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tv   Documentary  RT  December 13, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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nung yeah. one of those will go there and then i still know it's it goes over there hide it then you know when you are coming out and i like the little one of the skull. bones gonna who are you going oh what's on that out there as i stood. there at the small majority odds and you. got back at the no you know more you are at us you are gone you are not. the much the good of you and that's. not. the sort of model i will not use the word evolution yes on and that i must again montana in the case of the. one.
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then i will not only like candy and i will know about mark sudduth and then. call the one of the that or the nano you don't want them. to notice on suddenly that i was i with them 100 and then when they go they did not. do you have as their manhood your bruises and through a long conquered the ego you got i was and i with all my family money on than. little more moral monica. when you don't want the u.n. and. i know me. the
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sauce on the eyes was meant golden time now this is here nestled us in the puzzle it isn't a bad one that it's neck and neck. this . morning so the you. can almost 30. 3rd because i'm almost. sure you do this you don't. get to go to the amazon. on what you.
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want to. get going. because. that's what they call the part of the prefecture to which access is still restricted. to highway runs right through this section and it's fenced off on both sides. trespassing is strictly prohibited those images hang over the road to indicate the current radiation level. restricted access areas are marked in red. yellow shows a district that is a bell to be reopened and areas to which people can already return are in green. in the spring of 2080 in the or thirty's reopened. directly adjacent to the nuclear belt learnt. behind out there who moved over these days they don't get together very often ever since akumal was partially reopened allowing residents the administration and police to read. turn the team of volunteers who watched over the
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abandoned city for 80 years has been disbanded and all plus still money and all its on and on people who pull. it all. around us of not going to some place all up and there are. a lot higher goal you almost would claim you tony. all right doing just what. you're there and you know it is a machine. when all the new pump on it or the more high you ought. always to. blow him up. but there is almost no chance that mr suzuki himself will be able to return his house is just 300 metres from the nuclear station this is where they bring radioactive earth from
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all over fukushima prefecture it's now a long term radioactive waste storage facility. who wouldn't. want to move to. new. york that i thought. i would like to come and. i still want to apply the law yes i would i'm not. close mother wouldn't.
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or it's all a savings. don't know what i know thelma are all over the lot of you know all of them are what i need sit there on or would you or your usual no more screaming up the truth and nothing more. thought. she was on the scale of them don't know what i. did last. 20 some little missing or taking us on the journey. from the would i not a bit of a way was. he saying we have this. mother so when i say we started to see she was more tornado amalia in on their side of it the more quarters of all or the shooting or yes there are movies or the shooting is. going to be. going to us you know i can meet him i said. thank you general.
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amos. for the whole bit of commerce restricted access is actually ready for demolition. she's come to say good bye to it. but you know that this is the latest 9 if that's what you asked i think you must understand i. don't know what this book but there cindy i know. which you know who the time this is and all. the toys you are hunting could work. on this in this sort of a. shed again you are. some guy could see what i thought the guy has. done just get all told again you are only there. 'd to make it as he talked.
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the kook on the sindo is in the now as you can see. santa had to. turn to heights to pace. up. and all he said looking at the moon or on the roof. children said. soyou can. still be. in normal clothes. you must in the. morning then their thing walked down the hallway must see me and with what i like better and. more. quickly they were all.
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on the must there. was a question as. the u.k. general election with the predicted large majority this would be the biggest majority for the tories since the days of margaret thatcher and labour's were showing in about 80 years it would seem getting brakes it done did the trick this is a big win for bojo but is it for the u k. i had a spiritual experience. and i had the little girl that died in the fire cynthia
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collins. say 5 yr old son or looking for a kid reaching. 54 years old and 21 years on good role model. for a crime i didn't commit. i always knew that he was innocent doesn't read the groups that nobody would listen. you know your. trial was pretty much of for. the family or have them guilty or that goal. tell you nobody. not. god. not people you will turn it all. approved of to me hasn't forgiven him so for something. i knew she was in there and i knew
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exactly what i was doing. people live. in sometimes there's no explanation. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed working. there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objectively to day but there was an expectation of the things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy
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attack solo doubt engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no on. one set of rules for the rich opposites. that's what happens when you put her into the. narrow sector of wilf which will is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. the decontamination process has now been underway continuously for a symbol is. he put it. like you put it. up it will go to hell with it if it doesn't know about it what if they say
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that and hope you got it. i thought i could fill that void with a still. yes i got. to get a minute although what it was just almost must that they do what's the number to cinders if you had to double mobile phone won't. say that. the same day he's going to. a new one of those the movie. from the law where much of the sinister and i can you know. so will you higher commodity tied to use then there is a ghost so you don't know which as. you know molly with roses in there for goodness already. goes on across the garage they are good as you have any way to radicals who want to give no he will go to school to not are quite rightly sure only you not a good leader when you are you can see that though there are good good will in the
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those who will risk was molly because you are going to double. the amount that the whole law. 100 because you can go to non-zero for going over the no. question. she. might go to a smith. so it can sense it so do they know. who the enemy with. knowledge there. is. so we're going to see this little jimmy and the others what would you call norman of the jungle or the ground that's the
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causal factor. when jungle bunny got on. a name a little by saying no no let. me go. so. some woman that. wanna. walk out on a. girl who was one quarter of them. if you really gun is doing nothing well. longer than a generation with a gun on the go so you and i got the money is really the new national guard because i'm going to launch the my knuckle on the little guy. quest the money and then the one other thing running and i want. me. and it was
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a. good thing wolf on the move here you know not a good bill will become big a big move among them. but how could a mother and. i know now coming up on legal view you know you might look into. all these you know high office but it's been a while but if you cheat you could end up the old school she's a mother but you need to give it up you've got the way this is the case but he's got his. counselor takes readings of the radiation level on this street where the but side is already open for people to return and the other side is not. a card and that not. one of the media has on the net. now.
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here's a quote if the. crew market. we need them on the net there then then the needle. in the corner of the court judge. the. judge cut in the. class. human there'd been then a cubit i demanded and then led to another none of them about the. little girl did it look like and i did not. know nor do you think you will. have to. include me in that trick simply means that if you're not home and then someone will call what they did for. 40. minutes.
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and. what's going on. in the jail they. could. come to the through. the. door move it up to. the locate the clue to look that up but if you like. that please let it go. good luck to all of this new look at. what this it says to note book 9. 0 do look up. see telling me don't look at the store you come to see in the east you'll. get to meet. the goals to lead the
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political system and. the listeners are not. about to. come in you don't even look there. they're kind of us. this is. one time when this can go the more money more money up. the skill. to coming up. that lesson. to show that the us see more oh say that's in the heads of up to the sea more such as this will do because some will tumble to see it couldn't will that's normal some will come of that see this model to good and also you have that you know all it's going. ready
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ready to. you don't. want to talk. to mike i don't know what to look you know so i. says he started to. look at things and i cannot your son needed the way he could talk also because we need overnight to talk. the most of the good of all i need. to talk with new york london what's it like to smoke so i'm going pointing out that i took one of the ones in the dark comes. over washing on. to the can i cycle on the bike someone had to pull the seal to something. to wait until night. or it took him on the last. of the set up again to scan the news to. pick up a steak. and so i got up but i think you know.
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almost nothing going on don't eat anything and then when they ought to see you i guess i just didn't know do you not that i don't know what i think you're going to let. me. take. you through the bomb did. you did you do the book on. that model a minute. ok . but i'll go. away because the. thing. you. think condon. very poor. design is the.
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got the money. in this go the more. every day norio kimura returns to where his hell stored 8 years ago. he's allowed to stay in the zone for as long as he wants. it's a long time since he last was protective clothing even though the house was close to the power station in an area where it will never be possible. during the tsunami his father wife and daughter unit disappeared without trace he was sure they might have survived and wanted to look for them but after 2 explosions at the nuclear power plant the zone was closed off. for some of the journey she
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was into. this was still a ticking. up in on this i needed. my. mind and it. as soon as it was possible to return to the zone he hurried to look for his loved ones his search has lasted 5 years and 9 months. you know there. you know all. who want to know our day to day. god would fit a load. and no doubt all i needed to let me know what it needed to and it will not put people to or
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number 2 up you know i told you till. i'm one of the she. and they also wanted to go out and get all. of us when we got a canoe in terms of our quote of the me scott. no looking at and some talking me. who lived on the mystery above problem and something is cut off by me like a door opening and washing all on the to go who are more wearing my shoes that are you on the job and they are going to. need your quote of what. do you want to call it when they get all my who. don't
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want to call me what am i don't know. any more. he and i cannot go it alone with the most of the who doesn't know who was an act in a couple but that she. or. not. no real wants to open a museum and even more important the park in his daughter's memory but this land has been designated a buffer zone between the plant radioactive waste storage facility and future residential areas this means he has almost no chance of realizing his dream but no real continues to plant flowers. he lays out the symbol that means.
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i had a spiritual experience. and i had the little girl that died in the fire cynthia collins. 35 year old son or looking for a kidney reaching something off 54 years old it's been 21 years on go through a lot of. crime i didn't commit. and i always knew that he was innocent doesn't read to loose but nobody would listen. you know not the. trial was pretty much a farce. they are ahead of them building more that go. tell you nobody. stopped coffee not people you want more of it all.
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through to me has been forgiven himself for something. i knew she was in there and i knew exactly what i was doing. people lie. and sometimes there's no way to put a nation. each simulating civilization would be able to run using a tiny fraction of its resources. hundreds of thousands millions of runs through all of human history almost all. beings with our kinds of experiences with them to simulated ones brother to known simulated ones i thought this allowed argued we should think fearful of that one of the simulated ones. senators financials a lot of guys i don't find a i've caught on a few troops. but it's not the most fun. as of last summer my ex from the future
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trucker was kaiser. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately it was also a very dark side. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is nipping your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will always favor one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results diced on what they think you should be seeing if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more rope we give them the sooner we're all.
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the conservatives a sweep to their biggest u.k. election victory and why than 30 years as voters turn their backs on that the labor party. despite the tory victory in england and wales scotland's that nationalist party wins by a landslide to the north of the border sparking renewed calls for a new kind of. a mandate ses that's it says for the scottish parliament noise a waste minister government to say whether john wayne should be a new recruit and i'm going into paid. in the u.s. and china announced a phase one of a trade deal aiming to overcome their long running tariff war.


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