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on the alex salmond show when i was speaking to guest on the world of politics this list i'm showbusiness i'll see than. ever i felt like that. i. never.
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heard. that. to. find you. just want to speak to you sometimes just. want to explore. your eyes and.
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because of. me dying died. not not not. not. the area was cordoned off and at 1st light this morning british army technical experts went in to examine the bodies in case they had been booby trapped. could you think might be responsible for. now skull a body around here and they'll tell you. first says within lay what we describe as they murder triangle portadown took a lightened up to offload cloyd where there have been more sectarian assassinations for head of the population than anywhere else nor the. the awful thing is that not a single one has been sort of meat amenable to justice for the assassinations and
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barbarous beauty of a u.v. if you do they are. my 5 and my 6 politician the son mordecai. of the borderland of south arma the new area of ireland steeped in celtic mythology where the ghosts of colon we may have to look cool and. haunt the countries many barely cairns and crips. its rugged slopes of the green fields and sweeping plains reach out to the fuse that cradle the resting places of 18th century ports such as arc mccurry parekh month along than in seamus more much more of. a land where instant quarrels. in settle that yet find time to
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reignite. there's an ironic tragedy between the beauty of this man and the dark secrets and home. where fallen out my mother in the late sixty's and they got married and settled home and all foster at that time my father was working in the rolls royce factory in belfast. until some of his war colleagues find out he was a catholic and he had to lay for. me then worked as a postman in the area for a while at this stage we were living in the style millis area of belfast. there are a small number of catholic families living in the area at the same plan on we've been warned on a number of occasions it was time to leave i am i suppose the final straw for us was one of our almost after one of our near neighbors at windowsills and mommy and daddy obviously say the stage it was time to move out of the aisle fast on the
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decision was taken to move on at that stage. a band from birmingham mommy wanted to move there she felt would be safer but my father loved the countryside so thomaso we ended up there. i suppose my last recollections of my father are and leaving to go to the hospital to visit mommy and my sister ocean and she was only 2 days old at the time. not really the last that i can remember of them c.n.n. going to true that the front door to us at them in the hospital. 'd and the particular even on my aunts and was with my father on the intention was to stop it on the spot on the way home and i was out of breakers drunk with his workmates. they'd only just arrived about the same time as the gunmen. as they arrived they shot up the front of the bar. don't mean killing him almost immediately michael don't leave the bar owner.
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had banged the door. into the bar. the inside of the building with bullets. shooting my father on the number of other individuals and seriously injuring them through in. my field only on the. most instantly. the bomb exploded. my father was probably already dead because he'd been shot before. i came to work in ireland in 981 and i found myself increasingly drawn to cases of miscarriage of justice when nobody else was taking a particular interest and also in the potential for the state to take life
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illegally and as a journalist you're always looking for stories that nobody else is investigating it was an ordinary sunday morning and i was reading the paper and a name sprang out of the page at me breck will somebody called bracknell had been killed in south. and i thought that's. so i managed to contact the family and went down to meet them and i would assist with scene. will have been killed explained to his widow who was sitting in the room with me exactly what has happened and it was a shocking shocking experience it was the fast time that. her husband had been. i think the shock of what we find. to the family really how little we know about my father's killing of he was actually responsible for it. i phoned my news desk expecting them to leap on the story and say. give us everything you've got but the
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interaction was quite different it was not enough a catholic substory. i was just so so disappointed and. this reaction to what i've discovered. pushed for the story and in the end it was. in and around this time information started to emerge about what would be enormous loyalist attacks in the area. i suppose i didn't know much more about want to help and other than that a group called the right wing commander claimed responsibility for the attack. so at this time i begin to ask questions of myself about what i did or didn't know but what i actually help and i started to ask questions of local people about what they remembered about what they knew about the night and but we didn't know it really know where to go to try and find out more answers and someone mentioned to me the center in derry help families and similar situations to ourselves. i think it was
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100-1009. 100 the office very softly spoken very friendly and he was wearing a suit and we thought a photocopy or a or a printer and instead he began to tell us about the attack on the part one of his dad and what happened on the park runt he was aware that there was nothing even available where we made a number of very serious allegations were clues behavior and a number of attacks in the area. so we agreed we would look at it in detail and look at all the different attacks that happened in the area at the time it was over a new deal so. up to a point we cannot define the number of cases we cannot differ on plot it's only. a bloody sunday just as campaign was was based on the office and we agreed to call together a meeting of what's says on the open and silverbridge and what to says came forward a lot of witnesses came forward. and i suppose the significance of the meeting was
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that you had families with evidence and information but you also had witnesses the events and the significance of this being that there were so many connections so many permutations so many leads to follow and obviously these had never been followed by official bodies or for people in authority even little it's been hugely influential moderate than we've lived through this you know this is something we need to do we need the kick this forward and you know what happened in my home or my loved one was killed or the incident is connected to what happened on the road is connected to hop and over just across the other country what happened. that they was partial in the sense that if we were in the room we appointed to get either a witness to something the how to lead piece of evidence that connected to the connected to the what really was unfolding was the sense that there was this gang security force people are supposed to protect people supposed to bring people there just those who are actually conducting these killings and county in the mode. you
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might imagine not a normal situation they've been they've been asked to give statements at the police would have asked them for statements this hadn't happened and they came forward and we began to realize some we were going to solve and much much bigger. as we began to research us under talk to people in the local area many of them told also there was actually an officer involved in the original list he was actually in charge although he was novice or very little rank that they believed was a person of integrity they believed he tried to get to the bottom of those but couldn't. he talk to the families a number of times over the years and they the families told us that he will be an absolutely fighter person for us to talk to. you know. families of those killed in an attack on
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a silverbridge 24 years ago have appealed for a fresh inquiry into the say. so we arranged a press conference. appealed for him to come forward we thought likely but in fact he did make contact with us shortly afterwards through a journalist. it was quite an extraordinary making to many ways we were accompanied by a number of family members and this police officer who still serve and made a number of statements. that made. what we were looking up was actually a much wider range of attacks. was the. thing to come out of the meeting which was the term he used permutations of the same guy were also responsible for. me in august 1985 who were returning from.
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me in 174. argentina love it this country is phantasmagorical the people are extraordinary the government and the central bank maybe not so much particularly the central bank but let's get into this a little bit more detail. i had a spiritual experience. and i had the little girl that died in the fire cynthia collins . a 5 year old son were looking for a kidney reaching something off 54 years old age but 21 years on good role model. for
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a crime i didn't commit. i always knew that it was a simple design red to blue prints that nobody would listen. you know nut. trial was pretty much a force the family already had i'm guilty for that will. tell you nobody. coffee coffee not people who will permit all. the truth through to me hasn't forgiven themselves for something. i knew she was there and i knew exactly what i was doing. people life. sometimes there's no explanation. what holds us institutions are going. to put themselves on the line. to get
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accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something or want to. have to be right. to be close to what the before 3 of them or in people get. interested in the waters of mccall's. in a series of coordinated attacks during rush hour traffic 3 no warning bombs exploded causing mayhem across the city center. 11 people were killed in parnell street 14 including an unborn child and tolbert street and 2 women in southland street in almost simultaneous attacks. 90 minutes later 7 people were killed when the gang planted another bomb in the center of modern times. the glim gang had affected
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their deadliest attack yet. i got involved in 9093 i mesh with some of the families and i was helping them very much on an ad hoc basis to begin with it wasn't until 1996 that we began to get things more organized and we got a legal team greg oni and solicitor and cormac got to look on barrister we gave the organizations and the name justice for the forecast and that was in january of 96. we went on there to try to get the irish government to provide a public inquiry into the dublin mom and bombings all doors were closed to us until 999 which was the 25th anniversary of the bombings of the family mashed by the then tasia and for the 1st time.
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the jury. will be present. to. those who know pieces of the. 1st instance. it's important to.
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remember is walton and. the westfield motor company. already know the character man for the little boy pencil and how the verbs of the an almighty bang. and next i remember was a priest. to me have solution. and. gone around to the hospital and had another explosion. and then i woke and i was 7 i was. just i woke up in the. i was pronounced dead in the royal. well called nowhere was actually. a point that she. had known and i wanted the ladies got to know what an author of from the hospital cheetham over she ran out she got the power of the doctors they command those prods
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casuistry. straight up to tell you when there's ready and i was injured i. was 3 months in use and scared. i'm in a coma. and it took an awful long time to any closure. because i never actually sell that she was actually very sick on. remember. and as a child. when the doorbell would ring or something like that i'd always go into the front room and look out the window to see who was there expecting that she had just . been hit on the head and she remembered something and compact was. so much went on for months and months and months to happen if i would see somebody else kind of had a hairstyle like our look like her from the back of his house from his heart.
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you know it was very very difficult not having closure. although at that time the panther knew consent and justice for the mccarton were beginning to investigate the activities of the glen i'm going already to very ordinary catholic priests living in the area have done a fair amount of investigation themselves they didn't even started writing to the newspapers and trying to get the 2 governments involved because they realize that must be a cohesive gehring working in the so-called murder trial gold carrying out these murders it had to be there were too many of them they did everything they could charge highlighted after one series of 17 much as they should just statement saying that they are you see had a 100 percent failure rate convicting anyone for these murders and they went to
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dublin they went to belfast they wrote letters to the papers yet it seems that the . police are just not interested i've been nobody. better legacy it's no good make complaints against it better better where your feet and that is by you have no go areas but you know you think to go in on the net other than it was a friend of mine and he visited presence of course and then he was funny interest in what was going on and around and john and we saw that there were a lot of murders in what we called a triangle going down an area right into the my and over to for the gun and bash we were came the list of all the stats and then i decided that we should list them publish them and publish the 1st. on that subject at the triangle of death and it was a name that was taken up by the media because ever afterwards they talked about the
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murder triangle so we left the time and the little information we had from relatives at the time. and published the path which. it went very quickly a show we published a 2nd when the word additions to it me published a 3rd of a cup it was more editions snow as that became a saturday central document and. we noticed that. so many of these murders what happened and it seemed to us that the roads were open for these murders to come in and kill people and get over on and get away again.
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and there's an architect to our shock after 10. i got up. and. down. for spotting. yeah so on our return back to. the door. and said another shop are over so no wait they can set them on the table when i heard them say. want to know you better me here i'm not going. to the tone of his force. and to manhattan through the front door. forced to shop.
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that has. no wall around. and when they haul them out. just lay there for a moment they're. hard to beat. through . the cold for. one of the children. and she came. home to. her father she had. 3 broken. down across the road. and he came on the. child.
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and scanned her merry way to create them. on. air through going through the code for it. must have been about a month for wakes the police came to the door. say had they had the dentist blamed up. i dared to ask or could attack somebody with me and the said no you're better on your own. i did get tell you. i was pregnant back at the care are now who want spoke. i was to foster all strange not a sinner and that i know. and when i got there they told
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me. i had to go into this room they were selling to me and. going to could. see that they were nice and i but i. have been in. place man stood the door and it was on him on the inside the door but he stayed there on the other place mom so decided not to walk up this room langham am. dead reckoning a surprise face i just couldn't. go to the end and then having. not come back. a worse thought or.
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me it to keep on the response stop made. me sense me did to recognise that. in a sense yes. but i was in the spirit so that was through the door into the hallway and told me to compose myself. back in her home i'm. typing. on the. back end. but i could not touch i couldn't get my hand on them. i know what didn't pick on them. and. i know way from where he was. going to go back in a cave. but i told him yes. boss.
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you know world big. lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. dream agreed to prison which i'm old mr remember there was and most of the family
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were employees were people there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation the things were going to get better. it was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america where shade by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solid. engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no on. one set of rules for the rich opposite. that's what happens when you put her into the sort of narrow sector of wilf which will is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america.
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us democrats can tell gloating because the debates gets underway in the lower house of the weather to impeach president donald trump. a new poll shows brits are losing that faith in the b.b.c. after its election coverage face claims of bias nearly off respondents believe that its journalists are no longer trustworthy. parents in the united kingdom around 3 after school changes the words in traditional christmas carols to being more inclusive we get reaction. and they want to move a reference as well jesus being king and jesus being saved if we don't have those things what's that we celebrate the public space and the educational spaces which
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is secular it does.


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