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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  December 17, 2019 10:30am-11:00am EST

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amongst these is a memorandum written in protest by one of the scientists sent on a fact finding mission to investigate the attack along with this new memo wiki leaks is also releasing for the 1st time ever the original plimer narry report as well as the redacted version that we the public got to see when it was eventually released by the o.p.c. w. so now you can compare the 2 reports and come to your own conclusions about the motivations behind those were the actions as antiwar dot com as dave de camp points out among the many interesting little discrepancies you'll discover when comparing the 2 reports is that one of the most important details left out of both the redacted report and the final report was that the symptoms of the alleged victims were not consistent with the korean chemical attack not consistent with a chlorine chemical attack you need to hear that twice well then than now the question is why were we told by the u.s. government and the mainstream news media that this was
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a chlorine attack perpetrated by that most evil of supervillains bashar al assad. so today my friends let's have ourselves a wiki leaks sponsor doing a report reading party so we can educate ourselves and now institutions like the o.p.c. w can be manipulated as we start watching the hawks. like you that i got. this. well going to watching the hawks i am sure and joining us today from deep in the heart of ron paul country is daniel mcadams the executive director of the ron pauls to peace and prosperity always
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a pleasure having you on daniel thank you. great to be with you guys a real thanks for having me on so down just how much of a extremely big can of worms inside the o.p.c. w. as wiki leaks opened with this latest round of insider memos and unredacted report releases. it's absolutely unbelievable listen remarkable release it just it just goes along with what we've been seeing though and this goes back months and months where we saw originally a leak or a couple of months ago we saw an interim report we saw a report in the spring from engineers who said that the the issue of the ballistic the ballistics showed that the canister was unlikely to fall in the way they said so this is a pattern those of us have been watching have seen but unfortunately it's the old age old tree falling in the woods the mainstream media is just not there to hear it it doesn't want to report it in fact in newsweek
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a journalist was fired or actually he quit in protest because they wouldn't let him write about it. because the u.s. funded so-called investigator belling cat concluded that there was nothing to it so it's remarkable what's happening it truly is i mean i was i look at this story and you know we had heard the initial doubts back when you know kind of 1st broke and there was a 1st for the initial whistleblower the you know his claims it was he and henderson his claim started getting backed up a little bit but i think for people that have been following the story or even for the people who are now just kind of realizing this is going on in regards to the duma strike and that story we were originally sold the super villain bashir al assad had dropped you know korean gas on his own people from helicopters in your opinion what part of these latest releases do you feel you know someone coming into this story and playing catch up really needs to pay attention to in order to get the full story of what what actually went down in syria well it is
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a little hard to follow what happened but he was in a nutshell what happened the o.p.c. sent a team of experts including ballistics experts including paramedics people expert in all aspects they sent him to do they went there and they investigated they made all of their notes they made all of their conclusions they handed them over to their bosses and then lo and behold when the final report came out the report concluded exactly the opposite of what they saw on the ground in fact they found out that the report was written by a group in wiki leaks says in country x. they surmised to be turkey because we know that a group was sent to turkey so the report was written by people who did not go to the country and it contradicted the experts they sent in to duma to do the on the ground investigation so it's remarkable it's just everything flip flopped upside down a bit so i would say all of the things that they change and they're all very significant
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the key issue here is the ballistics is the. canisters that the final report said most likely were dropped from the syrian military they contain the chlorine gas that killed all these people this is key to the western narrative the huge u.s. u.k. france narrative because if those canisters were not dropped from air force planes by assad then assad did not do the gas attack because the area was controlled by rebels there was no other way for the attack to come off so the huge gaping hole in this key component of the whole narrative is absolutely critical now these canisters fell they fell through rebar steel reinforced roofs landed on a bed and were undamaged those of us at the time said this looks pretty fishy now this expert in henderson who's been doing this for decades says it's just
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impossible it's very it's extremely unlikely that could even carry chlorine gas it's interesting sure and you mentioned the newsweek reporter. actually you know he resigned over the story because in his words he and one hand i could continue to be employed by the company stay in their sheik london offices and earn a study salary only applied here to what could or could not be reported and suppressed vital facts alternatively i could leave the company and tell the truth then why are we why are so many news organizations ignoring or even censoring the controversy that's going on inside the o.p.c. w. why are we seeing this reported wall to wall at this point. because unfortunately u.s. is i mean sounds maybe crazy to some of us the u.s. has become the u.s.s.r. in a way all of the media organizations are in bed with government battling cat who newsweek
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cited this is eliot higgins and his group who sit on the couch looking at videos and think that they're more experts and. lucky and anderson these groups are funded by the u.s. government telling cats own website that shows that he's funded by the national endowment for democracy which is a 100 percent u.s. government funded entity so essentially this is like the popular front of the thirty's all of these seemingly independent n.g.o.s and organizations are all being funded by the u.s. government including the o.p.c. itself so when as jonathan steele reported some u.s. government officials go over to the o.p.c. and call the team in and say hey listen guys this is what your conclusion is going to be you better see the writing on the wall you're going to be out of a job and worse course henderson himself found this out because by blowing the whistle he's now out of a job and he was kicked out of the building escorted out of the building here's a guy who has a long record a long distinguished record so this is what happens if you defy the narrative and
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it's sad too because you know if all of this proves out to be true and all of this sums up being corroborated what wiki leaks has put out it's sad because remember we have to remember that the o.p.c. w was originally created after world war one world war 2 in order to prevent in order to be the neutral body to keep chemical weapons from being used in combat or in war zones situations so it's truly sad but now you know there's evidence proves out that they're being politically middle aged or maneuvered or or at the very least just saying well we don't want to you know we don't want to. get one side angry at us so let's just kind of make the lightest story we can put the lighter story we can out there i want to ask you why in all of this craziness i think the it gets lost why is the united states so focused on syria what is it about that country that has the pentagon and u.s. officials so hell bent on getting regime change to take place there. you have to think about the permanent state called the deep state whatever you want you can
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call it the the interagency as we heard in the impeachment hearings this is the present government who depend who decides on foreign policy we're godless of who is elected president and once again i say the us really doesn't have an elected government that changes it has a permanent government that pursues the same sort of us hyper hyper empire across the globe so the reason the us is determined well there are several factors the us is determined to overthrow assad it's another secular regime secular government in the middle east the us seems to have a penchant for blowing up secular governments and replacing them with extremist governments. and also is a thorn in the side of israel and saudi arabia the us is too client states or maybe it's fights 1st or who knows in the middle east and it seems to do the bidding of these 2 countries and the representatives of those 2 countries they spend certainly
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the saudis spend a ton of money lobbying washington in the israelis have a very sophisticated influence campaign going in washington and there are many jurors that play got there most certainly do and i don't think you've started because we're running out of time but they certainly do and there are those factors at play there and i can't thank you enough it's always a pleasure having you on to to eliminate our audience with your wisdom and your knowledge on these foreign policy issues thank you so much sir for coming up thank you for having me. as we go to break cork watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we cover our social media and be sure to check out watching the hawks the podcast which is now available on spotify apple music and everywhere you listen to your favorite or favorite. coming up we have an update on the ocean cleanups effort to tame and destroy the great pacific garbage patch and our correspondent there and bronze actually has a light on some capitol hill hypocrisy state to watch as the whole.
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pretty good. now you want to 1st correct that. you know. the cat. getting ready for the global show the central bank that being the i.m.f. in this case versus bitcoin big ben you argentina that's why we're.
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the democratic party establishment in congress has been having a pretty up and down roller coaster ride of the few weeks or watchers i mean not only were they able to finally bring impeachment articles against the brand name and cheap u.s. president donald trump but they were also able to help donald trump create a new trade deal with mexico and canada a new now if you were wait wait they help donald trump do this is not like taking over one of your opponent's countries in risk but then turning around and giving them like 10 armies for free. are 2 americas fair and bronze act lays it all out for you. it was a sad sad day in american history this week but don't take my word for it takes speaker of the house nancy pelosi. on the solemn day and i recall that the 1st
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order of business for members of congress is the solemn. to take an oath to protect the constitution hold back those tears nancy i know this is really really hard on you so here let's have a jury now make the announcement the house committee on the judiciary to articles of impeachment yes you finally got him jerry jerry jerry you better work at this since 2016 finally we do not take this action lightly we have taken to defend the constitution you know what though like clockwork president donald trump had something up asleep like securing his 1st major trade deal with mexico and china oh i bet this made nancy even more sad. this is the day we've all been working too and working for on the path to yes there's no question of course that this. is much better than nafta how do you go from
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a solemn day. you do realize you're still trying to impeach this guy right it's a huge deal and it plays down the impeachment because they're embarrassed by the impeachment and our poll numbers have gone through the roof because of very stupid . yeah the polls aren't looking good democrats you know a lot of people say you're not really working hard more hardly working but you know one percent reason i am going to trust you guys congress can walk and chew gum at the same time you have to walk and chew gum at the same time the democrats can walk and chew gum and walk and chew gum at the same time we've showing that congress can walk and chew gum at the same time thank god the democratic majority can walk and chew gum time i can walk and chew gum at the same time really do believe that we can walk and chew gum at the same time i always said that we could walk and chew gum at the same time it's important thing we can do to show them that we can walk and chew gum we have to walk and chew gum at the same time it is incredibly unusual
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for members of congress to be able to do the. ok. how big of a wad is that gun that you're chewing because it's messing up your steps i mean come on democrats you've got a budget you have to pass i mean that's a big one and you've already pushed it off a month you've also got border wall spending voting rights what's the problem. so what senate majority leader mitch mcconnell mitch please ok so congress has passed a lot of bills but they're sitting on mitch mcconnell's dusk i mean where does the little ones like for the people act bipartisan gun background checks paycheck fairness act climate action now act. equality act you know those little ones that don't really appeal to your base during election season but you know what if i don't work i don't get paid and all the rest you democrats slacking off the same should go for you know to take a lesson from when your constituents who do you agree that if true giuliani scheme
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is alarming. i think anything like that would be very concerned there was a woman who was working hard on the campaign trail canceled her tour and went straight back to work kamali harris that little girl with you. and washington aaron brown back. all the way back in june 2015 we're watching the hawks interviewed a young dutch teenager by the name of boylan slop who dreamed of one day designing and engineering a technology that could be used to clean up one of the biggest stage human beings have ever put on this planet earth the massive pacific garbage patch see this young man's dreams eventually became the ocean cleanup project and last year less than 4 years after his interview with us his dreams well my friends they became
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a reality and now that reality of showing results is boyens and bishop's project recently completed its 1st tour of duty at the garbage patch bringing back 61 cubic meter sized bags wow full of plastic trash everything from fishing that to plastic bags all the way down to one millimeter micro plastics recently i talked with a super director of the ocean cleanup hank von bannon about this historic moment take a listen. well that was a very awarding i must say we have of course been out on the the ocean for 5 months and really seeing all the plastic 60 cubic meter bags of plastic coming in coming to shore and then being able to see it for us and myself that i was a great moment for us what water i'm very curious to is what were some of the biggest and unexpected hurdles that you faced in getting your technology on this mission off the ground and working properly out there i mean like you said you're
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out there for 5 months we actually covered the launch of the clean up last fall what were some of the unexpected hurdles that you faced. well look at the ocean cleanup work trying to achieve of course it's quite of a massive scale so we're doing something that's never been done before and that. we really have to start from scratch in order to achieve that as well so leading up to system one b. we had quite some unknowns we had a 1st system out that was wilson it performed quite well but it didn't take all the boxes we wanted to so in the preparation leading up to one b. really had a focus to make the system be able to get out of there quickly 1st of all so we were challenged by a rather short timeline leading up to our deployment so in free and a half months we've been from engineering the system to deploying it that by itself or that was quite a challenge but with great help from the team we managed to achieve that and once we're out there the approach was to have the system in
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a modular configuration that meant we could really learn to understand if you know can we go fast enough out there so by adding extra buoyancy models in front of the system we could propel it faster forward or if that wouldn't work then we could turn around and put a parachute in the water and underwater parachute which would help us slow down and getting out there and working with the system and the challenging environment that the ocean is yet i would that was that was an interesting job to do to say the least but the learnings we got from that were very good and it gives us enough confidence to to move on to the next system and that's what is going to ask you next what is the next system that you guys are planning to bring out there and implement because it's wonderfully fantastic listening to you know the engineering and the ingenuity that you guys are displaying just for this one purpose what is the next system. so now with mission one concluded we're really moving forward to the next system surprise nicole system number 2 as i mentioned. the aim
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of the system is really to go full scale in technology so it's size up the equipment and also make it fully operational so our engineering team is currently looking at 2 main engineering parameters which we still need to solve the 1st being that we wanted to be. year bound operations so long. right ability so having it also out there in the harsher winter months but also multiple years after each other and the 2nd topic we're addressing is a sustained plastic with age that means we want to capture the plastic but also hold it in the system longer and that will allow us to optimize a model to extract it and hopefully reduce the costs and the environmental impact of our operations and now those $2.00 topics still need to be resolved so the engineering team now looking at it is translating all the learnings from mission one into that into update designs which can tackle those 2 parameters now for us over the next months we're going to call and said design some few topics which going to dress this but then we need to go into a phase where we also do some test runs and that means that that test runs will
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really give us new information but also ensure that we do it with the correct quality and then we get the performance out there which we want so once we've achieved that we're going to look at that design of system number 2 and then i can also be able to in a better position to tell you more what the exact dimensions of the system will be but also the timing when we going to deploy it. it's interesting too because ocean cleanup is planned from and start to create you know where you there's a value chain with the debris in plastic that you collect i'm just curious hop how does this value chain how is that going to work you know where does this plastic go and what are you going to get back from it. so the last thing we call it the 68 cubic meter bags we now landed in vancouver the 1st thing we're going to do with them is we're going to sort and clean them and i will give us insights to the exact quantity and also the quality of the plastic now we have already engaged with like minded recycling part as that will help us make trash into something of value and
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that value can also help support the funding of our future missions so i mean look at the materials they're going to be shipped to these recycling plans they will help us. transfer that into granular of which we can make durable products for future use so i think the exciting part here is that we're actually. taking something which is trash far out in the ocean and turning it's of something valuable and that valuable asset can be purchased by someone which i guess for themselves is also something nice that they can show their support to our mission but also be part of the solution soldiering the problem it's out there and the funds generated from that go back into the ocean cleanup so we can continue operations offshore i know that it's i know that the pacific garbage patch is truly massive but one in looking at how everything's working and getting this 1st step back and then looking at phase 2 and what the next projects are you know do you have a timeframe at all that even just speculation of saying you know maybe we can actually
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put a dent in this maybe we can get it cleaned up by you know 5 years 10 years from now it is there any time frames. for the ocean cleanup our aim is to have the great pacific garbage beds but actually all oceans cleaned by 2040 so that i guess is our long shot so we have to work towards that system number 2 is going to be a stepping stone for us to get closer to a full fleet of systems out there and it's difficult to put an exact time frame on that say the initiation of the full fleet because we still have some technology development stages to go through but the ambition to have all the oceans clean by 2040 that definitely remains and that is our target well that's an incredibly great target and i can't thank you guys enough for all the hard work that you're doing out there and the world thinks you are you know great great and ingenuity great engineering and great minds thank you so much when they learn the director precipitous ocean of the ocean cleanup project truly a pleasure having you on as always sir. very kind thank you very much for having me
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. great work that they're doing all right well my friends this old earth the bars still holds many secrets to uncover and one of them is just what exactly is under the ice of antarctica you see on the surface antarctica is a white flag. that future lists you know kind of as big as you see there but take a journey down under the ice pack and you've got yourself a rocky terrain of cracks pox and crevices that would make teenage acme truly jealous we know this thanks to bed machine antarctica a new map created by nasa that uses ice movement measurements seismic measurements radar and other data points to create a true picture of an ice lists and article as you see there and this this new map reveals some of the deepest hidden lands on earth today it is truly incredible and they're doing all this so they can better understand how water is going to flow
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as an article from climate change so as cool as it is the sea those mountains can we please please start doing something about climate change because i'd rather have it be snowy and icy at the end of the day than perishing from antarctica flooding the earth about his her so polluted to everybody remember in this world we are not told that we are loved enough so i tell you all i love you i am tyros been watching all those hawks out there in every great day and everybody. in the troubled 19 seventies a group of killers rampage through parts of northern ireland that was coordinated loyalist attacks protect the population of tens of thousands for forced to flee
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their homes. these attacks was a p.r. you see the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of preventing it they were active participants in the burning of full streets in belfast at the time more than a 100 innocent civilians were. as the review can seniors and we found out more i was surprised about the extent to which the pollution was involved in some of those cases the killers would later be named. i think it went to the very very top i think it the. the water where all the taste you know on the go ahead.
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i had a spiritual experience. and i had the little girl that died in the fire cynthia collins. said what if their son or looking for a kid reaching. off 54 years old age but 21 years old good role model. for a crime i didn't commit. my own stupidity was innocent doesn't read the list but nobody would listen. you know your. trial was pretty much a farce. we already had them guilty before that will. tell you nobody.
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caught. coffee not people you want all. 3 of treme hasn't forgiven themselves for something. i knew she was in there and i knew exactly what i was doing. people live. and sometimes there's no explanation. for.
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that little bit yes. this hour's headlines story r.t.t. speaks to a law professor fighting for the release of a guantanamo bay he was subjected to shocking torture at the. border. why did you post the chartist with. your. i. saw you since gal their 1st strike action across from.


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