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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 14, 2019 2:30am-3:00am EST

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the market share for putting your faith in me for 12 and a half years i will not lead the party in any future general election campaign. has so polarized and divide you divide i recognize that has contributed to the results of the labor party has received this evening the only day we do it we call it all the way in this election your voice has been. trying to. imagine a time you were going underground general election special after a result that could see the un condemned conservative party in power for the next decade we'll have reaction from across the political spectrum but 1st let's go to oxford university professor danny dorling author of peak inequality and front man of sheffield and reverent of the makers john mercurio campaign for labor in this election welcome both of you professor danny dorling 1st what now for boris johnson what can he do to prevent any other corporate politician threatening power and
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privilege like rubin did ever again in this country that'll be a high high priority for him because colvin and and the labor party became available for that they were going to take away the kind of privilege of his wealth they way from fighting it's cold is the whole background to media matters the easy thing for them to do is to implement boundary changes we've been to have a new commission to make the seats even even smaller in areas that labor could do better in i mean that's that's probably on the cards but he may be thinking of other things he may be thinking of changing the voting system so you have to go through various stages of id to actually be able to vote and that would harm labor in particular ways it's perhaps a party for him and for the people who backed him in the people who gave the money for his campaign they never want to see the fat of social democratic left wing labor party again john. famously the bullingdon club reputedly. he used to
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send their members around oxford to burning a 50 pound note in front of the homeless is that what britain is seriously looking forward to that kind of future i think that unfortunately i mean i'm from yorkshire and we have like you know large mining communities securely where we literally for you know the police the politicised police force in the street and now we're seeing those very same people suddenly voting for the conservatives. the one kind of area to come for the i draw the bricks it now becomes completely the conservative creation because you said all grieved johnson opposes an inquiry into what you call it politicized. event famously in the miners' strike why did all the mining towns where did they all go tory is it racism are anti immigrant think there is a i think we have to be only so we have to call it what it is in the a large appeal to bigotry in the conservative. kind of style even in the way that
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they've sort of position themselves to the rival on the money as you can over these areas of become older and older young people have had to leave the service because they want to work so you see you will also look in a no demographic in those areas younger people in britain not just people diversity but in general have moved into the cities where the opportunities are ok because older people are old enough then to know how it is that your arguably destroyed the manufacturing industries in those areas yes although some of them i'm going to start the strike was not in 84. that there were people that who had who are now out to my age you know it was still a school of those caught in the miners' strike it was a long time ago. it's it's going to be very tricky the conservatives have managed to blame immigrants and blame us for people who blame everybody but themselves for the situation people find something they promised them that if you do this one thing if you get price it done. everything will be great
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they probably still do loads of spending on health and so on they're really good at promising and they really will be good at lying they've practiced it and for the next 4 possibly 5 years they will be telling people that they've done a lot for them is just the people in those areas will not get to see any of it people did say that young people. just proportionately supported corbet what happened to the youth quake in all those constituencies an advantage of the move to the cities i think is still there i mean my experience of doorstep and i just doorstep the main killer marching for crit the m.p. chris peace and also in sheffield for the m.p. louise hay my experience is that we seem kind of what the same is a shift away from class politics and more into a generational divide now the young people do not believe that they didn't but equally and i don't i don't think that they're conservative supporters either and i think there's obviously the idea that people move to the political rise they get
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older in the uk more well to protect but i don't think it really holds up i think in the longer the conservative party in real trouble because their appeal is almost exclusively to older voters now it's a baby boomers. interested in my wife's grandfather died last week and he was older than 3 any vote to remain in the he was part of the generation that fought the war and set up the post-war consensus which the conservatives are now going to rip it to pieces but he was the generation that tried to you know establish peace in europe the baby boomers have rejected that in some ways they betrayed both their parents on their children you don't hear featuring in new film the dirty war in the n.h.s. we're going to actually speak to john pilger soon on the program. what you expect to happen to the national health service i should say the polls did show they trusted the people that's going to trust boris johnson more than jeremy corbett of the they did well as film couldn't be shown because of perjury let's campaign the fact that hundreds and that would last few months files and of extra people have
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died above the already high level deaths of icing and getting bitten the n.h.s. will be blamed for that by the conservatives they'll say it's not fit for purpose it doesn't work. they have wanted to find ways of privatizing more of it they will try to difficile where people are told don't worry is still available for you but the services were actually being provided by private contractors more babies are being dying in england and feel it year for the last 4 years in for more weight as wizard in england and wales no where else to do it in scotland the infant mortality rate used to be higher in 2014 it was the same as england wales since then they've had a dramatic fall because the scottish government have raised money and raise some taxes and of employ more with wives and then a whole series of poverty policies to get in from all toilet seat down so it will be quantifiable that some of the poor people in the mining towns that trish they were labelled a tory they will die oh earlier than that would really expect on life expectancy in
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britain is still below the level it was in to in 2014 we are the only country in europe with a lower life expectancy than them we are straight we have the widest inequality in all of europe and we've done where we are normal is we've done what the most unequal countries in the o.e.c.d. do these are chile russia the united states israel all of them the most unequal countries nearly cd let the strong man he says follow me and i will make everything better there's a kind of ever bought i will kind of predictability about this sort of the question is when the strongman doesn't deliver. do people as you say. that or do they measure find the scapegoats in a new life labor about $235.00. that's a terrible situation to be back to in terms of popularity when clement attlee lost the election yes but we have a disaster coming not a disaster or anything as bad as the 2nd world war but it is going to be
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a disaster for well i'm sure george will say we're a disaster torrie a great opportunity he will he will say that but just remember what happened while election after 1935 anything is possible what this failure to show. this vote yes you'll vote was outside of the confidence limits of the 100 friends and people polled a turd a week before this was this was not on the cards john you've been very vocally for your record pro-labor why don't more rock stars cultural icons with the honorable exceptions why why don't more of them coming out for labor is it because they are part of a culturally financially wealthy elite themselves may now be a great fan of the kind of social theorist marc fisher who's talked about the kind of slow comes elation of the future this idea that we've stopped trying to progress society forward enough a lot of people have essentially become very kind of comfortable and ultimately comes down to to careerism you know people who you know by the very nature of the
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fact that you write songs means that you have some sort of empathy for the world around you and that you look at you look at all the you know the situation in politics everything that happens in the world it's not something that you can kind of sort of disengage from yourself and i can only write about my own personal feelings and i have to say that many of my contemporaries in the music game you find that they're often left wing and socialists and labor supporters joining the p.b. when they haven't got any money and as soon as they meet one of them this begin to seek an intellectual justification for their own greed during the factory years you got a great kind of social awakening bombs like the specials and the clash rose to the challenge of conference and government equally satire became very good in the eighty's you know right across the aisle in films you know the ken loach movies and stuff so i would hold it up the artistic community and rise to the challenge however. in some of them as well as the day why i had the misfortune to spend not this election not the one before with mick jagger you know a man who wrote about street fighting man in the sixty's a bill comes 2017 was praying for
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a tory victory so they've been losing money to cobain's tax policy john mclaughlin professor danny dorling thank you. after the break the chairman of the welsh conservatives and labor m.p. for 30 years kate hoey on the party's apparent betrayal of the english working class almost more comparable to a going underground. economy . it's a let me. ask i would name will. pick i could. record . this show more than.
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can you love lose you know my. son to make it a secret is don't want to talk. to what they were all of the kook on the standards of the out now as you. know most of the focal. i knew of those 2 morons who move them along to the snooze through learning one thing for not. so when you hire tied to use into a good. joke. to me when i meet you house on the net passing them. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm sure i'll see you then.
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when they miss owners johnson. and i just got out of prison for. 41 yes. 72 here and so now i got arrested for attempted something. it's still going on like this everything is taken out of. my work and. think it was. meant to snow man that looks a little bit like me. i would call about. homicide i want to come. now. back.
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to work out how tough you is doing that so i will sell you got. something only to go to the snow. and i didn't do it on the front of the news trying to frighten kids like you know. it's no good something that didn't. draw his gun so it's all for the heart break you. he can morally if you walk over to you if you want to do it we'll see what do we want to do with the troops and that gives a lot of quality and pride if you think that. i'm very sad thoughts from my boss he did so poorly but i think that was self-inflicted by having run a dreadful dreadful campaign and i think by the crisis that we should not have
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argued for about possible 55 i think we need to properly develop. reich's. argument with regard to. the benefits. to moments i think we need to deliver on the national health service i think it's important that we ensure. our being with reach this is the 1st time. no new year stop another majority in northern ireland and i think we're going to have to ensure that we can get the devolved executive working again i think it's particularly important that we fight hard for the union. we're not front and center on the result means that we have. to move forward in scotland so we can and have. the time this referendum. sooner rather than later and know if they. should just stay because. we are you
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know spain has been. to recognise that are so awful that i should rein them in and barcelona and catalonia what do we do need to resort to you know of survival and sort. of. people being put in a position where shifts which is not respect in the democrats in mind we'll be having discussions over the weekend and into next week. to see welcome back to the 1st half we heard from revenue makers from and not through the universities down the dorling now veteran labor m.p. kate hoey who decided enough was enough and then out she wouldn't be running on thursday after 30 years on the reasons labor lost kate thanks for coming on so labor paying the price for betraying the working class of this country i think that's a fair summing up of what i think labor has after the 2017 election where they did quite well with
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a new leader jameco but and they promised that they would honor the referendum and then labor m.p.'s that the next 2 years delaying for. stressing trying to stop it happening and they've not paid the price and unfortunately they've paid the price for some very good labor m.p.'s who've who where are wanting to honor the referendum honestly but is it a weakness of call them or is it foreign sheriff. jerry briggs it's a record store as they reputedly forced corgan as they are allowed to in and member upon for 30 years and then every single vote there was which was anti european union last treaty lisbon treaty all of those where we had a vote jeremy was in the same lobby as well as i was and i think he is a genuine believer in leaving the e.u. and all the neoliberal policies of the e.u. but he has when he became leader of the party he had a very important very prove remain. parliamentary party and he had a shadow cabinet to gradually move the policy towards being remain and then knowing
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that they quite couldn't quite become a remand party with jeremy corbin having to say he would be neutral but you can't go into an election which is a bracks it election and say you can be neutral ok with some go in then go but he won't because he's got bricks it fortunately delivers it he's always favored been seen to favor irish unity northern ireland merely a referendum no way already talking about a referendum in defiance of westminster voting. also more money for the n.h.s. from a conservative verdict i mean he's obviously not going to benefit from that in the sense of still being leader because he will go but you know i think what we need to think about now is we've got a conservative government with a majority government can i get it done we have now our conservative m.p.'s representing labor held areas working class constituencies who are going to see their surgeries every week people with problems that i've seen all my life in an
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inner city area uprising benefit problems employment problems housing problems and some of those tory m.p.'s are not your kind of. a standard version of what some people in labor think are tory m.p.'s they are going to be putting a lot of pressure on the prime minister to really genuinely end stare at a because they know that if boris johnson doesn't deliver on a lot of these issues they'll be out at the next election so i think it could be a very interesting time for the conservative party going to have to look at actually their policies really meaning that they're working towards an end to inequality and funding the health service and let's not just going to be good enough for labor to say as emily thornberry tried to do with the tories are all just right wing. extremists because that is actually being incredibly rude about it labor voters who switched to conservatives for all sorts of reasons yes it isn't the vote not progressive bricks it voted for in these 4 mining areas it is an anti
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immigrant prick for all i think that's just nonsense and that that's just the kind of almost slur i think that people who remain have wanted to argue that anyone who voted leigh was somehow some kind of right wing extremist who is a racist and a fascist and all of that is just obviously not not true people want yes control of immigration and do not want to see complete free movement because we know that that leads to a reduction in workers' wages and big corporations being able to play off workers from one country against another but no one is saying that we're not going to have immigration but what i want to see is a fair immigration system treats the whole world in the same way why should the $27.00 european union countries have this special relationship you know where we should be an independent country deciding who we want to come in reasons for them coming in treat everybody equally when they're here and a lot of people who are here to be treated properly will them as we said the 52
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percent of the vote at the election as you know were cast for remaining parties in . you've said your country comes before your party when you step down and people are talking about the end of the united kingdom scotland is doing about secession and in northern ireland of course many people seem a good friday agreement clearly states that a change in voting pattern more or perception of the desires of the north requires a real referendum on irish unity well on scotland 1st in scotland was the manifesto was to stop breaks it for them in that doesn't work for them now are they really going to go into an independent referendum and say that you know they're going to rejoin the the opinion we will see you know the early stage and so i said that with or without that i mean the government does not have to give a referendum at this stage and i surrendered my last parliament votes to give it to them in a very. well i mean see you know they've made it very clear the conservatives and labor that they were rushing in to give another referendum as far as art and
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concerned i think you have to be very careful in the realising that the people who voted for the alliance party many of them are disillusioned remain unionists they are not going to tomorrow in a referendum vote for united ireland i am absolutely certain and i know northern ireland very well that there is still a very big majority to stay as part of the united kingdom because people in northern ireland have there are a passport and a british passport they can have it both ways they like being british a lot of them they like being irish a lot of them and i don't think that any of the results yesterday in faction for invokes went darling and it went to went to the s.t.l. p d p votes where daryn as well i'm not really out of the system the system in northern ireland the whole peace process and the way the elections are free and needs to be looked at because it's ridiculous that one party can bring the whole assembly down and even if it goes back again tomorrow in 6 months time another party can simply say we're walking out and then the whole thing kalina was no way to run
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a democracy what about media bias in this election do you think you'll stop seeing what you and of the opprobrium. years of often called the pro remaining legible elite media is at the end of that now there were definitely having directed on the more i think it was that there was a kind of tweets last night which i thought were very good about people saying that it must be awful for all these media people in some of the particular sky news and and even the b.b.c. who are having to put forward these results knowing that they're absolutely furious that by the way the results of gone it's a london centric media it's a it's a it's a media many of them never get out of london and they live in a little bubble i knew we were going to lose labor was going to lose when you talk to people completely different and labor has to remember that it should be representing people with decent working class values of you know respect for people law and order and wanting to help have security of the country and not this kind of liberal anything goes attitude that is here in london in the capital city and
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they've lost they've lost the trust of labor voters and they're going to have to win that back if they're ever going to come back either of this big big defeat ok howard thank you thank you. well i'm now joined by the chairman of the welsh conservatives or davis or davis thanks for being on going on the ground what have you made of the result so welcome or so many respects we've now got a working majority in parliament so that we can move forward. on a more localized basis here i'm going to actually you know see because we've won quite a number of new seats giving us a total of 14 members of parliament here and we're yeah only all those new seats i mean you did want support remain is it clear now the tory success in wales was anti immigrant feeling bricks it that's what working class wales in bridgend that's what they care about i travelled around where i was last week visited all our sort of talk it seats i went returned and the message on the doorstep was quite clear they
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wanted this brick city issue resolved they want to get delivered they want to move on they want to investment you know. public service is and. the prime minister has promised that and we will deliver it yeah but even you didn't think that you were going to win blithe valley presumably i mean like a 3rd of all well sheldon are involved a-t. a quarter i think in blood valley and the tories have been associated with the stereo and yet you've taken by the early but no you're absolutely right i'm astounded by the success that we've had in places such as dr ali. it again you know it's this kind of commitment to to to live in brick city and and getting the country out of the stalemate that it's been easier to me chairman of the welsh conservatives people talking about northern ireland splitting off scotland splitting off wales will be part of the united kingdom presumably there's no there's no appetite here at all in wales for independence and moving away from the
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union i think it's the last time i heard any polling on that i think it was something around well and 10 percent and of course you know gala very well one of the most beautiful places in the united kingdom expecting lots of rich foreign buyers of property around there is bars drugs and opens up a globalised britain no i don't think that's going to happen to troll. it has got out me bridge properties it has a it has a number of very nice properties but it is as you rightly say is the 1st area of that standing natural beauty in the u.k. and we need to protect that why do you think that many conservatives didn't support boris johnson strategy all across this brics and period he even had to throw out so many people from the tory party in effect i think what i think you know as far as the tory strong as far as the parliamentary party was this and there
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were people and people that were my colleagues who were absolutely dedicated to. remaining within the european union in fact speaking about gallagher i can say that . number of people didn't win go this time around simply because a number of people who work wanted to remain in the european union and let them vote labor of course a lot of banks in the city of london still support remain do you think any breaks a deal will guarantee financial services access to the european union when britain leaves the european union well that's that's something which i'm not i'm not a financial expert by any means all i can say is that in terms of financial world we've we've seen today how the pound has risen against the dollar and the euro so i think that i think the city of london will be will be content now that we have a plan a way forward and i feel quite sure that that will be done to be to our great advantage
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and as for the welsh people a lot of blame during this campaign for welsh devolved labor leadership in wales do you think it's going to be harder for the tories to blame devolve power for things like 25 percent of parents on low incomes in wales now frequently skipping meals. as far as evolution is concerned. we we haven't evolved parliament now in wales and that will remain yet we support it as well as conservatives we want to make it work we want to make it work well and for you know i don't know you're aware of it but for every pound that's spent on a person in england one pound 20 spent on on people in wales and so you know the westminster government really does invest well in the people whereas it's the way it's spent by the government here in ways which is the problem and that's the real
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issue and that's what we need to change and that's why now in the forthcoming. elections that we'll have for the assembly we'll be looking to 2 to hopefully get some gains on the back of the the westminster election hope to get some gains in the in the works in parliament oh david thank you my pleasure thank you at 7 the show we're back on monday to talk post breck said chlorinated chicken with the oscar nominated director of supersize me morgan spurlock until then give it up for social media and subscribe to going on the ground egypt.
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facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately it was also a very dark so. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is nipping your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will always favor one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results priced on what they think you should be seeing if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more rope we give them the sooner we all. of.
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us in china are announcing the 1st phase of a trade deal that aims to overcome the long running tally of. britain's conservative party sweeps to its biggest election victory of more than 30 years the scottish national party also wins by a landslide north of the border giving renewed impetus to independent schools we look into the possible repercussions. of. the un accuses the chilean army of human rights violations during a crackdown on anti-government protesters.


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