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the likud. was a little bit about. the u.s. . army of human rights violations during a crackdown on protests we spoke to a demonstrator who was severely injured. i was frightened because i couldn't see him i couldn't think what had happened. to percentage. of conservative party sweeps to its biggest election victory in more than 3 decades of the scottish national party also wins by a landslide north of the border giving renewed. independence calls. the u.s. and china. the 1st phase of a new trade deal that aims to overcome their long running.
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direct from our studios this is our international thomas certainly glad to have you with us by the united nations is accusing the chilean army police of committing human rights violations during a crackdown on protests thousands have been demonstrating since mid october demanding an overhaul of the constitution young arrest was triggered by a hike in public transport costs but snowballed into a nationwide movement for social reform now the government imposed a state of emergency and deployed troops on the streets u.n. investigators have highlighted cases of unlawful killings and torture here are some of the key front.
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and. human rights violations documented by c.a.g.r. include the excess c 4 and this is 3 use of force that led to unlawful killings and injuries arbitrary detentions and torture and ill treatment we heard from a protester who was hit by police gunfire and lost almost all of his vision in one eye and it's all mental it was a peaceful rally but the police turned fairy violent they were shooting at people in a 2nd when i was trying to hide from being shot i was hit by a bullet straight into my face my forehead i was frightened because i couldn't see
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anything i couldn't think what had happened i've lost 90 percent of vision in one eye doctors told me that recovery is a very long process and that i need to pray. you to do 1st of the projectile it's caused an ocular injury and unfortunately there is no hope for further recovery that's less than 5 percent right now as such will have to provide support throughout the that would tear past psychologists or post rehabilitation surgery we're talking perhaps months or even years of rehabilitation in order to address this trauma. santiago has described the u.n. report as disappointing it said the deaths happened in situations of extreme violence instigated by the protesters. get him on in that we deeply regret the allegations each of them is being or will be investigated want to emphasize that the needs to introduce a state of emergency arose from a situation of violence and not peaceful demonstrations as some have tried to claim
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the police and they conclude. that nor. does it say leave it. they have no ante and they kind of paid them to go home and be very adamant or continuing to pressure protests will continue for the sort of time been. instigated more protests people are essentially does. he just say that the government passed by systematically i mean they report that he used that word systematically but they did systematic very little you know break into the. united states in china have approved the 1st phase of a trade deal they want to cut tariffs on chinese goods boosting american farm exports to beijing it follows a 19 month tariff war between the world's 2 largest economies. the agreement will create better conditions for china and the united states to strengthen corporation
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in economy and trade properly manage unresolved economic and trade disputes or differences and promote stable growth of china's economic and trade relations given the downward pressure on the world economy all after beijing released a valid statement to donald trump took to twitter calling the agreement and amazing deal for all of the just hours before he was singing a different tune when the democrats were criticizing the rumored deal. reports say president trump sold out for a temporary unreliable promise from china to purchase some soybeans we've heard this song and dance from china before yet again president trump can't be relied on to do the right thing even when his statements were pointing in the right direction the wall street journal story on the china deal is completely wrong especially their statement on tariffs fake news they should find a better leaker a quick look now at the terms of the 1st phase the u.s. has scrapped tariffs on chinese goods worth $160000000000.00 in return china has
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cancelled its retaliatory tariffs it will now start buying more u.s. agriculture goods and increase intellectual property protection r.t. america broke down the agreement in more detail and to talk through why it is still too early to hail any real success here. is this deal going to end up being no different than what these 2 countries had to begin with it's like if i take something away from you and then i give it back to you i didn't really give it to you exactly and this was actually the exact same thing that was on the table back in march if you remember the trade deal that was on the table back in march like we said we will buy more ads you take back our tears this is exact same thing and trump was like no we demand ip protection we demand rights who aren't american companies in china you need to restructure your government to not handle private corporations he demanded all of these things and now china was like no we're not going to do that and look at the terms of phase one here it's so vague and all of those things are taken out the only thing that are actually legitimate on the table are literally purchases and rollback of tariffs so the journey's want us to roll
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back as you say are we did we roll them all bartz or not all of them but all of them are rollbacks so the sticking point of why this had to happen today aside from the fact that it was also some impeachment stuff going on right so you kind of take over the news but aside from that as of sunday about $160000000000.00 worth of new tariffs are going to be added to chinese goods the reason that trump and his team needed to get something done today is because had that been enacted for the 1st time american consumers were going to start feeling this trade deal in a negative way and he doesn't want that base one isn't is a non deal right now this is a deal for public consumption it's just say face really the crux of it is face to face 3 and right now in order to save even more face trump said phase 2 is going to be great face to his going to him and. we will see how phase one turns out. boris johnson's conservative party is on a victory tour after an historic win in the u.k.
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general election prime minister has visited the north of england to meet his fellow lawmakers who ousted labor rivals to secure a big majority and he thinks his supporters. i want the people of the northeast so that we in the conservative body i will repay your trust 1st of all what are we going to do to really. get brecht's it died out to get back to god we have a deal ready to go before we get it in before christmas we've just been going over the timetable we could. before christmas and then we're out for january 31st it was the tories biggest election win in more than 3 decades and the worst result for the labor party since the 1930 s. but north of the border the scottish national party were celebrating a landslide victory which has reignited calls for a 2nd independence referendum r.t. simon wright gives an alternative look at the election of a general. is one of britain's oldest traditions 5 weeks of election campaigning
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and the tory fancy has its lease on downing street when you play conservative formally this general election tech boris johnson through the famous black door like any man who knows that his rent is about to be paid for him for the next 5 years. over. ran a campaign this time that proved once and for all the politicians lie to win elections and. interesting thing about british politics on the day he was still trying to win votes came out for a photo opportunity with his dog. and now off lead one. this is boris just after his win has been confirmed i. think so many so depressing about a politician to make a rock star entrance we'd pull it off in a week you did everybody involved in securing the biggest conservative majority
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says why did they do. this majority we will be. to do what pretty much whatever you want unfortunately we will get. by the 31st of january i bet you don't cuddly old socialist labor leader jeremy corbyn saw his party the party of the working class abandoned by the working class they voted for the tories instead 'd turkey's voting for christmas anyone so this is corbin looking a bit sad after the. election disaster he was facing had become thank you. could i start by saying a huge thank you to the returning officer you take a few tips off that tall guy behind him each time this is obviously a very disappointing night for the labor party with the result that we've got a bit of an understatement there. she noticed this was the 2nd referendum in my
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done a bit better. i want to say this in the election campaign. we put forward a manifesto of hope a manifesto of unity and a manifesto that unfortunately no one wanted to vote for all that nationalization and free stuff i wish for socialism about it seriously go in the house not reading the room if you thought jeremy corbyn was having a bad night and spare a thought for poor old liberal democrat leader joe swinson who failed not only to make her own party attractive she didn't even get elected as an m.p. herself the leader of the scottish national party nicholas sturgeon she was speaking for all of us when she reacted to swinson is demise like this was the but she won't be laughing when she asks boris for another scottish independence of.
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politics it's a nasty business in the wake of that conservative clean up r t u k discussed what it means for the all but inevitable brags that. i think the size of the majority was a surprise for a lot of people and a really fantastic result for for the coals given the fact that we've got a conservative government things will be very different boris was trying to operate and to negotiate with one arm tied behind his back throughout these negotiations to the fact that everything that he submitted parliament did their best to block he's now no longer in that situation so i think he can be a lot more shall we say forceful as we move through these negotiations 5 more years of story role and we have got a hugely divided country over the issue of briggs's and i would argue it's not deliverable in the time scale they want the problem of course is briggs it's going to go on for years potentially even decades you and i are going to be talking about
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the brig's that negotiations what's happening in different sectors forest can promise for every likes but at the end of the day after he has passed this legislation to leave the e.u. if nothing is so it's about the end of 2020 we crash out without a deal. the berlin transport authority has made a semi serious application for world heritage status on monday the german capital's transport company posted a video online asking people to vote for inclusion on the u.s. goal list evangelise subsists takes a closer look. what does the taj mahal in india the much you paid. transit system have in common well nothing yet but they may soon be sharing the spot and eunice schools heritage list. who've gone down and could decide to try to be called deviant by cmax it might be. done by law to teach to be called the berlin transit authority has applied for
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a world heritage status and wants to be included on the same list of some of the world's most fascinating architectural monuments but what makes the berlin transit system so special the appeared page design is to side. it certainly convenient and even runs 24 hours a day on fridays and saturdays but if you've ever been on one of their subways you'll realize that the stuff could be a little bit frosty. the education each. of the feet. of anything it's all good food. so customer service is not really their thing and mention the overcrowding and the long delays so we went around asking berliners what they think about their transit system and whether it should be included on heritage list it's one of the oldest so i think you have to
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save it and to use it it's been a great transportation to use but i don't know if it's exactly. right not because it's an it's a quite old system in and in germany the ground system and. underground stations look like a huge because here it's i don't think it should be however he's shown. it's a service rather than a truck. with people already saying yes on the company's website. we hold you in this school right it could indeed have some traction but it could also just be a ticket to promote the city's public transit network so remember next time you're angrily to a bus by your driver or you're already limited space is being invaded on one other subways this could all be part of a world heritage experience vegetable sips us for our. facebook is back in the spotlight over serious health accusations dozens of rights
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groups and advocates have signed an open letter demanding the social network drop ads that misinformed people about the hiv prevention drug through veda the advertisements are targeting. facebook and instagram uses and are causing significant home to public health the sign is of this letter request that facebook and instagram remove the advertisements and also publicly address the misinformation that the platforms have allowed to spread the letter says that people expressed heightened fears about taking the drug after seeing the ads potentially leading to avoid hiv infections the ads placed by multiple law firms are urging gay and bisexual men to join a lawsuit against the drug maker claiming it has caused harmful side effects of facebook says the commercials do not violate the platform's rules but their policy also states that in some cases they can be removed if an expert organization debugs their claims matthew rose from the hiv advocacy organization health gap believes
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facebook is not doing enough. i myself have been taking the drug for 6 years now and have seen 0 side effects on the drug facebook is promoting an ad that makes it really hard to allow people to have a really powerful and really safe new prevention option their 1st exposure to this pale is that it is dangerous this is misleading false and also only harming public health and the efforts to end the pandemic globally they want to act like they are the biggest game in town and they are but that means that you have some ethical responsibilities when it comes to certain areas you need to throw more accurate things about health you need to do some more things about news you claim that you are a news outlet for people in place that people get news but refused to fact check or even engage in the notion and allow people to spread lies that are harmful to people's public health so it's a civil discourse and they have to this is a democracy. intense clashes have erupted in the lebanese capital beirut during
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anti-government riots. it is the latest in a wave of protests over the country's worst economic crisis in decades police used tear gas batons and rubber bullets to force back the crowds at least $54.00 people were injured in saturday's clashes the country has been without a government since the prime minister resigned more than 6 weeks ago. and germany has slammed u.s. sanctions targeting companies building at the nord stream 2 gas pipeline it is the 2nd leg of an underwater network running from russia to europe under the baltic sea and it covers more than a 1000 kilometers and allows russia to pump gas to the e.u. bypassing ukraine the german parliament's economic affairs and energy committee chairman says berlin should respond with similar tariffs on america. if you're
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going to give but if the u.s. keeps trying to obstruct the north stream project i suggest responding with punitive tariffs on german imports of american gas things cannot continue like this if we impose punitive tariffs on us gas sales will fall on the us will have to reflect on his actions. or at washington claims nord stream makes europe too dependent on russia for energy supplies but the german foreign minister says the country's energy policy cannot be dictated by the united states european energy policy is decided in europe not in the u.s. we crucially reject external interference and sanctions with extra territorial effect on the us is unhappy that we are not buying their gas they want to boost their own trade and that's why they are imposing sanctions on companies involved in building the pipeline that firstly american liquefied natural gas is obtained through fracking which makes it an acceptable for germany and secondly it is much more expensive than rushing gas like the natural gas we get from russia is high in
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demand and due to falling production in europe demand has only increased so we plan to import more of it this is why north stream 2 is so important the americans have tried to interrupt our oil and gas trade with russia from the outset and yet we have managed to cooperate for many years without interruption both sides need this and we plan to continue where the us likes it or not. the foreign minister of hungary has urged ukraine's president to normalize relations with russia the diplomat spoke exclusively to r.t. about western sanctions against moscow and the future of nato. there was one new participant on this meeting the relatively new president of ukraine and you know to be honest when he was elected to really felt and we still feel some hope that things will calm better i mean things cannot be versed and under poroshenko that's for sure i mean from hungary in perspective at least but of
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course it would be very important if the reelections follow diverts and i do hope that he's constructive approach i mean president asking his constructive approach will help to settle the relationship between the russian federation and ukraine. we are committed to human rights to be respected that's not a question what we don't like is that that sometimes the reference to human rights serves as a basis to. to interfere into domestic issues of other countries on an ideological basis on a political basis without any good reason. there should be some at the station mechanisms launched with the nato in order to be able to address the new kinds of challenges no question but calling nato brain dead that was too much i think i definitely didn't read that part but but i mean these are
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the best should evolve and we have to understand that there are leaders who like to say let's say things which can be media ties easily we have to understand that we have to live with that now the the atmosphere of the of the summit was rather constructive everybody was emphasizing the importance of the unity of of nato and i think that that was shown very clearly. all right that is a for me at this hour i will be back with the headlines at the top of the hour and just a reminder you can watch that full interview at r.t.e. dot com stay with us. politicians to. put themselves on the on the big get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something want to. have to go right
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to be close with what the before 3 of them or can't be good get. interested in the waters of how. things should. seem wrong all right old rules just don't call. me. yet to say proud just become educated and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. well there was only johnson. and i just got out of prison for dog.
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41 give us. some history and somehow i got arrested for attempt some might. not like this everything was taken out of. my work and. it was. meant to snow man it looks a little bit like me. about. homicide want to. work out how tough you. are so you've got. to go. and i did
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not try to try to get out. because something right did. c you know. that you no longer exactly the night there's a comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called for an agent. you know they say hindsight is 2020 since it's nearly the year 2020 does that mean we'll start learning from our mistakes just going to keep. anyway
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since it's almost the end of the year that means it's time to go over project censored top $25.00 most censored stories every year at the end of pending nonprofit project censored carefully selected $25.00 stories that are the most censored in western media all go through as many of you and get through in the time we have 1st up facebook has become a tool oh sorry gotta keep reading a tool of the u.s. foreign policy under the guise of fighting fake news and protecting us democracy from foreign influence in 2018 social media giant facebook established partnerships with the atlantic council a nato sponsored think tank and with 2 us government creations from the cold war era the national democratic institute and the international republican institute and not only is facebook been suppressing everything that doesn't fit within a mainstream corporate media talking point box it was also found to be doing
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experiments on us such as seeing whether they can make us depressed jokes on you zucker very they've been surfing facebook looking to see whether my high school girlfriend is married with kids then i've already done thank you. thank you. that felt good justice department has been found to have rules for targeting journalists a pair of 2015 memos from former attorney general eric holder to the department of justice is national security division showed how the government could use court orders. to monitor the communications of journalists and news organizations and you see the corporate media. i'll tell you donald trump is dangerous to the media but in fact he's just continuing a longstanding move by the ruling elite to undermine and prosecute journalist but let's be honest they're not using that power on all journalists they're only there
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they only need to worry about the ones who aren't doing the bidding of the corporate state they don't need to spy on brian stelter thank you. i mean well there would be no real story if it kicked him in. or the face tough to tell the difference no that was mean no the justice department likely only spies on journalists speaking out against war and empire all 7 of us. that's right all of america's anti-war t.v. and you tube post so to get together playing 3 on 3 basketball it's a lot of fun that you know chris hedges can dunk like a mother. that top. of some 500 indigenous groups from 9 countries the coordinator of the indigenous organizations of the amazon river basin
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is planning to safeguard a sacred corridor of life and culture covering more than 700000 square miles an area about the size of mexico. here in the u.s. were to adjust by without life and culture ok just ask the stars of naked and afraid. by the way that show has the hardest working pixelation team in show business. the truth is the amazon is under extreme threat as are countless species of plants and animals not seen anywhere else in the world these indigenous people are the true front lines of the of the of the battle to save this planet and i would go down there right now right now except i'm allergic to mosquitoes are right where they are when they bite when they buy tickets it gets red in it she and i don't like it. speaking of endangered species another censored
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story this year is the trumpet ministrations of assault on the endangered species act in the 2 years since trump became president at least 80 bills seeking undermine the e.s.a. have been introduced in congress and key federal agencies charged with implementing the e.s.a. have proposed provisions to weaken vital elements of it i find there shocking coming from donald trump in overweight man who 73 years old sleeps 4 hours a night and eats nothing but mcdonald's he himself is an endangered species all right he is living on borrowed time my friends not to mention a chemical he sprays on his face to knock out a mother grizzly that's been separated from her carbs are i honestly and it's a miracle that he's not extinct himself. not to be recalled because that's a good thing whatever the opposite of america lawyers. have cracked.


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