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exists the more growth we give the sooner we're all. the conservatives sweep to their biggest u.k. election victory and one of them 30 years as voters turn their backs on the labor party. despite the tory victory in england and wales scotland nationalist party wins by a landslide to the north of the border marking renewed calls for independence. that's it says for the scottish parliament nor a waste minister government to say whether wade should be. paid. in the u.s. and china announced a phase one of a trade deal aiming to overcome their long running tariff war.
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of broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our g international and sean thomas certainly glad that with. our boris johnson's conservative party is celebrating and historic victory in thursday's general election the prime minister says it gives him a powerful mandate to deliver brags that the election delivered in the worst result for the labor party since the 1930 s. here is how the party leaders reacted it to an historic day in westminster. proud to say that members of our new one nation government a people's government will sit tight from constituencies that have never returned a conservative m.p. for 100 years and yes they will have a willing mandate from this election to get done and we will honor that mandate by general the 31st will not lead the party in any future general election campaign i will discuss with our party to ensure there is
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a process now of reflection on this result and on the policies that the party will take going forward for the conservatives are celebrating winning of their largest majority since 1987 hundreds of people have turned out for a so-called stop boris protests some demonstrators that were clashing with police in the capital in our team coverage saskia taylor filed the following report from london then we'll hear from probably no one discussing the story with a gun hartenstein. what they said that would never be affirmed as divisive as the price that referendum but i'm not so sure because i'm standing here because it downing street which is of course the prime minister's residence and i'm surrounded as you can see why hundreds of going to see the photos who are frustrated who are furious and who are angry at the results of space in general election the result of course being a landslide victory for the conservative party the best result in fact since
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margaret thatcher in 1987 a very disappointing night for its main competitor that is the labor party which saw its worst result in the teeth to those who backed boris and wanted to get his majority in a pretty happens they secured 5 years of touring government but for the minority what they wake up this fight is the teeth and probably thought they were living in some kind of progress but they took not mope around they decided to rally together they decide to go. denies themselves via social media and later descended on white pool and they are very clearly categorically condemning the new elected prime minister we can hear chants of chorus boys cries out out out out with the tories of course talk to not my prime minister on all of the packages you can see no 2 races stand up to racism and to sexism and this is what they're accusing the jump from nothing of saying he's a good he's a sexist he's a racist he's a homophobe and that his comments such as the fact that muslim women look like
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netiquette says because of that religious head what a prime example of how free is just not fit to need a culture as multicultural as strike us as the water in the united kingdom and one thing of course that i want to point out to you is the european union flag how could one talk about british politics in this day and age without talking about brecht said let's make absolutely no mistake just boris johnson party won because judd mccool been the leader of the opposition labor party proved to be a very controversial sikka he's been smith is a socialist with very fragile fiscal views but it was bracks it brought to turris triumph now of course if we've learned anything from the last 3 years the fact that someone has a majority in parliament doesn't necessarily mean that they can get anything done but it will make it considerably easier for forest as he tries to push through that directive by trying to touch across 2020 so we know that since 2016 politics has
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proved to be so into fights in retail it's been such a tense political climate and protests like this are anything to go by we start to see a continuation of the front train of society that is supposed to tell reporters will keep leaving don't you who can just mentions the studio here tell you how is this being seen more generally is it a result of these. kind of imagine the what the polls are predicting that sort of majority throughout the election come by it but. not to this extent i mean labor's been decimated losing your key seats in its northern heartlands of the midlands war many of them seats which voted labor for 3050 even close to 100 years so this is very much been a defeat for labor based really on lot of people are saying on the question of brics it went in with a very clear message get bricks it down it was very clear very simple it resonated with those areas with those communities that voted to leave and we've heard michel barnier say no way we're going to get a trade deal signed with britain by the end it will be $21.00 boris johnson so it's
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going to be well that's the thing i mean no trade deal of this size or complexity has been negotiated with the e.u. ever and he's saying we're going to come out of the 1st we've been going until june 2022 negotiate this deal it's also got be ratified of course by the $27.00 member states if that doesn't happen the prospect of a new deal bricks come this time next year is that very much on the table spoke of the works along the line what's going to happen on the border between northern ireland or the republic of ireland that's still not sorted up plus there's the whole scottish question ok can off even more nationalist parties have done fantastically well in this election i mean speaking of ireland the deputy leader. dogs lost his seat to the new can for the 1st time since 921 of ireland nationalists now outnumber unionist s.n.p. again a whole different kettle of fish certainly no disunity in scotland they were very clear they wanted to remain in the e.u. the s.n.p. has capitalized on that and made massive gains 48 seats won 8 percent increase last
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night we saw nicolas there isn't jubilant dancing in fact when the leader just wins and lost her seat this is what she had to say on independence referendum last night stunning election win last night for the s.n.p. . reinforces and strengthens the mandate we have from previous elections to offer the people of scotland a choice over their future that mandy says that it is for the scottish parliament nor a westminster government. to say whether and when this should be a new referendum on independence we do have an update since she gave that speech sure just earlier today the office of prime minister and saying there's got no intention of allowing a friend in the near future that you've results the 20. has to be respected and there will be a return to division and uncertainty so he's been on an unequivocal that's not a priority that's not going to happen s. and p. they're already preparing to sit down next week and publish what they describe as a detailed democratic case for letting scotland aside and whether there should be
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a 2nd independence referendum so boris johnson isn't going to have it easy he may have his hands on tidy may you know have lost the opposition of his own m.p.'s of labor he's got difficult negotiations coming up and he's got the question of scottish independence and in deep trouble in northern ireland as well to deal with that and in the wake of that resigning victory for the conservatives our colleagues at r t u k discussed what it all means for broke. it to all intents and purposes the selection in the end became a practice of election which in itself was a defector a referendum and therefore in that context it is some of the standard say that labor voters and to each of those areas of. the west bromwich at such a booming and embrace the conservative party in large majorities that the new leaf the sorry i don't see a referendum taking place now you know if it's a case of ever wanting to rejoin the e.u.
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it will be as an outside a study from a position of great obliqueness i think rex it was probably because i said factor in most voters' minds but there were a few other issues that mean it's fairly obvious that the labors policies were quite hard left and i think that probably didn't resonate quite so well with as much as the public as they had hoped some of the policies were a little bit a little bit extreme to say the least so that was probably part of it but i think yes the predominant issue was was practice it and the conservative party presented the way forward the certainty the resolution and the end to the torment and frustration and confusion that we've been suffering for the last few years of course it doesn't mean that the process is finished but i think the 1st stage and crucially the political element of it is now resolved. united states and china have approved a phase by phase it trade deal the aim is to cut the tariffs on chinese goods while
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boosting american farm exports to china this follows a 19 month trade war between the world's 2 largest economies are these killam up and as more. well rumors have been circulating for the past few days that some kind of deal was in the works to resolve the trade disputes between the usa and china the idea being that the tariffs would be scaled back in exchange for tens of billions of dollars of agricultural products and other things being purchased from the united states and some concessions on china's part now in response to these rumors that we heard the democrats speaking up this was chuck schumer reports say president sold out for a temporary unreliable promise from china to purchase some soybeans we've heard this song and dance from china be fool yet again president company relied on to do the right thing even when his statements were pointing in the right direction now we then heard from donald trump speaking up about how this was simply fake news
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this is what he said the wall street journal story on the china do is completely wrong especially this statement on tariffs fake news they should find a better leka but just a few hours afterwards we heard china come forward with an official press conference announcing that phase one of the deal was on the verge of being implemented this is what we heard from the official chinese press conference. the agreement will create better conditions for china and the united states to strengthen cool peroration economy and trade property monies unresolved economic and trade disputes all differences and promote stable growth of china's economic and trade relations given the don would. now trump spoke up afterwards saying that essentially china had agreed to a number of structural changes and would be purchasing a u.s. agricultural products as well as energy and manufactured goods also said that he was hoping to begin work on phase 2 of the agreement but he would want to do that
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immediately not wait until 2020 this trade war has been asking lading between the united states and china sense june of 28 teen there's been an escalation of tariffs many many different you know regulations being put in place and different products being targeted but it seems that some kind of resolution is in the works so we now have an agreement of some degree so folks we waiting to see what happens next there has been hope before that the trade war was going to be resolved and those hopes of then been shortly afterward disappointed so what comes next it remains to be seen but at the moment many are optimistic that it appears that things are moving forward. and for more on this we can cross live now to political economy professor jack harassments thanks for being with us here on our to international. so how important is this deal between the u.s. and china can they now actually resolve their long running tariff war or is this
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just words well in china u.s. trade wars effectively over right now if you look at the agreement. it looks like at least since august and all the ratcheting up of the terrorists by trouble that china has got the upper hand look at look what's happened some vague agreements on intellectual property a 51 percent ownership of the u.s. banks operation in china with china as it has already extended to other banks will why so that's not new. no devaluation of the yuan which china has not showed any indication intended to do so they didn't really us didn't gain anything then our. latest i've seen here this afternoon is china's only agreed to a 16000000000 increase in farm goods over 2 years so 8000000000 or what are they got in exchange well they got 160000000000 of no new tariffs on consumer goods and
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the housing of the tariff rate on 120000000000 of other goods. and most importantly they think coupled the u.s. demands that held up an agreement for months u.s. demands that china slow down its next generation technology development in other words a 5 g. wireless artificial intelligence cyber security that's been taken off the table now is no longer an issue with the tech war behind the turf war is not decoupled and it will proceed by other means now but china got that off the table for only 8 or $16000000000.00 more in foreign purchases and then a big deduction reduction in and tariffs so the negotiations will go on but they'll just be tweaking the. green that i just described china will up some of this foreign purchases maybe you know in a token way if the u.s.
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reduces some of this. still existing turfs but trump wants to hold on the terms for vegas too so i don't see much except tweaking changes coming so i have to go there if you will because. because it is the political backdrop of the day trump tweeted about his trade deal on the same day as his impeachment was announced out of committee and we now know that it is going to the full congress for a vote as early as next week is this all just a way of diverting attention from what's happening domestically well i think it's not just mere coincidence he probably signals his trade team to agree to some of the concessions that he's made in order to enable him to announce that and of course announce it. as well on the heels of the nafta 2.0 u.s.m.c. a trade deal which was really also token deal so no doubt he's trying to show he's achieved something and of course he's exaggerating and bloating the achievement as
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they typically does. as the impeachment you know continues so of course little things now briefly the democrats have been quite dismissive about the deal as whole as as you've been mentioning it's a token deal senator chuck schumer accused of selling out for a temporary unreliable promise from china to purchase some soybeans does he have a point. well yes this is as a vindicated it's a minor a. for minor amount of foreign products and we don't know where where the rest of the goetia asian is going. so yeah they haven't achieved very much but you know it's interesting that the democrats. did the china deal while they really you know talked up the next a go u.s. deal which was token just as well all right now whatever the outcome of this trade deal whether phase one phase 2 if it goes to phase 93 do you think trump's
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willingness to use tariffs as a trade weapon you know he's done this to many countries in the past do you think this may have damaged his long term investor confidence in the u.s. . well you know using trade and sanctions they go hand in hand now as well as control of the international payment system the swiss system but you know those are the 3 weapons the u.s. is using to try to restructure global trade relationships for the next decade as it's pretty clear that the global economy in trade is slowing down you have to see the trump effort as part of a response to the global slowdown and restructuring the trade relationships was a big thing for him but it hasn't been very successful so you know going forward yes he'll continue using the threat of tariffs but you know this is an election year and i think all of the other parties he's negotiating with are just going to
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wait and see is not going to accomplish much in the trade front at all going forward but you will see a ratcheting up of the u.s. to war with china over those 3 next generation technologies because they're not only the technologies of the industries of the future that they are the key technologies for for military dominance over the next decade and the u.s. is not going to back off a left right very interesting to hear thoughts political economy professor jack rafa thanks for being with us here on our to international and. as a security situation in new jersey in west africa's deteriorating that story more when we come back is art international. the u.k. general election with the predicted large majority this would be the biggest
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majority for the tories since the days of margaret thatcher and labor's were showing in about 80 years it would seem getting breaks it done did the trick this is a big win for bojo but is it for the u k. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation from the unity. are you going the right way or are you being led so. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. aura made in the shallowness.
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international the security situation and me share in west africa is deteriorating militants have killed at least 71 soldiers in one of the deadliest ever attacks on the country's army and islamic terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the massacre it took place ahead of a scheduled meeting between the presidents of france and 5 african leaders on regional security those talks have now been postponed. france has urged nato to provide more support in the region argues donald quarter looks into the challenges the french military is facing in new and its other former colonies. africa has become a hotbed of terrorist activity as deadly attacks claiming hundreds of lives have spread like a wildfire. europe
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will have 2 swords of damocles over its head terrorism and kidnappings but also illegal immigrants since many are traveling through this region following one of the deadliest attacks in niger or 70 people were killed by islamists the big players have even postponed a big summit to reconsider their efforts the president so front sunny's year agreed to postpone the summit on operation by kanya on the joint chiefs on health force until early 2020 the 2 presidents a expressed their determination to remain united against terrorist groups and to redefine together in the coming weeks the political and operational framework for ensuring the security of the sa held countries france spends millions of euros and
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sends thousands of soldiers to control the situation there but with the region's poor infrastructure damage control is difficult to say the least france needs help also context a lot in this context and in light of the decisions that france will take a big engagement by its allies is obviously something that would be quite positive in this a hell france is involved in acting on behalf of everyone there are other budgetary questions the means but at least as important in our eyes is a contribution of the europeans to operations to the management of prices it would not be right to spend the 2 percent without having actually done anything with the armed forces just at the moment when crisis required her. spawn's and it's not the 1st time macron has been vocal over the issue the french president also criticized nato for bickering over defense spending instead of doing more to help the war on terror and sahil why does france care so much about saw hell as is almost always
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the case it's about africa's natural resources the border of mali and niger is lined with your rainy a mind so vitally important for french power stations of course it's also dangerous if islamic fundamentalists grow an influence there they would only need to travel through libya for a direct line to the european continent and with sahil being half the size of europe it's not easy to isolate terrorist cells as for paris well it shifts the blame to the african states which can't cope with these challenges alone it almost seems like afghanistan all over again deteriorating government control and growing influence from islamic radicals who are some parallels between france's difficulties finding terrorism in the soho and american difficulties fighting to resign. but of police are very few in tejas from the. militants in both cases you are kind of external powers trying to essentially
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stabilize. remotely and there are real questions. citizens of those countries whether it's worth it to continue investment company in for. them for assistance from or get involved. not only due. to combat. but for their own national interests i think out in the soft intervention in mali in 2013 there may have been a false sense in fruits that it how to handle on this kind of terms though i think that france will increasingly try to get out of their country. especially if united states in the u.k. are real town in terms of involving. the united nations has accused the chilean army of committing human rights violations during a crackdown on protests investigators highlighted cases of unlawful killings and
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the torture let's take a look at the key findings. and . human rights violations documented by c.a.g.r. include the excessive force and this is true use of force that led to unlawful killings and injuries arbitrary detentions and torture and ill treatment thousands of people have been taking to the streets since at mid october demanding
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an overhaul of the constitution which dates back to the pinochet dictatorship the chilean government has responded to the un report calling it disappointing it said the deaths happened in situations of extreme violence caused by protesters the unrest was triggered by a hike in public transport costs and snowballed into a nationwide movement for social reform the government responded by imposing a state of emergency and deploying troops on the streets more on this now let's cross alive. who is a political commentator and former u.n. official he was joining us from santiago thanks for being with us here on r.t. international thank you so from what you've seen there on the ground in chile do you think that the allegations in the u.n. report torture and on lawful killings that cetera are accurate. yes absolutely. he just says that we even think that chile today has priority. they're just people who are very juicy with. a stick with very little because the police is
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taking. you know. i would say leave it to our. they have no anti any kind of. contain any sort of legal procedures have been very very slow going against all of these are very important he should claim of our so we don't go to the series was just goes to the government has actually blamed the protesters for the violence do you think or do you expect them to continue with the same time ticks the protesters and the government for that matter. yeah i mean i think because he's very adamant for doing the pressure. and protesters i'm proud to speak with you for the kind mean i mean today the friday i mean i'm releasing the we've got to more than a moment. here to. the sound. of the.
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2 sides opals that sides are going to charge united can hear the stones i mean against the. cars from the police so i think if we continue. we instigate fade more protests people are very seriously. in the center of the garment crash where we suspect might be going to be i mean the report didn't say that i personally use the word systematic but they've been systematically leech of human rights and. so i know by the way the police particularly the united states because you can't have any international crisis without the us is opinion at the very least the u.s. has been very cautious in criticizing she lays extreme use of force against protesters they took a very different view during unrest in venezuela how would you like to comment on
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the discrepancy between the 2 different countries in south america. be good to us in support of the government. who's in my fifties. i don't have physical proof i only have one and i believe you go to. their actions because i know for the sort of history that analysis or guards gives people the nation. very directly. in the church i mean the us walled in trying to stop. because the person in your doesn't guarantee is to be looted or that i've been and in the near future i mean the us. because it's a very strong cheated she loses some. of the religious faiths in the us. she would always. with the us and been there since the us is very very wary of you
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know precisely but to my view the risk is not only what you very close to the score gun you will be used where it goes there are a number of situations where one can see the race and u.s. involvement in the whole affair or are you start from the government one has to see the views of the government under pressure the press and it's. a very strong enemy in a good person and has been since we've evidently so well assume that the enemy will say anything they need not north korea of russia openness where about that being in a me is the usa use of my assumption. francisco calling political commentator and former un official as this situation unfolds i hope a lot of back to you.


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