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tv   News  RT  December 17, 2019 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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coming up this hour r.t. speaks to a law professor fighting for the release of a guantanamo bay inmate who was subjected to shocking torture at the hands of the cia. or. charged. also to thousands gathered for strike action across france as mass protests against pension reform plans and for a 3rd week violence has gripped the french capital 2 with police using tear gas
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against demonstrators will bring up to speed on. u.s. family entertainment channels caught in the crossfire offered apologizes for dropping an l g b t themed commercial we bring you reaction. this is just a handful but sought to include women who love each other and christmas is all about love and coming together i'm going to talk to my children about sexual orientation i'd like to have that conversation with them one on one i don't really want to come in the form of a christmas cover herschel. so plenty to talk about their high live from moscow and out international's world news center this choose the night 17th of december welcome to it kevin though in this half hour update stay with me to 1st story the abuse of prisoners in secret cia run prisons has been thrown into sharp relief following the release of
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a report called how america torches it contains a series of chilling sketches produce. by abu zubaida is an inmate at guantanamo bay depicting the enhanced interrogation techniques he was subjected to between 2002 and 5 he was captured from a jihadi safe house in pakistan in 2002 and sent to his so-called cia black sites in thailand where the torture took place he was then transferred to guantanamo bay where he is still being held without charge and was the 1st person to be subjected to the brutal interrogation program which was approved by the administration of george w. bush and indeed as since been acknowledged by the cia 1st off is a quick overview of the bathers story.
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as soon as they locked me up inside the box i tried my best to sit up but in vain for the box was too short i tried to take a curled position but to no avail for it was too tight the very strong pain made the screen unconsciously. they kept pouring water and concentrating on my nose and my mouth until i really felt i was drowning and my chest was just about to explode from the lack of oxygen . the.
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long hours went by while i was standing in that position my hands were tight to the upper bars. it felt like an eternity to the point that i found myself falling asleep despite the water being thrown at me by the guard. well as lawyer who was the driving force behind the told to report told us why his client shouldn't be kept in detention any longer. and i think. why yes to be charged. or released. or. get laid and it was never or never. did not seem to the united states boroughs that transparency issue with.
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the fact is there were groups who are 'd arguing for 17 straight days and they wrote it in one of the other of. accountability is that 'd good i would love many people who are war but it turns out the a murderer model right now 'd is 'd to look forward not backwards or the problem we 'd have right now is look if they don't work right words the people who are still there are going to remain still i believe there are many who feel terrible. about what they. 'd are and. it was the. next story across here tonight mass mobilization against planned pension changes has been taking shape across france choose day 350 1000 5 people gathered in paris alone say local trade unions and what started out as mostly peaceful demonstrations quickly descended to
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violence shall i do by the ski reports from the thick of it. screaming joining us here in paris after what i'm being some still clashes between the police come to the protesters as you can see it's own roundest was this note she was only going oh i started saying i can use to plastic or not if you will which kind of apparently meant. that you. just to get through that gas as it is so nasty that gas the police have been warned is dangerous silly news here in france right as you can see everybody's trying to come back up to plus the
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international to get away from the tear gas following the skirmishes between the police and the protest as a protest that's been going on our strike for what's in his 3rd week a strike that was sparked by the protests reforms that the government has announced one that is showing the general malaise here in france it's not just about pensions this is about so much more the health system says it's creaking teachers are unhappy even at times the police have been not processing. the reforms over macaroons government we've been speaking to one health worker who's been telling us that this is them is so close to collapse this actually about to fail patients and it could be risking their lives. in particular we as health care professionals want to be able to continue to do the way we were taught and the way we want to without any discrimination about interests which has become systemic we
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don't have the equipment but it's not that we are understaffed but it's not. my work in hospital one of our patients died almost a year ago simply because we don't have enough stuff to take care of everyone that was a year ago but nothing has changed since then you can see the police start forming a line just down the street that we were in just a few moments ago the street where all that tear gas was being fired pushes out of it you can see they've formed a huge line there the police with white helmets on and in fact they look like they've cordoned off most of the streets around where we know that sounds like stun grenades go. an offer of than tear gas there. but what was very calm protest just within a few minutes is descended into. just a difficult place to be what we notice is in the last half an hour now some of
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those what they call the the castle is the stocks the break is the police said the ultra. left but they're also sometimes known as the black blocks they have actually been systematically hitting points up the street so we saw a post office being attacked many of the bus shelters being attacked as well as just general restaurants in fact at one point when they were breaking some of the gloss on the advertising boards some of those guys came up and tried to harass my cameraman because they thought he was filming them he wasn't but they were incredibly aggressive and that's because they are very sensitive about being filmed when they're carrying out any of their destruction work we saw that continuing for about half an hour and it's only now as we've got to class still enough so that the police have responded with that here gas and then cordoned this area to try and keep all of the protesters in the government says it won't do a u.
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turn own changes to the pension system people say that they remain on strike but for the moment this strike has turned nasty once again in paris charlotte even ski r.t. paris. well staying with this story the troubles in france are for sousa reflect injuries against protesters there's no come to light the french authorities were warned of the dangers of using tear gas grenades against demonstrators as far back as january last year. the company that makes the military grade devices wrote to the french interior ministry about the safety risks of its grenades being used by police. the blast a fact of the devices produced by an expose of substance are likely to maim or mortally injure an individual well those within 10 sound effects can cause irreversible hearing damage the resumption of production is impossible without completely review in the production process let me bring you more detail in a letter to the french investigative news website media part the manufacturer warns
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of the defects in the grenades were identified but not resolved france is the only european country where riot police use the weapon indeed that despite the warnings they still use then and have on occasion they know to simply explode when being handled the gas grenade caused serious injuries among yellow vest protests as we've talked over the past where weeks and months 5 of whom lost hands then there was the story of an elderly woman who died after she was hit by one of these things in a demo i must say last year dozens more protesters say they've been left wounded by the weapons to. the national assembly and people were trying to force their way in the police arrived and threw grenades one hit the guy's leg who tried to push it away with his hands as a reflex reaction. was. good i was.
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shocked. and again i don't want anyone but me mother says she had to tell it and we went to kiss india for justice . i will try to fight against the use of ji ally for grenades which are totally from my point of view weapons of war and against rubber bullet guns. french ernest emirate morville told us he thinks the government's using this kind of grenade as a deterrent but you also mustn't forget the use of the trash small rubber bullets during these the sort of which have led to several people losing a knife more than 20. 4 you remember we must see that there is no political will to stop this madness and in my opinion it is very cynical to do it
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on purpose they want to dissuade people from the most rating and from showing their anger and during this yellow vests protest they preventively for instance arresting people because they were carrying swimming glasses in order to protect their their eyes from tear gas it is a way of through bitching the most ration wide preventing it from being massive. certainly different next american magazine newsweek is in the spotlight after a former reporter claimed he quit when editors threw out his story on a chemical attack investigation in syria now the row was gone public between newsweek and a guy called terry dad this rose intensified we heard from the journalist 1st offer is version of events as i kept pushing to try and do the story because i feel like it's of extreme you know public interest the attacks on me and it is what kind of
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nit picking on on certain things i was doing in my articles but it was purely on just to be able to attack me in an e-mail so after i kept pushing kept pushing a century was told a couple alarms about why they wouldn't run the o.p.c. w. story and it was a long list of things that i've done personally wrong and i was very unhappy about this because you know i've never experienced like this something like this in my in my german career. well terry to writer and freelance journalist to join news we can say this year just 2 months later he quit after pitching a story about the global chemical watchdogs handling of its report into the alleged chemical attack in syria's duma the outlet rejected apparently and her dad now fears a legal battle over his publishing of an exchange of corporate e-mails after whistleblowers claim facts have been misrepresented by the o.p.c. w. we talked about this at length yesterday on the alleged chemical report terry pitched the idea to his editors to write about the watchdogs leaked e-mails that
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are a binder of the conclusions of the report that led to the united states france and the u.k. conducting air strikes against syrian military targets so we could get believes his case shows the failings of the mainstream media over this. let's look at the evidence that we have available to us at the moment there are scientists from a nonpolitical body of the united nations. that say that their report their findings from a chemical weapon site were not representative in the in the final report that was released to the world to me this is you know doesn't really need explaining why this is a newsworthy story is that these organizations have taken a long time for us to get here in terms of a historical point of view when we shouldn't be weaponized in them to kind of create the public opinion needed to go to war of the moment there are very few well mainstream western journalists that are reporting on this so i would say this complete failure of the media. you know our job as journalists are to hold
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governments to account and if governments are going to war on false premises then. we have good evidence to suggest that now and no one is reporting it then we're not doing our job as journalists. well as for the magazine itself newsweek has given this statement saying had pitched a conspiracy theory that they simply couldn't run because it goes against objective reporting the post if we had more 16 pounds the still to come thanks for watching tonight by the way washington is playing hardball exceptions against north korea at the u.n. and his dog seems not to be fighting again neither side seems willing to compromise again will try to work out where that's going over the break. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to be that's.
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actually going to be for us this is what it looks like 3 of them will be good. i'm interested always in the water. should. seem wrong. but i. just don't. get to see how this day that's ok and it. equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. she still looks for common ground.
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by getting caught between a rock and a hard place next america's family friendly hallmarked t.v. channels apologized for pulling a commercial featuring a same sex couple and his promise to create a more inclusive content in future the company division which operates the network says it's been a tough call though all round the crown media team has been agonizing over this decision as we've seen the hurt is has unintentionally caused our mission is rooted in helping all people connect summer break traditions and be inspired to capture meaningful moments in their lives we are truly sorry for the hurt and disappointment this has caused the apology comes after channel pulled an ad for a wedding planning website featured a gay couple getting married sparking complaints buel thinks all the could have made planning your perfect wedding easier we did. reach out to 1000000 couples to
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registry invitations and get started for free it's only dot com well there are that spurred a petition by the christian conservative group 1000000 moms it called on whole mark to not show any pro l g b t content on which i want it went against the values of its target audience however the removal cause a backlash on social media too and channel executives then changed their minds and reversed it earlier spoke to media commentator gina loudon and human rights activist peter tatchell about the rather. this was just a handful but sought to include women who love each other and that is a fact of life and christmas is all about love and coming together you know i can understand what the fuss is about you know if i saw a card or a verse or anything with a man or woman kissing i think beautiful wonderful i love it they were viewers they were watching it they were thinking hey you know if i'm going to talk to my children about sexual orientation i'd like to have that conversation with them one
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on one i don't really want to come in the form of a christmas commercial and that to some people is understandable i mean doesn't mean that they were necessarily bigoted or that this was in any way anti-gay it might just be that they wanted to be the ones to have that conversation with their 5 year old is there any reason why a channel which describes itself as family friendly and it shows 1st 2 shows this time of year it once in children from is together on the t.v. popcorn watch is there a reason to describe themselves as that they should take a bit more care not to offend people that may be offended most young kids get it when they see 2 people in love young kids don't think you know man woman boy girl that they think of love and these were about love not about 6 about love and i would have thought in a modern mature democracy we were better to celebrate love in its many forms is this the time of year where we want to be making political statements during you
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know what is a the holiday season where we sitting around the fire with our families you know having having a good time and maybe not thinking so much about l g b t or even abortion or other things that might be more of a political statement almost apologise for pulling the did they need to apologize i think they did yes because it's quite offensive to say that you know an image of 2 women in love is somehow a. not fit and proper for a broadcast channel in this day and age. by putting the ad that was a deep insult an effective rejection of the many same sex couples who do love each other and love each other just as much as any husband or wife you get pushback that is from a political action group be it conservative or liberal what you're really getting is a falsely inflated political pushback from people that aren't necessarily your viewers
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when you hear the pushback initially from the viewer saying you know hey we're we're moms we're watching your network and we don't want this on there my guess is that the majority of that was probably organic. exactly 22 minutes past the next to the u.s. has rejected a proposal by russia china to ease international sanctions on north korea in exchange for a commitment from pyongyang to take steps towards did nuclearization the suggestion was put forward in a draft u.n. security council resolution on monday in addition to allowing the d.p. r. k. to export certain products it also goes on to suggest that into korean road and rail projects be exempted from the u.n. sanctions it also calls for a band to be lifted on the employment of north koreans abroad it's not know if or when this draft resolution may be put to a vote to be adopted it would need the support of at least 9 u.n. security council members in the absence of any vetoes but those but so washington
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says sanctions relief would be premature at this stage anyway pyongyang is ramped up its missile testing of course of late specially this month ahead of the year end deadline it's given the u.s. to make concessions in this stalled nuclear talks and america's insisted its own willing so far at least to compromise. the united states and the security council have a goal not a deadline we want to use this time we briefing to make crystal clear to the d.p. r. k. the. it's continued ballistic missile testing is deeply counterproductive to the shared objectives that the president trump in chairman camp had discussed on 2 occasions political analyst chris bambery told us both north korea and the u.s. have to meet each other halfway in order to try to break this current impasse in talks i think the relations of rooty can or don't turn on the north korean side we've had these missile tests were also having attacks on truong by the north koreans on the american side we have an insistence that all sanctions must remain
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in place until complete demilitarized militarization and that sets up a situation of stalemate it takes 2 to tango and i think in this situation really one has that one of these countries has to make some concessions to try to get the talks back on track some humanitarian guest gesture by the united states might help break this situation but at the moment what we're getting is a hard line message that really no compromises an offer from the united states. well that's the way things are looking so far tonight from russia so much more on our social media i'm kevin i'll be back with more in just over half an hour from the newsroom international news sentiment coming up. of a man who spent 21 years on death row in the u.s. escaping no less than 13 execution date only the end to be released after it was found evidence against him was false what a tale it's all ahead in about 2 minutes from now.
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and we're going to fulfill that promise is possible to the people. you know we've all pots it was. pretty. pretty clear. if you want to. know
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5. coming up. in the troubled 19 seventy's a group of killers rampage 3 parts of northern ireland that was coordinated loyalists attacks particularly on the population tens of thousands forced to flee their homes a mobile strike can put these attacks was a p.r. you see the police actually took part in the at. so instead of presenting they were active participants in the burning of coal streets in belfast at the take more than a 100 innocent civilians were unloaded as the review can seniors and we found out more i was surprised about the extent and of secrets which the solution was involved in some of those cases that killers would later be named into then and we get i think it went to the very very top i think it
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is. the water where politicians you thought was going on and give the go ahead. is you'll be via reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. direct. what is true what is faith. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or
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a maybe in the shallows. a spiritual experience. i have the little girl that died in the fire cynthia collins. she had come to me to give him a massive messenger for your man. why i really didn't. know. details of why she was forgiving him to. be about the glad game reaches do sell on death row took place in the town of columbus grove for heigho. 960 year old celtic collinson burnt to down from bass house.
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kenny aged just $21.00 just charged with her murder and sound guilty. after 21 years in prison she was meant to be destined for the lighter chair. is a mighty barren those that. were looking for a kenny reaching me found a. denny's that here i. very rarely kimberly were found just. as you know with 10 i don't.
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know if. off. the been told you're livin and sam but i. still can't believe just how long all you've stayed here already. a few weeks few weeks. just because you have no other place to you to stay no other place to go. or of our friends rather it's. you have money to rent. a wish but then it wouldn't be here when i was reading about your story i came across the fact that i have by the time it's 20072008 when you start your lease you have so much worldwide that sounds so many famous people spoke out in your favor it seemed like very much to get a 2nd chance to get a fresh start.


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