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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 16, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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the well previously it's been kind of going up during the impeachment process so the whole point of why we're having an impeachment process and the hopeful is the same reason why we had a russia gate investigation for 3 years and it's because the democratic party is beholden to the same people the republican party is beholden to the same political donor class right so the democratic party can't really present a platform that people common working day people will get excited about to get off the couch and go for the democrats so if the democrats were really going to oppose trump they'd have to oppose the establishment but turns out the democratic party is the establishment so they can oppose trump on anything substantial so they have to do this these circus shows right the russia gate for 3 years now the impeachment so that's why this is really happening and it's because the democrats and the republicans are really one party it's the military industrial complex party and
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it's the wall street party and it's the health insurance and big pharma party they own both parties the democrats helped fast track some more trump's judges truncate 700000 people off of food stamps they also gave trump increase spine powers so this guy who was supposed to be working for the russian government and is a traitor to our country they read they gave him more spying powers which so he could use to then spy on his own enemies so that tells you right there that the democrats don't think trump is working for the russians or is a traitor to our country or that russia gate is even real that shows you right there that that's a phony issue so that's why all this is happening it's happening because of the corruption inside the democratic party the democratic party can't can't oppose trump's wall street deregulation because the democrats helped him do it the democrats can oppose trump on his judges because they help fast track is judges so you see them talk again they don't care if they implement they even gave drug money for his border wall that's why the democrats are doing russia gate and this
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impeachment clown try. well ok but you told in class war the establishment elites nancy pelosi the most senior democrat says that this is so serious with regard to chop it's more serious than lying about a war that killed wounded or displaced tens of millions of people that's why the democrats are seeking impeachment so that doesn't make stick just as you saying it doesn't make sense on its face how could have phone call to the ukraine which didn't actually end up in rate and doing anything the president of ukraine didn't even know he was being extorted so why did nancy pelosi not prosecute george bush well wiki leaks revealed that in 2000 to 2002. that c. ploesti was informed that the bush administration was carrying out a torture program which is illegal it's a war crime goes against the geneva conventions the united states constitution and international law so she was informed about it as the leader of the democratic
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party at the time in the house she did nothing about it ever she never informed anybody she never lots and best the geisha she never alerted the public that their government was committing war crimes and so that makes her complicit in war crimes so when she took back over the house of representatives in june 2006 and george bush was still president for 2 more years everybody wanted her to impeach him because it was obvious that the guy was a war criminal and she said immediately impeachment is off the table why did she say that because she knows if she had a hearing into impeachment that the bush administration would show that she was also complicit in this and that if they're guilty of a war crime so is nancy pelosi you mentioned wiki leaks julian assange his organization is mentioned 60 times and the u.s. expected general's report into the f.b.i. a crossfire hurricane investigation into russia chump collusion it according to the democrats dianne feinstein and others it would be you're talking about wiki leaks
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revealing the u.s. torture wiki leaks itself as a russian got out. of course of course anybody that the establishment doesn't like these days as it is a russian agent or a russian asked that hillary clinton just went off on a tangent she called a sitting u.s. congresswoman who's on the armed forces committee and currently serving in the illegal war she engineered she called her russian she called dad bernie sanders a russian she called jill stein a russian anybody who is the establishment opponent is now being called a russian it's clear well at the hearings on that inspector general reports lizzie graham probably someone you're not a great fan of the republican senator said that it was a bar conversation that led to the allegations of a golden showers for your president at the ritz carlton away from the elites and politicians seeking going to be the wiser media so keen on talking about golden showers. so because it had exactly the same way the media has a war it gets sells
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a lot of newspapers it gets clicks that's why they're pushing that and by the way the inspector general's report revealed what we all knew all along that the f.b.i. is 100 percent corrupt and that they were lying to a pfizer court now in the united states we're supposed to have liberty freedom and an adversarial court process the fight is a court is not any of those things the visor court is a secret court that you don't get to hear what's happening only the government goes to a judge and presents their information there's nobody who gets to counter their information or anything so the f.b.i. can lie to the court in the court would know if they were lying so that's exactly what this and vector generally now jimmy are now jimmy are sounding like a south carolinian republican. to find that with well you know lindsey graham also said 2 plus 2 equals 4 so i agree with that too this is the key part there it's not a criminal investigation so when that the f.b.i.
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launched this it's supposed to be to protect the united states from foreign actors outside of our country well if that was if there was a guy working for a foreign country inside the trump campaign why would the f.b.i. alert the trump campaign that you got a guy working for a foreign government in your campaign let's get rid of they didn't do that in fact they let him stay in that campaign and so they could use that to get a pfizer award so they can tap trump's vote so they can get him on a criminal investigation it may have 2017 the f.b.i. according to the spec the general's report knew that the steel dossier was bogus and that was the same month that muller got appointed to investigate donald trump and he did it for 18 more months and nobody ever discredited that steel dossier inside the government isn't that amazing will the f.b.i. deny there on the present corrupt to the boss of the f.b.i. christopher ray who trump has tweeted that gets to doesn't seem to agree with you actually nor does horowitz what did you make a. the fact that horowitz wouldn't lindsey graham's questions about who this
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friendly government was that was assisting christopher steele spying on the trump company if you actually know what's inside the inspector general's report you will know that the f.b.i. was lying and they're doing what they call a push it's a basic intelligence game they played with papadopoulos so they sent this guy over to tell papadopoulos that the russians have some compromising information on hillary clinton and then they sent another guy from australia to talk to papadopoulos and papadopoulos says hey i understand that the russians have some information i need other eclipse and so that guy from australia calls the f.b.i. and says hey papadopoulos knows something because they just planted it in him so that's a classic operate that's in a playbook of the cia well i don't put it up papadopoulos obviously denies or doing anything that was illegal caught a page has been around this show denies being
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a james bond i have to presume but as i say wiki leaks julian the sun sure normally doesn't comment on wiki leaks whistleblower of sources said the leaks about d.n.c. attempts to destroy the campaign of bernie sanders did not come from russia why is it continue to be repeated in your media more or less every day of the week the leaks was from russia ok because if we can't because they don't want to talk about the information that was revealed by wiki leaks so that's one thing you'll notice in the united states media they never talk about the contents of the wiki leaks revelations they only talk about how it was connected to russia and how trump and russia and putin and julia saans are all somehow colluding together yet they can't get any direct evidence after 3 years of investigation and again it comes back from the core problem here the core problem is both our political parties in the united states are. corrupt and bought by the people that they voters want them to oppose
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so they can actually oppose them so they do all these greedy less things like try to entrap the president in trying to trap a presidential candidate and his campaign and they're doing it through stuff which is transparently corrupt what the f.b.i. did the f.b.i. lied to the fai's a court. well the f.b.i. as i say denies that despite people in congress saying that the report shows shows they did ok but just about a son says trump playing it both ways because the u.n. is saying that the extradition treaty. of course in jail via this studio the americans one in for 175 years possible sentencing is that why trump is pursuing julian isn't so troubling as so trump is rolling over to the intelligence community and he stays getting steamrolled by the military industrial complex i mean that's where a lot of this started right so the intelligence community did not like trump's rhetoric that he was going to end our foreign wars so that's another thing that
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this all comes down to that people don't realize you are not allowed to go against a permanent state in america and what is that that's our intelligence communities that's the n.s.a. that's the cia that's the f.b.i. those guys work at the f.b.i. and n.s.a. and cia for 30 years president comes and goes in 4 years or 8 years so they're the permanent state they're the ones who deem donald trump not a suitable steward of american and parry alyssum and so they've been trying to undermine him which is being revealed right now in that inspector general's report that the people who are tasked to do this counterterrorism investigation into trouble were actually revealed in their own tax working to try to make sure trump didn't get elected that's not a counter terrorism an investigation that's a hit job on a president of the united states by unelected intelligence members of the f.b.i. and cia for his that's fine i can hear just just finally then the result of all of
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this do you really think that the d.n.c. then by doing all of this and the impeachment vote this week effectively it's helping to elect donald trump in 2020 of course it's helping to let donald trump of course the democrats can't help but prop up donald trump so after 3 years of the russia again and. yes the gate agent trumps the poll numbers were at their highest level ever after. after they started the impeachment hearings the people's opinions open peach of the peach and the president started to go the other way the democrats in the middle of making their case lost the independents in america why because their arguments are garbage and george bush still walks the earth and the same person who was supposed to impeach george bush a bonafide war criminal didn't and now it's the same person who's trying to impeach trub for an ambiguous phone call to ukraine. syria door thank you thank you was a pleasure and you can watch the amazing jimmy door show online after the break
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will the chickens come home to roost after last week's u.k. general election to britain announces bird flu and mass killing of chickens plus a good omen age of supersize me director bill gates with a look tells us the true story of the usa so pooled chlorinated chicken told us a ball coming up but through it going on the ground. it is relatively easy to explain the tory spectacular victory in the general election for the elites it was about jeremy corbyn but for the voters it was all about brakes and indeed it was greg's a 2.0 for bojo it is time to deliver. so it's seemed wrong. why don't we all just don't call. me old
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yet to see palin this day become active. and engaged with equals betrayal. went on to find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. welcome back if anyone was looking for a bad omen on the eve of love's weeks general election came in the form of the return of bird flu to the u.k. resulting in the killing of 30000 chickens but is a bigger postbox a threat to a chicken coming from the usa not just chlorinated chicken but the entire industry symbolizing corruption and late capitalism because that's what else can nominate a director well been spoiled look is focused on for a sequel to his i was going to open a documentary super size me holy shit can you joins me now from new york thanks so much morgan for coming on the show pot the maybe because of supersize me fost food
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it's supposed to be healthy at 12 years old what did you discover when making this i think the biggest thing that we discovered is that the marketing sure is healthier the marketing sure does look better for you but the food sure hasn't changed that much in the past 15 years and you focus actually own the market seeing so me why we shouldn't be so pleased when we see cage free woman free humanely raised these are the terms activists want to know we can see them in the food show as well i think that what's happened is we've had these ideas of what they actually stand for and what they mean but now they've been co-opted and manipulated by these shy and you know corporatocracy and these giant you know big chicken as i like to call them in the film where now they have little to no meaning you know a cage free bird in the united states you hear that on the on the packaging like no birds in cages anymore you know whether they lay eggs or whether they are actually broiler chickens once you put on a bun so we've continued to think that these things actually mean something and ultimately we just let the green wash you know kind of take over most of us when we
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think of free range we think of this like great happy chicken he's out running around in a field these packing for bugs he's getting the like have his have his feet in the grass as he's walking around in you know that's the furthest thing from the truth you know in the united states to actually qualify a chicken is free range and you see this in my film supersize me too holy chicken all you have to do is give them access to the out of doors they never even have to go out. side and so in the movie you see me actually open up a door build a little cage outside that's about a metre and a half by a metre and a half and in just that little space is enough for these chickens to qualify and this is a barn filled with thousands and thousands and thousands of chickens it's enough for them all to qualify as being free range the reason that they don't go out of doors in the film is because there's an actual type of chicken that's used in fuss with chicken jokes broiler chicken they don't even like going outside well these chickens parties they don't like going outside as they grow so fast you know there was a time years ago where it would take you know anywhere from 12 to 16 weeks to get a chicken from birth to market you know now we can do that in 6 weeks so basically
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in 42 days we can take a chicken from an egg to your to a bun like that's how quick it goes. it's about numbers for the industry you get in the most amount of chickens grown out in the smallest amount of space for the least amount of money so we can make the most money that's the secret and those birds like they grow they get such an exorbitant such an insane amount exponential rate that by the time they get to this age where they can actually walk or want to run outside they can barely move their bones or brittle so there's all these problems that they have of like whether it whether they're hit snap or their bones just automatically break when they walk around i mean it's a it's a terrible thing to see these like gigantic birds watling around in the park and this is what we're eating and the number of chick of the died of heart attacks in this film you mentioned big chicken and i mean people may know about big oil even those in the middle east for what for big oil you seem to be suggesting the big
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chicken there's a war on phone is going on right now well there's a not only a war on farmers but i think a war on what we actually get to eat i think that there's a race right now to the bottom of how can i give you the cheapest food absolutely possible and the people who suffer from that the most are the farmers you know what we have going on the united states right now is an organized monopoly a cooperative not. i like the color because while they may argue that there is choice that there's multiple corporations that are selling you chicken they all collude with one another they price fix they price gouge they share information about farmers that they deem as troublemakers you know in the film there's a wonderful farmer that i work with a guy named jonathan but for a man who has been blackballed by the industry now for going on 10 years and now his son has been blackballed his wife has been blackballed no one in his family can grow chickens these farmers they are basically indentured servants the people who grow for these companies are kept in debt by these corporations hundreds of thousands of dollars millions of dollars in debt to where they can never get out they can never leave these contracts or else they'll go bankrupt will you name
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these job 5 chicken companies tyson good to pilgrims on to coke responsible for 99 percent of the chicken but the national chicken council who i know you tried to get on your film yes they've said clearly you know film is told in a story intended for entertainment it's not based on facts and it's an unfortunate and one sided hit piece on the industry well that's exactly what i would expect the lobby group for big chicken to say you know national chicken council for everyone who isn't familiar they are the lobby group for big chicken tyson produce anderson these companies pay this organization millions of dollars to say exactly what you said like it's their job to stand up and defend these corporations who have no ethics who have no morals who are working every day just to to ruin the lives of small farmers to lie to us as consumers to manipulate us and to make as much money as possible paid by the national chicken council and in your film you had to allege that they are monitoring you allegedly the film that they get wind of you joel king
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about banks and so on when you try out the idea of. a restaurant that's right that you see in the film what i call a bank to get a loan like i'm basically trying to find out how do i get money to open a chicken farm and the guy on the phone recognizes who i am but here's my name and then. and on the heels of that phone call calls the national chicken council the national chicken council then sends letters out to all the farmers that are in the national chicken council database saying there's a filmmaker is trying to hurt chicken in you know you shouldn't trust him he's somebody who is in doesn't have your best interests in mind and it's a corporation that continues to spin a narrative again trying to make farmers believe that they're on their side that they're looking out for them that they're the ones they can trust when it's the furthest thing from the truth 28000 and she could have exploded 3 years sometimes 70. now i would love to show you what 28000 chickens actually looks like but big chicken locks their farmers into iron clad contracts which strictly prohibit
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outsiders like me from entering their grow house. so i can show you this. for johnson's sake i can't show you what's actually happening on the other side of these wall i mean these corporations have so lied to these farmers for so long but farmers they just feel stuck they feel like there's nothing they can do there's nowhere else to run except to these giant companies for a job well and family is they may have seen supersize me the 1st film and realize what you did to mcdonald's but now surely now you have going to chicken for us the food chain just tell me about that in a way the low biggest on k. street the national chicken council represents you 2. i don't know i don't think they represent our business practices to the whole difference with holy chicken and this is what you see in the movie is we've created a fast food restaurant that finally tells you the truth from the minute you walk in i tell you how i'm manipulating you i tell you how i'm lying to you just like of the other restaurants have i tell you how we 50000000000 the chickens
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a year 9000000000 alone in the us i tell you the farming practices that got them from from that egg to the bun that you're about to enjoy that delicious grilled crispy chicken sandwich on and the response has been incredible like to have finally have a place that is actually honest with you after being kind of manipulated for so long in the fast food world. is kind of telling the fact that people want to have a sandwich that listen i know this sandwich isn't good for me and they know it's good for me because i tell you that at the checkout you know when you buy it i tell you how many calories are in it and that it's actually a meal and a half and most doctors say usually eat this food once a month and i think that's what holy chicken does a great job of doing is giving you 2 things what you want and what you need and what we need is a real eye opening look at how the food system really operates it would does it say for how subversive this project is if people a still coming to the restaurant they like it they were paying you money and you are committing the same bull crimes as the big food restaurants while they will
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here but here is where the difference is so now of the 99 percent of the chicken that's grown in the united states one percent comes from independent chicken farmers so our goal right now is to find as many of those independent chicken farmers as we can to actually grow chickens for holy chickens so we're not using cooked produce anderson we're not using any of these companies or trying to get these farmers out from under a kind of this this gigantic powerful thumb of big chicken that is ruined their lives for so long and the more that we can create independent chicken farmers you know the more i can swing that one percent to potentially 2 percent maybe 3 percent the more that i can get these farmers kind of out of the shackles of these corporations the better it is for all of us the better it is for consumers where they're actually getting a better raise chicken the more it is the better it is for farmers that we're actually empowering these people to now actually create a livelihood that supports them their family their community a system that's now kind of evolving in a different way and the more that it actually changes the way that i think we interact with our food and i think that's what has to start happening you know there was a movement a few years ago that i like very much it was called the slow food movement and you
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know like you like me i grew up in a house where we sat down at the dinner table every night like my mom cooked dinner every night it was a big deal to actually sit down and have this this thing happen and so the slow food movement said we need to take the time to enjoy that again i think the next movement that's coming right now is that you know we have big food you know there's big chicken there's all these big giant corporations that continue to god. everything that's around us whether it's a media company or whether it's a chicken company and i think the next push that's coming is kind of the the small food movement how do we get back to locally grown food locally sourced food and what holi chicken at its heart which is crazy actually is as a farm to table fast food restaurant which is unheard of in the fast food business but that's kind of the way that it's moving well of course those chicken restaurants say they are from table but that's the problem with the with the giant chicken farms and that you could argue everything's farm to table you know that everything comes from a farm everything comes from a farm somewhere it just may be shipped halfway around the world the question is
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how can you make that distance get so small that i actually know the farmer the farmer who grew this chicken or made there the baker that made this bread i know that guy has his stores right down the street is right over there i actually have a chance to go meet that farmer see how the food is raised see how the chickens are treated like that's the difference and i'll give you could be helped in finding these small independent film is because of the cuisine mcconkey attitude of this tournament system you call it a caught tell that according to the whistleblower and you'll film punishes foam as you don't do what the big 5 tell them to that's exactly right like there are so many farmers in the united states who are so disgruntled who feel so lost who want to be raising food in a better way raising chickens in a better way so the the sheer number of people that we will have access to independent chicken grower wise is immense and they're in every state and america maybe not alaska i don't i haven't chased chicken farmers in alaska yet but they're definitely definitely all over the lower 48 and i think the ability for us to find
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those type of people who who are as passionate about food as i am who recognize that they have the ability to make a difference i think is a really exciting opportunity yeah i'm not sure chicken houses in the last year would be environmentally friendly with the heating but you do lead some kind of conspiracy why did it take so long to get distribution from samuel. company to show this film well i think that when we made the film some things happen in my life that needed to be addressed and that i knew the personally take care of and now i'm just excited the film is rolling out like the most important thing now is that these chicken farmers are finally getting to have their day in the court of public opinion i think it's it's a very important thing that we're actually finally getting to have this discussion do you have strong opinions on this but do you think that the me too allegations and i should say that there would be no substantiated me to allegations against you joel do you think companies might have used that to stop this film but then i think
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that anything's possible i think that the most important thing you know for me is to is to be who i am to stand up in and be honest about my life in the things that i feel like i need to address you know this friday i'll celebrate 2 years of sobriety it's one of the greatest decisions i could have ever made in my life and i think that you know change takes time changes in the media and whether that's a personal change or that's a corporate change or that's an environmental change everyone recognizes that we need to be having this conversation and you know there's a lot of times that the messages may come from imperfect messengers and listen i'm the 1st person to say i'm the further same from from perfect but i do believe that the message in this film is incredibly strong powerful and necessary well just finally and briefly today is going to sign does birthday not your with your restaurants going to be as big as. c. but any young filmmakers out there thinking of taking on $1000000000.00 industries $1000000000.00 monopoly capitalism what advice would you give to them i mean say
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someone's out there trying to take on a big pharma there's going to be a lot of pressure although i think there's always going to be big pressure when you start going up against corporations or individuals that have a lot of money and have a lot of lawyers i think the you shouldn't let that stop you i think you should let your passion kind of drive you forward i think that you should definitely consult with some good lawyers you know there's what i tell the young filmmakers all the time is that a. a good lawyer will keep you out of trouble but a great lawyer will help you cause it will conspire look thank you thank you have a great day that's it for the show will be back on wednesday with us he's going to be 47 years to the day of richard nixon's christmas bombings of vietnam which together with u.s. pilots now it's i'm trying both yes would help to kill approximately 6000000 people mostly civilians joe thank you touched by social media don't forget to subscribe to your show.
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i had a spiritual experience. and i had a little girl that died in the fire sent there collins. their 3rd son. were looking for a kidney reaching. long 54 years old and 21 and you're going to roll model. for a crime i didn't commit. i only knew that he was innocent doesn't read the newsgroups that nobody would. you know your new. trial was pretty much a farce. they are having to build a community for the trial. tell you nobody. not people will learn. the truth to me has been forgiven themselves for something. i knew she
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was there and i knew exactly what i was doing. people like. sometimes there's no explanation. getting ready for the. global showdown central bank that being the i.m.f. in this case versus bitcoin then you argentina that's why we're here. all of us will hoops it has been absolutely new a baby but since a behavior that appears even in death and dying babies even if you've never heard of seen love to you will love your tickles bio parents. and then we learn how to use this in a more complex way i'm one of the things that we used to have to join in would love to contagiously to love and somebody else loves even if you don't know why they're laughing. at.
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another expert who breaks ranks from the global chemical weapons watchdog saying the o.p.c. w.'s final report into an alleged attack in the syrian city of duma last year misrepresents the facts also and. the new citizenship law in india sparks violent protests nationwide for a 5th consecutive day since it was signed demonstrators that say it is discriminatory for singling out muslims as fears of the build over a massive illegal migrant flow. and the u.s. calls for denuclearization talks with north korea as pyongyang year end a deadline for sanctions relief draws near the end of the hermit kingdom steps up its missile testing.


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