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tv   News  RT  December 16, 2019 7:00am-7:31am EST

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the. inspector brix ranks from the global chemical weapons watch dog seen the o.p.c. w.'s final report into an alleged in the syrian city of. 'd misrepresents the facts also ahead. a new citizenship law in india sparked a violent protests nationwide for a 6th consecutive day. traders say it's the script for a single muslim's. legal migrant flow. out of a deadline at the end of the year a u.n. special envoy trouble to saw it korea progress has been made on the denuclearized
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korean peninsula a day after the north conducts another missile test. around the clock across the world this is your r.t. international from the team and myself you know neal hello and welcome. to fresh diets are being cast over the credibility of the un's poison gas watchdog the o.p.c. w. more leaked emails from wiki leaks reveal concerns from another member of the team which probed on alleged attack in the syrian city of duma last year he says the final report into the instant misrepresents their findings. the fact finding mission does not reflect the views of all the team members deployed to duma only one fact finding mission to member
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a paramedic of the so-called fact finding mission could soon was in duma we're not insisting on being right in our assertions but we are demanding to be heard we have been stonewalled throughout by obfuscation exclusion and even folkish and bullying behavior. the alleged chemical attack in april last year reportedly killed dozens of civilians in response the united states and its nato allies france and the u.k. conducted airstrikes against syrian military targets the biggest western military action of the 8 year war the o.p.c. w. was later sent to the scene to investigate the suspected chemical attack and the subsequent reports accuse the syrian government of carrying it out with more here charities. i don't know about the 3 little piglets but the o.p.c. w is having its house blow right down from the inside the 1st whistle blower they dismissed the 2nd they sort of excuse themselves and now in what is an
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absolute bombshell their most qualified inspector the fact finding mission report does not reflect the views of all the 2 members that deployed to duma i found that i was being excluded from the work for reasons not made clear. allegedly you need team member who went to syria and it was allowed her cool right the syria report was the team paramedic and of the chemical inspectors were allowed to pitch in i attempted to submit my report to the fact finding mission to leaders starting from the 15th of february 29th soon after notes in continued reluctance from the fact finding mission to receive my report i deposited the report in the document register archive full collection on the 27th of february 29th and advised all relevant persons of this shouldn't have bothered seems no one wanted to read it 48 hours later the u.p.c. w. published its 1st report and southern had a really taken in
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a razor to it so much so that the actual team that went to syria didn't recognize it the consensus within the fact finding mission to me was the there were indications of serious inconsistences in findings because clue sions appear to have been turned completely in the opposite direction now that we can exist publish what the preliminary report looked like heres what the u.p.c. the you deleted one evidence that contradicted witness testimony meaning what the alleged witnesses said deferred wildly from the hard evidence found by inspectors to the fact that the hospital videos which so shocked the world will think the victims all actors the spade symptoms inconsistent with chlorine poisoning or poisoning with anything found at the scene 3 and this is the big one in the final report they found chlorine not how much just chlorine which you can fire did your
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kitchen in any home in any swimming pool maybe you're right what about then removing trace or some other wording may work i'm still worried that a stock standard phrase such as chlorine containing compounds were detected or some . present the danger of it being misrepresented as a damning conclusion it's a political word smithing situation not purely technical and it was and he asked had warhawks trumpeted the fact what the o.p.c. w. did is akin to saying you found radioactive materials and someone's house without mentioning it was a tiny amount to use then far alarms and this on top of previous whistleblower revelations hard math cast doubt that the canisters at the scene were ever dropped their observations of the scene in the 2 locations suggest that there is a higher probability that both cylinders were money placed at those $2.00 locations
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rather than being delivered from aircraft it all began with in henderson when he 1st blew the whistle he was mocked smeared insulted u.p.c. w. claimed he wasn't even part of the team they lied leaked documents clearly show he was working for the u.p.c. w. shame on the o.p.c. w. you are aware of the highly questionable behavior surrounding this fact finding mission we as others in the team who would like to but are unable a question in the work practices full during this investigation we are not insisting on being right in our solutions but we are demanding to be heard we have been stonewalled throughout by obfuscation exclusion and even folkish and bullying behavior this is more than a rebellion this is a catastrophe for the o.p.c. w a best this is a case of gross negligence worse than i pray i'm wrong this is corruption corruption in the very organization that's supposed to keep the world safe from
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chemical weapons either way from now on when the new p.c. w says something people are going to be thinking twice before taking their word for it we're out here for we have been getting some more insight on this from former american and british intelligence officers. i think the fact. that she every one of the experts who was on site in duma was excluded from the final report is scandalous i think what any one person who actually visited the site sometime medic was even mentioned in the final report now it's only going to if all that oval can community are going to fund a supposedly impartial scientific organization to come up with answers then to exclude the experts from doing their child to suppress their findings not that i need to suppress their signings but her 1st i'm completely 100 percent and reports the opposite of what they did find on the ground is a grievous as long as there are career just people who will blow the whistle in
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this case 20 years from this in this operation the. organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons that's un organization now the us and you know you know this you're showing contempt for any you were an organization this time people at least realized that the experts contradicted the establishment. story they can assure that were alleged to have spread the chlorine around the world they were inspected and it looked like they were dropped from any plane because he suffered very little damage the real experts have had their their chance at this now they did or early on they were completely neglected the question is whether this story will ever catch up with the truth and that's always a problem. violent protests against the new citizen ship law in india at the capital new delhi since wednesday across the country 6 people have been killed
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dozens more injured in demonstrations the muslim community it affects things it's not only discriminatory against them but also on the constitution. was. there yeah right. oh no my god. so what's the law by it well it would offer a foster truck to citizenship for mine prince from some neighboring muslim majority countries over the list excludes muslim migrants themselves the indian government insists it's in no way discriminatory prime minister narendra modi say's the law is
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intended to give respect to those who fled to india or forced to live us refugees. the other all of a new delhi news website told us that there is fear and confusion in india's big changes take place. distribute i now need to put this so that the protesting against you know the exclusion of most of what you know in the corner think we know which is bordering bangladesh you know we just call northeast india they are scared that we call this. illegal common among all these you know get small but there's no pride only. so it's playing out in different states have been handed to provinces and this is a fundamental change to how india is as a country to function to india was founded on secular principles in $97.00 so it's a very concerted attempt to leave islam all that to me though you should
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a reason given for this act is is to give shed to religious minorities it is confusion we didn't the government that is not clear message on what the end of his beloved in india. does north korea celebrates yet another missile test washington has sent his representative to neighboring south korea during a briefing with his counterpart in seoul the u.s. special envoy revealed that washington is nowhere near reaching its de nuclearization goals with pyongyang this calling on them to come for talks. here today let me speak directly to our counterparts in north korea. it is time for us to do our jobs. let's get to stun. we are here and you know how to reach us. when the u.s. envoy also stressed that president trump remains confident the north korean leader
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kim jong un was quote committed to the same goal the u.s. looks now at how the tables have turned over the past number of years. relations with north korea have been erratic from loathing to admiration go we are going down sideways across every dimension really. relationship with to me as you probably know korea. getting more interested in early stages they will be met with fire fury but only have a very good relationship with him is on a suicide mission for himself while now the countries are back watching their relations freefall pyongyang fired the 1st shot literally 2 long range missile tests to rub american faces in it priceless data experience and new technologies gained in the recent tests will be fully applied to the development of another
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strategic weapon for definitely a more lively restraining and overpowering the nuclear threat of the u.s. not a pleasant face rubbing for trump this is no one's idea of keeping america great establishing their denuclearization deal has been hailed as a trump's crowning moment as president despite it now seeming as far away as ever but with time thinking away and before north korea's latest test washington acted like end of year deadline was in its problem. we do not have a year and a deadline there's an artificial deadline set by the north koreans and as fortunately it's a deadline that they've set upon themselves fast forward to after the launch the u.s. special representative for north korea puts on his best poker face and flies out to south korea the same guy you've just listened to saying that the deadlines for pyongyang not them it's the universal time for new year resolutions but for trump
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it's way bigger than just that it's the result of his entire presidency 2 years ago he. it was the queen of the prom playing hard to get with beyond yang standing up his dates dishing out sanctions left and right now he's already conceded in his trade war with china backtracking on tariffs and exchange for a pinky promise from beijing so north korea wants to strike 2 while the election is hot and trump is soft i think for trump it kind of puts him in a bind because the only thing he has going for him as far as the she meant is that he's open dialogue with north korea and if. it goes nowhere because he refuses to offer a north korea anything exchange for demanding to know clarification then he's got nothing to show for reelection campaign simplied 3 year north korea and
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after the new year if there is no resumption of talks that they would resume their intermediate. i.c.b.m. program a nuclear weapons program of course i think in reality north korea would probably hold off on that and still hope that talks could resume but they're trying to encourage basically the u.s. to return to the negotiating table a resumption of tensions or a resumption of dialogue that's choices up the united states and stead of offering north korea and through the u.s. hostile policy which threatens its right to survive oh and development then there can be no hope for a solution kim jong un and trump known pen pals and the u.s. president to enjoy their correspondence a lot i got a very a letter from him yesterday with. a liberal. with very. little thank you but i really think. he might not enjoy he this christmas gift
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north korea has already put under the white house treaty though along with the fuel into continental shy. too like the new year. today. we're sharing the story of a man who spent 21 years on death row and saw through 13 execution dates only to be freed after evidence against them was found to be faults. 54 years old and $21.00 and a half years on death row on ohio. for a crime i didn't commit. against the ricci who was tried in ohio for aggravated murder committed in the course of a salad in. the ohio chord was told that kenny too could damage of the fact that the neighbor an apartment had been left with only the 2 year old victim inside it was alleged that his intention was for the fire to spread to the lower floor where
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his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend were sleeping the case relied on that does to moan as if people attending the party who stated under oath that ricci was drunk and had threatened to burn down the building also i would think you want to present them and the judge just took it as true as well you get his lawyers came to an agreement with the prosecutors. the arson and murder charges were a plea bargain down to child endangerment only one person in the courthouse still believed him can his guilt. how. party can do so he loves kids. almost 20 years later gainey and his lawyers would prove that the investigation had been flawed resulting in the wrong conclusions all these years were stolen from. you to try and make up for the good just so full life is over together. not much every time.
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just when things go good. the rug pulled. a quick look at what you can find it. seems. even on. the ok. russian warships keeping an. eye on the way here next support for palestinian refugees has been extended by the
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u.n. . well with the united states reports in just a minute from the. what politicians do something. to put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more so more want to be rich. but you'd like to be cross with what the fuck 3 of them or can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of my house. there should. show some same wrong all right old roles just don't call. me old
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yet to say proud disdain become educated and indeed from an equal betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground the. 20 minutes into the program welcome back the united nations will continue supporting palestinian refugees for another 3 years the decision was reached after 169 members voted in favor with just 2 the u.s. and israel against the move while the united states wants to shift the un to relief
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services to refugee host countries to try to influence the agency's work before last year the u.s. halted $360000000.00 in aid while this year it cut over $60000000.00 in security funds to the palestinians previously claim washington received no appreciation or respect for the money it provided to the region there's also disagreement between the u.s. and israel on which palestinian refugees have the right to return to their homes the agency is hoping washington will have a change of heart. and we hold america review again to. the importance of who decided this is why did and how would be of this. how would. an element of peace i missed it. well since 1949 the un agency has been providing health and relief services for palestinians
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it operates in the west bank gals as well as in jordan lebanon and syria helping more than 5000000 refugees at the moment r.t. spoke to some of. i like my school is the teachers math english and so many other subjects they provide us with all our books and other stationery i hope that my school doesn't get shut down so that i can go and learn so that when i'm older i'm educated people are in real need of this help because it is providing them with many services for example if well food coupons go it will be difficult as so many families rely on it the situation inside gaza is already so bad we have no jobs and nothing improves for workers or even doctors no one can reach a normal standard of living in the us wants to close the a because they want to cancel any rights for a few g.'s they want to cancel in the name of proof so they can sake there you.
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see at the end of the day it's a political game by the us in israel they want the palestine issue to die in vanity . a powerful earthquake rocked the southern philippines on sunday at least 4 people died including a 6 year old girl several others were injured the $6.00 magnitude quake caused the shop to collapse trapping customers and stuff inside spring into lebanon which is injured a 2nd on a violent arrest dozens of people were injured in battles between protesters and police in the street 2 months ago with claims of widespread level corruption and made worst economic crisis decades also ahead. after numerous cases on social media to sexual harassment around $62.00 missing
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women who perform the feminist flashmob song their rapist. it was written in chile and has become an international feminist used by activists to deny its violence and rights abuses against. all right let's bring you to the snowy fields. because we really want to show you a postman who goes the extra yard he really does to make sure that meal is delivered on time. if you have seen how far we are from other people it's relatively easy to travel now during winter but in summer you can fuss through only by horse or off road
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recall. the richard book everything i have to occupy myself i like the fire of the tea boils because i live like this i take the newspaper and do the crossword puzzles kill time. for me if i deliver letters and if there's no envelope i get to the nearest town by its and sign it and then send it. we salute you just a reminder for all the latest developments this monday or twitter page has you covered well worth a follow or great program is right ahead here though at r.t. international to.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world the politics small business i'm show business i'll see that. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being led to. direct. what is true watch his face.
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in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. maybe in the shallowness.
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i have a spare charts parents. and i had the little girl that died in the fire cynthia collins. and she had come to me to give him a message messenger forgiveness why i really didn't. know. details of why she was forgiving him to. be a vamp the glad game reaches a different cell on death row took place in the town of columbus grove for. 960 year old cynthia collinson burnt to down from this house.
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kenny aged just $21.00 just charged with her and found guilty. after 21 years in prison she was meant to be destined for the electric chair. is a mighty verify those that. were looking for it kenny ricci i mean you've done a. good is that here i. bury him billy were found just. as you know one turned out on. the.
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off. we've been told you're livin and sound but i. still can't believe this knowing how you stand here already. few weeks few weeks and. just because you have no other place to just ain't no other place to go. or of our friends relatives think. you have money to pay rent not. to wish but it wouldn't be here when it was written about your story i came across the fact that i have by the time 20072008 when you were about to lease you have so much worldwide that sound so many famous people spoke out in your favor it seem like very much you get a 2nd chance to get a fresh start but it's something.


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