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the more we give them the sooner we're all. i was frightened because i couldn't see any i couldn't think what had happened. to percent of. we've got scenes from chile. with the u.n. accusing the army of human rights violations government protests this was a left severely injured in the crackdown by chilean authorities. britain's conservative party to its biggest election victory in more than 3 decades the scottish national party. slide north of the border giving renewed. we look into the possible repercussions. on the u.s.
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and china the 1st phase of a trade deal about aims to overcome their long running. around the clock across the world this is your r.t. international from the team and myself you know hello and welcome. the united nations is accusing the chilean army police of committing human rights violations during a crackdown on protests let's take a look thousands have been demonstrating since mid october demanding an overhaul of the coast situation the arrest was initially triggered by a hike in public transport costs but snowballed into a nationwide movement for social reform the government imposed a state of emergency for troops on the streets u.n. investigators they have highlighted cases on one law for killings of torture here's
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some of the key findings. to. human rights violations documented by c.a.g.r. include the excessive force and this is true use of force that led to unlawful killings and injuries arbitrary detentions and torture and ill treatment. or we heard from one of the protest victims who is almost totally lost sight in one
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of his. and it's all mental it was a peaceful rally but the police turned fairy violent they were shooting the people in a 2nd when i was trying to hide from being shot i was hit by a bullet straight into my face my forehead and i was frightened because i couldn't see anything and i couldn't think what had happened but i've lost 90 percent of vision in one eye the doctors told me that recovery is a very long process and that i need to pray. you to do 1st of the projectile it's caused an ocular injury and unfortunately there is no hope for further recovery that's less than 5 percent right now as such will have to provide support throughout the that would tear past psychologists or post rehabilitation surgery we're talking perhaps months or even years of rehabilitation in order to address this trauma. or santiago described the u.n. report as disappointing and said the deaths happened in situations of extreme
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violence instigated by the protesters. getting me i mean that we deeply regret delegations each of them has been or will be investigated i want to emphasize that the needs to introduce the state of emergency arose from a situation of violence and not peaceful demonstrations as some have tried to claim the police in speaking to the local. say leave it you. know. and he kind of paid them to go home and be very adamant that he doing to the president protests will continue or people are kind been. instigated more protests and people are very sort of seekers but he did say that the garment crash. systematic and i mean the reports of abuse that weren't systematic but they've a systematic approach and you know breaking to. say let's move the program although
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the united states and china have approved the phased by phase trade deal they want to cut tar of some chinese goods while boosting american foreign exports to beijing now it follows a 19 month trade war between the world's 2 largest economies here's artie's kill a puppy. well rumors have been circulating for the past few days that some kind of deal was in the works to resolve the trade disputes between the usa and china the idea being that the tariffs would be scaled back in exchange for tens of billions of dollars of agricultural products and other things being purchased from the united states and some concessions on china's part now in response to these rumors that we heard the democrats speaking up this was chuck schumer reports say president trump sold out for a temporary unreliable promise from china to purchase some soybeans we've heard this song and dance from china before yet again president trump can't be relied on
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to do the right thing even when his statements were pointing in the right direction now we then heard from. donald trump speaking up about how this was simply fake news this is what he said the wall street journal story on the china deal is completely wrong especially this statement on tariffs fake news they should find a better lead but just a few hours afterwards we heard china come forward with an official press conference announcing that phase one of the deal was on the verge of being implemented this is what we heard from the official chinese press conference the agreement will create better conditions for china and the united states to strengthen cool peroration economy and trade property monies unresolved economic and trade disputes all differences and promote stable growth of china's economic and trade relations given the don would. now trump spoke up afterwards saying that essentially china had agreed to a number of structural changes and would be purchasing a u.s.
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agricultural products as well as energy and manufactured goods also said that he was hoping to begin work on phase 2 of the agreement but he would want to do that immediately not wait until 2020 this trade war has been asking lading between the united states and china sense june of 28 teen there's been an escalation of tariffs many many different you know regulations being put in place and different products being targeted but it seems that some kind of resolution is in the works so we now have an agreement of some degree so folks we waiting to see what happens next there has been hope before that the trade war was going to be resolved and those hopes of then been shortly afterward disappointed so what comes next it remains to be seen but at the moment many are optimistic that it appears that things are moving forward. and there will are to america in the agreement and talked through why it is too early to hear any real success. is this deal going to end up being no
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different than what these 2 countries had to begin with it's like if i take something away from you and then i give it back to you i didn't really give it to you exactly and this was actually the exact same thing that was on the table back in march if you remember the trade deal that was on the table back in march like we said we will buy more ads you take back our tears this is exact same thing and trump was like no we demand ip protection we demand rights who are american companies in china you need to restructure your government to not handle private corporations he demanded all of these things and now china was like no we're not going to do that and look at the terms of phase one here it's so vague and all of those things are taken out the only thing that are actually legitimate on the table are literally purchases and rollback of tariffs so the journey's want us to roll back as you say are we did we roll them all by our sort all of them but all of them are rolled back so the sticking point of why this had to happen today aside from the fact that it was also some impeachment stuff going on right so you kind of take over the news cycle but aside from that as of sunday about $160000000000.00 worth
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of new tariffs are going to be added to chinese goods and the reason that is needed to get something done today is because had that been enacted for the 1st time american consumers were going to start feeling this trade deal in a negative way and he doesn't want that one isn't is a non deal right now this is a deal for public consumption it's just a face really the crux of it is face to face 3 and right now in order to save even more face trump said phase 2 is going to be great phase 2 is going to be eminent and we will see how phase one turns out. within 24 hours on boris johnson's conservative party is all a victory tour after their historic win in the u.k. general election the prime minister is visiting the north of england to meet his fellow party m.p.'s who is to labor rivals to secure a big majority he spoke to supporters. i want the people of the northeast today that we in the conservative body i will repay your trust 1st of all
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what are we going to do to really have. to get breaks it died when she got it and we have a deal ready to go before we get it in before christmas we've just been going over there the timetable we can definitely get in before christmas and then we're out on january 31st. it was the tories biggest election win in more than 3 decades the prime minister earlier said it gives him a powerful mandate to deliver breaks it the poll mark the worst result for the labor party since then the 38 north of the border the scottish national party were celebrating a landslide victory which has reignited calls for a 2nd then they penetrate for him in edinburgh kevin all discuss the election and its consequences with correspondent daniel hawke. the polls are predicting a tory majority throughout the election campaign but not to this extent i mean labor's been decimated losing your key seats in its northern heartlands in the middle of all or many of them seats which voted labor for 3050 even close to 100
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years so this is very much been a defeat for labor based really on a lot of people are saying on the question of brics it will end with a very clear message get bricks it done it was very clear very simple it resonated with those areas with those communities that voted to leave and we've heard michel barnier no way we're going to get a trade deal signed with britain by the end it will be $21.00 boris johnson so it's going to be well that's the thing i mean no trade deal of this size or complexity has been negotiated with the e.u. ever and he's saying that we're going to come out by genevieve the 1st we've been going until june 2022 negotiate this deal it's also got be ratified of course by the $27.00 e.u. member states if that doesn't happen the prospect of a new deal bricks that come this time next year is that very much on the table spoke of the works along the line what's going to happen on the border between northern ireland or the republic of ireland that's still not sorted up plus there's the whole scottish question of kicking off even more nationalist parties have done fantastically well in this election i mean speaking of the deputy leader. dogs lost
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his seat to join the new can for the 1st time since 921 of ireland nationalists now outnumber unionist s.n.p. again a whole different kettle of fish certainly no disunity in scotland they were very clear they wanted to remain in the e.u. the s.n.p. has capitalized on that and made my. it gains 48 seats one percent increase last night we saw nicholas 30 jubilant dancing in fact when the leader just wins and lost her seat this is what she had to say on independence referendum last night stunning election win last night for the s.n.p. renewed reinforces and strengthens the mandate we have from previous elections to offer the people of scotland a choice over the future that monday says that it is for the scottish parliament nor a westminster government to say whether and when this should be a new referendum on independence the office of prime minister and saying there's
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got no intention of allowing a friend in the near future that you've results the 20. has to be respected and there will be a return to division and uncertainty so he's been an unequivocal that's not a priority that's not going to happen s. and p. they're already preparing to sit down next week and publish what they describe as a detailed democratic case for letting scotland aside and whether there should be a 2nd independence referendum so boris johnson isn't going to have it easy he may have his hands untied he may have lost the opposition of his own m.p.'s of labor he's got a difficult negotiations coming up and he's got the question of scottish independence and in big trouble in northern ireland as well to deal with that. in the wake of the conservative cleanup r t u k discuss what it all means for the all but inevitable writes it. it to all intents and purposes the selection in the end became a practice at election which in itself was a de facto referendum and therefore in that context it is some of this and see that type of tradition that the areas that. west bromwich.
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embrace the conservative party in the large majority center in the leafy suburbs the sorry i don't see a referendum taking place now you know if it's a case of ever wanting to rejoin the e.u. it will be as an absolute a study from the position of great obliqueness breck's it was probably because syces factor in most voters' minds but there were a few other issues i mean it's fairly obvious that the labors policies were quite hard left and i think that probably didn't resonate quite so well with as much as the public as they had hoped some of the policies were a little bit a little bit extreme to say the least so about was probably part of it but i think yes the predominant issue was was practice it and the conservative party presented the way forward the certainty of the resolution and the end to the torment and frustration and confusion that we've been suffering for the last few years of
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course it doesn't mean that the process is finished but i think the 1st stage and crucially the political element of it is now resolved the. right time to switch gears now in a surprise move the berlin transport authority has applied for unesco world heritage status although the company jokingly admits that it's sometimes known for overcrowding and rude service it's ace the transport system is the only place left in the rapidly changing city where berlin is still early in. the much you pitch you in pirouette transit system. have in common well nothing yet but they may soon be sharing the spot and unicycles heritage list. who is on time and could decide to try to be called t.v.'s must see him have in mind is. done by law to teach to the public the berlin transit authority has applied
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for world heritage status and wants to be included on the same list of some of the world's most fascinating architectural monuments but what makes the berlin transit system so special the appeared in a stock page design is to decide. it certainly convenient and even runs 24 hours a day on fridays and saturdays but if you've ever been on one of their subways you'll realize that the staff could be a little bit frosty. in the education each. pair them to follow. you to be. somebody saying it's all good. so customer service is not really their thing in mention the overcrowding and the long delays so we went around asking berliners what they think about their transit system and whether it should be included on heritage list it's one of the oldest so i think you have
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to save it and to use it it's been a great transportation to use but i don't know if it's exactly. right not because it's an it's a quite old system in and in germany the ground system and. underground stations look like a huge because here it's i don't think it should be. it's a service rather than a truck. with people already seeing yes on the company's website the whole unesco right it could indeed have some traction but it could also just be a ticket to promote the sea. he's public transit network so remember next time your . driver or your already limited space is being invaded on one other subways this could all be part of a world heritage experience eventual cips us for our. souls
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more news ahead this saturday for more to including facebook is accused of risking the public health over misleading us about h.i.v. prevention drugs we'll take you through the shortest approach. join me every thursday simon show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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approaching 20 minutes past the hour welcome back it's claimed facebook is causing harm to public health an open letter signed by dozens of health advocates gay rights groups is the mounting of the social media platform drop as they say misinformed people about the effects of using the hiv prevention drug truvada. the
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advertisements are targeting. facebook and instagram users and are causing significant harm to public health the signers of this letter request that facebook and instagram remove the advertisements and also publicly address the misinformation that the platforms have allowed to spread. well the letter say's that risk people expressed heightened fears about taking the drug after seeing the ends potentially leading to avoidable infections the adverts placed by multiple law firms urged gay and bisexual men to join a lawsuit against the drug maker claiming it was harmful side effects. ses the don't violate their rules but their policy also states that in some cases they can be removed if an expert's organization debunks their claims. of matthew rose from the hiv advocacy organization health care up and told us in
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his view facebook is not doing enough. i myself have been taking the drug for 6 years now and i've seen 0 side effects on the drug facebook is promoting an ad that makes it really hard to allow people to have a really powerful and really safe new prevention option their 1st exposure to this peo is that it is dangerous this is misleading false and also only harming public health and the efforts to hiv pandemic globally they want to act like they are the biggest game in town and they are but that means that you have some ethical responsibilities when it comes to certain areas you need to more accurate things about health you need to do some more things about news you claim that you are a news outlet for people in place that people get news but refused to fact check or even engage in the notion and allow people to spread lies that are harmful to people's public health so it's a civil discourse and only until this is
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a democracy. hungary's foreign minister says he hopes that the new president of neighboring ukraine is going to learn his promises and improve the situation in the country in exclusive interview with r.t. peter c.-r. to talk to us at length about a resolution to the conflict in eastern ukraine sunshines or russia and what he thinks about the french president's remarks that nato is brain dead. there was one new participant on this meeting the relatively new president of ukraine and you know to be honest when he was elected really felt and you still feel some hope that things will calm better i mean things cannot be verse done under poroshenko that's for sure i mean from hunger in perspective at least but of course it would be very important if 3 elections follow diverts and i do hope that he's constructive approach i mean president of asking is
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a constructive approach will help to settle the relationship between the russian federation and ukraine. we are committed to human rights to be respected that's not a question why we don't like is that that sometimes the reference to human rights serves as a basis to. to interfere into domestic issues of other countries on an ideological basis on a political basis without any good reason. there should be some at the nation mechanisms launched with the nato in order to be able to address the new kinds of challenges no question but calling nato brain dead that was i mean too much i think i definitely didn't that didn't agree with that point but the but i mean these are the best review of look and we have to understand that there are leaders who like to say let's say things which can be media ties easily
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we have to understand that we have to live with that now the the atmosphere of the of the summit was rather constructive everybody was emphasizing the importance of the unity of nato and i think that was shown very clearly. a very interesting set done with. a full version of the interview will be available on or social media channels and website shortly. ok we are crossing to some more great programs and so sit back relax keep it locked right here and 247 r.t. international.
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the why way phone. china is the apollo 11. this decade. it's defining the technological landscape for a whole country going to happen for a long time. when there is only this johnson. and i just got out of prison for. 41 years. i'm 72 years old now i got arrested for too many for some i. feel like just everything was taken out of. my work in the hospital it was. meant to snow man that looks a little bit like me. because about.
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homicide to cars. now. we're tough you. do not so you're going. to go system. do not afraid to try to frighten if you give. us no good something right do. what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to go in for. let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic developments only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time
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time to sit down and talk. i just beamed to see i might see the queen earlier on and she agreed to dissolve parliament for an election we've got to the stage where we have seats in the fight for this thing all of our country the labor party well prepared well organized determined to win this election is it this is of the public that even though we have a deal with the brics that party will not contest the $317.00 seats the conservatives one of the last election within 3 months will secure
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a credible deal with the european union and in 6 months we'll put that deal to you only think watch a very. great speech and it's time for scotland to be played in the country at the bottom of the economic league table in the u.k. at the moment but you know we don't have to accept and. we will not vote for the prime minister to prevent other corbin's proposals you would have just one referendum on the e.u. you'd have one scotland as well does that with to deliver for the people of this country let's get done everything on this stage with me they were all work hard sounds a little bit like the green party this election is our last chance to tackle the climate and environment emergency. to be proud of the n.h.s. and its achievements look at. putting in 34000000000 pounds not 20 hospital upgrades 14 you hospitals these documents can be us. on the
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table these documents leave boris johnson's denials in absolute terms we believe. but the point of us under no circumstances will be silly talk to anybody and it will never come. until greater future this election is a once in a generation to transform our country. don. i'm here now with a position to say that this election has been won by the concert like to thank the people of houston by check for putting your faith in me for 12 and a half years but i will not lead the party in any future general election campaign
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. has so polarized and divided divides i recognize that has contributed to the results that the labor party has received to see things clearly do we do it we pulled it all this week in this election your voice has been. trying to. imagine a times you're welcome to we're going underground general election special after a result that could see the un condemned conservative party in power for the next decade we'll have reaction from across the political spectrum but 1st let's go to oxford university professor danny dorling author of peak inequality and front man of sheffield and reverent of the makers john macor who campaigned for labor in this election welcome both of you professor then it will link. what now for boris johnson what can he do to prevent any of the cool politician threatening power and privilege like robin did ever again in this country that'll be holly holly.


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