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frozen conflict this is the beginning this is the beginning of the dialogue and this is the main thing and the most the thing that in 4 months will probably meet again and according to the results of the tasks that we've completed the tasks that have been discussed to date on in 4 months will discuss matters and 5th thing is that i expect i actually actually want to come back to kiev because i'm missing it thank you. first of all any saw a situation yes indeed we do we all are seeing a de freeze a situation. well we've seen only a prisoner swap if you can gauge when 3 years. it's been a success we know meetings part of the normandy for a week before we discussed
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a. range of important issues we've achieved progress and some of them. all of the. evidence that we're moving in the rights were for us is. that russia would do everything possible to make sure that. would be resolved to the crisis would be over. but once again i'd like to emphasize that. the parties need to have direct dollar none of the conflicts in the world has been every solved with direct dialogue between the parties this decision where you were the russia will appeal the decision 1st of all we need to study this decision. what are the. strikes who are the kind of again. have been. the easy complaints.
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no olympic committee and according to the olympic charter team russia which has the right. to compete under the russian flag and in these. waters decision runs counter to the olympic charter and we have all the legal grounds to follow suit their all the reasons or lawyers need to study the decision and then they would not talk to a partner. but the key thing and everyone is in agreement here any punishment would be room has to be individual. and then is to be targeted based on water any particular individual has. you can't have collective punishment. because. people who have nothing to do whatsoever when you might violations
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everyone is in agreement about it and but water experts know about it you've heard a few they are taking such a decision we believe that it's no care about clean athletes it's just a political ploy that have nothing to do with the olympic movement and sports you. the german the brass edge and. also had there by a letter or talk with a president who would now would like to know where the e.u. also. the. situation in syria gone the when the one georgian it was killed and how it was influenced the german the russian the relations you have al you have aggression from these dogs this weekend also i
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reckon to cooperate with the watch and the russians ready to cooperate with you in as war there is a murder because it is required and in the event after day mr president you all so. that some of the german table mensa world and all they can agree what do you want to achieve with this action because in this case i think they did most of the german the russian the prizes the even. deeper in this case brandon mag there was also a similar case where the united kingdom because in this case you have to show it as significant there with you where the. other 20 in congress you sent off the russian diplomats because in this case because it was probably and also call responsibility for this murder and fact we had this by
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a lateral talk where the president putin doing this think we are all so made clear what do we x. back to germany and then the russian they can also provide the information which is a whale of a moment. because this is something what we can really x. back because we also have. perception and the mormon what we have prosecutor's office in all sorts all about it in washington the president and they think that they washington. can also provide the available information i think it is good enough. we know you said georgians were killed no this is not quite correct i know that the man died in berlin so just in georgia anything we do he took active part in the fight single side of. separatists in the caucasus he's not
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a georgian. which he by our origin which he that militant he's of has been very ruthless with usually the ones killed 98 people he was one of the masterminds of the subway bombings in moscow and i don't know what happened but if you're that person that's a criminal world and anything could happen to that person. who. i don't think that a preliminary investigation. is look at people want to be easy reason for the. diplomats who have nothing to do with it in their well there is some tacit true. and all deployments rules and your diplomats started crisis well there's nothing good about it but i daintree
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to think that you could he's taken any crisis could arise whether we need to look into 8 yes i agree with the german chancellor will make sure we will look into it and help all german counterparts get it would be really good so that if we cooperate not just and tragic circumstances. under other circumstances russia. pushed for germany to extradite that killer but unfortunately we didn't find in the standing with the from our german colleagues he was a month old infant everything just your. usual iffy so i wanted to be. talking about the investigation the day into the date the and time will be shared as if it is sort of dieties call for it will be effective france will meet its obligations. on that question.
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question to mr selenski this. meeting i'm talking about the meeting that is going to happen in 4 months is it going to happen in any case or there are actually specific specific conditions that have to be mad and. correctly that. issues like prisoner exchange but there is not that there are not quite. there are no changes in. the matters of elections in the autumn of 2020. controlling their borders and gone by. why did it happen. is there going to happen a transit of gas starting with 1st of january. also have a question to the president of russian federation are you. controlling their
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borders. us during the elections. so seriously this is such a cornerstone and this is the issue that might. very serious question in. difficult situations on points why is it so difficult. to change your stories. having russian speaking we have the russians pretty green. including the southeast. i will answer as a russian speaking president of ukraine. people. russian raney iranian language today i mentioned to you
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in prison. not for my russian. and i can continue continue russian in russian and in everyone speaks if you peoples weekend legal age to understand me so i wanted to say. i want to talk about beautiful conditions there are no for the next 3 conditions for the next meeting day. to day. of all it was is when is a long long. and that was. to be speaking of. this but we are not doing. any specific course else and according. to handle the current situation. there is no hope for further talks no
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there's no strings in turning into this president frankly speaking. we have version. of the border. and when it is possible and i can see i can speak. about it the president the russian president. he says that in maine sc. x. president. order will be changed. but i warned of the border before it happened before local elections i think i think. given the reasons. must. be pretty good. that we have another meeting in several months. these meeting of leaders. to find
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a solution. we must find a solution. otherwise. anything else. as. for which we have done the meeting we didn't discuss which is the transit of during our meeting but we did talk. much transit praktica. practice we have this. duty when we had 7 people on both sides i was to. discuss the anyway we started to discuss it anyway i think that we have unblocked this issue we have started to communicate about it and we are going to discuss the possibility that.
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of this agreement on gas transfer because it is extremely important for everybody for ukraine for the safety. in terms of energy so i think we have quite quite good steps in there. all the questions i remember. we also discussed. even start when you. talk about it so we'll be discussing it on the level of 3 party group will talk about the. ways of conducting this election so in 4 meetings in 4 months in the next meeting we'll find certain options and this difference this issue is extremely difficult so you ask me i'll answer 2 frankly 2 issues that were the most difficult
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for us. are elections and the border thank you. the it's not just remember there is. a wrong well known in russia we have natural gas. fields are burning. what about you you might have it as well if we agreed it might be 25 percent cheaper then there is a price that's paid by the consumer with them was referring to industrial. consumers because definitely there are subsidies for consumers who are households and we can . give discounts or for cries. for help for households. well that's our economic rationale now the border which we do have divergent views
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. because it is very simple we want the means because to be complied with just read what the means could say. now according to the arrangements that ukraine will begin with some of that country would establish in control of the territory and part of the border on the next day following the election that that's what it says he. moved the. process is finalized. after all the political procedures are valuable. why do we need to undermine. them cursed. rewrites of the miscue codes every. version follows the other if we change one provision. pain will disrupt the situation disrupt the process will create chaos this is our rationalized think it's justified vision of the russian
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speaking population. we definitely want russian speaking population not just english st. elsewhere in ukraine or to enjoy equal democratic rights. within 38 percent of ukrainians think because they are russian speaking at all russian schools will switch to the korean language from starting from next year from what i know. if you take an garrion school as polish schools will only switch to the language since the starting from 2023 which as if there are more have garry's in ukraine than russians in the call that does raise a question mark and we don't have an answer to that is. perfectly.
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the shoes which have not been resolved and that's where we will meet next time in 4 months if your. next question. you know obviously newsagency a question that you were mr selenski you talked about peace and stability. during the campaign you also said you need to bring peace to the region to ukraine following this meeting do you think that the steps of the path to peace have been. i want clarification on the peace full settlement. if there's any plan for peace so you're ready to. engage in direct contact with the self-proclaimed republics and i also have
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a question to. president putin yes you said that the minsk accords are all the bedrock of any future settlement but right now german chancellor said that the minsk accords all flexible. still. met all the means could call on. if you'd. arrangement. with them and thus allow for a certain flexibility in the might because some things that are written on paper could be interpreted differently by all the parties and we discard it we did discuss it spurts of them is because there are things that so or plaiting clear. in black and white and there are some issues which will be born out of
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compromise. means can see 1015 this is war and there are different interpretations and i said listen we agree on that score with the german chancellor and we that's why we are meeting now. we want to reach the common denominator we want to reach the same standard to be on the same page. but i agree. that there is no alternative to the means could chords we need to make sure that they are fully implemented. thank you for the question if you don't mind. start off with the following. pretty interesting. russian president mentioned multiple times. he's prepared for direct dialogue and i'm always with them i'm from the southeast
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more than 3000000 came over to us. these are the people from the occupied. which we didn't have quite when we had a cursory. discussion about that. just to be honest. we have the means crew group and we have the representatives of all who we call separatists and they reside in the occupied own boss and have so many friends who are residents of the occupied they run away from the bullets from who lost their homes their real estate their relatives that they leave on the territory that is controlled independent ukraine the our intellectual. there. been contact with them i do that every day the company that i work before i became president the
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studio quad there are many people a lot of people he your residents of the occupy don't buy as much on this because of the. villages. and the other is that's where i went. to the people but they might have. work at a school in the ukraine controlled territory there are many cases like that he can come over and i'm going to show you but more like a means to solve ya'll. the t.v. hose. does not quite real reports i invite you to come over you can see for yourselves. i don't think your shoes so whether it's from brioni are not so little gets in mud so you need to feel it you need to see that. sort of means what i want to do is that in means of
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a signature given that there are representatives of the occupied territories a tall glass. that proceeds to be joined by some of the people who were done displays to you had to leave the donbass of the occupied on but now 1st of all these steps towards peace 1st of all we finally had a meeting if we didn't want peace we wouldn't come here we just talked to pilots the prisoner swap that everyone talked about that the president. the german chancellor president putin said. we don't exchange 35 for 35 and so the ships are back but fully. but we're still waiting which we all want. to have peace and we are ready to do whatever we can to have bring peace. but
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a lawyer think you have 10 years if you are not. because if it is worse if you finish your response i mean you know turn of mind. which. well that's fine it is just plain. it's an invitation to everyone. i invite all of you but you bring it you have any issues when crossing the border only points you sponsor you you put you know you can. see through. it if it were leave it there you don't just. here on the contrary we take 4 questions. 4 questions have been ousted but i thank you for your patience and i thank you for the work and i thank. them for. hours of discussion and work. and the for wanting to use which
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hopefully will bring us many things thank you. well that was a line feed on the press conference following the normandy for summit in paris and in the mean time austria's former foreign minister told us the summit is an important move in the right direction any decision that you take on the level of foreign policy in particular when it's such a delicate issue it always has. the mastic implication that that's very evident in particular in that case so i do wish all of those old all the very best to be able to start something and them to wait for the dynamic that it can evolve but from what we have seen been seen over the last few months we already can detect some sort of new dynamic that's not that's not anymore the complete stalemate that have been movements on the military level exchange of.
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people who were detained so something is going on what i have always said what is very important in diplomacy is that certain things happen. indescretion they don't have to be discussed on a daily level in public it's important that certain things can happen sometimes behind closed doors but that's where they can happen best. well that's been your live coverage of the normandy talks in paris armors on the low could not be back here the rest of the team at the top of the hour with more news from around the world see that. the globalization the dollars
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a share you know what is happening as the world is kind of drifting apart in a lot of different ways we look into it because there's an economic force behind it is always. a little bit of let me. ask i would name will. pick i could become critical and i could not tell those who moan. can you love lose your mother. how do you make it a secret is don't want to touch. the what do you have who is the kook on the scene do it in the out not as you hijacked on the street. in the local think political. i knew of those 2 moons.
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much of this news tonight in 92 for number. 2 would you hire the mood he tried to use into doing. one joke. one on the media house on the not passing them. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the lawn they get accepted all rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or some want to be president. that's it like to be for us that's what the for the 3 in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters in my. quest to.
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but. i i i i. i i i i i i. i. i. am. 1 in this emergency to say to help you know this is be a book deal i'm on the 28th precinct switchboard yes and we just got a call from 9757 w.
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which is know how to please yes there's a man with a gun so i would not go to the way he's wearing a brown coat wait she's wearing a brown go right is a brown so janice what else but all the description we got to see what i learned but to recant he didn't say probably but but he didn't say. this now 1. 25 the life. just because i had a tan jacket on the same color that somebody signed a sauce. so
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. when they are as old as johnson. and i just got out of prison for. 41 years. i'm 72 years old and. i got arrested. by the. field you know like just everything was taken out oh you know. i use it you know. for 30. or so do. we do file for president. in a row i say 530.


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