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that's without. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. watched as a report. one person is killed and 5 are injured in a shooting at the federal security service building in central moscow. also to come this hour in the last minutes attempt to disrupt russian gas transit to europe u.s. senators who want to split the pipe playing company that crippling sanctions will put it out of business if the company does not stop work on the almost completed new treaty pipeline and a $100000000000.00 in donations is being held by the movement church according to a whistleblower who claims it has misled its members into parting with their money
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. oh good morning just clock here in moscow you're watching r.t. international now top story this hour an investigation is underway to find out the identity of the shooter who opened fire on thursday in the vicinity of the federal security service building in central moscow it has been confirmed that one officer was killed in the attack the gun battle happened in the very heart of the russian capital not far from the crime.
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the f.s.b. has confirmed the shooter was in and didn't enter its premises i've people. including a civilian my colleagues neil harvey hawkins discuss what happened. what we can say for sure is that there was one attacker involved we know that this attack and attempted to enter the headquarters of the f.s.b. that's the russian federal security service or it's a building very much in central moscow it's within a stone's throw from the bolshoi theater red square. big shopping center rochelle this sort of packed with people very busy people leaving work to go home and go about their evening activities this happened at about 10 past 6 in the evening now security forces and police were very quick to respond that attacker was quickly reports say he was quickly shot but not before sadly he managed to kill
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at least 5 people we can't say exactly what their condition is we know that one f.s.b. officer was tragically killed another one was at a critical condition the other 3 people we don't have any information from the health ministry as of yet we know they've been taken to local hospitals we know he was carrying an automatic assault rifle which for moscow for a city you which as we've discussed earlier has suffered its fair share of terrorist attacks of bombings that set for is quite a rare sight and seeing these streets deserted of after this certainly is. it is quite surreal we can speculate of course all we want at this stage given the target of the attack the f.s.b. given the timing of the attack the speech by president putin today both his conversation with journalists and in the kremlin as well given tomorrow of course russia celebrating security services day until that is officially confirmed that's
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all we can bring our viewers and this is a fragment of the speech by police and given a little earlier today. if you would used to be me we need to be more active in countering extremism. and i'm compromising least the president of occasionally who . that's meant to drool people is obviously you. know sure radical a little bit is good but i mean we've we've covered tragically so many stories in the suit on the ground the attack the nice attack london bridge 2 attacks etc this is an event which is becoming more frequent lone wolf attacks are hard to prevent whatever tactics they use whether that's suicide bombers left those knives robbing attacks shooting they always cause designed to cause mass panic fear and of course ultimately a debate which takes place after such attacks about the balance of the say which one protecting rights liberties and privacy of people and public safety that is a debate that is going to be heard again after after this attack after attack and
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a debate that's to be taken very seriously just to bridge a security analyst and former british army officer gave his appraisal of the situation and told us where things could go from here. well the place and the security services will be looking really to establish 2 aspects of this is an absolute priority the 1st of course is the identity of this person and they may well already know that and of course will give a very good and a very strong indication i think of what their motivation in this case was what it was political or personal or indeed some other aspect that was driving the motivation here and 2nd of course even though they've said it's from according to reports that nobody else was involved in this attack they will want to be sure that nobody else was actually involved in any planning aspects or in terms of assisting the government and that may take some time for example the examination of mobile phone records of any c.c.t.v. records and of course any. the mouse communications and so on that might be held on the suspects computers and elsewhere and of course that would require house
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searches and so on but the fact is i think that even if you were going to have the most annoying government the most benign state in any country the world you will get some people a lot of time to herself that she wanted to because of policy because they're for instance or background or the circumstances of their own personal lives. now u.s. senators have warned us we spy plane company that sanctions will cripple its business if it does not stop working on the north pipeline project and a last minute attempt to disrupt russian gas transit see europe the senate has approved a bill penalize ing foreign companies involved in its construction it will come into effect as soon as donald trump signs the legislation into law. reports. they say politics is a does he gave him and his players can be selfish greedy and unethical but for the most part these pretend they're in it for the right reasons and of playing by the
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rules i think someone might have forgotten to tell ted cruz you fisa binary choice stop now and leave the pipeline unfinished the express intention of the sanctions legislation which we all heard were make a foolish attempt to rush to complete the pipeline and reese putting your company out of the business forever so what's called an elected u.s. senator so riled up that he's sending out letters with the distinct whiff of blackmail to them how did you guess it's russia almost specifically north stream to the 1225 kilometer pipeline running from russia to germany but on the brink of completion the us though is in its greatest rotten the united states commands all our european partners who have taken a strong stand against north stream to. and we commend others to do the same germany is totally controlled by russia because they were getting from 60 to 70 percent of their energy from russia and
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a new pipeline this pipeline is completed. would make europe even more dependent on russian energy would generate billions of dollars for putin billions of dollars that would phone russian military aggression. we don't want your energy supplies to be defended. but america couldn't risk letting people make the decisions time's running out off to rule they decide to get it down in writing and possibile which will require don't try to impose sanctions on any foreign companies and individuals who are lending a helping hand in building the pipeline like the lucky recipient of cruises let's all see is a company of a 6000 kilometers away from washington in switzerland and like you'd expect from a politician at that level the latter is filled with all the signposts of them all to person who's just ready to sit down and reach a compromise for the next decade your company and personnel will be entirely barred
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from the united states any transactions will be blocked all property will be frozen now clearly this is a matter very close to cruz's heart because earlier this month he introduced another piece of legislation protecting europe's energy security act that's despite some in europe not actually wanting any protection european energy policy must be decided in europe not the us we fundamentally reject outside intervention and sanctions with extra territorial effect but cruise thinks he knows better he needs to save poor europe from falling victim to those devious forces in moscow it would make europe even more dependent on russian energy and that makes europe susceptible to economic blackmail europe depended on russia is not good for europe it's not good for america i won't waste time and pointing out the irony and it's not even a cheeky one off blackmail kind of thing earlier this year u.s. ambassador to germany richard grinnell previously described by
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a german politician as acting like the high commissioner. an occupying power and persona non-grata also thought he'd flex his muscles we emphasize that companies involved in russian energy exports are taking part in something that could prompt a significant risk of sanctions now that's not being a fine of something and then there's going to these kinds of lengths and causing diplomatic disputes it's almost as if the us has something to lose from nordstrom to going ahead but it helps american jobs much better for european energy needs to be satisfied by american natural gas that creates jobs here in america rather than fueling putin's military how much and that we have it americans who propounded the virtues of the free market and happy about some healthy competition especially when the competition is providing a cheaper and faster alternative though i'll admit it does have one thing missing
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with the us in another year of record setting natural gas production i'm pleased that the department of energy is doing what it can to promote an efficient regulatory system that allows for molecules of u.s. freedom to be exported to the world and does cruisin like his freedom gas in fact last year alone he liked 700 and $65000.00 of it that's how much in donations he got from the oil and gas lobby making him the sector's top recipient in all of congress but really that's just by the by. newson executive director of the race you sent to tell us that the u.s. is trying to paint its allies into buying american liquefied natural gas. it's an economic issue more than the security i mean i find it interesting that the us there are trying to dictate. economic development energy policy to europe europe needs this energy both from reducing their coal and nuclear percentage of power as
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well as well to provide an engine for their economic growth and you know russia it's been a very reliable and i think it i think it's basically an economic way to get back at russia but also they're going to be sanctioning their own allies to trying to twist their arms to buy more u.s. but europe does not make them competitive to pay anywhere from 50 percent to twice the amount for for energy and the elegy is not reliable you've got weather conditions you've got shipping condition to get everything else so from a european perspective the most secure way to ensure an independent energy policy and energy security from my perspective is completion of north stream to. another new scotland to seeking another independence referendum 1st minister nicola sturgeon has made a formal request to the british prime minister boris johnson and he serai has more
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on the. boris johnson the british prime minister took his place in parliament once more following that event election victory last week a very convincing one for boris johnson winning a strong parliamentary majority and as a result of that he was able to lay out his legislative agenda going forward over the next parliament and now one of those issues which is or isn't because of the election is a question of scottish independence and the british government saying. they're not going to even entertain it as they of course want to maintain the union we should resist because of those who would break up the united kingdom we should politely politely and respectfully. partnerships and you know all of this has been brought into a close a focus following last week's general election the s.n.p. doing very well winning 48 seats pretty much a very overwhelming majority almost all of the seats in scotland while the tories
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won a majority 'd south of the border and elsewhere and so as far as the s.n.p. a concern what happened off the braggs it and the results of the election are a clear indication that the scottish people want to have another say when it comes to scottish independence he must have the right to consider the alternative of independence the question of independence must be to say good by the people i know it by politicians scotland made very clear last week that it does not warrant a to any government led by boris johnson teaching his 8 of you to. path that we haven't chosen. but that is the future we feets if we don't have the opportunity to consider the tentative of independence now 5 years ago there was a scottish independence referendum the scottish people voted by 55 percent to 45 percent to remain in the union with the rest of the united kingdom and so the u.k. government borrows johnson say that's it it's a once in
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a lifetime generation vote you don't get another say but for scotland the concern breaks that change that you think the scottish people voted overwhelmingly by around 2 thirds of the population to remain in the new and with the u.k. looking to leave the european union by the end of next january moods are strengthening north of the border almost called a champagne tony sheridan believes that the recent u.k. election results to show that only scotland can determine its political future. clearly a rejection and have been rejected this is very important to. have been 17 general elections in the last 60 years the juries in scotland of last every one of them they haven't won an election in scotland and. 55. despite. what the selection. to choose would be wrong.
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the law says it was for independents. voting for. to choose the next. union. a friendship. to the people of scotland 2020 is the year of scotland's democracy. on january 11th. to be seen in clear johnson. you cannot prevent us from having the right to choose. you. may have to tax for. years the mormon church is.
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$1000000000.00. into. the reserves inside. 3. well the church denies any wrongdoing though saying it has the right to manage donations as it sees fit it adds to the whistleblower there is a disgruntled ex employee seeking compensation and r.t. source to inside the church told us that the internal revenue service finished a major audit 2 years ago and found no problems nonprofit organizations including churches are not obliged to pay taxes in the us people we spoke to were not surprised by the whistleblowers revelations. i'm not terribly surprised after all the scientology. money tax evasion what i feel like churches are corrupt there's always issues with $5.00 a one c theories and churches and money and doing what they're doing i mean i guess it just depends i should pay definitely should pay taxes especially with the guys
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will have those big houses in the jetson tax free it's not fair they should pay something but they just don't that's constitution it's constitutional question do this a place axis more investigation more arrests you know and it's doing that i mean but no taxes let everybody everybody pick one and sign peak advisors it was an arm of the mormon church which proved that it was not. born acquirements which is why they got into this in the 1st place because we didn't have to reports what was going on under the i.r.s. tax law you are informed and you have to use that money for such a charitable purpose but in this situation this particular investment arm there was a bailout up and serve her but they also. thought when we so those are projects where there is no charitable purposes we're not rinsed her makes you cry so they have a plaque and we're getting all those are for profit then turns we're making.
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over $100.00 doctors have made an impassioned plea to destroying government they want cambra to intervene in the case of whistleblower gina songe claiming to be in prison destroying the nationalist health is in grave danger an open letter to the country's foreign minister the medical professionals came to put pressure on the u.k. where he's being held they want to songe to be returned to australia for urgent treatment . should mr sloan's die in a british prison people want to know what you did to prevent his death it is an extremely serious matter for history and citizen survival to be endangered by a foreign government obstructing his human right to health it is an even more serious matter for the citizens' own government to refuse to him to remain against historical precedent and numerous converging lines of medical advice last month
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a medical grade percent their 1st letter to the british home office after gina sanchez paid in court there they were supplying a struggle to recall his date of birth claiming that he couldn't think properly assigned complained about the prison conditions that officers warn that if nothing is done soon stange may actually die in prison however the letter has fallen on deaf ears we sent a request to the u.k. home office for comment on the doctor's warnings although so far we haven't received a response a son should appear at a london court 5 video link on thursday from a maximum security prison where he's being held we spoke to one of the authors of the open letter dr marko she said. we struggle to be a culture but do little sounds kind of adequately treated right continuing under the same harsh conditions we have little evidence. showing his children course and. he's in the
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room and he should. be kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day and there was a humiliating. to be sure that prolonged states a certain trickle final and maybe lead to severe. brain drain down which. is a political prisoner in a country and. him ocracy. now the russian president has held his annual q. and a session with the media and it did last over 4 hours that amir pearson fielded questions on both domestic and international issues he dress the issue of limiting presidential terms in russia and also commented on the dating scandal as well as the impeachment saga in the us there are some of the highlights.
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it's just a continuation of political infighting one party that lost the election of the democratic party is working for results through other methods accusing trump of collusion with russia then it's discovered that there was no collusion that can't be the basis for impeachment now they've come up with pressure on ukraine i don't know what your representatives have a better idea. as for statements from certain people various political figures about. about me as the head of the country i have been used to treating this accordingly but i know what the interests of my country are and that it doesn't matter at all what anyone else says there is absolutely no value in comparing what they say with the fundamental toss which russia is interested in solving congratulations to boris johnson
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nevertheless he turned out to be the winner he understood the mood of the british people better than his political opponents but if. you do a lot all sorts of attempts to stop your activity you can go unnoticed i'm very surprised because russia is always accused of all evils including pressure on independent media and they do the same that they accuse us of this is cynical us government measures such as restrictions can't work because you will hold those who want to spark discord between our countries we can't allow it you must try to work in those countries that are scared of your information. for us activists could face prison time for their efforts to protect the venezuelan embassy in washington from being taken over by followers of that country's opposition but that eagle basis of the charge is now being questioned after the judge refused to admit some
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of the defendants evidence the activists were arrested on the 16th of may after living in the venezuelan embassy for 37 days with a mission from president nicolas maduro defendants are concerned the judges denial will mean that the jury won't hear evidence vital to their case washington considers the president the presence of majority government in venezuela embassy illegal as the us recognizes or pushes opposition leader. the crisis broke out in january when they claimed himself interim president of venezuela with support from the u.s. and its allies present doro keys washington of all straightening ok. my colleague was on a lot could talked with the 2 with 2 of those arrested at the embassy protests kevin zeese an american lawyer and adrian pyne an associate professor of anthropology at the american university. what's being claimed here is that the u.s.
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is not recognizing materials found as well as lead and this is somehow playing a part in a trial how could this happen in a trial in the united states and the u.s. is sort of very strange rules in their courts one is that if the president says somebody is the president in other countries that person is a president a matter what is the facts are so if the president from said mickey mouse was the president of venezuela and is a bastard it was donald duck and donald duck were just to leave and that was an order that we had the court will accept it's a very bizarre thing every senator everybody in that courtroom. and in the government knows that would dural is the president and has always been the president use aleck to the president and he still the president come back to niger and why is it that you have lost faith in this trial well it's become a clear that it's that the conditions of the trial are unfair we are not going to be allowed to defend ourselves it has been narrowed to such
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a degree that the only question is did we are did we not yet so day in order of the elites but the question of whether or not we where there are legally is not even being addressed and that is really at the core of the matter because if the order itself was illegal then we did nothing wrong if those facts were allowed into evidence then it would be clear that we have not violated the law that we have in fact protected it so if these facts haven't been allowed into evidence and what you are claiming is that this child is being punished as sized then kevin who is it being politicized by well i mean obviously the judge is making the decisions and she is reading the law in a way that restricts what gives can be considered. what we have the right to a jury trial and a jury will be able to hear at least some evidence to make an effort to. why we
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were in the embassy and why we're there legally and how we were actually protecting the embassy and not interfering with the protective function we hope to get all those facts before the jury we're not giving up that effort the discovery motions that the judge ruled on last week certainly make it more difficult but we're going to continue to pursue as much of a jury trial as we can and we think it's important for us jury to rule that we were in the embassy illegally and that recognize their president is in fact the president of venezuela. just coming up in the morning here in moscow that's how things are looking back again at the top of the. back geysers financial survival guide. housing bubble all.
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oh you mean there's a downside to artificially low mortgage rates don't get carried away that's cause a report. hello and welcome to the party the jews running the world may be one of the dirtiest for some but not for our guests today a scholar of jewish history him and take the jews are indeed all the represented in many patients and played a vital role in all major pursuits of the twentieth's. century from capitalism and
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liberalism to nationalism and socialism moreover the future belongs to the jews isn't that to rescale for an argument in this age of political correctness to discuss that i'm now joined by you professor of russian history at the university of california berkeley professor good to talk to you thank you very much for coming over here that you are one of the very few western scholars who dared to make of this city and what you call afaik particularism consistent subject of your study before we discuss your work why do you think this is such a to boot topic today. don't think it's a boot up and can among scholars people study nationalism study its necessity. there's a lot being written a book maybe had to move topic in some political circles in political rhetoric with regard to particular yes nick groups as well speaking about particular ethnic
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groups in your book the deer century god the national jewish book award but if you look for example at the reviews at amazon there are lots of reviews but almost every reviewer calls your book controversial and i would have i think there are hasn't been enough of the public discussion about your very interesting thesis so i would understand why the germans for example would be sort of tip toeing around the issue or trying to avoid it altogether but why would the americans feel any hesitation around the jewish question well actually the book was translated into german and the with some discussions in germany and reviews. but of course it is controversial because i discuss the role of jews in the modern world i discuss their success their overrepresentation in the.


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