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erections that it feels probably even more prosperous and living in paris being in paris it is kind of odd to see this situation and i think part of it is that they're so used to currency crises here that it's almost like they're so prepared for it that when it comes it's like oh great everything's discounted for us all the argentinians are resourceful people you can't take away their dignity and that's what they have and it's based on a fantastic culture fantastic people the here and one desirous of meeting so many fantastic people and the cultural depth is extraordinary unlike the u.s. where the there really is no culture other than hollywood there you have hundreds and hundreds of years thousands years of culture you've got the influence of folks coming from all over the world principally italian and it's just fantastic and you know what we're seeing here is a resilience to the overlords from the central banks like the i.m.f. and for the 1st time in history a country like argentina has
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a weapon to fight the carpet baggers at the i.m.f. the charlatans like christine legarde and that would be bitcoin but i noticed on a local bitcoin use in big coin in argentina is skyrocketing this is were ground 0 is in the big coin versus central bank it's happening right here what is there is right here in argentina yes the population of oneness are of argentina has soared since 880 prior to that there were about 2000000 people here and now there's 40 something 1000000 but i just want to go over the date on the economy and just so you understand according to the i guess it's the world bank data $518000000000.00 as their g.d.p. in 2018 and that's down from about $637000000000.00 in 2017 you know this guy makary he was hailed kind of in the western press anyway as a great meal liberal reformer and he's going to bring deregulation and all sorts of boom times for the economy but he did end up taking a 50. $7000000000.00 i.m.f.
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loan in 2018. 44000000000 of that has been dispensed and since august they've spent 22000000000 just defending their currency well look the military front of 976 this is a u.s. sponsored coup aided by henry kissinger to talk about that in the next episode indeed yeah and you know basically that this is the root of the problem is the destruction brought on by external forces the foreigners meddling in the argentinean politics then you had of course paul singer and the hedge funds on wall street funded by money printed by central banks kristie look art is i.m.f. central bank she's in bed with paul saying our job is to work together she's now at the e.c.b. but indeed she was at the i.m.f. when they were negotiating the other central bank and she is in bed with paul singer and the same mentality it's a coup let's talk about foreign intervention because of course the currency has fallen by over 50 percent here inflation is raging have seen numbers between 38 and
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55 percent inflation rate here's a tweet as we were flying down here so trump restores tariffs on steel and aluminum shipped from argentina and brazil citing concern about both countries devaluing their currency now usually this sort of intervention of tariffs in order to fight devaluation of currency is that when they devaluation is done intentionally i really believe this is not done intentionally this was in fact they've thrown 22000000000 dollars of an i.m.f. loan and to stabilizing the currency so this is how ever acting like a tough guy with out any real information again argentina's been a punching bag for american empire as is all of south america and it's all accomplished using fear money and the machinations of central banks and again the people in argentina are fighting back. usage of bitcoin locally is skyrocketing and
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that's their way out of this morass so fly christine legarde fight donald trump fight the e.c.b. the hard money bitcoin and that's what's happening now this is ground 0 this is where the revolution is really taking hold where you're going to speak to somebody in the 2nd half who's american who lives there and this is one of his observations is that people because they're so used to currency crisis in a way that makes you a much more resilient person in america obviously we haven't had currency crises since 1971 and since we had that currency crisis since we essentially defaulted to our debts to france and and britain and other nations you know it was our currency crisis became their crisis here they they suffer it so they they have a long history of already protecting themselves with hard assets with property with gold with bitcoin with things like that with replacements that are more stable than their currency so that's why at the moment anyway there's a sense of calm here who knows what will happen you know we everybody saw all those
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images of what happened in 200-2000 sanctions are not act of war and the year this is yet tariffs on brazil and he's saying that they are unfairly they're steel is cheaper than american steel right and tariffs tariffs sanctions this type of activity is an act of war and the us hasn't had a good war track record since world war 2 they lost in vietnam due to the guerrilla warfare of the vietnamese in argentina and all over south america armed with the guerrilla war currency of bitcoin america could lose again we're going to go into some of the data again about the specifics of argentina and what they're doing to resist this sort of a crisis getting worse because remember we have a change of government and argentina says floor under pay so as reserves dwindle this was machree in his last month or 2 in office and he said argentina's central bank is setting a price floor under the volatile peso and hopes to avoid a sharp plunge in the currency. after an opposition won presidential elections
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shift of the country firmly back to the left so they've basically thrown $22000000000.00 as i've said authorities have also been rushing to stem a sharp decline in foreign currency reserves after spending about $22000000000.00 to defend the peso since business friendly machree was defeated heavily in an august 11th primary election they still do have $61.00 tons of gold in their reserves and that has been there since basically 2004 right they've been buying gold they have not any bought any gold in particular over the last since 2004 but since 2004 they had 0.28 tons of gold now they have $61.00 tons of gold right so that's that's the smart move that's what countries are doing to fight american money shihad is they're buying gold and whether doing in russia china turkey or argentina this is the way to achieve economic sovereignty if
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you want to get out of the us empire of debt you must buy gold you must buy bitcoin as a sovereign yes as an individual in the nation state level it tends to be gold but perhaps some are buying bitcoin the argentinian central bank are starting to buy bitcoin the argentine peso would immediately be one of the soundest currencies in the world they're defending their currency $22000000000.00 i think it just gets thrown into the 4 x. mark it just disappeared just a waste of money they should use that money to mine but. if they want to hard currency they want to get out of the us umpire they should stop throwing good money after bad and they'll never appease the i.m.f. the i.m.f. is that crocodile this once and churchill called the act of appeasement that never gets it never gets say ca did they just repeat rips off your arm that he rips off your but it never appease the i.m.f. never appease the financial terrorists never go back to this they've thrown $22000000000.00 at the problem they could have. haps seen
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a lesson with did in russia that she let the currency float and the currency did sink by 60 percent like very rapidly but that the exchange rate mechanism is a stabilizer causes you know not only substitution but it also increases your exports luckily they do have their self-sufficient in energy and agricultural products so that unlike venezuela for example which has to import all its food so. it's repairing reliance on getting hard currency in terms of the u.s. running the i.m.f. steve did weigh in on this because they have a new government here and u.s. treasury secretary steven minucci and said on wednesday the united states expected the new president fernandez to uphold the country's commitment to the terms of the $57000000000.00 i.m.f. loan program agreed last year with conservative incumbent c.e.o. machree the president elect will have to balance the i.m.f. commitments while dealing with rising levels of poverty which have risen amid the
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economic malaise protesters march on thursday in the center of buenos aires to protest austerity measures under machree and the i.m.f. with the slogan the debt is with the people not the i.m.f. and if the u.s. allowed that wild dog paul singer to commit all kind of act of financial vandalism in argentina they have no no commitment no no obligation to fulfill their i.m.f. commitment whatsoever because this is a financial war and in financial war you know it all is a game in financial war and they have no commitment what no no obligation whatsoever because thousands of years of history is what they should look at rather than the last 40 years of a fee out empire of debt it's only been since the last financial crisis of 2008 whereby this notion that creditors should always be made whole and that there's you know it's always for history been 2 sided. if it causes moral hazard if you
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constantly bailout either the creditor or debt or but if you're going to lend money to a nation member it was simply 2 years ago that the 100 year bond by argentina was oversubscribed they raised $2700000000.00 it's now worth like $0.54 on the dollar even less but people were lining up to lend to them they had already gone the defaulted to the i.m.f. and only paid back 30 percent of that from 2001 through 2005 they were likely to default on this and the creditor should learn this should be a lesson for they i.m.f. and in terms of the new president alberto fernandez argentina's president elect rejects remaining i.m.f. money argentina's leftist president elect alberto fernandez said he would remain ounce remaining $11000000000.00 tranche of the country's international monetary fund loan as he takes office next month which just this month he said quote i have an enormous problem and i'm going to ask for $11000000000.00 more incoming president said in an interview on argentina's radio convos fernando said he will
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try to revive the economy in order to pay and solve the debt problem sensibly we want them not to lend us more money but to let us develop let's discuss the time i need to develop but don't give me more money right fernandes is on the right track it's not about don't lend me more money we need to develop about don't let me more money we're going to start buying more gold and we're going to start encourage individual economic sovereignty through bitcoin and we're going to have a really strong currency much stronger than the u.s. dollar or the i.m.f. special drawing right which is the do money from the i.m.f. so they all are free of money is fail so they decided to create a new form of money called a special drawing rights and they're going to ask argentina and chile and iran and who knows what else to roll up all their bad debts into an i.m.f. facility $100.00 trillion dollar lending facility because all the people the i.m.f. make huge billions of dollars in fees selling garbage but again we'll wrap it up here and what i want to say is that mark carney earlier in. 2019 did say at jackson
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hole wyoming at the meeting of central bankers he said that the u.s. dollar is no longer fit for purpose and he did specifically indicate countries like argentina where where by currency crises are basically caused by the grid the system of using the u.s. as a unit of account because the whole way the flows the capital flight in and out of the dollar and it was the dollar rising by so much in the past 2 years they started the currency crisis here so yeah why would you have a world war serve currency based on paper that there's no limit to print the paper exactly right so you can have and then the people of print the paper get a fee for printing the paper and anyone who has to reliance on using a paper like argentina is going to get you know completely i don't know illiterate obliterated is a good word ok much more coming away empanada for everybody don't go away.
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in the troubled 19 seventies a group of killers rampage through parts of northern ireland that was coordinated loyalist attacks protecting only catholic population and tens of thousands forced to flee their homes come up with straight and put these attacks was a p.r. you see the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of presenting they were active participants in the burning of the streets in belfast. more than 100 innocent civilians with. the review can seniors and we found out more i was surprised about the extent and the degree to which the inclusion was involved in some of those cases the killers would lead to be named. and we get. to do very. very top i think it is. the water
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where politicians you. give the go ahead. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy foundation let it be an arms race is often very dramatic development only closely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical of time to sit down and talk. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed. and it wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation of the things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the
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turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo doubt engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no on. one set of rules for the rich opposite. that's what happened when you put her into the. narrows of will switch is dedicated to increasing power for just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america.
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welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max keiser time out of turn to nick jim bruno you can find his writings about gold and other cool stuff at casey research dot com nick welcome max great to be with you nice to see you again now you travel extensively and you have lived all over the world you spend part of your time here but as eris give us your impression of the current situation here to outsiders like me and stacey you know it seems calm enough on the outside what are we missing what's going on it sure well argentina has gone through a number of financial crises in the past 100 years and it looks like it's on the cusp of another one the last really big one was in 2001 and what is happening here is the currency is is really on a foundation of sand right now it's living and dying by the whims of i.m.f.
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bailout money so argentina is on the cusp of a possible currency crisis which is relatively normal for this country it's happened repeatedly over the past 100 years and that's what we're looking at right now and there's reasons for that you know 100 years ago argentina and the u.s. were really kind of on the same level i mean you you've seen it walking around here there's beautiful buildings and now it's kind of the golden era of argentina 100 years ago the you know there's used to be a saying called rich as an argentine back then. and you know that's that's changed a lot since argentina instituted a central bank and the politicians that was in 1935 so a little bit after the u.s. when the u.s. institute of the fed obviously in $1013.00 so argentina had that golden era prior to that establishment of the central bank then of course like in most places you know the central bank is the magic money machine for the politicians and that's really how argentina started its long descent. downhills when the politicians
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discovered they had this magic money machine and that's led to in a nutshell you know in the past 100 years for currency collapses and now we're look to be on the cusp of the 5th and they have political update hable of 876 of course the same as a seminal moment and chaos in terms of finance the fair statement yes ok. now we 1st met in beirut back in 2011 you spend part of your hear hear what is there is the latest currency crisis has begun so you just described it gave us a bit of a history there you're an international man yes there was k.c. yes i know he has a place in argentina as well so how do you position argentina in the international man view of things you've spent some time here but you're very i guess agile and moving around the world except or out of how does argentina fit into the global picture yes sure so this picture i just described in currency crises and financial
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collapses are obviously scary but if there's one place that is is not not not necessarily accustomed to it but resilient to it to a degree it's argentina while they've been through it they know this is not their 1st rodeo so to say they know how to deal with it they know how to cope with it so if the currency goes to 0 there is already this infrastructure in place in this country to kind of deal with the situation it's happened before it will happen again soon other more resilient than other south american countries i believe they are. because their whole economy is geared towards kind of the underground not their whole economy but a large part of their economy is used to dealing with the underground market for example the currency nobody nobody uses this is a long term savings value or businesses they don't plan in advance so what they do is they use the underground market for dollars which is the facto next best thing for a lot of what i would call social cohesion yes that's the future by immigration they
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have immigration from all over the world. and all these immigrants are forced to come together into this melting pot card argentina and they all bring their little tricks of the trade with them and they develop this underground economy and they're extraordinarily resilient because they're diverse diversity equals resiliency and some other countries that are less open to immigration as the less resistant because they're less diverse do you think yes well there's a there's an old joke that an argentine is an italian who speaks spanish but thinks that he's british and lives in a french house so that speaks to that point you're making right there right speaking of france they have a this idea of system d. in france which is that we just always get jr something and they always figure out a way to get through there's cohesion there and. now only 2 or 3 years ago nick argentina with able to sell a 100 year bond and then within 2 years they were bringing in the i.m.f.
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for $57000000000.00 why did back crees government borrow so much from the i.m.f. let's talk about the i.m.f. for all in all this nic oh sure the vampire of course so the thing is that this is an indication of how the world is drunk money and all the insanity that follows argentina issuing 100 not only was it issued max it was oversubscribed i don't remember the exact numbers but it was people were begging to give argentina money for 100 years and they just you know her bankruptcy if yes earlier yes so they're going to take this back up country and say we're going to do 100 year bond it's and it's over subscribe it's insane it's insane so why why did the issue the 100 year bond and then gold to the i.m.f. for the largest bailout package the i.m.f. has ever made in its entire existence well it's because the currency is about to collapse and they're using a lot of that money to kind of prop up the economy here prop up the currency here i mean think of it on an individual level does it make any sense well you know knowing that the peso is not the best currency would you personally and. debt in
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u.s. dollars and by argentine pesos knowing you'd have to pay that loan back in dollars if they were backed by empanada time yes yes nonetheless that's what argentina is facing unfortunately argentina the way it's set up with how the government is spending money they can't afford it internally so they kind of need an x. terminal sugardaddy so to say whether it's going to be the i.m.f. the hedge funds in new york unfortunately or you know deadline is another show from the vultures at the i'm going to parasites of paul thing or it's a hedge fund world i mean i just saw a report on a big bank street made it network in the us tucker carlson did a big story on paul singer and the way he vaporized some towns in the u.s. using his predatory kleptocracy method and underhanded. shenanigans but he's been doing this globally for years principally in argentina i think he tried to say some argentinean government assets at one point well exactly and i think there is a 3rd way so if you don't want to be slaves to the bankers slaves to the hedge fund
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slaves to the i.m.f. or slaves to the chinese hopefully a new 3rd way will emerge and that's kind of where this crypto comes into play in argentina but to go back to what you're saying about the i.m.f. you know so there are rumors i can't say this for a fact but there are rumors so why would the i.m.f. give 50 something $1000000000.00 to a country that's repeatedly defaulted well obviously there's geo political concerns but also there's rumors that they've pledged the prime real estate of argentina patagonia which is pristine has freshwater the glaciers are one of the most beautiful places on earth so it seems like they've pledged patagonia it's rumored to be rumor it's a rumor but i would be very sharp god you've got your ear to the ground this rumor how much traction does it have out there because if that's true it's an absolute catastrophe in a mega proportion well if you look at who who is interested in patagonia the elites are very interested in patagonia they have all sorts they're buying all sorts of property there not just hollywood elites banking elites pull. it's when obama used
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to visit argentina he would sneak away to patagonia nobody knew what he was really doing patagonian sneak away to patagonia for a few days nobody really know all of that outside of argentina unless you follow the argentine press but what the heck was he doing in patagonia so there are a lot of elites buying up property in patagonia obviously it's like a bug out location for them to obviously something interest them i'm not quite sure what but it's something to watch let's talk about they still have a 61.74 tons of gold in their reserves and which is up from under half the time on in 2001 of course over here they are casey research and international man you guys have a strong focus on gold 'd tell us about argentina and gold i wish the origin science instead of looking towards the dollar when their currency goes you know i wish they would look towards gold and i think they will. eventually they will
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because you know you think of it like this think of it you know the market for money you have the argentine peso you have the dollar you have gold and bitcoin but most people are familiar with the dollar so think of it like any other essential goods like what bottled water for example like you have the sun and you have one of the sunny sorry to get brown started make people sick it was obviously not good nobody would want it so they would go to every one that would look good to but the problem is is that that next best thing the dollar is also going to turn brown it's also going to make people sick soon so i think. that is going to help people in argentina are going to stockholm syndrome you know because the u.s. went off the gold standard 71 and then kissinger was given the green light to overthrow chill a totally destroy argentina and destroy south america because they had all the family in the world to do so they just print their way into this empire of debt and just destroy lives and yeah they had a currency crisis here for 100 years but not since they overthrow in 76 as things spend as chaotic as they are now and you have these. and vultures on your doorstep
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with that easy money that they're willing to loan to you at it sure but it rates meanwhile they get no interest whatsoever on their loans and they're making out like bandits increasing their wealth exponentially and everyone 'd else is suffering and they do the divide and conquer so you've got the socialists or you know at war with the club to come up to crass and right so now they're they they're looking internally they don't understand that the problem is fear of money absolutely you talk often about the cantillon effect well the cantillon effect is on steroids here in argentina because as you said it's you know a lot of it is driven by money well where have they used money to kind of hollow out the middle class suck up all the wealth and give it to somebody else here here's a great example of that but you're totally right in terms of what these folks are doing with the debts and that's why it's urgent because it was because i see it pick when adoption skyrocket. suddenly woke population to realizing they want
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individual sovereignty there's a way out of us dollar gemini with bitcoin i think that's certainly a large part of it too they see what's going on with the u.s. these you know predatory institutions like the i.m.f. and this is kind of the 3rd way i was talking about before so if you don't want to be slaves to the i.m.f. you don't want to be slaves to the chinese bitcoin offers a 3rd way and i think that is a big reason why people are waking up to bitcoin in crypto in argentina on a relatively higher level than other countries all right nick jan bruno from casey research thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thanks max and stick around for the segment we like you showed us where all the good steak is yes it's all the grass fed and yummy good and super cheap and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacey her would like to thank our guest nick jim bruno if you want to catch us on twitter it's kaiser report until next time.
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i had a spiritual experience. and i had the little girl that died in the fire cynthia collins. said what if there. were looking for a kid reaching something off 54 years old and 21 years on good role model. for a crime i didn't commit. i only knew that it was innocent doesn't read the rumors but nobody would listen. you know the. trial was pretty much a farce that they are having a guilty plea toward
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a goal. not fighting. coffee not people who want. the truth of jimmy hasn't forgiven them so for something. i knew she was in there and i knew exactly what i was doing. people live. in that sometimes there's no way to put mission.
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yes. it's revealed. the dangers of using the military grade. crowd control to. protest. boeing is to suspend making its notorious 737 jets from january as regulators keep the flight after 2 fatal crashes claimed hundreds of lives. u.s. family and t.v. channels caught in the crossfire after it apologizes for dropping an l.g. commercial we get reaction. this is just all sort. of christmas is coming together i'm going to talk to my children about sexual
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