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all of us would hope that have been able to laugh through a bass but say it's a behavior that appears even in death and dying babies even if you never heard of same love that you will love if your tickles by your parents. and then we learn how to use that in a more complex way and one of the things that we learn is to have to join in with love to contagiously to love and somebody else loves even you don't know why they're laughing. a man that margaret found it impossible to talk to the man she witnessed shooting her husband at point blank range was robin jackson. jackson was supported on loyalist who became one of the conflicts most prolific killers. he was also an r.u.c. agent nicknamed the jackal. 5 days before pat campbell's murder a man in whose home police had found 64 kilograms of explosives 2 grenades and over 5000 rounds of assorted ammunition had named jackson as his accomplice.
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however police failed to arrest jackson meanwhile he is at liberty to murder part campbell. jackson of being a member of the ulster defense regiment then the largest regiment in the british army. he was later involved in the massacre of the miami showband in july 975 when 3 band members were killed by members of the clan gang as they attempted to plant a bomb on the musician's boss. list paramilitaries horace boyle and wesley somerville were killed instantly as the bomb exploded prematurely. well the ulster defense regiment was the largest regiment in the british army it was geographically recruit it here and the north of ireland and it only served here in the north of ireland it was essentially a counterinsurgency unit that was set up. at the beginning of the troubles. that
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itself took over from the discredit the specials which was a special police unit that exists that since the 1920 s. . and it was clear from the outset that the u.d.r. was set up to recruit from within the loyalist unionist community. they were almost entirely drawn from within the community. declassified documents from british sources from the prime minister's office from the ministry of defense secretary of state's office make it quite shockingly clear that from the perspective of the british government it was acceptable to recruit so into the regiment who was an octave loyalist paramilitary who was a member of a loyalist paramilitary group. there's no doubt that the creation of the also defense regiment was influence for the british show me boy the experience in the empire these kinds of locally right regimens what controls and commanded by british
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offices and as any intrinsic palls of the chain of command bridge show me were common through all of the counterinsurgency campaigns there was a real and genuine high at the instigation of the regiments that it would be truly cross community added would be nonsectarian in character but it became apparent very quickly that that was not going to be the case and the british army was willing to live with the consequences which was that this would be in many ways a sectarian regiment. many people from the loyalist community joined the regiment to get weapons training and to steal weapons and according to the official documents that we funded the u.d.r. it was the largest single source of modern weapons flowing to the loyalist paramilitary groups it was a recipe for disaster. and one of the things we noticed whenever we started to do the research was the large. numbers of gongs that were disappearing from both are
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you c n u d r armories i am places like plan on u.t.r. various this is like the territorial army that was our volunteer force in. the can or to name but a few. now we have a pictorial of just the devastating effect that one of these columns get out of this is main millimeter starting submachine gong stolen from b.s. on the 20th 24th a man 971 and subsequently used to kill a lot of people and seriously injured numerous older people and the attacks were these are the people that i. was with the charge also shows is who was used in these columns and here we can see that some of the people who were involved in these in these columns were also members of the r.u.c. on the u.d.r. . and we can also see as they say who all was killed on one of those people who was killed and one of the force that acts with us was used was with my own father who
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was killed and on the farms over a bridge. behind. we do not as a matter of homes as a matter of. looking for problems that is the domain of the eye you see the r.u.c. the police was created in the early 1920 s. at the same time as the state of north there was created and it reflected the contested nature of the state it was almost 93 percent drawn community and as a both part time element on a full time element there was a militarized force from the outset it was framed on the colonial model of british police and that's how the very fraught and fractious relationship with the. nationalist community. was a nonviolent civil rights movement korean force in the late 1960 s. it was. the reaction of the r.u.c.
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to the absolutely and the attacks on the 1st civil rights marches by the police that actually energies the movement mobilized people and let the fuse for the conflict at the time. then in the 1960 s. and 1969 in particular we had a situation where there was coordinated loyalist attacks protectee on the catholic population of belfast tens of thousands forced to flee their homes the irish army set up refugee camps along the border which put up the refugees flee in the north a mob was striking about these attacks was that the r.u.c. the police actually took part in the attacks on the catholic community and belfast at the time. so instead of preventing them they were active participants in the burning of whole streets in belfast at the time. on the 5th of june 1906 the gang attacked
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a small rural pope called the rock bar near keady kind. on approaching the pope they shot a local man called mick mcgrath as he left the building. they then detonated a nail bomb which failed to explode. what was striking about this particular attack was that all those involved were members of the local police force the r.u.c. with some on duty as the attack took place. and summing up and sentencing these face officers the lord chief justice went so far as to claim and i quote that they were trying to rid the land of pestilence but that's the kind of language that nazi shoes but use. a very. for the campaign and $999.00 was.
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acquired. former sergeant and they are you say. the marge are. called william strathairn and he had served 7 years in prison. it became available to us in the spring of $9099.00. the 1st time. that the. many other attacks north of the border. to the miami show. the murder of john francis. and the republic. in february. they inquiries into.
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mash with john we are. all. john we are in paris at the same time. and i know. them at that time and. i think that the significance of the year we were able to. be able to. spend several days with. different parts of the jigsaw. and thanks to all the evidence it was because. of course he was.
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it was. a member of our special patrol group special patrol droop was a section of the or you see it there would have been. the anti terrorist squad the death but the riots of the store bones. we did not deal with all of them really police shootings to distracted men. who liked the type of auction is so it would have attracted officers who would tended to to be more militant than the ordinary policeman. who was approached by the army armstrong mitchell they explained to me god we should take the war to the are your ear instead of setting dark because i think
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a lot of people's belief that they are your rear wall is being allowed to operate without much opposition much endurance they explained to me they had already started this by. gone bomb attack on the route bar outside. the os me the fog would be interested in joining what they were doing. i told them i would need to know more about it yes of course i would be interested but they did explain to me that the were quite a number of people involved. without a meeting was arranged. maturer was there. lawrence explained to me it was only right he should tell me about a lot of jobs had been gone up until that.
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really fee's. bridge. bball me on shooting. the partisan impeachment process against donald trump continues apace the framers of the constitution warned impeachment of the chief executive was an extreme remedy are the democrats and the corporate media trivializing the impeachment process are they attempting to short circuit democracy itself.
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join me every 1st week on the alex salmond show and i was speaking to yes of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see of at. least modest means being in some ways similar. to. the traditional jewish way of acting so in other words if i'm a doing it is a bug being urban mobile occupational flexible physically for studious or to kill it and so on then jews were the 1st modern scholars that was their specialization which. some of the r.u.c. men we are names were involved over many years in
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a number of fatal bombings and shootings alongside paramilitaries in the ulster volunteer force they include are you see man william mcarthur a self-confessed killer. also r.u.c. reserve constable lawrence mcclure police to be one of the gangs most experienced bomb makers who was convicted of causing an explosion and possession of firearms at the rock bar for which our ever the only received a suspended sentence are you see constable ian mitchell was also convicted of causing him explosion at the rock bar and possession of firearms but similarly only received a suspended sentence gerry armstrong who were also names escaped any conviction in the rock bar attack a lower the historical enquiries team a police unit set up to investigate historical murders says he was clearly a principal of fandor in a later book penned by armstrong after his release from prison he clearly details.
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his role in the rock bar attack in a chapter called. fulfilled potential. between the middle of 1972 when the guy really started its work until the end of 975 that's less than 3 the gang had killed 89 people. in one month alone in april 9075 fast person they killed was dorothy trainer a protestant woman walking home with a catholic husband through portadown. within 3 days they'd killed martin mcveigh who was murdered as he cycled home from work in the same town. a couple of weeks later they blew up a little cottage that was being renovated killing 2 brothers and a sister and the sister's unborn baby girl. and by the end of the month they'd also killed a man called owen boyle who had been sitting at his kitchen table looking at photographs
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of his newborn baby girl so there in just one month in one small geographical area you had 4 separate attacks in which 7 people were killed these attacks were remorseless and they ratcheted up the pressure until the end of 975 when a completely new development took place. as with previous attacks the modus operandi of the gang was to strike 2 targets almost simultaneously. in a white cross country the revie family sat down to watch a popular t.v. show when gunmen entered the family home 24 year old john martin was hit as he sat in his chair while 22 year old brian was shot in the back trying to escape into a nearby bedroom. anthony the youngest brother dived underneath the bed for cover before the gunmen sprayed the bed with bullets. a little while later on they heard them through the door. now then
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a bad idea among the bad and i was here at pozen brian who was in the bible as a file these posts on you that he was dead. hand them on up into the kits and then on john martin he was lyin in a pearl of blood on a file his paws on it on a new year with all the dead. at around the same time gunmen burst into the home of the family only 17 miles away and by the dog and country done. again the intention was to wipe out an entire family. as they rushed their way into the house they opened fire in barney wood who was hit a number of times his brother joe who attempted to charge the gunman was killed instantly. but i was shot 1st. and may our. fun mayor and condé by the time i knew. the
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body was dead. because a. he was in the ring at every were in. but i crawled out into the hallway. back to body was lay and there are 2 you get a well as an intensive care of course and was there for a week. the doctor here marar not mourning it. has years should be really hey if things are banned to cordon logic if you shouldn't be here. because of a ball of go and step for your car. for no perjury and then the word they used. the word no they're both are grossly nor muscle to stop what but it took at 90 percent term and took great kidney with. as the smoke settled 3 members of the old guard family into revie brothers lay dead
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. 17 year old anthony revie died later in hospital. from the men's killings was swift and brutal. the following evening a minibus of textile workers was stopped by members of the ira in king's mills not far from the review home where the killings had taken place the night before. these pictures tell a story of the horror that followed. up to 20 gunman surrounded the minibus it's catholic driver taken to safety the bus it's on board moaned on most of us late. policeman who arrived shortly afterwards told of bodies piled on top of one another . the gore and the personal effects of a 10th of a college. when we met joan weir and powerless one of the burning questions we had is why he and the others in the gang and not retaliated for the killings will massacre. as on so it was chilling he told us there was
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a plan and the plan was to attack a primary school to kill all the children in the school to kill the teachers we asked him why it didn't go ahead and he told us because the u.v.'s leadership in belfast believed that the plan came from army headquarters came from military intelligence and a been planted the millage intelligence wanted the whole situation to spiral out of control and this was too much for the e.v.f. and they refused to go ahead even for them it was a step too far. the plot. that was decided on. was to shoot top were. in police. just on the outskirts of leaks.
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so when you say shoot don't screw during show the procedure the suit and children teachers yes. yes. you're into. yes i do indeed yes i do indeed. move. if that's hard hop and. i think there is nearly. there would have been a shocking retaliation. from the republican side. retaliation from the republican side. it would have eventually. in a fairly short time i should say they told us quite the contrary into. trouble. civil war situation i think the contrie was almost already in
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a civil war situation but if that happened. even the moderates. on both sides were going to have to take sides and the was going to be. there was going to be a serious serious civil war. we had a meeting with the chief constable the most senior police officer and the p.s.l.e. accompanied by an assistant chief constable at their headquarters and we asked them . what they intended to do but the fact that a former police sergeant william a card out of him that it publicly that he was also part of the plan to kill 30 children out of scope and their teachers. there was a pause they looked at each other and they told us that nothing had been don't know intention of doing anything. he wasn't to be arrested. to be reinvestigated
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nothing would happen. and i think at that moment after when we left. we talked about it and we realized that where else in europe a former police officer planned to kill a large number of children and a school former employer would say that he had no plans to reinterview him as a result. of dunning street in london the british prime minister harold wilson was faced with what he called himself an apocalyptic crisis northern ireland was spinning out of control and civil war could not be ruled out. amongst the options he considered were a dried withdraw and self government if the people of the north were on governable he could not go. in an atmosphere of near panic wilson called a council of war at his official country retreat checkers. the peaceful
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buckinghamshire countryside. also present was the secretary of state for defense. and the secretary of state for northern ireland and greece on the security side was headed by so david house the general officer commanding northern aren't. well wilson attempted to control the worsening situation the hawks within british military intelligence hoped for a different outcome. where all out war could be waged on the ira. in the meantime. were slaughtering anyone but republican targets. so we asked ourselves why why these people and we drew up to lists one was a people who were unlucky enough to be caught up in indiscriminate car bombs and the other this was a people who were targeted or watched chased hunted at their work or at their home and we discovered to our surprise that every single one of those bar one. self
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starters people were making something of their lives they were ordinary people and then we asked ourselves why why these people. and the ferry we came to was that frank kitson in his classic manual of counterinsurgency operations roads that if you can't catch the fish either by rod or wide net then poison the water and author areas that these ordinary people were targeted to persuade other ordinary people to repudiate the ira a to withdraw support from the ira course didn't work had the opposite effect violence begets violence if people can't trust the law they would take the law into their own hands it was completely counterproductive as well as illegal and immoral i think the stage we've reached as a longer stand. the legal cooperation. cooperation between. members of the security force. sometimes as high.
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tech in the 1990 s. . police officers. and it's been a phenomenon through the troubles. collusion of many. deniable 3rd forces and. i think. the security forces felt that they couldn't because. they were by the rule of law and so they could use deniable 3rd forces to do it.
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live. live. live live. live. licked. and very well welcome to you you're watching us inside. argentina love it this country is phantasmagorical the people are extraordinary the government and the central bank maybe not so much because of the central bank but let's get into this a little bit more detail. during the grid to prison which old must remember that it was and most of the family were employed. there
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wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america where shape by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo debt engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no i'm chomsky one set of rules for the rich opposite. to that's what happens when you put her into the. narrow sector of will switch rule is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of
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america. democrats can have gloating as the debate gets underway in the lower house over whether to impeach president trump. says brits are losing their faith in the b.b.c. after its election coverage faced claims a bias in the house of respondents believe its journalists are no longer trustworthy. stonie an authority threatened criminal prosecution against employees of russian news agency sputnik pressuring them to cut ties with the parent company .
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leaving a welcome this is r.t. and. the u.s. house is debating the donald trump in pietschmann tactical sprouter love mog.


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