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leg. length. i had a spare charts parents. and i had the little girl that died in the fire cynthia collins. and she had come to me to give him a message messenger forgiveness while i really didn't. know.
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details of why she was forgiving him to. be about the glad game reaches a different cell on death row took place in the town of columbus grove for. 960 year old cynthia collins spurn 2 down from bass house. gagne aged just $21.00 just charged with her murder and sound guilty. after 21 years in prison she was meant to be destined for the electric chair. from.
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the same ip verify those that. were looking for it kenny ricci may have done to. get a nice day here i. buried him billy was found just. as you know one turned out on. the 5th. we've been told you're livin in sand but i. still can't believe this knowing how you stand here already. few weeks few weeks. just because you have no other place to you just ain't no other place to go. or of our friends relatives think.
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you have money to pay rent not. published but it wouldn't be here when i was written about your story i came across the fact that by the time 20072008 when you were about to lease you have so much world wide that sound so many famous people spoke out in your favor it just seemed like very much to get a 2nd chance to get a fresh start. something want to rock the ring went wrong. my name is kenneth ritchie. 54 years old it's been $21.00 and a half years on death row on ohio. for a crime i didn't commit. the crime of arson. i would 2 year old trial. again after the riccio was tried in
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ohio for aggravated murder committed in the course of a salary. evidence showing that respondent said fire and they're part enough he's neither at home collins in an attempt to kill his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend who are spending the night together in the apartment below the intended victims to skate unarmed but how cold this is to year old daughter cynthia died in the fire. nobody going wolf on village apartments in columbus grove. where the fire started. and where my life ended. i haven't been to this place. in. july in 1907 as a 1st time back the. long haul feel about the city and i guess.
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they are old farm village apartment. and go. and i saw one of his own fly a. village apartment put in much. an apartment and there's little income and. no money could pick it up and stuff the. complex up bodies. to drink and get in the. nursery. see the balcony. now how is anybody going to climb up that with a broken hand and attached. carry into containers and gasoline and pants and and drunk oh their minds it's impossible can be done.
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on july 29th 1986 there was a party at the old farm village apartment complex at the time kenny was suffering from depression and drinking a lot that night was no exception. and no 2 o'clock noon and carried on an alley hours in the morning the mother's from c.n.n. center she was off. yet. a couple of a couple ads stopped my friends are. they were them. yeah. maybe so. she came downstairs an issue was past and me. and what she could have told me. and shook my head. at the trial collins claim that ricci had agreed to babysit her
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daughter while she was away. allegedly in exchange for letting him crash on her sofa that night however neighbors saw him fall into the bushes and passing out soon afterwards. passed over there where no one. in the bushes. and when he woke up. i went to my farm in. the local the mark on. my part much in the back. and then you went over here just to see was going on. ok i'm from the other side. how big was the fire. and. you could see a lot of smoke and flames. next thing. the body is and.
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all and pretty straight to see a lone girl like. every other holy i don't know what dreams about what happened about seeing fear i mean where you sleep some bad dreams. no. no it's not about that. we better get going. bro. how you doing. so you're at the house. what's the address.
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price. just a bloody hard to. steal that is if you want. one so i just know. 2002 years 8 years my name is steven ritchie and i'm cammies youngest brother how did we get along. good i mean. when we were younger i looked up to him. and as you know it's. 1213 you know i looked up to i mean really. you know for 21 years and. one really has much of a relationship is in prison so it's like you know our relationship was a phone call us and that was a. calling concern about richie calling on his condition trial was pretty much a farce. they are having gilding for that trial started
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a murder trial and it takes 3 judges 45 minutes to. declare some guy's guilty. you know the death penalty. the ohio cord was told that kenny too could vanish of the sack at the neighbor an apartment had been left with only the. 2 year old victim inside it was alleged that his intention was for the fire to spread to the lower floor where he's ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend were sleeping the geese relied on that just a moment as if people attending the party who stated under oath that ricci was drunk and that's threatening to burn down the building. there was to be people that said threaten to burn the building in some way.
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going to. see me 3 different variations of it. you know i was garbage to the people who tracked statements people lie. and sometimes there's no explanation no lie and almost cost me my life so far as some of the evidence goes the goes back let's go back to the fire marshall. marshall stated that kenny had poured gasoline on his the on the porch also. and it was traced in the guest room on the floor. you please be seated. almost 20 years later gaining his lores would prove that the investigation had been flawed resulting in the wrong conclusions. there was a brand new porsche that was built. when the fire marshal stated that he didn't
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take chippings aisle of the charred poor chip wood chips for me brand new built. dead. but he stated they were charred while crime lab screwed up and didn't do it. tested properly. or didn't read them properly and that was. we had the best experts in the world take a look at it and said no this is not the guy. and also i wouldn't you want to present them and the judge just took it as true as well you see if you actually q just one innocent person that was. reason enough my abby death penalty then they just don't. know either kill you.
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fool all of the mess. oh i'm proud of stephen better put out. steven has done great for themself in a beautiful from way nice out of. jail. since you have a brother living around where you can go to use a place to stay for a while until you get to. he's never all for gentle. and i'm too proud. all these years were stolen from you. trying to make. it just social life together
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outside. back every time. you. just want things go good. the world pulled out from under. the bloody life. of dishonest filmmaker jenny had no regular job or any kind of stable income.
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what politicians do emotions and then. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express injury. or somehow want. it to be like the beatrice it's like the full story of the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters and that. there should be. my name is on all ramsey prose the morning on here and from this is called sanctuary for years all right it offers. housing and restoration for at risk and homeless veterans they always have that. how you would be nice to be an imprisoned do you have a film that i thought you know most pollution little once you get the stigma attached to you so that you know you've done it you know how much of
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a life left i meant to mr rich the. life you know and the october. 2006 so roughly a year ago gave him a place to stay at least a roof or recite it and even exchange he would do menial tasks around the house through the days did he appreciate what i've done for. to be honest i'd have to say no he's still family you know. in a longer period mean to $250.00 a week said in the form that i was paying no rent. no utilities but i wasn't getting i wasn't getting any money. through mail the problem you know told me to leave communication or arnold be skinny a place to live on condition that he get his act together and find a job to secure a steady income but that never happened in his case. drank extensively.
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and he. was subject to drug use normally in drug use but a lot of the also come along with prostitution. and that's just not the way to renovate your life and get back on a positive path he had an opportunity to redeem his life he had an opportunity to raise. years of imprisonment and even take full advantage of the opportunity i think to me hasn't forgiven himself for something he's been innocent man make it right because it's eating you alive you're just not happy with yourself. when it took me to most elm put me in the. door slam it into. death row inmates or. i recognized by the red stripe and it goes down the side of the pants son of the template. indicate sure.
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that you're in there for execution and every time you walk in the corridors with the president there's a dead man walking dead man walking. again he never admitted guilt and launched repeated appeals to have his case review his death sentence was postponed with each new submission but if one was refused any new date in time for the execution was scheduled over his 21 years in prison he was stalled on 13 different occasions the exact date and time when he would die as depression. brings you don't you know. he. does from time to mentally. but i bring every detail another or another piece of me died i know that on one day 34 are there. on drugs or not if you don't mind
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my life is full of bad memories. now more needs to be kept. don't need to remember don't want to remember them. it's easy. to do in here. as if he'd do the most with the all to do charity. leading you to. that mine is very good did you. think it was so emotional because you know she loves me because so far away. she lost me she lost me all those years ago and i always knew that he was innocent i've read the truth but nobody but this. would prove that i'm wrong.
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i've been down this road with him forever in almost 60 years. and i had to get to. because it was. in the early 2000. and cold 3 been sentenced to death and the states began to attract media attention on both sides of the pond. having reported or they contacted me wanting to talk to me and stuff and being me the tangle of court. judges. trying to prosecute. you know i was innocent when the article came out and just went from there like you know. newspaper. phone tag to me and then people start writing me. due to. the proclaimers.
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orders for a whole chunk all over you. while. you go and read i go. on a stand on national came up. publicly stated. my case with one of the most compelling case is a bit of power and there since the human human rights champion. were seen. in 2000 someone get his lawyers came to an agreement with the prosecutors. the arson and murder charges swear a plea bargain down to child endangerment. this was enough to secure rich's release considering the amount of time he told what he spends in prison. only one person in the courthouse still believed him can his guilt bellary binkley. the victims. i have. here. tonight i'm going to face get through it but i want to know you won't
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nobody. people you will. know i never found a tiny confused he loves kids. who are those children really he wouldn't. be you know the idea why so many neighbors and other people who live. here in the testimonies to give him a probably pissed off somewhere. can you start asking me that the age old question about going to help. oh is there talk about am i going to go to hell for what happened cynthia call ins. and i would tell him again for the millionth viewer to drop charring member what happened any
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didn't know the baby was there and i really believed that and he turned around. and in the most evil voice i had ever heard come out of his mouth with out an accent. he goes. i knew she was there and i knew exactly what i was doing. my name is karen i am rich and i am the ex-wife. of kenneth rich karen married gainey do you think i was in a lot of it 3 years after it was finally released from prison. i had no idea what i was getting into i had no clue because i truly believed in his story about being incarcerated for 21 and a half years for a crime he didn't commit. and i thought ok i'll play into your ego because i really
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wanted to know how the fire started and i thought how can i how can i ask this question how can i get this information from him without him. lying to me i said because you are just so incredibly smart you out smart he goes because they're a bunch of dumb asses like ok. because it was easy because you take a lit cigarette it will come back to it in the book. behind the couch and that i walk down the street 30 minutes later a place goes up in smoke and they can't connect me to the crime. i didn't expect that. i was just absolute shock. i am married to satan. himself. she's a lawyer just to give money. something like. 3 years to
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come forward with. us just. trying to make money. she told me. problem of cold cold cold didn't coach with me. because i'm into it there are other spirits that decided to intervene and one was his father. and his father came to me in the middle of the night open my eyes same the same time and night. i see this figure in the doorway. shadow walk through the door around the bed. and right next to me again
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and. he said we need your help. i need tokay that he's been forgiven. and. paces we need your help to save his soul. the next night. i go to bed and i heard these footsteps. on the carpet running to the side of the bed. and of course i wake up and i looked and there was this little game. on a little same size as my right there. and i'm in shock and she said. i need to deliver a message. and easy to tell kenny that i forgive them. and forget.
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i said. ok. tonight they look. to spare shirts parents. and i had the little girl that died in the fire cynthia columns. i have. had very few of that kind of thing happen where you shake to your core when you're around something so evil with kenneth richie that happen. some of the bush people would normally also think. what call bush oh really nice at times i'm too nice a potion. cuz would be a lonely. figure so much for the story to.
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get through to. so i. can do rebel. child control the pain. despite the claims of kenneth reaches ex-wife the common smirk case was now reopened. karen herself wanted us to make clear that she received no money for a given these interview. after their fall out with donald. jenny was unable to find a new job and the lack of money man keith had to move out of the rented apartment and back to his stance in the forest.
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i'm sure the. i was. not. going to look up because it. wasn't me i.
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was going. to be. one of the morning in moscow coming up this hour on the news speaks to a law professor fighting for the release of a guantanamo bay inmate who suggested the shocking torch in the hands of the cia. could be charged with or. coming up to thousands gathered to strike action across france as mass protests against pension reform plans enter a 3rd week french capital too with police using tear gas against demonstrators occurred.


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