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russian officials reveal the identity of the gunman who killed 2 and injured 5 in a shooting near the federal security service building in central moscow we spoke to the father of the attacker lee he became very secretive and also got some kind of strange eastern accent used to tell me that he liked shooting even want to get the right become a more still. more than 3 years of deadlock and numerous rejections the u.k. parliament finally backs prime minister boris johnson's brigs it could all agree.
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facebook is tarnished by yet another huge data breach is if it's private information about millions of users was exposed on mind anyone to act. good evening thanks for joining us this is r.t. international. russia's investigative committee has released the identity of the gunman who opened fire outside the headquarters of the federal security service building in central moscow on thursday evening 39 year old city of guinea when you're off lived in the moscow region he killed an f.s.b. officer before being shot dead himself another officer died later in hospital 5 other people including one civilian were injured at the moment the investigation into possible motives is still ongoing here's how the situation unfolded at the scene of the shooting.
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with your children when you get to the door when we heard strange sounds we needed to realize that we should hide then we heard someone in the street shouting go back go back. to us and you know when the mom wasn't shooting randomly and i think we heard him shout out something but we didn't manage to make out what he was shouting at. the city in a basement we're watching now when a guy came and we're just going outside and he told us there was a shooting out that also an injured pass and he told us the injured party had been dragged into a cafe. where there are reports the russian investigative committee has searched the home of the suspect and interviewed his family and friends we spoke to the neighbors and father of the
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shooter. but lately he became very secretive and also got some kind of strange eastern accent used to tell me that he liked shooting and even wanted to get a sports rank become a more star all sports team where he worked he replied in the emirates embassy as a security guard though i do not know if it is true he was a very calm guy and then somehow the change started growing his beard maybe it happened of the his grandmother. he's a lawyer worked somewhere in moscow he comes from a good family mother grandmother she was a good man she was always very polite attentive i can't say anything bad about him i can't believe what's happened in the country does in your house and he was he wasn't aggressive very calm quite quiet he was lonely no friends no girlfriend we found out about his hoby by accident he invited my husband to join him at a shooting range when he refused the topic was never raised again although we now
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know is what we've been finding out now from the media. with on how it all unfolded in central moscow here's our correspondence if you stuff. it wasn't calm last night here the f.s.b. building is just to the left of me and the whole thing happened at around half past 6 in the evening right on the opposite side of this main f.s.b. building of this f.s.b. had quarter according to an unconfirmed video which we can show you right now the alleged shooter took his position between behind one of the columns right again on the opposite side of this building he took aim armed with an assault rifle and he opened fire it seemed that he was specifically targeting f.s.b. offices coming out of the building now just to give you an idea as to how busy it was here last night what you're seeing right now is pretty white desolation compared to that because this is the heart of moscow it's the very center of the
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russian capital it's a trendy and hip area with plenty of baa's cafes and restaurants so at 6 o'clock it wasn't just the end of the work shift wasn't just the end of the word they wasn't just people leaving their offices offices out on the streets but also plenty of people just out and about plenty of tourists i mean if you just look over there christmas decorations are already up here so people were doing their christmas shopping there's a st regis hotel right across the street from me so there were literally hundreds of people out and about on the square and they were terrified by the shooting but initially many of them were confused because with christmas right around the corner many of them mistook the 1st bursts of fire with well fireworks. i was sitting with my friends in a bow when the shooting began it was the sound of a kalashnikov assault rifle i know what it sounds like my friends were like oh it
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must be firecrackers but i told them no way it's not firecrackers and then we saw people running down the street it was scary at 5 or 10 minutes past 6 the gun. fire began and it was not just a few shots it came in bursts we saw officers taking cover behind the cars. left work met up with my girlfriend and when we heard some dull sounds in the distance i thought at 1st it was fireworks or some firecrackers but as the sound continued we realized something was wrong traffic police who were in because that's good bridge as usual began evacuating people they apparently caught on to what was going on people started running we heard the gunfire plenty of details are missing right now you know more official information as as of yet we do know that the russian president is being kept in the loop of this attack right here in the heart of moscow security analyst charles shoebridge outlined where he thinks things could go from here. they've said that from according to reports that nobody else was
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involved in this attack they will want to be sure that nobody else was actually involved in any planning aspects or in terms of assisting the government and that may take some time for example the examination of mobile phone records of any c.c.t.v. records and of course any. e-mails communications and so on that might be held on the suspect's computers and elsewhere and of course that would require house searches and so on but the fact is i think. even if you were going to have the most benign government the most benign state in any country or what you will get some people. seem to have a sense of that just one of them because of policy because of instance or background or the circumstances of their own personal lives. 3 and a half years after the british people voted for the u.k. to leave the european union 3 prime ministers later and for briggs it deals with checked by parliament and piece of finally given a backing to an exit plan has details. it would appear that way off the 3 and
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a half years of delays and gridlock in the house of parliament that overwhelming victory in terms of the seats won for the conservative party last week in the general election means that boris johnson could today get his drugs that deal approved by parliament he did so with a majority of our 120124 he managed to get it through and so what that means is by january 31st the u.k. will be leaving the e.u. which point they will enter into an implementation period or transition period that despite that vote today despite the win for the conservatives last week drugs that still leaves many issues on the zoltan also leaves the country fit to be divided one of the main divisions of course comes to the issue of scotland now scotland voted by 2 thirds roughly to remain in the european union during that referendum and also last week they won an overwhelming number of the seats in scotland the s.n.p.
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that is the scottish national party was of course pro in the pendants and so they take that as a mandate that the scottish people don't want to be dragged out of the e.u. and that they want that independence and those divisions remains clear in the house of commons today before that vote was held. learns the emphatic lesson of the last call unlike members opposite and reject any delay in scotland could not talk been cleared of last week we did not call for breaks it come in the s.n.p. with a greater monday shows still totally and utterly rejects break ca this tale is a road map for the reckless direction in which the government prime minister adi term and to take our country the story story of the last $3.00 you will be at today and we would be able to move forward one of the consents to take to the. for the labor leader during the quarter it was workers' rights and the government has now
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taken out a part of that bill the motion within the bill that would have ensured the protection of workers' rights following prices so that's now no longer going to be part of that deal or the government's priority with that deal and also they haven't said to the clause making it strict and making it more difficult if not impossible for an extension to the transition period what that means is that the government would only have from the day leave by the end of january of next year till the end of december takes year to negotiate a trade deal there are many who say that 11 months simply isn't a long enough time for a trade deal to be struck and also go having provisions for u.k. courts to be able to question and challenge and the piece of legislation by the european court of justice that remains in the u.k. you know or so as far as boris johnson is concerned he's going to be powering on with his efforts to take the u.k. out of the european union. independent political commentator anthony webber
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believes the opposition will now lessen its all still a key to the government. there's cause for celebration for the country because the 1st period of uncertainty will be over and there's cause for celebration because boris johnson has actually made a commitment which is come true the conservative party has got a huge majority they can get through anything very want. but that will be a positive thing from the point of view of black suit of course. the concern might be on other issues where. you could argue that they haven't really yours or mandates but i think the public have given a mandate on the subject to. i think certainly some of the opposition think is will probably turn down their rhetoric including even the who a lot of people are getting fed up with because very only had 45 percent of the very
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very claim to speak up for the scottish people which very very clearly don't so i think over the coming months we're going to see some more rather sudden. yet another security breach scandalous at social media giant facebook is a new massive online database has been found that could potentially be used against the site sees as more than 267000000 facebook users i.d.'s phone numbers and names were exposed most of the affected users were from the us this database has been taken offline facebook stated to r.t. that they think the records were obtained before recent security upgrades we're looking into this issue but believe this is likely information obtained before changes we made in the past few years to better protect people's information . facebook has been marred by security breach scandals that despite its efforts to
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combat leaks here's a look at some past examples. we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry. we've had a series of different data exposures data leaks and facebook cuz how to respond
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reactively to a large number because it's been on the back foot we are going to see more breaches more incidents to come because 1st of all they haven't fixed every single problem and secondly they're all amounts of data that took already be taken through facebook that have yet to be exposed as was the case here the problem that facebook has though is eventually it is going to lose people's trust if it continues to behave in this way and no amount of money is going to back the trust and at the same time with the new g.d.p. all regulations and europe it may face being blocked from processing dates when you're all even sharing with the u.s. . protests continue to rage across india with the death toll having risen to 9 that story and more just after the break.
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all of us will hopes it has been absolutely. but so is a behavior that appears even in deaf and blind babies even if you've never heard of seen love to you will love tickles by your parents. and then we learn how to use this in a more complex way i'm one of the things that we learn is to have to join in with love to contagiously to love somebody else even if you don't know why they're laughing. and. one of the things that i started to realize is that the noise in my head is it me i started the practice of organizing my wife around what i wanted my life to be about even when it conflicted with my internal noise so you know why i wrote a book but in my head i'm not smart enough people like me don't write books. but
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what i held myself to it was the action and i started to notice that i could co-exist with it while still living a life that went beyond. russia ukraine and the commission have agreed in principle on a new gas still standing in the new year despite pressure from washington over russia's north stream to gas pipeline project. looks at how the us is trying to blackmail allah is on energy policy. they say politics is a dud he gave him and his players can be selfish greedy and unethical but for the most part these pretend they're in it for the right reasons and of playing by the rules i think someone might have forgotten to tell ted cruz you fisa binary choice stop now and leave the pipeline unfinished the express intention of the sanctions
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legislation which we all heard or make a foolish attempt to rush to complete the pipeline and reese putting your company out of the business forever so what's gotten elected u.s. senator so riled up that he's sending out letters with the distinct whiff of blackmail to them how did you guess it's russia almost specifically north stream to the 1225 kilometer pipeline running from russia to germany that's on the brink of completion the us though is in its greatest fran the united states commands all our european partners who have taken a strong stand against north stream to. and we commend others to do the same germany is totally controlled by russia because they were getting from 60 to 70 percent of their energy from russia and a new pipeline this pipeline if completed. would make europe even more dependent on russian energy would generate billions of dollars for putin billions of dollars
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that would phone russian military aggression. we don't want your energy supplies to be defended. but america couldn't risk letting people make the decisions time's running out of to rule they decided to get it down in writing and possibile which will require don't try to impose sanctions on any foreign companies and individuals who are lending a helping hand in building the pipeline like the lucky recipient of cruises let's all see is a company of a 6000 kilometers away from washington in switzerland and like you'd expect from a politician at that level the latter is filled with all the signposts of them all to what person has just ready to sit down and reach a compromise for the next decade your company and personnel will be entirely barred from the united states any transactions will be blocked all property will be frozen
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now clearly this is a matter very close to cruz's heart because earlier this month he introduced another piece of legislation protecting europe's energy security act that's despite some in europe not actually wanting any protection european energy policy must be decided in europe not the us we fundamentally reject outside intervention and sanctions with extra territorial effect but cruise thinks he knows better he needs to save poor europe from falling victim to those devious forces in moscow it would make europe even more dependent on russian energy and that makes europe susceptible to economic blackmail europe depended on russia is not good for europe but it's not good for america i won't waste time and pointing out the irony and it's not even a cheeky one off blackmail kind of thing at the cia us ambassador to germany richard grinnell previously described by a german politician as acting like the high commissioner. an occupying power and persona non-grata also thought he'd flex his muscles we emphasize that companies
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involved in russian energy exports are taking part in something that could prompt a significant risk of sanctions now does it not being a fine of something and then there's going to these kinds of lengths and causing diplomatic disputes it's almost as if the us has something to lose from nordstrom to going ahead but it helps american jobs much better for european energy needs to be satisfied by american natural gas that creates jobs here in america rather than fueling putin's military how much and that we have it americans who propounded the virtues of the free market and happy about some healthy competition especially when the competition is providing a cheaper and faster alternative though i'll admit it does have one thing missing with the us in another year of record setting natural gas production i'm pleased that the department of energy is doing what account to promote an efficient regulatory system that allows for molecules of u.s.
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freedom to be exported to the world and does cruisin like his freedom gas in fact last year alone he liked 700 and $65000.00 of it that's how much in donations he got from the oil and gas lobby making him the sector's top recipient in all of congress but really that's just by the by we spoke to professor. who's a spokesperson for the consumer advocacy group and a big he told us that the u.s. is trying to force its allies to buy liquefied natural gas from america. this project is almost finished and america have intervened late if they wanted to do something then they should have done it at the start it's clear that germany and europe would be dependent on russian gas and because of that america is right in saying that if europe becomes more dependent on russia then america's influence will decrease that much is clear the other aspect is related to economic interests
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america would like to sell its gas produced in their fracking location that's what . dozens of former french soldiers sometimes from elite units of joining jihadi groups in the middle east since 2012 that's according to a new report by the center for the analysis of terrorism. explains. this new study released the lid to what seems to be a very problem in the french forces it talks about former military personnel who have gone along to join the terror groups in areas like a rock and syria the center identified around 30 former french soldiers who had been in syria or iraq or who had taken part in attacks in france after training for several months sometimes years these excel jews made the choice to abandon the french flag and fight instead under the banner of a terrorist group now it talks about the numbers it says around 35 have been logical eyes in the last 8 years while that number doesn't seem to be huge it does
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point to a very worrying problem french army called a strategic point with ground for terror groups because they are looking to pick up people with specialists military and tactical and also weapons expertise during their time in the french army they learned how to handle weapons and explosives skills that enabled some of them to take up strategic roles within terrorist groups others having failed to reach combat zones determined to take up arms against france by planning attacks on different strategic sites typically of a military kind but the reality is this isn't a new issue in france back in the 1990 s. and even in the early 2000 they were cases of former french soldiers who went by made jihad going to countries such as pows and afghanistan to join up with groups to fight this report also goes on to talk about why these soldiers or these former soldiers the scene is being so important not just because of that military
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knowledge but because they can pass the knowledge on to know this jihad the fruit so it may only be 30 individuals over the last few years but those 30 individuals could have trained hundreds if not thousands of others passing on that expertise knowledge. that is what the real concern is about this there was even some examples in this study of some individuals who had already decided they were going to make jihad and had decided to join the military after that so they could glean that specialist information that could be used for terror groups in the future now the report does conclude that the french army has taken measures to try and prevent radicalization it's also got measures in place trying to text but equalization that might be taking place that's all well and said for those who are still in the army but it doesn't address the problem of former french soldiers who left the army and now prime targets for terrorists to make them radicalized.
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indians are defying a police bound to hold the biggest anti government rallies and use the protesting against the passing of a bill to grant citizenship to non muslim illegal migrants. the citizenship amendment simplifies amplifications from neighboring countries but excludes muslims critics say that the legislation is both discriminatory and unconstitutional prime minister narendra modi insists the law reflects a culture of compassion this is on the protest movement unfolded. you know. 'd
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who washes muted response to india's low punters explicitly anti muslim stands in contrast to the u.s. outcry over chinese treatment of its most of the minorities are deeply and always well about protecting minorities protecting religious rights everywhere and we honor indian democracy as they have a robust debate inside of india a massive crimes against humanity committed by the chinese government against the weaker. the legislation would require the administration to categorize a report on the human rights abuses be committed by the chinese communist party we have to remember something that us foreign policy has never historically been about human rights whatsoever it's always been about securing 2 things u.s. to teach interests in different geopolitical parts of the world 1st of all and secondly in opening up different countries to transnational corporates on the
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nation phantom a set of human rights is simply a strategic instrument in the area and in the underlying u.s. us our foreign policy the united states chooses who is going to condemn and who whose human rights violations it's going to ignore so what we see is that the united states says nothing about human brutal human rights violations and for instance hunters in saudi arabia in bolivia since the coup d'etat and now in india and yet it condemns human rights violations in china in venezuela and bolivia before the coup because that's what determines who gets condemned for human rights violations whether that country is strategic and alight with u.s. interests or not. so to say appreciate you joining me here on an international this evening i will be back in the seat tomorrow stick around no reason to lock it up when you're right up to date in just over 30 minutes time.
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exists is a sticker from the water bottle found in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litter bugs are throwing us away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. that seems. their plastic. away and i need to stay on your phones at special projects funding me. on i knew that that is the end of it for the team but for now the mountains of waste only grow higher. join me every 1st week on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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you. can download from senate impeachment trial be conducted in a manner that everybody considers. the experts weigh in on this edition of paul to . get an apology again larry king reaction to donald trump's in teaching us what along party lines. the trial will be viewed in a similar manner so can the senate trial of president tom be conducted in a way that leaves everybody's satisfied with the process let's turn to our political panel there brian joyce host of the show on talk radio airing on w g o
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w f.m. he is in chattanooga and in new york g.o.p. strategist james opinion joseph can they get a fed trial in the senate a look i think the reality is that this has been a partisan matter from the very beginning i think the reality is it's going to be a partisan affair when they reach the senate i think and up people have made up their minds long ago as to whether they either like the president trump or dislike president trump whether they thought that he needed to be impeached before took the oath of office or whether they think that he's done nothing wrong and so i think again the senate trial will be the kind of anti-climactic culmination of what has been a 3 month 3 year march to where we are today brian no we all just spinning wheels. well i agree with the other day i don't think there's any chance that there's going to be a fair trial in the senate mitch mcconnell has already announced that on national television that he is not an impartial juror and and you know this is a political process the impi.


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