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pression which i'm old mr remember there was and most of my family were unemployed working class there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation of the things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the 10 principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo debt engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no i'm chomsky one set of rules for the rich opposite set of rules for the poor. that's what happens when you put her into the hands of a narrow sector of wilf which will is dedicated to increasing power for itself just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america.
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in dublin the campaign group justice for the forgotten had for years been demanding a public inquiry into the dublin i'm on. it still took 7 years for the irish government 6 years after the ira's $994.00 cease fire to agree to a strict form of inquiry under justice henry barron the inquiry found in his own careful words and despite london refusing to cooperate with the inquiry that the case for collusion was neither fanciful nor absurd. crucially however for the families bereaved by other glennon murders north of the border daryn published a full appendix listing the ballistic links between other key attacks. after publication of the foreign reports it became obvious that there was still no response from the state. very serious allegations of criminality where knock on the
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investigated that there was going to be no response and so we decided that we should respond we should bring people in and their national figures so we approached a number of people you an investigator. people had worked on the set off interest commission and others academics lawyers people thinks periods and we invited them to ireland and i asked them to look at the evidence to me which was a blowers to meet with families to meet with p.s. and i was seated. and a troll their own conclusions to draw up their own report the international panel report which is what they did and it was a very valuable experience to have people from outside the jurisdiction come here look at the evidence and come to their own conclusions. 10 years ago from 2004 to 2006 i have the privilege of chairing an independent
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international inquiry into potential collusion by british security forces in paramilitary killings of catholics in northern ireland. they certainly were not a few bad apples there are a significant number of british intelligence agents from within the car you see in the u.d.r. who were involved directly in these killings who are in collusion with them. and their activities there are illegal activities courting to the evidence we received were known to their immediate superiors who doing a number of chief inspectors and inspectors where we were not able to ascertain if the time is how far up the chain of command this went we do know that senior authorities in london on notice of information that should have caused them to further investigations of this collusion in northern ireland we found no no way to . that they took that obligation seriously. the next big step change came when they
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historically inquiry's team was set up to investigate all the unsolved murders of the conflict which quickly broadened all. the conflicts and within that organization the a.g.t. there was a special team set up to investigate claims of collusion or where the state was allegedly involved in the mud as it was headed by a particularly intelligent determined detective called steve morris. my expectations were on would conduct a full and thorough review of a number of murders there were believe. involved certain degrees of collusion there was already have been some degrees of collusion from a lower level and by those members of the security forces that were directly involved but as the review can seniors and we found out more i was surprised about
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the extent and the degree to which the collusion was involved in some of those cases. really surprised me was the. step in you know launching 76 people killed where there was overseen by. police officers. that really flabbergasted me by the lack of response from the only you see. it was quite evident from the outside looking. in so this material and documents that elements of the. knew some of their offices planning and eventually carried out the fight let's step in.
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and 2nd. what it's incomprehensible to me that they all use a senior level were aware that a bombing was being carried out and in 5 a bombing other. knowing who was responsible and knowing who they were they still did nothing about it. none of those officers were arrested until 1978 and even then my words were arrested specifically for the step in they were arrested for other matters so from the opus 976 until december 19th. the all you see did nothing. for us to step in bombing was the smoking gun because although we believe that it was very similar to a lot of other attacks in the clinic there is the difference with the step in was the historical enquiries team under steve morris managed to find all the paperwork.
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which showed that that what the authorities had known about the plan leading up to the step in the carrying out of the bombing itself and the facts that although they knew every single passenger who'd been involved in the planning the coordination the determining of the target the making of the bomb the storing up the bomb everything then you everybody and everything about this bomb despite that and spite the fact that 2 people were killed and a huge number of other people were very seriously engines not one single person was of a child convicted without bombing despite the i.e.c. knowing everything about it. will be a reaction to all those years not easier of course. devastated the same game. or do we better.
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that i had gone on a card. because i knew the army was there check the whole thing out of me in check dish common of pharma and they told me that their army and the police rather than company are actually a bone wash. and known as the i never questioned dad in question on the haiti teetotallers one thing that there must be a survey of around the mid afternoon and you had boma there for years so on this method the more there that is not just. more there. and place your partner changes to bed. the only part in being a get the inquest put forward and no more county. oh no what they don't.
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it was clear deals from seein the individual reports that were coming from the storage point queries team the what we were looking at here it was coordinated attacks. some of the same people use the same weapons same fire hoses same heights same modus operandi or working together and not truly understand what was happening and who needed to be looked at as a whole but the daily thing else would be to optimize each individual attack to individualize that which didn't tell the bigger story the story that was understood a place headquarters that was all arrested at army headquarters at the time but these were coordinated actions and date that some members of the security forces were taking part in these attacks and so we said it c.t. that there were any way to properly understand this was to produce an overarching report they agreed they began to work on it but it was never completed it was never delivered. what we think the prosper. over and over arching wadebridge and
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thematic report has proved a senior level within the pearson eye because. the conclusions would have been just to cut a stroke it would have a sensibly made the case and in fact it would have amounted to a state recognition and confirmation that collusion existed within the security forces in this particular sector in the conflict and i suppose politically for many many other reasons not was just too long comfortable for many people on for the british government that meant a pulling out of the overarching report on not really is just acceptable for the focus. one of the fundamental elements of my overall to report would have been for this question to be almost how is it that a group of place offices. know that they can go back to a farm where there is a bomb in
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a car having been on the surveillance and yet they know they can go back the following day. and the bomb goes off will drive them the confidence that they were not going to be apprehended there and then. or some lights a stage for me that is the biggest question that needs to be answered were. desperate to get to the truth for some of the elderly bereaved relatives die steve morris is on answered questions were put before the courts and. their lawyers challenge the haiti failure by the thematic report that they were promised. amongst the legal exhibits provided to the high court was a copy of on cadwallader as lethal allies the 1st time any such group is accepted as a legal exhibit in the northern courts. in july 27th the court delivered a stunning victory for the family. ordering the chief constable to come up within
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weeks with an exceptional independent free resource to court to fulfill his he's promised. humiliated the chief constable the pm despite objections from the reeve families 11 of whom had passed away since a court case began. it's been a long hard road for the families today it's on us forces being very disappointed that the overarching report that would have pulled everton together and made all the connections. and being completed there. how important is there for the. importance frustrating yesterday was disappointing you have your ups and downs equally in the story but i
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know the however frustration and obsession it is for me there are people all over northern ireland who have lost found a race who are getting out this morning wondering if this is going to be the day when they finally get some justice. so these days you never know what the course of them to decide but there's no doubt about this in the 3 months since groundbreaking victory in the courts on the 28th of july 27th team although the p.s. and i in the state were ordered by the judge to negotiate with us and come forward with a green roofs to inquiry enter a horse we've just discovered that they have done nothing. absolutely nothing so if you're an individual or a citizen and you're all just something bad course you have to do it somehow if you're clean. force and your own right hopes to something you can get away with
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doing nothing for at least 3 months and then they decide to appeal today which is possible you could deny everything right here some of our family members are holes will they might be here again just see the report and the schools will soon all come into existence. well it finally happened donald trump has been impeached by the house of representatives in complete opposition to what the founders had in vision the articles voted on were along party lines it is highly unlikely the senate will vote to remove the president from office so what is the point of this entire exercise.
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i had a spiritual experience. and i had the little girl that died in the fire sent their collins. 75 year old son we're looking for a kenny reaching. 54 years old and 21 years on good role model. for a crime i didn't commit. i only knew that he was innocent and read the blueprints that nobody but this. you know in. trial was pretty much a farce. they are having a guilty plea for that well. tell you nobody. caught. nothing not that people are on it the home. of the. cheney hasn't forgiven himself for something.
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people like. there's no explanation. as issues the pivotal day for the families and their faith for justice for 2 reasons the 1st one the court has in the rare move ordered that they should know take action on complete the report that was promised to all of these families the 2nd issue is this an unprecedented move the court has asked for the police to provide often even evidence compelling and setting
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a way they have not given any notes or records as to why this decision was taken the reality is this decision here by the court is. that justice was no longer delayed to the follies of going on and i just was done in the peace completed the support without any endless litigation. almost 4 years since we started this case and. i have watched family members. and there's other family members as the gone on series. on emotional torture. logical torture. on it's near tame that. george relays that enough is enough on the day off the dangers sure are you see over to the proper place in the house to be a furnace and justice. i do. a lot of editing.
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so far we've identified 38 people who were involved in the murders of 120 past people who were members of the so-called security forces we've named most of them there may be others we don't know of very few spend a day in jail now that's too many people over short few years involved in 120 murders in one geographic small geographical area to be explainable by the data of the area as far as the victims were concerned they were just collateral damage in what was a state systemic policy of collusion now as far as the family is a concern and they have the right to truth and justice some want apology and acknowledgement others want a day in court will support whatever they choose. well it's amazing how the truth comes. as george bernard shaw over 50 that said it comes like brought
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under the door. and it has happened from time to time. some people have or are not conscious has taken them and they have revealed different material and she is of can buy of course the family should been interested and of trying to find the truth of what happened and who was responsible but at the same time a lot of awfully sick killers having been shot in the church at the authorities today and they had to care for information about a movie half for collusion but not in comparison to the sure bunch of collusion only on solved it's not all it's not very great. on a cat. and shushed and just at only just a style of nothing. just out of
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a cup now. those. clues are for what they did. traction made on ahead telling. the tale chair that much more. they still got the police protection. and. i think it went to the very very top. i think it is. crossed the water where politicians knew what was going on and give the go ahead. on basically the artichoke with bain. doing a great job bodies ought. don't be getting caught and dropping also into problems. i suppose what still needs to be don't is to get an acknowledgment of what actually
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happened. to the period of the troubles to the period of the conflict take to protect themselves as a neutral arbiter at this stage that story doesn't stack up anymore the british did were involved in the most killings they were involved with loyalist paramilitaries . i suppose my abiding hope would be that we can tell that story that we can honor those who lost their lives to the collusive acts of members of the security forces. me having the way to kill a filling stations and a few lonely street lamps among the fields you climb the hills towards newton how much past the fuse forest an ether stars. along that route. bowed
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high bare pilgrims track where sweeney fled before the bloodied heads beards and dogs eyes in a demon pack blazing out of the ground snapping and squealing. what is ahead of you. a favor to a roadblock. the red lamp swung the sudden brakes and stalling engine voices heads hooted and the cold nosed gone. are in your driving mare tailing headlights that pulled out suddenly and flagged you done where you went no home and far from what you knew. the lol and clays and waters of last pagg church island spire its soft tree line of you. there you once heard guns fired behind the house long before rising time when doc
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shooters haunted the marigolds and who rushes. but still were scared to find spent cartridges acrid brassy genital objected. on your way across the strand to fetch the car. for you and yours and yours and mine fought shy spoke an old language of conspirators and could not crack the whip or seize the day. big voiced scullions herders feeders round haycocks and hindquarters talkers and buyers swill arbitrator's of the burial ground. across that strand of yours the cattle greens up to their bellies in an early miss and neither they turn their own bewildered kids to where we work our way through squeaking sads running into you.
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like a dove bled with his dad whole and. last bag kind of shines under the. i turn because the sweeping of your feet has stuck behind me to find you on your knees this blog on the road say mocking your hair analysis in the media in front of you and brimming grass and gather up cold confidence of the jews to wash your cars and. i dabbed cleaned with the most fine as the drizzle out of a low cloud. i lift you under your arms and lay a flat. with rushes that should clean again i ploughed green scott pillars toy or over your surround.
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it was it. not for. that is
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a good step but it should be called her home. base for t.v. . feel good growth did. it create this week comes. to. you to put up the strayed from. we see. just what you choose. this group. is to. you to fit scheme.
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but. it comes. just. for. you do. you like to do this stuff. and do spare issues to the trees. and. go. to some.
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all of us will hopes it has been absolutely new a baby but since a behavior that appears even in death and dying babies even if you've never heard of seen loves you will love if you're tickles by your parents. and then we learn how to use this in a more complex way i'm one of the things that we learn is to how to join in with love to contagiously to love and somebody else loves even if you don't know why the last thing. i'm going to fulfill the repeated promise is apologise to the people i promise you know we've all pots to. be. pretty.
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much. pretty good. now you want to 1st crack that. no. no. ball be cut. welcome to max keiser financial survival guide. looking forward to your pension account. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain don't let
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this happen you watch kaiser report. one person is killed and 5 are injured in a shooting at the federal security service building in central moscow. also to come the last minute attempt to disrupt russian gas transit to europe u.s. senators who want to space pipe playing company that crippling sanctions will put it out of business if the company does not stop work on the almost completed new treaty pipeline and a $100000000000.00 in donations is being held by the movement church according to a whistleblower who claims it has misled its men.


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