australian and successive australian governments have come under fire for not caring about the protection of this citizen australia as part of the so-called 5 eyes mass surveillance system about which cia whistleblower edward snowden revealed so much before seeking asylum in russia with doctors now warning of joining a songes possible death and british custody and the un warning of his torture in britain and now joins from camera by australia's former deputy prime minister barnaby joyce forward everybody minister thank you so much for coming on going underground before we get to one of your fellow australian citizens and his alleged torture by britain to belmarsh prison in london your take on the catastrophic bush was we're obviously having a climate change conference called 25 in madrid at the moment your reaction 4000 square miles of just new south wales alone burn. yeah walls catastrophic when you
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have far as where the smog ends up in new zealand you know that is catastrophic for we have to repeal some of the vegetation laws because people couldn't get proper access on roads because trees that form of the roads and excess green legislation that said you cannot have a trades is in pated that the capacity of fire trucks to arrive in areas and people to evacuate from there is obviously we have to accept that the climate is changing and it's harder and it's drawing but no legislation in our palm that's going to change that we need you know when the people's republic of china decided china. we break into our shadow programming because we can now cross live to paris where the nominee for summit has wrapped up president putin and his ukrainian counterpart of how their 1st face to face bilateral talks and the lead is now giving a news conference. it was not an absence
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of progress in these years he says you see. there is also a case of the 1st meeting between president putin and prisons olinsky since the election of the ukrainian president. i mean. i welcome the political coverage of the ukrainian president for trying to bring peace to the east of the country the actions taken. at the heart of the last months have been clearly a difference a decisive action to reestablish confidence necessary. on a reciprocal basis. meeting also allows us to at the highest level meet our joint efforts and objective to receive a fair and last thing he said and in a. horrible. we continue to cause so many
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deaths and victims and is an open wound at the heart of the european continent. he may have had the chance to express myself in the last few days on this the stability of the european continent and the building of a new architecture of confidence and security passes through the solving of the ukrainian crisis and the minsk protocol and that's why today's discussions have been important to this meeting was made possible by the preparatory work very important jury in the. the saw is progress that has been important and built confidence that it is. the right is all me. effective work with the pilots and the political work on the 1st of october in the contract group. with mr stein my.
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and the exchange of 70 prisoners between russia and ukraine in september last year has also allowed to restore confidence. discussions have allowed today and i will let each one speak to advance on all these fronts it is all good. the subject of disengagement of prisoners is the clarification of the ceasefire. that is also about the confidence in the evolution of the politics of the following months we've also spoken. about the work. by our foreign ministers and diplomats for the following 4 months consisting of working for the conversations to allow the security and political conditions for local elections with the objective of in the next 4 months having a new norm and this summit to achieve this work. will now speak.
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and we believe in this risk of the peace process and the conference and today's discussions and the behind the scenes. discussions have helped us to achieve a result for the 1st time in 3 months march. first of all i would like to think you know. that's the 1st. and emitting which we managed to carry out within the quite a long time and also that there were thank you our minister for the 1st for their preparation and i also would like to think they knew. you were elected president. would declare it a new strategy and something what we also able we were able to discuss here in the also decided actually to you pull back the troops on the contact line
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the 1st of all on the. landscape and in paris we also were discards also the implementation of the stain stay in my formula and this then my former. well it is quite interesting because. their former minister of foreign of the germany all sue declare several measures to be implemented in law to provide a special status for some of the areas and to use the o.e.c.d. as the organisation which can really have to carry our local elections and these principles what we actually added to the our umansky agreement was accepted by the ukraine also approved by russia it was
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very nice that we managed to discuss this issue we are also a great on 3 a she is so unfortunately far has not been says there were a lot of mines in the you also need to pull back the troops on more areas and more points along the conduct lines and we also would like to sat in the you for the n.t. 19 in order to eliminate all their minds i think it is quite difficult but i think . you move. the rule of 3 office and troops. we also. talk. politics. observation manager measures. we talk here. observation 24 by
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7 in this some think what we also managed. and this forward the most complicated point was about the political mattress out of the men's room and here we're talking about the years. national status so long and it should be long in the all the actions from the men are to be implemented because we really need to do it she won in this something where we need the support of the . actually condition for both parties and i think that both parties are on this you know we hope that we will meet again in a couple of my monster nor did he talk about this in warsaw and they had some political consultants. in the also leading to do you. know that you carry out these local community elections and i think it is a really
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a very complicated task for everyone here and i also think we have also where the will to resolve difficult and we really want to resolve political issues we also. with strong will think every think what we discussed during this meeting it was 1st. person a mad present present. also discussed other political issues and also both presidents also have that but you want to buy a little meeting it was a very good for everyone much. as them to. call me a president. ladies and gentlemen dear journalists. and koreans just we had a meeting you normally form and it was dedicated to you. in
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the east of ukraine official it was the meeting of true leaders but. i can quite confidently say that i was representing ukraine i wasn't alone. together with me. all the ukrainians and i felt their support. but there was no me there was the truth they wish for justice and peace in my homeland today but it. took quite a while. it took us quite a while. but everything was quite specific and everything was quite important it was important not only to talk about all the matters all the issues but also have an agreement about specific steps and terms of how to implemented. and to and for all the countries to agree on steps for implementation. of a speech in which was said that a complex solution of all the matters the most important thing that we had to agree
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upon was the safety of the east of ukraine and only even the safety was reached after that political issues might be solved. some money france russian federation ukraine were discussed and we can to an agreement upon extremely important matter 1st of all the specific steps to stabilize the safety situation the east of ukraine which is for lead cease fire in the stuff ukraine which must start before the young of 2019. for monitoring and control in the regime of ceasefire all the member countries all participating countries have reminders about the importance of safe axes. on the whole territory of ukraine and the main. city of increasing their mandate. for the opportunity to provide monitoring 247
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but also bodies development of new plan. for moving landmines from the territories but dissipating countries. are working on the releasing. the prisoners of war until 20. 1st of december 29th teen with a principle of exchange we exchange everybody for everybody also we had to publish full lists and provide full access to representative self international committee of the red cross to all the prisoners of war. and we have also discussed and agreed upon contact group about additional zones of. separating the troops which really have to monitor a meaning for all the ukrainians today i insisted. the. renewing for creating full control all were the governmental border of course we'll go back
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to discussing this issue again on the next meeting in normandy format. in 4 months also today. a lot of times i have been emphasizing the importance of moving all of the international military forces military equipment we calls in the areas of. i emphasize that local elections are possible only according to the law of ukraine and copenhagen criteria. as well all the bodies have expressed their interest in reaching the agreement in the 4 months of normal before. connected to all the legal issues and specifics of the local self-governing forces self-support areas of donetsk and luhansk regions also about incorporation of steinmeyer formular.
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of course draw a lot of issues we weren't able to resolve today unfortunately. obviously we will have to do this in the future i'm confident that we will do this together. the nominee for happened 3 years ago. and the fagot were able to start this dialogue. i think this is quite positive also i want to emphasize the role principles that i will never break and will now while 8 as a president of ukraine. and which. people will never agree with which is inability of federalization possibility for resolution cranium is unitary country it is according to the constitution off ukraine. another thing is. that it is impossible to actually affect director of development of ukraine ukraine
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is independent democratic country. of development will always be chosen by the people of ukraine 3rd thing that it is impossible to come to compromise in resolving the conflict in the east by means of. reducing control of the territory so everybody knows that each ukrainian considers donbass and crimea to be ukrainian. today from the name of all the people of ukraine i mentioned that ukrainians have the rides and promises and who really have true hope that all the agreements will be followed and we all understand that specific moves and specific steps will be the proof of. providing the peace from our part we are ready to actually follow all the agreements but this is the 2 way street thank you everybody. was very.
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distinguished colleagues in germany. overall enjoy the previous speaker. with concur with the previous speakers we have passed the final. document the minsk accords. from between for february 2015 will have to be complied fully and are on the queue vocally. there needs to be direct dialogue between the call parties we'll discuss. the disengagement and 3 pilot areas. on the path to further does collation in the southeast of ukraine. making sure there's a full says for we hope the disengagement will continue and there will be demining
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indeed fortification of words were also needed to coordinate so the process of ceasefire with political reforms in ukraine in line with the means could cause. first of all if the constitution needs to be amended to would allow for a special status of the dumbass region was in need to extend the law or the special status of the on the bass. provision must be made permanent in line with the minutes could chords that i mentioned earlier. we need to start to introduce adjustment amendments related to the formula all the commitments need to be delivered on the. on the persecution
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of. the those who fought in the southeast we need to. ensure the all for all exchange. of prisoners rosmead to increase the number of. checkpoints. and crossing the disengagement line we need to make sure there are no more of our long queues. of ordinary people who live in that area can easily pass out. we've been talking about major projects about humanitarian aid let's not forget a group of people who reside here. that are arrangements in need to improve their lawyer not to morrow. but eventually i believe their sorry assessment of. this is being very fruitful work i'd like
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to saying present bar crawl for these initiatives. of. the german chancellor who are putting so much focus all its although it's not part of the are. you going to we all believe that it's important for russia ukraine and for our neighbors in europe we appreciate. its attention and their efforts to make sure we reach the year old. resolution russia we will make sure that it contributes to the support thank you thank you. to everyone and for being here today all 3 of you. in conclusion on this 3 points that detail just now by the heads of state with order to stabilize the situation in the conflict zones that means who sets in place the mint's political process and. why it will be made public. and also
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consulted by everyone you will now reply to 4 questions. the whole i give a dirty floor to journalist friends don't want you to go on good evening mr president. chancellor has this evening given us the possibility of speaking of a real d. free as he could do in europe and is there not the risk of seeing this conflict lasting confusion and frozen conflict in ukraine in europe therefore she has my 1st question and mr selenski to morrow when you return to kiev what will really change for your compadres. mr putin why do you think we're seeing at the freezing of the situation room for early and come we go further still to establish a real peace. and a question for mr putin told me you've been in paris he said day it was decided by
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the spy and see doping world that to doping agencies that russia couldn't participate in the olympic games in tokyo peking a very deported decision you will you appeal this decision to go with the program you switch image and you think the creation of prime minister medvedev has serious problems of being in russia thank you for your reaction it was years ago and that. you also think that we're seeing in the freezing of the situation and mr macro is this summit itself a victory for diplomacy of france in europe. and abroad they ask in france isn't there a small revolution which is happening and can you reassure our foreign friends and french people that this franco french conflict will be resolved. it didn't. in the minute of the freezing seems to be
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a common denominator for all sides mr putin and let's get more specific questions on the question of the freezing. this is not a frozen situation given the number of victims that we see every day every week we've seen notably a report by the o.e.c.d. just yesterday showing there are still victims in the context of conflict zone no i believe that what's been done today is an important stage because in several ways spoken about the 1st that's the 1st time in 3 years of me that a summit in this form has taken place. and raised the freezing we've revived a diplomatic fall but that is important and the only charged with that is i called putting in place the minutes call the secondly whatever the 1st time since april the so that president zelinsky i'm treating of met they've had our bilateral
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exchanges and a very rich and free exchange between us and thirdly short and middle term we've said this is an exact aim such as the release of prisoners by the end of the year in addition to those already released and i hope push in some in the coming weeks some very specific results on the ceasefire they are also very clear in gage's on the 3 gauge when zones on the ukrainian side and also the reengagement of their way to see that we all 4 of us agree to us in the will to not only have the members here on the ground but also putting in place what was agreed in 2014 as madam chancellor agreed to a 24 hour 7 days a week demanded by mr selenski. calendar events that we need to achieve a very. long discussion about them but today's discussion has allowed us to give us
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4 months to articulate the political and security issues to resolve this issue from an elaboration of the formula has been discussed we've had disagreements on this issue we haven't found them or miracle cure but we've made advances very specific advances. restarting discussions in this format and bilaterally perspectives and to have results by the end of the 4 months so extremely positive signs and very important event finally for the more franco french question should president putin that the. issue does not concern the reform or for retirement in russia. and that it's an issue. on the issue i don't see
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a great concern i show you. i would like to add just a couple of things. back a traffic. and matters from 2000. and 14 suddenly the question about. the elections in ukraine. we will be able to bring back all this matters to you alive because of all the matters i know. and implemented by the president and. also a ground in order to bring this particular document into movement in order to start working on it because it was a kind of 1st that because it was very difficult. in this case a kind of a momentum in a poly in the politics. thank you. first of all
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life. has already answered the question that you asked me what i. want to say that for me the most important. human lives i've always said that it's not because i want to repeat myself but because this is the way it is so for me. is that we came to an agreement about prisoner exchange and now we've just agreed about the conditions we were just going to happen and i think that everything is going to be ok in this exchange will happen well 1st we said that let's do this before the 24th of december then we made an agreement and we decided not to take a risk and. do this before the end of the year because we want our ukrainians to get. a have a happy new year with all their families with their relatives so i'm sure we'll do everything for this to happen and the difference here is that the prisoner exchange
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. we've always been talking about it in minsk. as a part of a 3 part a discussion group and everything was followed but now this matter is on the high level. so i think that quite clear is going to be solved from both parties before the end of the year another thing is ceasefire today i said that quite frankly i don't know how to control the situation because. the bodies tried to make this agreement about cease fire during this almost 6 years so $22.00 sometimes this ceasefire was. that's why today we discussed this. and this matter and we decided to treat this issue quite seriously germany and france will support us and the russian federation. having this huge
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influence. on separatists in temporarily occupied territories. ukraine and we. also control it so i'm sure i'm sure that if all the parties school really want it the right the correct result will happen we'll see before the end of this year lot of questions a lot of matters because. we tried to discuss this with colleagues of mine they said that for the 1st meeting this is a result. i am i say that i wanted to solve more problems but a more. i want to solution of our problems but we've discussed all these difficult issues. and this is the main thing because if we talk if we communicate there is no frozen conflict this is the beginning this is the beginning of the dialogue and this is the main thing and the most the thing that in 4 months
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we will probably meet again and according to the results of the tasks that we've completed the tasks that have been discussed to date in 4 months will discuss matters and 5th thing is that i expect. actually really want to come back to kiev because i'm missing it thank you. first. saw. the situation yes indeed we do we all are seeing a deep freeze of the situation. well we've seen the prisoner swap it. is just. it's been a success we've meetings part of the normandy for a week before we discussed this. we've achieved progress and some of them.


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