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safely. in their own zone you know none of them are not i don't want. that mosque there. is this night i don't want that. guy on. my wedding because all the warning that more putting upon popular star in his own hand the cigar now mother told that the middle column in the midst in the government sold us. on some of the malarkey do you like to do it on their wedding because on that it's just. like your you must do this and then put the net bomb bomb will.
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happen to you when you look at them. and then your thunder go that they'll know they were not made of good cakes your pavé the about this site on the banks on. most. of their. stocks as i don't know. how to know what the mama money uncle got the new yet on this good though i mean that i want to hide tenders are going to kill all of them i mean i. don't want that and with the thought that i wonder she. was in my room started to she most kind i discard all. that and i dismiss. the size of that coming down come with us and then the. school human officers and the some of their. you know.
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what all those who are muslim on the net then. and calling others. on our panel. what. we know where the colors are good on and on and. on. i mean this isn't just kong.
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those all good and then i still know it's it goes over there hide it then you know when you are coming out and i like the more one of the sky. is gonna who are you going oh what's on that out there as i stood. there at the small majority odds and you got back into the know your more you are at us you are gone you are not our national dish ultimate demise the good of drug and that. and then. the sort of. car will not be used the way you do senescent got a month ago in montana. on the. very next one.
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then i'll not only like you then john i don't know about mark sudduth and then. put on one of those that want the non-o. name they don't want them. in the sun and suddenly that i wish i were them 100 and then when they go they did not. have those then now hold you to a will conquer in order to heal you that i was and i with all my 1000000000 munnell and than. a little more more monica. when you don't want the un night and. i know my local one says you. saw a song i swear it was meant only and. now this here nestled us and. has over this.
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its neck and neck. so that you. can almost 30. 3rd because i'm almost. sure you do this you don't. get it over there. on what you. want to. get going.
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does. that's what they call the part of the prefecture to which access is still restricted. the highway runs right through this section and it's fenced off on both sides. trespassing is strictly prohibited. meters hang over the road to indicate the current radiation level. restricted access areas are marked in red. yellow shows a district that is a bell to be reopened and areas to which people can already return are in green. in the spring of 2080 in the or thirty's reopened. directly adjacent to the nuclear bell blunt. your door knob i'm quite well behind out there who moved from all over these days they don't get together very often ever since akumal was partially reopened allowing residents the administration and police to return the team of volunteers who watched over the abandoned city for 8 years has been. dispended and
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all plus still and all its on and on people full. height all. around us of not going to some place all of them there are only that we will do. a lot higher goal you've almost claiming it's only. all right just. as you 'd are there and you know it is a machine just all of the motor in use when all the new pump on it or the wall of the car you want. to. blow him up. but there is almost no chance that mr suzuki himself will be able to return his house is just 300 meters from the nuclear station this is where they bring radioactive earth from all over fukushima prefecture it's now
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a long term radioactive waste storage facility. wouldn't you know what it was good look at what. was your thought on that and a lot of thought. that i got that i got to come and. live with $100.00 plus laws yet i would not. play the would of the court is so big that the. courts when they say their mother know what i know thelma and all of the other you know all off
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. scudamore that's what i need to sit there on or would you. use your most warming up to sign up on the wall mart thought. she was on their way out of this kind of them don't know what i. do know i've lost. 20. or taking us on the journey. from the would i not a bit away was. this. god that's all they say they started to. see was more tornado amalia in on their side of it the more quarters of all or the shooting or yes there are movies or the shooting is. going to take. a look at us you know i can meet him i said. thank you general.
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amos. for the whole bit of commerce restricted access is actually ready for demolition. she's come to say good bye to it. but you know she doesn't know what the latest is none if that's what you asked i think you must understand i. don't know what this book but they're sending or i know the mo which you know for a time this is a new. book tours you are wanting quick work because i'm looking at what i've done this is a sort of a. new or. did you go out there with some got to see what i thought the guy has you make. it all sound again you are only there. 'd to make it a c.b. to talk. attacks. on with the kook and saying do it in the now.
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thanks. very. much this. case. and all he said looking at the moon or on the roof. children said it's clear sunny she took. some of this. could also with a step. in normal. you mustn't. think walked. away must see and with. all this. there were all. the must there.
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was a question this. each
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simulating civilization would be able to run using a tiny fraction of its resources. hundreds of thousands millions of runs through all of human history almost all. beings with our kinds of experiences would then be simulated ones rather than non simulated ones and conditional on that they are good we should think we are full of the one of the simulated ones. see why way down. china is the apollo 11. in this decade. it's defining the technological landscape for a whole country going to happen for a long time. and we're going to fulfill the repeated purposes of politics to the people and come out
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you know we've all bots to. be. pretty. much. pretty good. now you want to work. no. longer. call. up. the decontamination process has now been underway continuously for several years.
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but i completely. what's going on but what they will no doubt about how did everybody get all that obama what is essential credit i don't know if you got it. i thought i could fill that void in what. you say you. just released but i don't. really get a minute. although what i want to just almost must take they do have to member she centers that you have to gamble mobile phone was. said that said go take a walk the same day out of these against us. and you are those the morons from the law where much of the sin they stood out in i didn't know. so would be a higher commodity tied to use in that there is a ghost at the communal no go no which as. you know monumental since in the day for good was already. those on the cross that got all the other good thoughts jani got
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it right or out of this what do you know he could do no talk quite rudely on the you know that is a theater when you are you can see that though there are good for those who know those who do you agree squab madi because you are going to double. the amount that the whole law. so 100 years go see the movie go to non-zero for get over the norm i think was the question. so for that you'll see the night call comes to us minutes you saw it too since it. got on without him with relentless your cool knowledge there.
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so we do this sometimes to meet others would you. know the jungle or the ground the causal link to. one jungle of any ground. under a mother that is quite the thing you need. to be taken to. so. for the sum of $100.00. 1. what you gonna. do what's one more quarter that. you really got on is doing nothing well. you want to do that then each mission will be gone on the good looks so real and close the money is really the new national got the. going to don't wish to wind up
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a lot of the little girl. cries the money and then the one thing run on. me. then was on the computer for me here you do not go to the mall because big a big m m m. how can i mustn't go. i know now coming up on legal view yes if you look in the. club over his you know my office but it's a bit more but can't you see you could put up some logical system i think that is you need to give him the type of business with a kite that he just made he says the. council takes readings of the radiation level on the street where the odd numbered side is already open for people to return and the other side has not. occurred in that
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none none that the one that the media has on the net. here's what o'clock is they're going they're going to give up that crew market going. up. need them on the net there then then the needle. in the corner that could just. could just cut in. class. human there'd been an acute it i demanded and then. none of them about. going to. look. at what it was. nothing more than you. think you. need to netflix them from. your home and then someone will call the
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room. and. what's. in the thing tell me that. you could. come for the food. and. move it up to. the locate the clue to look it up but if you like. that there please let it go to the. good doctor you will soon look at the. lot this is to know cook 9.
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0 do look don't. seem to like me don't look at a store you can see in the way it's good to. get meat. feel forced to leave the political system and. the lessons are. going to. come up you don't even look there. what kind of us did along. just to get a. good. mom. i don't want this google the bully got more money more money up. the skill more. coming up nothing. to show that got us he more well said that's in the hudson what to see more suits you know this will do because some will tell me that it could although it's noticeable to move that see this model to good law so
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you in that field you know told. him. ready ready to. you don't. want to talk. to mike i don't know what to look you know i mean. this is starting to smoke don't hold. your tongues and i cannot be your sunday the way he could fool also because we need every night to talk. the most of the good of all i need. to talk to you. conjure what's there to smoke. and you pointing out that i took a look at me once in the dark comes. over washington. to look at my site. someone i have to call to see it to. understand we've done don't like. her it took him on the last.
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to sit up again this is the new. state. they don't know they're going to take it up but i think you know. one thing going on. when they ought to say you i don't i just can't go to you about that at the local i think you're going to let. me. take. you through the obama. did. you did you do the book by a. minute. or your own without but. ok. but i'll go. away because the. thing. you.
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think comes in the movie rights now and it's given very poor and of course that. is the. got the new money. in this go the more. every day norio kimura returns to where his hell stored 8 years ago. he is allowed to stay in the zone for as long as he wants. it's a long time since he last was protective clothing even though the house was close to the power station in an area where it will never be possible to hurt. during the tsunami his father wife and daughter you know disappeared without trace he was sure
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they might have survived and wanted to look for them but after 2 explosions at the nuclear power plant the zone was closed off. he was in chief now. this was still picking. up on this i needed. my. mind isn't it. as soon as it was possible to return to the zone he hurried to look for his loved ones. his search has lasted 5 years and 9 months. you know. all. day he.
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would sit alone. and. put out all our needs and we know started knew that and it will. go up you know i told you till. i'm one of the. 2 out of this get off. the bus where nobody can do it well. what about me scott. june in no way looking at an underscore when picking me. thank you and also so who could it be when the mystery of a problem something is cut the corners are tough i mean good or putting a horse on all don't they're not on a course where you go who are more willing russians are you on the job and they are
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going to conduct a. new york quote of up. to what the world call it when they could all know who who called don't want any court . but what am i don't know joining. me. now. welcome anymore. he and i cannot go it alone with the most of the. course oil production of who was an actor not up watching all but that she did. for school is among our look almost benign. no real wants to open a museum and even more important the park in his daughter's memory but this land has been designated a buffer zone between the plant radioactive waste storage facility and future residential areas this means he has almost no chance of realizing his dream but no real continues to plant flowers. he lays out the symbol that means.
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the u.k. general election with a predicted large majority this would be the biggest majority for the tories since the days of margaret thatcher and labour's were showing in about 80 years it would seem getting breaks it done did the trick this is a big win for bojo but is it for the u.k. . i had a spiritual experience. and i had the little girl that died in the fire sent there collins. to say fine if there were done we're looking for
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a good reaching. offer 54 years old and 21 years on good role model. for a crime i didn't commit. i only knew that he was innocent doesn't read the list that nobody but. you know. trial was pretty much a farce. they are ahead of them golden tour that go. tell you nobody. not. got that. not that people you want to run it all. through through to me hasn't forgiven himself for something. i knew she was in there and i knew exactly what i was doing. people life.
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sometimes there's no explanation. conservative party sweeps to its biggest majority in the u.k. parliament for over 3 decades but it was a night to forget in the polls. elsewhere plenty of reason to cheer for scotland's nationalist party after a landslide the 'd calls are now growing tonight for a 2nd independence referendum. on monday. for the scottish parliament nor a waste mr government to say where there should be a new record one independent. news this friday evening after months of standoff in the trade war between the us and china the 2 nations now announce a possible truce with what's been described as a phase by phase deal.


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