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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 9, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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the leaders of russia ukraine france and germany agreed to implement a full $65.00 eastern ukraine by the end of the year to 6 hours of negotiations in paris. for years all through the world stage the international arms he says the agency shall see the door on russia over water says it was most tampering with a key doping database. russia price foul saying it provided all the answers necessary in claims it's been ignored while the authorities take the decision to support the highest paid russian athletes claim the punishment is a harsh and politicised. there's all the headlines on that fit for me to make errands i'll be here with you next hour to take you through the latest news from around the world and stay with us for close talk next here on the international.
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below and a welcome to cross talk were all things considered i'm peter lavelle 1st ukraine leaders from russia ukraine germany and france meet in paris to tackle ukraine's internal divisions are there reasons for optimism and impeachment are the democrats secretly scheming to have actually reelected. cross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow dimitri bobbitt she's a political analyst and editor at interest me internet media project and in london we crossed alexander be curious he's a writer on legal affairs as well as editor in chief. of the duran dot com are
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telling cross up rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate let's go to london 1st alex we have what normandy format has they're calling it of course this is about the internal divisions and problems of ukraine the media falsely characterize as it russia against the ukraine that's not it at all as a mystification from the media this is an internal ukrainian problem and outside powers are trying to help mediate it what is the normandy format it's called normandy for and where does it come from and what is it trying to achieve go ahead alex yes it's called normandy full because he's originates in a meeting that took place in the during the normandy d.-day celebrations in 2014 when. the president of russia had a brief meeting with petro poroshenko who was the new president of ukraine and they were supposed to agree to together to set up this format which would be ukraine.
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russia germany and france with a view to finding some hall way towards peace in ukraine and stress again in ukraine. the conflict inside ukraine not the conflict between ukraine and russia issues like for example crimea are completely off the agenda now they there were a series of meetings there was an important agreement that was agreed in minsk in 2015 which was supposed to take the process further but of course what has happened is that poroshenko and he's government in ukraine refused to implement minsk the the minsk agreement that was reached vali this group is normandy for group which is supposed to be the way forward in the park way towards peace in ukraine the result is that the conflict has been frozen there was
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a further meeting between this group in october. of 2016 in paris which sort of tweaked the parkway further but that has again fails to change anything on the ground but then this year we've seen a complete change of power in ukraine a new president and this is why all this group has now come together and then there's now a reputed impetus towards peace when the entire geopolitical situation changed and went from answer especially pushing for exactly what exactly were the germans also wanting in better economic relations with russia with new pipelines to russia to europe through germany and through turkey and so now there is an attempt again to give fresh impetus to this negotiation ok there are lots of problem there is lots arms deal then i'd like to add just one thing that alexander mackerras to said here
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we have president alinsky that actually ran on his campaign and successfully became president on anti-corruption and better a better relationship with russia so he has a lot at stake here as well alexander mackerras says. right i would use a different term i think germany and france are exhausted by this situation they want to see something move forward the lewinsky wants to see something move forward of course there is the house has problems with his own deep state in the deep state in the us that wants to characterize this as a new cold war who has the most to gain who has the most to lose with this form of well i think i wish i were more optimistic is advised actually in surprised well actually i like their way cheney's. there are actually 3 variants the 1st is that pessimistic we're going that things just stay the way they are you know the 2nd is mildly optimistic that there can be
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a total exchange of prisoners a war between and and ukraine. certain issues can be resolved you know separating the fighters you know there will be less bloodshed that is perfectly possible and the 3rd letter this is the more step to reach in some kind of we do you basically implementing the means convenience that i'm very sick about because why write one for whose what is what is the barrier barrier i will i will explain ok 1st that we have a statement he gave an interview to 3 liberal media outlets want to speak ill and time magazine from doing that states or to with one of your point by the way. correspondent of time magazine simon schuster somehow left out the statement that there was no pressure from trump whatsoever the other 3 media outlets bob listed because that's interesting and a very objective time magazine you have to tell you know why i think the have but
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he can engender. anyway. anywhere in the in that interview is against he just said basically the same things that said 1st ukrainian. guards on the border between donetsk and lugansk and russia then election that's a nonstarter. salute goes after what 12000 people have been killed mostly civilians i was in and you don't want to you want to hand them over that kardex never get their majority of these people out of the population of new orleans a lot of them civilians and lansky in the same interview and in his statement he said that we won't be giving toward the amnesty people who are fighting against ukraine and quoting him won't get damaged well these people i mean. because they defended the city when the ukrainian army with tanks and artillery and by the way aviation. selinski saying this because he's looking over his shoulder of his own
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the all the darks that are in ukraine the deep state in well he looking over that it's not just deep state you know left me called to argue. magazine that were published right before the summit bond of them is written by someone named bach down the highway or you and all of the former head of ukraine and so that's all for radio free europe and it's headlined the shared all hands all over russia. so their idea is that selenski is in you you know he may drums or germany well. that's the point there is no deep state there was open pressure at one zelinsky to basically bury that means it's because that means going to stage where you could you clearly do you know what the biggest loser is in the ukraine absolutely they go down you know xander oh my goodness the new negan they're looking for a new head to lower it's always the same thing over and over again no matter what
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the golf like this it's me you ok alex ukraine has the most to lose if nothing happens here the europeans over the last a month or so have said to the ukrainians get your energy policy in order because they're tired of. subsidizing and in and in europe past to work on its own energy security we respected what people say nord stream too is going to come into effect in the ukrainians know it and it's their fault vera fart that russia made that decision and germany and others have agreed to it go ahead alex you know that's right can i just say and we've also had it all reels and articles in the british media conjuring up the specter of munich in relation to these negotiations but the underlying point is that yes selenski is under huge pressure to make no concessions to the russians at all or to the people in the dong bass he still is talking about essentially appending the order of
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events the sequence set out clearly in the minsk agreement but the whole situation hold on the lawn situation has now changed completely because in 20142015 ukraine was the key transit country supplying me more gas that was not any mamal i mean today today the gas is going to increasingly pass through germany through north stream one which is of course already operating through nord stream too which is in the final stages of completion there's a new pipeline going to turkey to turkey could supply russian gas to turkey and that was through turkey to the souls in europe the russians have also hugely strengthened their leverage by opening a gas pipeline to china so they're no longer is dependent on european customers as they were for the sales of their gas and of course there are people in
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like emanuel knock on france who are becoming extremely nervous about this close ever closer proximity between russia and china and with germany calling the teacher ring. recession and contraction you see a whole delegation of german business leaders coming to moscow pleading essentially for peace in ukraine so that the political obstacles can be sorted so this situation has changed with the europeans the problem is it doesn't seem to have changed so much with the ukrainians and it doesn't seem to have changed so much at all with the americans where ukraine has now become as we know through the impeachment a domestic police equal so until to agree with i think for the moment
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where nor any great breakthrough in paris when these negotiations rizzi you but that doesn't mean we're going are going to see incremental steps because well that there remain there it remains to be it means we've seen in the in the last minute before we go to the break here. ran on this he should want some kind of movement forward because as we've said echoed already on this program there is ukraine fatigue in europe not in the u.s. for political reasons or in the impeachment issue here but there is fatigue there they need to start moving forward 40 seconds well i think the deceit if they will be during this negotiations because this is the last chance for italy and 60 he said that he wants a lot of a lot at stake yet there was a 10 year long contract on writing going to how as if not going to happen he is going to push really hard for that but this is his final opportunity not only hears but all saw in general is the final opportunity for also forbes in europe and in
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the e-mail when it to there he may raise or chicken with his presidency wouldn't you agree welcome to goes home with nothing he's done it's the same story all over again in ukraine people come to power when an election. promote friendship with russia promising friendship with russia then the more active nationalist electorate by violence by pressuring on that one you're just a secular thank you very much alexander mackerras so enjoy the rest of your weekend our we're going to go to a short break and after that your break we'll continue our discussion on some real news stay with art. is your media a reflection of reality. in
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taken out of. my working moms. and it looks a little bit about. that . time. to go. to try to get. snow.
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welcome back to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some real news. and now to nicosia where we're joined by alex christopher he is the director and writer for the duran dot com all right alex let me go to you 1st here i said in my introduction it seems to me that the democrats in their behavior with this entire impeachment hoax hoax is they're actually secretly maybe hoping that donald trump will be reelected because everything they have done you have witnesses that are really not witnesses they have no fact witnesses you have. speaker pelosi looking for a sentence before there's a verdict before there's a trial before there's an investigation ok i mean i could go on and on and on of
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the absurdity of all of this and the more it plays out the more it puts people off and i will tell our audience this and you know this that i'm i've been a politico political junkie sense of. watergate i played hooky from grade school to watch the watergate hearings i couldn't be bothered to watch any of these hearings none of them have anything factual to say they are all just what they feel what their opinion is what they think should be going on and you have this left wing party the democrats invoking the founders the federalist papers when any other day of the week they would be condemning them as racist bigots that have to have their statues torn down so get your head around that nonsense as well alex go ahead yeah peter to sum it up trump really had a great week he really did and he kept it off with
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a really great jobs report 266266000 new jobs unemployment at a 50 year low his approval rating is hovering around 53 percent it's a real clear clear problem politics rescues and yeah he had a great week and the reason he had a great week is because all the days preceding the job reports were a disaster for the democrats i think now there fell asleep during their times at one point i mean he literally dozed off they brought in for lawyers cost $2.00 tional experts and only one of them talked about the constitution the rest of them talked about their feelings one of them took a swipe at president trump's 13 year old kid i mean it was an absolute train wreck peter an absolute train wreck all of a sudden nancy pelosi has found god and she's found catholicism the things 3 media have found god on catholicism they're invoking the founding fathers and just like
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you said in a week or so they're going to go right back to hating god hating religion and tearing down statues of the founding fathers. if it's this you know i've said many times on this program it's one of my favorite terms ideological possession of the ken you're the ideology guy on this program here it looks like. it's it's kind of they're on a trajectory where the cannot be find an off ramp because that would be a defeat but the way the it's going for them right now and also is defeat i mean it's almost is it's taken on an inertia of its own they can't reverse this process because they've invested so much into it and it has an ideological foundation that well i think their problem with the region ideologists and the democrats now are having a very rigid ideology is that they cannot repent they cannot acknowledge their own
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mistakes work i think there was a turning point last week i saw in the wall street journal the mainstream media i saw a headline basically condemning the democrats i think it was adam schiff surveillance state you know it was adam schiff all that you know basically listening to the conversation and 18 empty acquiesced yes devin nunes conversations so how is that not a surveillance state and more and more we hear now it becomes absolutely clear you know zillions you said in an interview that time magazine quote as i said in the early part of the program he said that there was no pressure from trump so basically the whole case has fallen apart but we have no other arguments for example i read in the washington post 2 or 3 days ago and mary because allies despise trump and that's a threat don't need to well. it's true but who made the situation so bad was
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it russia was a crush of that chills he would have been into deeply devious of candidate to run against romp in 2016 no it was the democratic i do always use who chose her because she was certified she held their opinions then was it russia who forced you were being stupid a 2 percent of their g.d.p. for defense no russia wants them to pay less it's their american military industrial complex that wants them to pay so basically we see how these i told you which unfortunately rules the united states and the e.u. we see how we divide its western society is. you know the situation when drawn went out of the nato meeting because these people were life in it him you know before he laughed at them we see you chill does lad we see. you read the western media is that it shows the great unity of nato when there is
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a one in a number moving its own nonclinical back to go back to negotiate and go back to nicosia. i have my theory about all of this ok the reason why they are pushing for impeachment because they don't want to see what's going on in their own party because what you have you have impeachment because they have one part of the party has been pietschmann because they have nothing else to talk about and then the insurgent part of the party the a.o. sees the squad the red guard as i call them they want to burn everything to the ground ok and the most the to make to make sure that they don't have a reckoning they don't have a coming to jesus moment if i can say that they keep this impeachment going because it allows them to avoid to talk about the obvious that they are facing extinction as a party go ahead alex you know where c.n.n.'s ratings now peter think that a 3 year low. for radio is not doing well i heard that. too and well it ought not.
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this is turning out like they want to turn out they know that at this trajectory trump is going to win with a landslide because they don't have a single candidate that can take on trump and biden we saw biden got completely triggered completely unhinged when someone in iowa asked him about hunter biden. it was very telling to see biden joe biden just go after this guy he called him that he challenged him to push ups how was biden and alice and alex on and on top of that a lot of people have that question but c.n.n. and mrs b. c. they will never ask that question in an ordinary citizen a pensioner asked that question that millions of people have keep going it's a huge story exactly and he wanted to know what was going on how is biden going to react during the debate when trump brings this up over and over and over again
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there is no chance that biden is going to be able to take on trump the democrats have nobody at this moment and peter we saw hillary clinton on howard stern and what did we hear again her hinting that she's going to run and then a lot of open and a lot of coughing and a lot of coughing not a lot of coughing and that would be another disaster to be a train wreck on top of a train wreck that's why we have this impeachment hoax going on go ahead to match up well it's interesting that we heard that from the mainstream media during the last at least one month. biden and his son did go do it and it's an inappropriate in ukraine i think they're sort of down on the words but you know most of the leave the mainstream media really really after everything we've been through really is just getting $5050000.00 for nothing and that's a question from a bench of more of the i think it's closer to 80 but you have tension there asking the question because for a pension in the united states $50000.00 for nothing that is outrageous you know
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maybe for the mainstream media it's nothing right but also how can these be all clean if mr biden himself vice president of the united states seated in the seat of the ukrainian president dismisses the prosecutor general who investigated his son you know how can this be so let me get this straight something is wrong because i mean. it let me get this straight here trump is accused of a quid pro quo but biden did commit yes we probably clear probably because i want to make sure i want to get this straight because the mainstream media doesn't say anything trump is accused of. even though zelinsky elected president of ukraine says there was no quid pro quo he says it in an interview to the time magazine and time agent doesn't publish it see that that's what happened but in general look at these you know there are just a lot of that the washington post writing about this nato summit they write trudeau did not disavow he's on trump because that would make him look like an
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a piece that to his old jim tickle. me don't you want to go the way this i do or would gee you know that we just described is that for them every opponent is hitler every compromise because it meant another new nuke so it's impossible to deal with these people would seem possible we could get that finish up with alex or alex all of this is going on because of their own failures if this is a process of projection if there is any kind of appeasement going on it's the democrats that have failed their electorate in getting anything done it all it is their fault that their entire agenda is to demonize donald trump i don't like a lot of things trump does but i'm a policy guy and so are the constituents though are the voters their policy people and their left has failed them go ahead alex you know the last thing we're hearing peter's policy from any democrats whether they're in congress senate or
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whether they're on the campaign or we know about their feelings so we know all about their feelings don't we don't we yet it's getting really bad heater and going back to the ship phone records yes he got the phone records of doing yours if he got the phone records of giuliani but he also got the phone records of a journalist john solomon who was instrumental in exposing a lot of what a. biden did in ukraine he actually did the legwork and went to ukraine and documented many interviews with many officials in ukraine as to what hunter biden embarrassment were up to and it is my belief that it is shift who is behind smearing john solomon and you have phone records a congressman has the phone records of a journalist and he's out to get a journalist for just doing his job things are getting very very bad in this surveillance state that we're seeing on alex would be really great to see adam shift as a being called as a witness in the senate if we get that far that love to see that will be television
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that i will not amiss here 10 2nd statement before we quit well we see democratic congressman listening to the phone conversations go on the lists that tells you something you know it should be the other way round chamber to be continued that's all the time we have many thanks to my guests here in moscow london and in nicosia and thanks to our viewers for watching us here are to see you next time and remember. join me every thursday on the alex salmond short and i'll be speaking to a guest of the world of politics or business i'm showbusiness i'll see if. there's survival guide books they say they're going to start. but all this is.
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you sure they're you going to get. back to. this a repatriation get the rest in 7 years. though of the separate guys report. but . i i i. i i i i i i. i i i. didn't. have.
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these emergency 268 the little kid but this is fear of the appeal i'm on the 28th precinct switchboard yes and we just got a call from 975772 which is no doubt including that yes there's a man with a gun so i would not go to the way he's wearing a brown coat wait she's wearing a round go right is a brown so janice what else that's all the description we've got to see what i learned but to recant he didn't say probably but but he didn't say. on this now 1. 25 the life. just because i had a tan jacket on the same color that somebody shouted a sauce.


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