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i'll see you there. was. nothing like. that. artie speaks to a law professor fighting for the release of a guantanamo bay inmate who was subjected to shocking torture at the hands of the cia. or the. war charged with all the leaves the report. thousands gather to strike action across france as mass protests against pension reform plans enter a 3rd week but it has gripped the french capital with police using tear gas against
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demonstrators and. so on so i can try and do the story because i feel like trips of extreme you know public interest the attacks on me a former newsweek reporter launches a blistering attack on the magazine for refusing to run a story he wrote about the alleged chemical attack in the syrian city of duma last year. 9 from our moscow studio where it's currently just past 2 in the morning you're watching r.t. international i'm whereas on a lot could thank you for joining us. now the busa prisoners in secret cia run prisons has been thrown into sharp relief for us following the release a report called how america torches it contains a series of chilling sketches produced by abu zubaida an inmate at guantanamo bay they picked in the in host interrogate. techniques he was subjected to between
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20022005 he was captured from a jihadi safe house in pakistan back in 2002 and sent to a so-called cia black sites in thailand where the torture took place he was then transferred to guantanamo bay where he still being held without charge and it was the 1st person to be subjected to the brutal interrogation program which was approved by the administration of george w. bush and has since been acknowledged by the cia here's a quick overview of zubaydah story.
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as soon as they locked me up inside the box i tried my best to sit up but in vain for the box was too short i tried to take a curled position but to no avail for it was too tight the very strong pain made me scream unconsciously. they kept pouring water and concentrating on my nose and my mouth until i really felt i was drowning and my chest was just about to explode from the lack of oxygen . the long hours went by while i was standing in that position my hands were tight to the upper bars. it felt like an eternity to the point that i found myself falling
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asleep despite the water being thrown at me by the guard. my views abate of the way he was the driving force behind it so what to report told us why his client shouldn't be kept in detention any longer. 5 words you were always ordered her to swallow and i think our. understand why you have to be charged. or released. your good mood because they admit he was never or never gave birth did not seem to have the united states her transparency issue with what they did. the fact is there were no use for 'd them for 17 straight days and they wrote it in
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one of the other a good accountability is that it is very good i would love many people held accountable but it turns out. the immersion model right now 'd is to look forward 'd not backwards of course the problem we 'd have right now is look if they don't what right words the people who are stuck there are going to remain stuck to our believe there are many who feel terrible. about what they. 'd started to see it is exists. mass mobilization against planned pension changes has hit fronts far and wide this tuesday officials say 600000 people are involved across the country and other estimates claimed that number is almost 2000000 and what started out as mostly peaceful demonstrations in the capital quickly descended to violence challenged bensky reports from the thick of it. thank god they gave us craning joining us here in paris after one piece in some small
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clashes between the police come to the protesters as you can see it's all round us as this march is only going oh i started saying i can use to plus to the next you will which could have apparently meant. just to get through that gas as it is so nasty that gas the police have been warned is dangerous silly news here in france guys you can see everybody's trying to come back up to plus the international to get away from the tear gas filling the skirmishes between the police and the protest is
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a protest that's been going on no strike for once in his good week a strike that was sparked by the protests reforms that the government has announced and one that is showing the general malaise him fronts it's not just about pensions this is about so much more the health system says it's creaking shoes are unhappy even at times the police have been out processing i gained a number of films of americans government sources today because we have problems with financing for hospitals we have lots of expenses and the right constraints when it comes to procuring materials and recruiting stuff we're here today to say that will lobby public hospitals and we want to say to them. the working conditions are bad. it's very difficult for us to live properly on our current salaries there's been no change it's just a trauma. i'm here in solidarity with everyone who's been affected by that reform
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which is the vast majority of people who. everybody should be protesting against and for they want us to work more or less and it's unacceptable. been told that our pensions will be ridiculously small and this you home would make the situation even worse you can see the police start forming a line just on the street that we were in just a few moments ago the street where all the tear gas was being fired pushes out of it you can see they've formed a huge line the police with white helmets on and in fact they look like they've cordoned off most of the streets around where. sounds like some grenades going off of than tear gas there. but what was very calm protest just within a few minutes is descended into. just a difficult place to be what we notice is in the last half an hour now some of
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those what they call the the castle the stocks the break is the police said the ultra. left but they're also sometimes known as the black box they have actually been systematically hitting points up their street so we saw a post office being attacked many of the bus shelters being attacked as well as just general restaurants in fact at one point when they were breaking some of the gloss on the advertising boards some of those guys came up and tried to harass my cameraman because they thought he was filming them he wasn't but they were incredibly aggressive and that's because they are very sensitive about being filmed when they're carrying out any. destruction work we saw that continuing for about half an hour and it's only now is we've got to plaster enough so that the police have responded with that cheer gas and then cordon this area to try and keep all of
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the protesters in the government says it won't do a u. turn only the changes to the pension system people say that they remain on strike but for the moment this strike has turned nasty once again in paris charlotte even ski r.t. paris. well after a series of horrific injuries against protesters has come to light that french authorities were warned of the dangers of using tear gas grenades against demonstrators as far back as january last year also turks the company makes the military grade devices wrote to the french interior ministry about the safety risks of its grenades been used by riot police the blast effect of the devices produced by an expose of substance likely to maim or mortally injure an individual well those within turn sound effects can cause irreversible hearing damage the resumption of production is impossible without completely reviewing the production process well in a letter to the french investigative news website media part of the manufacturer
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warns that defects in the grenades were identified but not resolved france is the only european country where riot police use the weapon under spite the warnings they're still used and on occasion have been known to explode when simply just being handled the gas grenade course serious injuries among us protesters 5 of whom have lost hands and elderly woman died after she was hit by one of these things at a demo in ma say last year as well dozens more protesters say they've been left winded by the weapons. oh. oh. oh that was. the national assembly and people were trying to force their way in the police arrived and threw grenades one hit the guy's leg he tried to push it away with his hands as a reflex reaction. to this.
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and again i don't want anyone but my mother says she had been targeted and we want to know the truth and did her justice. i will try to fight against the use of july for grenades which are totally from my point of view weapons of war and against rubber bullet guns. a french journalist a marriage told us he thinks the government is using the grenade of the terror and . but you also long mustn't forget the use of the trash small rubber bullets during deserves him astray chanson of which have led to several people losing and i more than 20. remember we must see that there is no political will to stop this madness and then in my opinion it is
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a very cynical way they do it on purpose they want to dissuade people from the most rating and problem showing their anger and during this yellow vests protest they prevented lee for instance arresting people because they were carrying swimming classes in order to protect their their eyes from cherokee dass. it is a way of proving to most rationing why preventing it from being massive. u.s. senate is threatening sanctions on companies kind to the north stream to gas pipeline under a new bell we've got the full story later after this short break. all of us will hopes it has been absolutely true of babies but so it's
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a behavior that appears even in death and going babies even if you've never heard of seen loves you will love if you're tickles by your parents. and then we learn how to use this in a more complex way i'm one of the things that we learn as to how to join in with love to contagiously to love and somebody else loves even if you don't know why they're laughing. what politicians do. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want to. have to go right to be press this is what before 3 of the more people. interested in the why. there should. be.
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welcome back in the magazine newsweek is in the spotlight and that's all for former reporter claimed he quit when i had this is throughout his story on the chemical attack investigation in syria the now public round between the outlets and tarik headed has intensified we heard from this journalist form we heard from the journalist on his function of events. i kept pushing to try and do the story because i feel like it's of extreme you know public interest the attacks on me and it is a kind of nit picking on on certain things i was doing in my articles but it was purely on just to be able to attack me in an email so off i kept pushing kept pushing a century was told a couple lines about why they wouldn't run the story and then it was a long list of things that i'd done personally wrong and i was very unhappy about
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this because you know i've never experienced like this something like this in my in my journalism career. of terek is a writer and freelance journalist the joint news week in september this year just 2 months later he quit after pitching his story on a report by the global chemical watchdog handling of the alleged chemical attack in syria's duma the rejected it now fears a legal battle for publishing an exchange of corporate emails it followed whistleblowers claiming facts had been misrepresented by the o.p.c. w. regarding doma tarik pitched the idea to his editors to write about the watchdogs leaked e-mails a reminder that the conclusions of the report led to the united states france and the u.k. conducting air strikes against syrian military targets tariq again believes his case shows the failings of the mainstream media. let's look at the evidence that we have available to us at the moment there are scientists from a nonpolitical body of the united nations. that say that the report their findings
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from the chemical weapons site were not representative in the in the final report that was released to the world to me this is you know doesn't really need explaining why this is a newsworthy story is that these organizations have taken a long time for us to get here in terms of a historical point of view when we shouldn't be weaponized in them to kind of create the public opinion needed to go to war at the moment there are very few western well mainstream western journalists are reporting on this so i would say this complete failure of the media. you know our job as journalists are to hold governments to account and if governments are going to war on false premises then. we have good evidence to suggest that now and no one is reporting it then we're not doing our job as journalists well as for the magazine at newsweek has given this statement saying how dare pitched a conspiracy theory they couldn't run because it goes against objective reporting.
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and other news this time what may prove to be a major setback for transatlantic relations the u.s. senate has approved a sanctions bill targeting companies involved in the north stream through a pipeline project the measure aimed at disrupting russia's efforts to increase the supply of gas to europe is expected to be signed into law by president trump later this week my colleague kevin and discussed this earlier with our correspondent. this has been another milestone in america's mission to protect europe from russia's natural gas and haven't you may want to ask we ilya what are you talking about because even countries do need russian natural gas just to keep warm well let me explain how washington see it here's the deal from the american standpoint if the russian doubt for gas is delivered to western europe through all pipelines through countries like poland ukraine it's all fine by the way once russia starts
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playing its new pipelines elsewhere this immediately causes a meltdown in government offices in kiev and warsaw but back to the 2nd option the way it is seen in d.c. if russia's energy giant gas problems starts diversifying the ways its fuel gets to western european countries through new pipelines like north stream and war north stream 2 that's a disaster that gets europe hoped on putin's gas needle so let's just listen to how a u.s. congressman who was behind the sanctions put it last week this pipeline if completed. would make europe even more dependent on russian energy would generate billions of dollars for putin billions of dollars that would fund russian military aggression so we have learned that the us 2020 national defense authorization act
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includes a bill that would penalize the companies that are involved in the construction of nord stream to that is a brand new pipeline project that is by the way it's almost complete and it is intended for direct natural gas deliveries from somewhere outside st petersburg to northern germany and we're talking about these companies these are by far not only russia and there are plenty of german businesses that are who are involved because it is indeed in the interest of european consumers to get a new more reliable more direct route for these supplies now when it comes to the officials in moscow they have been blaming the americans for unfair competition in moscow's message has been very simple what you guys want to do is you don't really care about europe what you want to do is sell your liquefied natural gas across which makes it more expensive in many cases but i just want to make sure that you
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listen to one american official because it can't just look at how they put it if the gas is russian that is bad putin's gas if it is something that's extracted in america that's molecules of freedom with the u.s. in another year of record setting not to gas production i'm pleased that the department of energy is doing what account to promote an efficient regulatory system that allows for molecules of u.s. freedom to be exported to the world ok so you mention that when it goes without saying really of course a lot of european countries a huge pipeline project this a lot of jobs are going to be on the line a lot of people been involved in this either which way this pipeline ends up in germany supposed. i have to say about it well just a little earlier the german top diplomat reiterated berlin stance that these sanctions are unacceptable the german foreign minister called an attempt to influence sovereign decisions in europe but i just want to bring up something very important like i said before north strained to is almost fully complete and i can
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tell you that this u.s. sanctions bill is believed to open up this 30 day window for the european companies to abandon their work on the pipeline now i can tell you that the german newspaper built revealed internal documents from germany's energy ministry where it says that berlin believes that this pipeline could be completed within this area and then this could actually lead to a situation when the sanctions prove to be completely pointless but of course we understand that nothing is pointless when it can be aimed at the audience back home the audience that will vote at some point. germany's committee chief on economy and energy told us the burden is ready to respond to any thank sions imposed by washington. if the u.s.
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keeps trying to obstruct the north stream project i suggest responding with punitive tariffs on german imports of american gas things cannot continue like this if we impose punitive tariffs on u.s. gas sales will fall on the u.s. will have to reflect on his actions the u.s. is unhappy that we are not buying their gas they want to boost their own trade and that's why they are imposing sanctions on companies involved in building the pipeline that firstly american liquefied natural gas is obtained through fracking which makes it an acceptable for germany and secondly it is much more expensive than rushing gas like the natural gas we get from russia is high in demand and due to falling production in europe demand has only increased so we plan to import more of it this is why north stream 2 is so important the americans have tried to interrupt our oil and gas trade with russia from the outset and yet we have managed to cooperate for many years without interruption so both sides need this and we plan to continue whether the u.s. likes it or not well that is your update for now we're back here and around 30 minutes time with more news from around the world will see if that.
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this is a water bottle phone in the stomach of the fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was out. there the bad was there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste to company has promised to reuse the plastic.
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on. the mountains of ways only grow. the partisan impeachment process against donald trump continues apace the framers of the constitution warned the impeachment of the chief executive was an extreme remedy are the democrats and the corporate media trivializing the impeachment process are they attempting to short circuit democracy itself. took 6.
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months of. i had a spiritual experience. and i had the little girl that died in the fire cynthia collins. and she had come to me to give him a message messenger forgiveness i'm wired i really didn't. know that he had known details of where she was forgiving him to. be about the glad game reaches do so on death row took place in the town of
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columbus grove for our year. 1960 year old cynthia collinson burnt to down from this house. to any aged just $21.00 just charged with her murder and sound guilty. after 21 years in prison she was meant to be destined for the light to cheer. from. is anybody there so or is that. we're looking for it kenny ricci i mean you've done to. your knees that you i.
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very clearly believe were found you. know once and i don't. know if. off. we've been told you're livin in sand but i. still can't believe this how long will you stay here already. a few weeks few weeks. just because you have no other place to just you know the place to go. or by friends rather if. you have money to pay rent. which. wouldn't be here when i was reading about your story i came across the fact that by the time 20072008
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when you were about to lease you grew up so much world wide that sound so many famous people spoke out in your favor it just seemed like very much you get a 2nd chance to get a fresh start but it's something one rock covering went wrong. my name is kenneth ritchie. 54 years old it's been 21 and a half years on death row one ohio. for a crime i didn't commit. the crime was arson. i would 2 year old child. again f.t. reach it was tried in ohio for aggravated murder committed in the course of a fallacy. evidence shows that despondent set fire in their part enough his neighborhood home colace in an attempt to kill his ex-girlfriend and her new
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boyfriend who were spending the night together in the apartment below the intended victims to skate unarmed but how called in says 2 year old daughter cynthia died in the fire. you. know what a goal from village apartments from columbus grove. joy to the fire started. where my life ended. i haven't been others placed. on. july 987 as a prima fascia 1st time back the. long haul feel emotionally and i guess. they are old farm village apartment. and go. national want to was on fire.


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