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russians both world is reeling after the country was banned for 4 years from a major international tournament. microcode the decides to source told how could they punish the whole country all athletes no matter whether they dumped or not they should just punish those who were guilty. after 6 hours of talks in paris the leaders of russia ukraine france and germany agreed to implement a cease fire in eastern ukraine by the end of the year. under the feminist version of the classic tale snow white is released with a twist in the plots we debate the trend of updating classic characters to make them more diverse i think closer. this is political correctness god i say
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out for a little trolls everywhere let's prepare some of the young ladies for a reality feel that we don't push them into uphold hard world where they have to then pray themselves and there is no one there to save them on a whiteboard. a very warm welcome to you you're watching r t international with me making erin now it's a moment of anger and frustration for russian sports stars after the country's flag was banned for 4 years from all major world tournament the decision was made by the world anti-doping agency or wada law to me putin has expressed his support for russian athletes. punishment must not be collective affecting people who have nothing to do with certain violations. well waters days moscow is being punished for tampering with a database of drug test results came out police will be able to compete and a neutral flying but russian officials are now perhaps but it from attending major
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sporting events or the country won't be allowed to host any tournament now that is to events that russia's been excluded from is eggs dense if it includes the olympic and paralympic games in tokyo that's in 2020 and football's world cup and casts are 2 years after that russia was the last to host that event and its players will now have to go as neutrals if they qualify russians swimmer yulia fever is among those at least who have to prove they are clean she failed a drug test in 2013 and was suspended for 16 months before the rio olympics she received another suspension from oh don't need. the money to the sports highest court and won she was reinstated and went on to win 2 silver medals here's what she thinks about the war decision. that it showed still struggle how could they punish the whole country all athletes no
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matter whether they deserved or not they should just punish those who were guilty what are they are for a result of all athletes who were involved in something but punishing the whole country all our young athletes just because someone did something wrong athletes shouldn't be deprived of the opportunity to represent their own country i believe it shows that politics has come into sport because they do allow clean athletes to compete under the neutral flag but they don't want to see the russian flag there or anyone representing our country. so me now says it is evil in the book i have already hired a lawyer however funny that's my sound in ordinary life if you break a rule once it doesn't matter if it's a drive in the fans were fired not to be punished twice for that i hope to work now but i can't be sure about that but it could be worse than it was before rio i was reinstated for the olympics almost on the very day the games began and i was sick for half a year now i'm not reacting the same way even if i'm not allowed to compete i'm almost a grandma for the world of sport then that's my fate and what can i do i just want
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to advise other athletes not to worry and to hire lawyers don't expect anyone to help you help yourself. water has given the russian anti doping agency $21.00 days to decide if they want to pursue that course if it up to do so the case will be taken to the court of arbitration for sport alexy our ship ski breaks down the water ruling for us. imagine a person that robs a bank steals let's say a $1000000.00 gets caught gets prison time gets out like a near your early for good behavior but then the police tells them you know we're not sure you actually stole 1000000 maybe your stole more so we're going to push imprison back again or that is basically the logic which the world anti-doping agency applied to the whole nation of russia in their decision on monday to ban the country from major sports competitions in the world saying that russian athletes can compete individually but they have to again prove that they have not used any
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kind of doping by. the position of the russian olympic committee stays the same the sanctions are inadequate not logical and too severe we would do our best for the russian olympic team to participate in the upcoming games in japan under the colors of the russian trickle or due to the terms of the olympic charter. whether someone committed a crime fair enough he or she should be punished for that but it is quite unclear how exactly stripping a nation of its flag in a major sports competitions across the planet can actually solve 'd the problem of fighting against doping you're not. proven guilty and i'm in and you don't do to your guilty until you can prove your innocence you complete rigorous justice system but it's always been that way you've got to think about what's on the world anti-doping agency whose jurisdiction it doesn't act yours dictionary to the russian authorities become sanction russian politicians for all it can do
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essentially resell it and take actions relative to schools so it's come up with this international standard to code compliance or signatories which is used to sanction russia this time around. on top of everything it seems that what is decision from monday was made in such a haste that they have no clue how to actually. navigate in that decision the biggest example of that is probably the situation with you wait for and feel for tournament where were you where you quite expect to. be sanctions will not affect in any way russian part of the upcoming your. first of all it's a continental tournament not of world qualification for or for could part when you 2. is again within the competence of us but should it make it to the 2022 world cup in qatar it may be stripped of its flag of its anthem and it may be
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participating as a neutral country and if you're not yet confused enough they already said directly that should russia appeal to cas the court for arbitration of sports and this process takes longer than the official preparation for next summer's olympics russia will go to next summer's olympics in tokyo as a full fledged nation but then if the ban is implemented late it might miss out on the 2024 summer olympic games in paris so this is all surrounded by a lot of confusion and at the same time russia says that it's not planning to give up the sports minister of the country by vocal of course insists that all the information for the reinstatement of that has been provided to the world anti-doping agency says renewing your experts who provided convincing on says unfortunately they haven't heard us resign or has time to appeal initially when we handed over the database we said let's investigate the database together so that we can make a full decision we wanted to have
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a kind of mechanism if we don't want to objective decision let's do it like this was saddam has all the necessary opportunities he could have taken a different approach from whichever side you look at it monday's decision by water looks like a vocal and very harsh indictment of russian sports it might send shock waves and reverberations in the country sport for many years to come but it might actually be the beginning. new struggle of a new battle the legal one when russia takes its case to the court of arbitration for sports in switzerland and we are expecting this to be made quite quickly before the end of this yeah this is a punitive action against the law including begin to shoot once. more in just a few. garage if it's not it's particular with there's no evidence of this against them this may be raising a human rights issue whether. they're going to raise this before the court of protection order i'm not entirely certain we have to accept but there is
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a political element involved. actually applying a bit ambiguous more and more to of course. there once was in terms of collateral so are the russian the innocent russian rights and expect with great anticipation to see what the i.o.c. to respond. point in that's what it's doing it's like saying i'm going to come into your state because somebody from you and i will decide who comes and goes out. in ukraine are showing signs of progress with both moscow and kiev finding common ground on a number of issues the leaders of russia ukraine france and germany held 6 hours of talks in paris aimed at resolving the conflict and spoke out back in 2014 with eastern regions seeking independence from kiev president vladimir putin and his ukrainian counterpart vladimir the lenski both describe the meeting as positive. yes the. is there a thaw in our relations i think yes of course we have discussed
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a broad range of issues and made progress on many of them all of that gives grounds to believe that the process is moving in the right direction. which shook us. with regards to our peace efforts we have met and i think it's a great step towards peace the meeting was long and difficult but the mood of the meeting was positive. and a written statement both leaders agreed to implement a complete ceasefire by the end of this year and a complete all for all prisoner swap as well they also committed to withdrawing troops from certain conflict zones before april next year and to ensuring that these are the mind. reports. so has there been a breakthrough in paris or not well the new president of ukraine and president vladimir putin of russia shook cannes for the 1st time they spoke one on one to each other for the 1st time and spent an entire day and the residence of french
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president emmanuel back crawdad with 2 of europe's key peace brokers the leader of france and the leader of germany and we do have to remember that this is something that hadn't happened for 3 years well in some cases after such tough difficult talks the sides can't even agree on a joint statement after a day of negotiations well this time they did provide a list of common conclusions and one section from that document is very important because it paves the way for potentially a complete cease fire along the front line and east ukraine and also an overwhelming prisoner exchange between the 2 sides which is supposed to happen before new year's eve during the press conference blatter mehr selenski was absolutely frank that he was delighted that this was made possible as now you know
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come to want to choose to be honest i don't know how to control the situation 20 times in nearly 6 years decided to try to reach a cease fire and 20 times to cease fire has been violated here in paris we have treated the issue very seriously now that it's being dealt with at a high level i think it's going to be sold by the end of the year. i can tell you that russia has so to say prioritize the following elements of the minsk agreements that is the need for key have to grant special political status to the breakaway republics of low gods and donetsk and that has to be somehow reflected in the constitution and also the demand that needs to hold free and democratic elections and this republic this is something that kiev it seems hasn't been keen to do at all however for the government in kiev the element that is absolutely essential is the one that is supposed to lead to the full handover of the control of the
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border between russia and the breakaway republics of lugansk and that he had a lot of our approaches and did remind everyone that when it comes to the minsk accord to control over the border does come after the political section by. the music use of listening read the minsk accords they say ukraine will begin to establish control over the russia don't bust border the day after elections are held in the region that is what the documents see why undermine the agreements and rewrite their contents if we alter one article then the others are likely to be altered as well and will ultimately lose everything i do have to say that there have been concerns that the government of the legs he won't be able to fulfill their part of the agreement to at all in the near future because of the pressure that's been mounting on him domestic only the anti russian pro-war lobby is still
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very strong and any baby steps that selenski could potentially make towards russia could lead to some serious political damage for him at a whole common conclusions being made by the normandy quartet to say that the russian and ukrainian sides will remain interested. in trying to find ways to somehow reach a compromise when it comes to these most difficult elements of the minsk agreement that i mentioned and also most importantly there will be another summit of the normandy quartet in 4 months so the contacts on the most high profile level between berlin paris kiev and moscow will continue. time for reaction and analysis on that base on the story can have top side dot com still to come off the break russia's top diplomat just touched down in washington d.c. ways expected to hold talks with president trump the break we'll look at what topics
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are likely to dominate that meeting today with us. to globalization be dollars a share you know that's happening as the world is kind of drifting apart in a lot of different lawyers we look into it because there's an economic force behind it is always. someone else chose seems wrong. when old rules just don't hold. any new world yet to shape out these days become active. and engaged with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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join me every thursday on the all excitement show and i'll be speaking to us in the world of politics or business i'm sure business i'll see you there. if. you're watching r.t. international welcome back we have some news that just coming in for you now 4 people have been killed in a shooting at a hospital in the czech republic police have also confirmed that another 2 people have been seriously injured now the shooter a male suspect we're manes at large security forces have deployed a helicopter and special units to locate him on the hospital has been evacuated we'll be bringing you more updates on this developing situation as soon as we get
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it stay with us for that. now russia's foreign minister has arrived in washington for a working visit so a lot of is expected to meet secretary of state munt pompei and president donald trump the meeting hasn't been officially confirmed yet but it would come to a day after the u.s. justice department's watchdog ruled that the f.b.i. is russia probe was justified visit also comes against the backdrop of the impeachment inquiry into trump over what's being called ukraine gate artie's marred gauthier looks at the backlog of pressing international issues that moscow and washington hope to make progress on. it's hard to imagine a worse time for russia and the u.s. to meet but if you wait a few years the way things are going and oh it will be even worse pressing issues at stake things that can no longer be delayed things that affect your safety my safety the entire world. arms control most
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important current for short range ballistic weapons ever since the u.s. and russia pulled out of the i.m.f. treaty locking horns over who had violated the terms things have been escalating understand how awful these things are with your brother of the mill nuclear weapons both sides know where they are they can detect launches potentially intercept them with short range intermediate weapons there's no warning which makes proof sides and europe protected by the i.m.f. panicky with these weapons it's better to press early rather than late i want we definitely don't want to see our continent 1000000000 back to being a battlefield or a place where. other superpowers confront themselves this belongs to a far away history. now another monumental agreement is in
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the law and the farce. speak the start treaty which limits how many strategic nuclear weapons a country can field and it's expiring in about a year which is why russia wants a new treaty in place that russia is ready to prolong the new start treaty as soon as possible before the end of the year without any preconditions so far no response from washington but rumor has it trump wants a deal that would bring in china to russia wants to make a deal very much on arms the. world so certainly really. you know. we may be related to the all talk for now this is what this meeting is about talking enough to finally resolve this. arms control is just one part of the problem now is waging a p.r.
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war against russia spy scandals hacking accusations sanctions and threats of more rudy giuliani's communications with president trump could be monitored by the russians russia may have been listening and russians are working to sow doubt russia's information warfare the escalation would be sensible little reason and relations gone mad. this is arguably the field where america and russia can do the most really actually make the world just a little bit better cooperate and venezuela work together in libya north korea perhaps even sort out the mess that is u.s. policy on iran. that iran is undergoing some very serious problems largely sanctions the reposed absolutely illegally the americans withdrew from iran you could see you will expect the sides to implement it this was
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a short list of common issues from the very deadly to the highly in can. and there are many more which is why even if the nothing this meeting is a good idea keeps the avenues of dialogue open because if they aren't these problems with the keep mounting well there's only so much of camel's back couldn't take. a writer in germany has penned a feminist version of the classic tale snow white and the adaptation has a surprise twist. fairy tales give you the chance to teach kids about important values and i think diversity is simply not addressed nearly enough this is such an important concept and i really want my children to grow value.
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but it's not the 1st time a classic telescreen given them or doesn't make over a new version of aladdin released this year princess johnson has high aspirations to become sultan in the original she just wanted to find her soul mate. in a remake of the 989 classic little mermaid a black actress plays the lead role of that cause a backlash from criticized attempts to alter her to alter traditional characters while others are more enthusiastic saying it was a win for diversity but we discussed the trend with karyn turk a t.v. and radio host and reece everson
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a women's rights advocate. this is political correctness god mad i am sad for little girls everywhere that it's no longer ok to be a housewife and a princess you know on the one hand we want to tell little girls that you can be anything you want to be and less it means being in a traditional relationship maybe being a housewife wanting to be a princess that it's not ok you know i'm all for equal rights and i'm all for feminism but this is just wrong there's no reason that we should take away fantasy and fairy tales and this story does just that this german father has rewrote this thing in a way where it just slaps reality in the face of children absolutely not i think we've done young ladies a disservice for many many years by promising them this fairy tale and pushing it into their head as little girls so that when they grow up they're expecting to meet this guy who's ready to take them on as their wife and marry them and pay the bills
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and and be the head of the household and for a lot of women those the statistics say that that's actually no longer reality the reality for so many women unfortunately is that we won't get to have that fanciful stay at home fairytale story it sounds good and many of us would love to have it but let's prepare some of these young ladies for reality so that we don't push them into a cold hard world where they have to fend for themselves and there is no one there to save them on a white horse i'm sure grease you would agree you know if you could find a guy on a white horse to just take you away and sweep you off your feet that would be a good fantasy doesn't mean it's going to happen but it's nice to read the story and why take that away from little girls rather than getting into this fanciful tale let's just as the elements that allow us to bring it to the future and allow our girls the chance to you know probably create a future for themselves that looks more like what they would like it to or what
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they're capable of having versus some. far off this new fairy tale that may never happen you know just forcing down their throat that the only way that you can have validity is to have a career and being a housewife is no longer ok i don't know that that's necessarily the right thing here and it sounds good to allow children to live in this fantasy world but we've got to give them some truth so that they can begin to grow into skill sets in people who can actually function in the real world taking the 7 dwarfs and making them women and then having snow white travel around the world you know with the prince and they're not romantically involved i mean this is just changing the entire story i do believe we need to empower women but i don't think we need to emasculate men in the process and i think we should lock the door of speed worse than they should be males well we'd love to hear your thoughts on this story and everything else so do get in touch by following us on social media and even the comments that join as we get to the top of the hour.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to confront a shouldn't let it be an arms race and it is often spearing dramatic to follow only closely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. when there is only mr johnson. and i just got out of prison for. 41 guinness. 72 years so. i got arrested for a term for something to. fill you know i'm like just everything was taken out
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of. my work in the hospital i think it was. meant to snow man that looks a little bit like me. about. homicide want to come. now. we're tough in the unit so you're going. to go. to the moon on a friday trying to frighten. us no good something wrong due to. a
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then one on the media house on the net passing them. i am max kaiser this is the kaiser report to globalization big dollars ation you know it's happening as the world is kind of drifting apart in a lot of different ways we look into it because there's an economic force behind it as always stays max santa claus is coming soon so you know what that means it's a season of make believe that some fat guy is going to fly around the world on
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a with a reindeer ism put some presents down our chimneys and make believe is becoming very real i notice around the world. we have now in the past week or 2 you know down trump has said that argentina and brazil where we're going next week that they have their currency manipulators and so he slapped some tariffs on their steel and aluminum or as the brits like to pretend it's pronounced al many m. they've slap some tariffs on that at a minimum that not english they can't talk good right so this tit for tat tariffs and it claims that there's a currency problem you know that their currency that they're driving their currency lower there is a dig dollars ation going on there's a currency crisis happening all over the world currencies are in massive flux massive volatility argentina and other countries are trying to grapple with the fact that the world is.


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