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tv   Keiser Report  RT  December 10, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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so the american people to decide on that if you go as for the relations where i share we have 0 doubt that dollar trump sincerely believes that there is a lot of benefit of us for america for american businesses in operating with russia . it is also beneficial for the whole world to have good relations between russia and america. gives right to libya and these relations with the new world. they should see no place for concessions or looking down as someone these relations should be based on the balance of interests magic work with russia and again benefits for both sides that's what we think about donald trump we do know that some in the united states have a different opinion and they are doing what they can to stall the normalization of
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our relations there you're probably seeing more and more sanctions i heard that. mr menendez. used to songs as opposed to a you know advocating for sanctions saying that the russian people are suffering from the all the garlic so that's something altogether new for us but we have 0 doubt that dollar drum is insincere. that he understands that the u.s. will only benefit from good relations with russia as for ukraine i didn't really get your question could you please repeat. the strain and that the impeachment process has points on the ukrainian us relationship what sort of lab ridge do you think that gives russia in your discussions with ukraine about ending a conflict without. you and you would work with machines and we don't really understand. what do we have to do with your korean
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relations and what kind of leverage can we apply to the situation that's something for the 2 sovereign states to deal with that certain. do you leave him more hopeful or less hopeful but new stock can be extended when you came and the 3rd drop dead date after which it will be too late to extend the treaty. nor through that the you really well the date is february the 5th 2021. until then. it's in our hands in his hands solution do something our proposal is on the table they've heard us say it's up for washington to decide now. mr locke of the new york times. has just put out a statement about your meeting with president trump saying that the president did
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warn about warn you not to interfere in u.s. elections and also urged you to try and settle your car clicked or the situation if you create was just going to get discussed these 2 items in are so can you tell us about the discussion. it's nice to rebut what you know absolutely no we did not discuss the election that's for ukraine. to stay secretary and president about the. meeting i have about the outcome so that normandy for a meeting in paris in my opinion is based on the final communique circulated to the media as well as far as i know. thank you john hutton of the washington post mr ladbrokes what is your sense from the united states based on your discussions in syria do you think the trumpet ministration is coming along or maybe accepting the
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assad regime's rule in syria were were they more critical of the russian position critical of russian bombing in it live. or perhaps maybe open to opening an embassy in damascus what's your sense of how the united states views the assad regime. was nice to move more americans could you probably are going you should ask that question when talking to the your ass administration because that's their attitude towards the governments of the syrian arab republic and you suppose it wasn't. with that 1st because. the u.s. did not support the process but later on the joy in your book. you cook with the process of helping to establish the constitutional committee that committee consists of 3 sides the opposition the government and the civil society
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representatives. with. that show you see that america understands and accepts the reality in syria these are the realities of today and these are realities that they got sick usually coming to ease upon and today i saw my from. certain interested in seeing the constitutional reforms to happen as the war in the security council resolution stipulates for more. on the situations that. has become a hard battle. of terrorism and our turkish colleagues. so we would be failing to deliver on their obligations to separate. the armed opposition you. know but there. hasn't been involved in any terrorist acts
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and. we changed the name to. turkey promised. do that in september last year it's a tall order to stand that and the about modernization at the time also assured us that they would separate. the militants who were ready to have political dialogue from the ship how to lose their fighters knew that promise . never came true when they bomb a new straits had failed to deliver. you know already back then we put them had of 1st suspicion about the way the treated. we had the suspicion that the us was sparing about the looser to use it against the legitimate government of bashar assad. unlike isis which has been.
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largely defeated and has existed only in the form of separate groups rather looser or. has taking over the deescalation zone of aid lip it's use it as a. platform for carrying strikes against the mean civil infrastructure and rushes which may mean basically respond to these. attacks and it's impossible to have the situation linger for ever. because of the good war missile because we need to fully liberate this zone from terrorists we need to make sure that the digital government has full control of the territory there is one element factor. and the charities who are there in the zone they're sprawling. they're penetrating other regions
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a lot of them are now in libya in libya they're adding oil to the fire of the collages and the fighting which. as an obstacle on the way of the political process or discuss syria in great detail we discussed the. situation to the east of where you are freight is where the u.s. was its coalition which hasn't been invited to syria tolls in the most abstruse continues organizing the lives of the sort of people basing their decision making on the help given by the kurdish. populations sometimes that causes confrontation between the kurds and the arabs stripes. because the territory is a native land for the arab population and the kurds are coming there wanting to
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take these lands we call upon the united states to solve their problems through these the repaid is based on the principles of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of syria and that is what there is aleutian says washington's voted for that reason lucian you could stand up for us to be goes down of our t. . has been 2 or 3 hours since you have. been really a lot of critics of criticism coming from the us media they said that meeting was behind closed doors and add i'm sure you had of the. house of representatives for intelligence said that this was a success for russian propaganda so we hear things that's russian propaganda success what about you do you think it's really is the case and your political good what i think is that there was no press at all no u.s. no russian press was present or what has mr sharon believes that.
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just to boost the only come talk to a regular and normal contact for most of them would do all you can. be labeled as that and he things. that will be a meeting between the foreign minister and the president of the recipient country that we can have that meeting with the most well i don't know what to say that's a triumph for the good diplomacy maybe they are going to accuse that we just like the athletes allegedly. banned substances that's just absurd much. but what was his statement is absolutely absurd and i think ne sober minded person would see the absurdity of his words. can i ask. whether or not as you know the president last time you were here disclose some highly classified information during your meeting and i wanted to know if anything
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to your knowledge was discussed today that would be considered highly classified. thank you not your. best for your 2nd course the last when the i can only know that from what you're going to write about this. before our 1st meeting. there was no classified information and you know confidential information disclosed by anyone . we said it many times should anyone of you things that it was different that's just tell us what you know tell us what exactly information was exchanged but if there was to watch that story is about because it's it's just surreal as for today i don't know what information you can consider to be classified. as given to you frank almost a word for word the description of everything that we discussed if you find you
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secret well it's your sensation to write about myself. i have 2 questions. the 1st one has to do with the scandal or prohibition of cooking in. the u.k. it's about a dossier. on the talks around the an h.k. greenman between the u.k. and the usa and some others are now saying that the publication of the dossier is russia's interference in the elections in the u.k. so could you comment on that please my 2nd question has to do with the recent visit of your states coincides in time with several. discussions on the sanctions project the senate tomorrow another package of sciences will be discussed so you do take into account the risk of sanctions when making certain foreign policy decisions and do you warn the russian government to reduce the risk one pulls they are about to
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make some decisions you go. on the talks between the u.k. and the u.s. on health care issues did i get that right yes that's right documents were published which have to do with the negotiations between the u.k. and the usa on selling some of the an h k 2. and they share stew. and it was already. declared that it was part of the russian efforts to interfere in the domestic process and you do believe well i'm not surprised to hear that little when it's a little nashua shuttles through. your code blue or so they say that we allegedly interfered in the health care system and the arrangements read between the u.k. and the us i never heard about that. good i heard that my former colleague and now
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prime minister. openly said that there was no russian interference there weren't you in the u.k. your affairs not now nor the time of the brags that decision and i at this point i can say that i believe boris johnson on that. thank you nic with bloomberg news i just wanted to clarify your answer to a previous question the white house issued a readout that explicitly said president trump warned you against any russian interference in u.s. elections are you saying that that warning was not delivered thank you janish the world community i did believe to read and widen this houses your comments about our which at that meeting it will. you can we did say secretary powell it was departments who put in the mansion's that is d.s. warned against interfere in the election process i responded to that night told it
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to the state secretary mentioned publicly not responded publicly again that we proposed it to the new straight to publish the transcript of. communication we have the channel for curbing cyber security risks we have to actually. use statements. and way i have these channels and if we publish this information will be clear that we were ready to cooperate on it which had to do with these allegations that russia interfere and they have. refused point blank to have that cooperation. he's listed you go to mr ops was that because the bush so we were ready to discuss any concerns so that part of the us and our requests our openness was not responded
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to positively and now we have this administration refuses to publish the solution communications well what else can we say that was publicly discussed at the state department press conference i'm sorry i forgot to answer your 2nd question but the 2nd question had to do. to go to sleep with the looks of a look at your work. coming here right when movies songs new sanctions are being discussed. well i had similar questions some of you sad that we are here just one of the impeachment process is at its highs but you know whenever you come to washington you call inside into something impeachment sanctions what not. and this is going to be the last question 1st to row please. mr lavrov. some serious 2nd question do you have some special relationship some racial relationship where the music or rather he said that you were pleased to see here well we worked
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in moscow be careful be careful you can reveal something about yourself with because of my question i said it was ukraine you said that you came to washington right after the talks in paris but my question is as follows. what are your impressions about the one on one meeting between president putin and president selenski of ukraine. is it possible that the. key to the crisis. is not only in the hands of moscow and key but also washington maybe washington should join the normandy force you have what do you think the moment the atmosphere of the meeting of the normal before and the atmosphere of the meeting between putting as there was constructive and i would say so you move assurance of there was a lot of respect towards each other and your battery was very pragmatic there was
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no one to put any ideology forward to do with and obscure the problems in the ukraine there was some ideological biases i sample that you should that ukraine do deal with that it was a very pragmatic discussion there were no loud statements made for the sake of making statements when everyone was ready to see what she practical solutions that it was clear that both the russian president ukrainian presidents were ready to seek solutions to their problems as for the capitalists who helped to move forward on their way of solving the. i'm certain implemented the misc agreements i think it's all of the new moscow. washington don is going to lugansk this is your version these are the centerpiece of the whole process the centerpiece is to
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have direct talks between donors clue grants can keep your mouth system. not see nationalists in the ukraine are putting up is that what they show asking you to the polls good grosses me on the. treason not to your books. that undermine ukraine's national interests not to start a direct dialogue and there is. leading that process by the way they do in that cirrhosis after peter in their hold talks and he signed the agreement so you signed the misca course by the way that it's only possible to come where you will come with or so some of them want war and some of them want peace. would you add here to his election promises he would see the committee and then to that award he would you see to do his best to.
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achieve peace and that can be done by implementing the courts that's what the meeting in paris was a buyout there is no alternative to the means coke or it's your view that was confirmed at the very in the very 1st you know you before you consider the clause of the document adopted by the 4 leaders yesterday which any country including the united states the use of you or any other western or more non-western countries can help if they could school school. which is the model of the situation in the following way this varies a certain group in used to your career. they're not willing to implement the music records and these countries they can propose to rate them to implement them or you could work a former representative for ukraine if you ask for those he's
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a device nothing's going to happen good have happened then he said that occupational forces should be sent to the dawn by us and all the existing bodies there to ensure a normal life in the because locals can do republics model should be dismantled he suggested that police should be sent there and only after that elections can take place when you have a patient administration occupational forces there lections would not be genuine that's clear as day so we do hope that our work supports the local community but we do to clarify the situation with the chords. will be indeed will clear for everyone and we hope that our west in our 4 year colleges will help us. to implement the un security council resolution on the matter. thank you very
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much and see you again. and we've been listening to russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov for just outlining his meeting with the u.s. president donald trump among the issues discussed a possible extension of a new start treaty or they agree to take steps to deescalate tensions in the persian gulf discussed sandwiching denuclearization of the korean peninsula. in other news crowds have rallied in paris against president plans to overhaul the pension system more than a dozen arrests were made recent days the country see violent protests in several cities reporting from the french capital his. well as you can see we are in the thick of it the country is trying to deliver their message to the government just one day before it now says their final plans for the pension reform in france although we did hear from the country's prime minister that for them for
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now there is no intention to change their plans if we don't make serious profound and progressive reforms date someone else will make much more brutal reform tomorrow i hope that we can convince a majority of french people that our reform is fair it is universal it makes the special pension plans gradually disappear and is financially balanced not just for a moment let me give you a clearer picture of who these people are for instance we've already been used to the yellow vests but as you can see these are orange and what it says on them is s.n.c.f. this is the french railway company which is by the way one of the main driving forces of the protests you can imagine what happens if the entire system. railroad workers what if they go on strike son like that has already been facing that at one point almost 85 percent of the railway staff members white
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rice and this really cause chaos in the country's transport system that it's not only about iran and world war i can tell you that the professions range from air traffic controllers to actually police officers and warriors so this is just how vast it is. like i said before even police union support the strike and actually in fact different opinion polls say that from 50 to 70. side of the french population are supporting what's going on in the street in the streets of france right now but i do have to mention though that last week protests in various cities of these country did turn ugly and violent.
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i can tell you that most of the slogans that we are hearing in these protests are aimed directly against the president emanuel macron one you can see right here it says macro don't touch my retirement i can tell you that the pension reform is pretty much his brainchild and that's why so many people are angry at him specifically over but this comes soon may be. over but it does
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not come here prove money 1st but the reforms we impart to everybody see idea for the pension reform is to introduce a universal point system which will make the pension sums universal for different layers of the society but some of them in france do fear that they will lose their privileges they want to give us a town hall food system you have every. forms but all much. so with brings you a point never knows where now this is. just a warning for the government but it's not hard to predict what's going to get out but if emanuel makarov it his state decides to stick to the plan. ok i asked if that i could stay all night they said no we need somebody fresh that
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was on the local will be here with updates for you in just 3 minutes on. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately it was also a very dark so. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will always be worth one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results diced on what they think you should be see if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more growth we give them the sooner we're all.
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each simulating civilization will be able to run using a tiny fraction of its resources. hundreds of thousands millions of runs through all of human history almost all. beings with our kinds of experiences with them to simulate that once. known simulated ones and conditional and that are good we should think we're probably one of the simulated ones. pasko wooden will. take i could come close to record. this show more than. you love food in general not the.
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sound you make to see but it's the ones who come. to what do our own lives the kook on the spindle it's in the out not as you hijacked on. the filthy political. knew of those 2 moons known to the smiths through learning to phenomena so would you hire the retired to use in to do. one job. one on the media house on the net passing them.
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russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov holds a meeting with donald trump in the white house with a focus on nuclear nonproliferation and global security. meanwhile as democrats go all in on the impeachment the us president claims the russian collusion case was also an attempt to overthrow him plus. the. protesters in france take a stand against pension reforms ahead of a speech by the prime minister on the issue.


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