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tv   Documentary  RT  December 13, 2019 6:30am-7:01am EST

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you going i would only came back. and then your thunder guy that done all the and then made a good book your have a the about spying on the banks on. our course most. of our. stuff as that you don't know. what annoyed the mamma mia got the new found this good though i mean the target i want to hide tenders are going on here all of them in. the court are going on the see when you zoom out most of them started to show most of my disk though and you are more than i. am you are the size of a coming out come with come you are. going of course as in the small you know.
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it all doesn't awkward for muslim on the net character there. are none other. than. you know where the car was good on or. colnago good and innocent just go on. one of those oh good and then i still know it it goes over there hide it then you
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know when you are coming out and i like the rhythm or what this guy. is gonna who are you going to watch on that hour that as i stood. there at the small majority odds and you. got back at the no you know more you are at us you are gone you are not. that much the good of you and that. then. the sort of moral i will not do is the way you do senescent and that i must again montana on the. one.
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then i will not only like you then john i will know about mark sudduth and then. put on one of the that or the nano name get all of them. in the sun and suddenly that i was i with them 100 and then when they go they did not. do you have those there now hold you to a well conquered to heal you that i was and i with all my family money on the. little momo monica. when you don't know until you a night and. i know my local when you. saw song eyes there was meant all and. now this here nestled us in the puzzle for
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this. it's an economic. business. so the you. can almost 30. 3rd because i'm. sure you do this you don't. get to go to the amazon. on what you. want to. get going. does. that's what they call the part of the prefecture to which access is still
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restricted. to highway runs right through this section and it's fenced off on both sides. trespassing is strictly prohibited those images hang over the road to indicate the current radiation level. restricted access areas are marked in red. yellow shows or districts that isabel to be reopened and areas to which people can already return are in green. in the spring of 2080 in the or thirty's reopened. directly adjacent to the nuclear bell blunt. your door knob i'm quite well behind out there who moved from all over these days they don't get together very often ever since akumal was partially reopened allowing residents the administration and police to return the team of volunteers who watched over the abandoned city for 8 years has been. dispended and all plus still money and all its on and on people who
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pull. it all. around us of not going to some place all of them there are. a lot higher goal you almost would claim it's only. all right doing just what. you need is a machine just all of the motor in use when all the new pump on it or the wall of the car you want. always to. blow him up. but there is almost no chance that mr suzuki himself will be able to return his house is just 300 meters from the nuclear station this is where they bring radioactive earth from all over fukushima prefecture it's now a long term radioactive waste storage facility. wouldn't you know
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what it was good at what. they knew there was no problem there. in the. truck that i got that i got to come in and. i still want to apply the law yes i would and i. was not a little corner. or tall a savior model no what i know of all of the other you know all off. scudamore that's what i need to sit there on or would you or is your most warming up the
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truth and nothing more. thought. she was on the scale of them so i don't know what i. did last. 20 something. taking us on the journey. from the would i not a bit away was. he saying we have this. see you want more tornado amalia in there sort of that i'm a quarter or more or the shooting or yes there are movies or the shooting is. going to be. you're going to ask you know i can meet him i said. thank you general. amos.
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for the whole bit of commerce restricted access is actually ready for demolition. she's come to say good bye to it. but you know she doesn't know what the latest is none if that's what you asked i think you must understand i. don't know what this book but there cindy i know the mo which you know who attend this and all. the tours you are wanting to work. on this it so it is. said again your. son got to see what i thought the guy has you make. it all sound again you are only there. to make it a c.b. talk. attacks on what they were on with the kook on st george and the now. now as you heard chuck thanks. very. much this. time to
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head space. and all he said looking at the moon or on the roof. on the. children said it's clear to me she took soyou. still be. somebody else now i i don't think i could also make the step. in normal. you mustn't. stand there thing walk on the hallway must see me and with. all this. quickly they were all. on you must.
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come with us it was. and there is only johnson. and i just got out of prison for. 41 years. i'm 72 years old now i got arrested for tomorrow for something to. fill in on like just everything was taken out of. my work in the hospital it was. meant to snow man that looks
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a little bit like me. about high. homicide on 2 cars. now. we're tough in the. us so you're going. to go. to the moon on a friday trying to frighten. us no good something about due to. the
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decontamination process has now been underway continuously for several years. he put it up. i can tell you what i hope they will know that it up told if it doesn't get voted out of office what is a central committee that didn't know if he got it. i thought. so you say you. know. they get a minute. although what i want to just also must take they do have 2 numbers she sends it you have to double mobile phone or. say that said go take a walk the same day out of these against us. and you are those the morons from the law where much of this in this stood out in
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1000 and. so would a higher commodity tied to use then there is a ghost so you don't knock oh no it was as. you know molly with roses and for goodness audience goes on the clothes that all the other good guys yeah when he got it the waiter ruggedness him what do you know if you've been to school to know talk quite quickly on the united is a theatre when you are you can see there you go there to go to those who know those who risk was madi because if you're going to double. it then there's the amount that the whole law. one of the 100 because you can go to non-zero for you know we don't know. there's no question. she. might go to a smith. so it can sense it so do they know. who the enemy would really make.
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it. so we do the same thing to do it the other would you. know the jungle or the ground in the course all like that. when jungle bunny got on. by saying you know me let. me go and so. for the sum of one of the. log one a. girl who was one
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quarter. gun is doing nothing well. longer than that then a generation with a gun on the go so will and i got the money is really the new national guard because i'm going to don't wish to wind up a lot of little girl. class that many of them the one thing running and i want. me. then wolf you may hear you're not the gerbil will become big a big among them. but how could a mother and. i know not coming up on legal view because he's you might look into. his you know my office but it's been a while but can't you see it's the old school system i think it is you need to give
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your butt up over this with a kite but he just. he says the. council takes readings of the radiation level on the street where the but side is already open for people to return and the other side is not. a card in that none than the. one that the media has on the net. now. here's a quirk if they're. going to give up that could market. need them on the mend. there then the needle. in the corner of the court judge. the. judge cut in the. class. name and then they had the acuity i demanded and then led to another none of them about. going to get it. right and i was.
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not nor do you believe that it was. anything new in that it simply means that he threw the whole thing then. in the room. and. in the jail they. could. come up to the floor. to. move it up to. the locate the clue to look it up but it. was about that the police let it go.
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to all of the snow in the kitty kelly wallace it's just so no book 9. 0 do look up. she tell you don't look at a store you can see in the east you'll. get to meet. the goals to lead the political system and. listeners are not. about to. come on you don't even have. there. is. one time when this could go the police got more money more money up. the skill. to come. that lesson. to show that the us see more oh say
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that's the heads of up to the sea more such you know this is cuba because some will tumble to see it could all that's normal some will come of that see this model to good and also you that will do still you know all it's going. to. you don't. want to. 'd tell more than i cut out you know to look at us i. says he started to. 'd look at things and i cannot your son needed the way he could talk also because we needed overnight to talk and the most of the. job is to talk to you we need a condom what's there to smoke. and you pointing outside the home of the ones in the dark comes. over washing on. to the can i cycle on the bike
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someone had to pull the seal to. the way fund on my. car it took him on the last. of the set up again to scan the news of. the couple state. data and so i got up but i think you know. so. almost one thing was going on don't you know it's going to be when they ought to see you i don't i just didn't know do you not that i don't know what i think you're going to let. me. take. you through the aam you're going. to do this you do the book on. that but my old man you know what i got you have a mole. ok.
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but. the. thing. you. think come to. think of a very poor. design is the. money . got the new money. the more. every day norio kimura returns to where his hell stored 8 years ago. these are now to stay in the zone for as long as he wants. it's a long time since he last was protective clothing even though the house was close
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to the power station in an area where it will never be possible to. during the tsunami his father wife and daughter unit disappeared without trace he was sure they might have survived and wanted to look for them but after 2 explosions at the nuclear power plant the zone was closed off. she was into. what this was like a still picking. up on the sunny. new. plane isn't it. as soon as it was possible to return to the zone he hurried to look for his loved ones his search has lasted 5 years and 9 months.
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you know there. know all. we want to know our day to day. god would sit alone. and. put out all our needs and we know what it needed to and it will put people to. do up you know told you to. come out of the g. . 22 out of this. to go up in these you know got a canoe in terms of our polygamy scope and using june in no we're looking at an underscore when picking in. thank you and who lived on the mystery of our problem and something's got stuck on
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a sort of i me or putting a horse on all on the. who are more when english is that are you on the joke or that and they are going to conduct a. new york quote of what. do you want the world call it in they could all know who who called don't want any court. what am i don't know joining. me. now. welcome anymore of the and i cannot go it alone with the most of the. course oil production of oil was an act in a couple chinalco that she called. for school in the morning. and. no real wants to open a museum and even more important the park in his daughter's memory but this land has been designated
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a buffer zone between the plant radioactive waste storage facility and future residential areas this means he has almost no chance of realizing his dream but no real continues to plant flowers. he lays out the symbol that means. i had a spiritual experience. and the little girl that died in the fire sent their colonies . there. are looking for a candy reaching. 54 years old spent 21 years on good
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role model. for a crime i didn't commit. i only knew that he was innocent doesn't read the rumors that nobody but this. trial was pretty much a farce that they are ahead in the building or that well. you know. nothing not at all you will learn. the truth through to me hasn't forgiven himself for something. i knew she was there and i knew exactly what i was doing. people live. in that sometimes there's no explanation.
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you know world of big through law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the past and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now. washing clothes for watching the hawks. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately it was also a very dark side. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character
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that you type into the search bar it will always favor one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results diced on what they think you should be seeing if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more rope we give them the sooner we are all hanged. just. that it. did.
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the conservative party secures a muscle of the majority in the british parliament labor suffers in the polls. disappointing died for them our live coverage from westminster retards and less than that. other world news where across this hour. police $71.00 the soldiers are killed in a militant attack on a military base a nice year exposing it to crisis for french foreign policy and its former colony. protests sweeping across india as a controversial religion based law making it easier for non muslims to become citizens.


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