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no b.s. guy and yet you cite a lot of philosophers including one of the forefathers of more than linguistics ludovick with ken stein who is famous for his thinking on how the limits of our language is sad the limits of our worlds and not only him in a broad cultural sense but also in everyday life the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and about others that's essentially what your 1st book after yourself is all about isn't it yeah well you know you could put 10 people in a room and they would all describe it desperately and you know something or might be similarities some things are the same but they'll be the b. distinctions they'll be very distinct things that are that are clearly different from another and so another way to say that is we all living life through a very unique lens and that lens is created the language it's in the now what of
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that you're telling yourself and you tell other people and and i think it's important for people to pay attention to how they're describing the lives and what their narrative as we are also the products of our conditioning life conditioning and i think the only difference really is that some people have recognized and sometimes even break free of their automated behavioral pattern something that you call to on after yourself and others get semantic in those patterns and till they're totally sapphic hated what was your personal jolt out of these throttle south patchy ation mind less south perpetuation mostly in our lives we can only see the circumstances when we look at what's going on around us and we don't really have a sense that we are shaping them you don't really realize how much for shape and so was a number of years ago there are realized. that my particular my relationship with
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my mom was i really would explain it by similar as her you know she does what she does. and really what was happening was she was doing what she was doing and i was then some kind of story or narrative about that like i was i was describing what that meant to me and so i had this really like. but but can a disconnected relationship for my mom like it was really constrained and when to realize what i was doing to this relationship and i'd spent my whole life by the way talking about what she was doing to this relationship once i realized what i always do until it that's when it started to crack open for me it's a very touching story i heard your describe it in one of the interviews and you said an interesting thing that your mom being at tufts scottish lady that she expressed her allow through criticising you i'm pointing out things that were wrong about what you were doing and i found it very similar to the russian culture as
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well and i think many people misunderstand that criticism could also be a form off if not love then the care you have a choice and we it doesn't seem like we have a choice there are things that happen and why start or not fair there are things that i've been better and fight not right and but but where do you choose to kennett look at them from is ultimately how that thing will play out in your life and i chose to look at my mom as somebody who didn't approve of me and didn't think i was good enough i didn't realise until much later of that well what if all of these criticisms were to keep me on and line what if all of these criticisms were designed for me to turn out in a way that she thought i could or or perhaps should to make it in a slice and it was then that i started to get that she raised me with the tools
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that she had and that i growing up are criticised those myself i was criticising her but then i started to kind of get a glimpse of who she is as a human being now speaking about this process of sort of human unfolding one of the things you write about the law that which resonates a lot with me is that we are all born as a as essentially a bactrim of beings and that all over the course of our life have we become narrow where. how much control do you think people have over this process. i don't think you have any control over the process of who you've become. i think you have a massive say and recognizing that at some point your life like who you've become and start me to live your life beyond those constraints so what i mean by that well some people have become very senekal some people have become way too positive while the ignore all the problems in the lights so i invite people in really investigate
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and explore their own ways of being like what's what's available to you as a human being and he started realize well i've turned out this way but that alternatives that are other ways for me to express myself it's a very interesting thought for me because the big conflicting thought as well because i heard you say that nobody makes a conscious decision in their adult life to be a jerk and i partially agree with that i think we don't become jerks consciously we are usually made into once through our childhood that usually traumatic childhood experiences but 'd over once you are grown up you usually do acquire a capacity off at least see who would you like to be what is it what was that process for you a from a jorak to a hero in your own hat how did it go i started to see what i was doing to myself
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like i had become this kind of my off peak hardworking stereotypical scottish guy. in you know it wasn't a problem for me and i surely i was like well this is just how i am and fight it was mostly a problem for the people around me. and then i started to kind of get in touch with but what else is available for me like you know what else could i be up to in life and one of the things that i saw was i become last and last i'm less vulnerable less and less and less loving with the people in my life and then again there was point some a life when i was ok with that. but when i really started to investigate what it was costing me the impact it was having on me and on my marriage and my relationship my kids and my family i realized that i'd stop becoming a loving human being i'd become this driven hard working shut off. and that's
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when that's when that the switch went off and i started to started to really take on expanding myself as a human being now they the central point of all your books is personal responsibility and people having to take on a ship for what's happening to them instead of blaming others which i think psychologically is one of the hardest things to do especially for people with negative self perception because they already have a voice in their had whispering that they are not good enough and trying to themselves critically threatens to make that voice even louder or perhaps making it intolerable how do you condition yourself to take on that discomfort of looking straight into the mirror for your own image rather than reflections of somebody else when if you look at your life if you examine your life you'll see it's going in a particular direction. and it's an illusion to think that that direction will change
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with some serious and to invention from you know most people think well i'll change my job but i'll move to a new city or and that'll change my life it won't it will just be you in a different place it'll still be you know. one of the things that i started to realize is that the noise in my head isn't meat i'm not the voice in my head i have a voice in my head it's usually critical. if it was me it would say nice of thinks. it doesn't it's a survival mechanism it's made as this sign for me to make it and barely make it and this life so what i thought of the practice of organizing my wife around what i wanted my life to be about even when it conflicted with my internal knowledge so you know i wrote a book but in my head i'm not smart enough people like me don't write books but
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what i held myself to was the actions if i keep writing the book the noise is there but then it starts to get a little quiet or something to even disappears sometimes it comes back it's really allowed and i started to notice that i could co-exist with it while still living a life that went beyond it it's interesting you say that because my own method of calming and being at peace with that was is the practice of meditation and holding those emotions good and bad in this bowl internal bowl of awareness but from what i understand you've never practiced meditation you you came up with the own tricks right yeah yeah i don't know if i can sit still long enough to mad to tell you so i know a lot of people love meditating and i've heard great things of but it but i've never practiced it myself but what i am out to do is. it's just he cannot
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distinguish the noise in my head and to just let it be i don't have to do anything with it and i don't have to wrestle with it or not to control that enough to make it go away i can just let it be i really view all of us each human being is you're more like a conduit things pass through and when something is passing through if it's a negative thought or negative emotion the more you try and make it go away the more it states the more it's here and so i do have this practice of just letting those emotions be there is nothing wrong as it's they'll they come and they go but what stays consistent is what i've made my life about. well this is exactly what the practice of meditation is all about and i have to say that a lot of the things you write about in your books living in the moment the spectrum of beings that we all are loving kindness the difference between happiness and success they all seem to come straight from the buddhist teachings and they have in
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your books you almost never a mansion eastern philosophers and it's just the ironic and very interesting to me that you would serendipitously arrive at what buddha sat 2500 years ago i guess that's fixed to the universality of human experience i think i think that has a certain can a universal truths around as. off too all too often we cannot ignore them because we think well that's got to be more than that or that's got to be more to solving this problem that i am and so we just kind of dive deeper into it but even if you look at some of the some of their early 20th century philosophers like heidegger and get dominant hospital you know they spoke of ways of being and ways of acting and and like that can steen in how language ties into our ways of being an acting and i'm i'm sure they were probably influenced by you know some of those more
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ancient teachings too i want to quote something from you here i am continually observing my 4 letter words starting with ass i observe the observer apart from these 4 letter words this is as buddhist as it can get and what i find very interesting about your work is that you found a new way a new language of bringing these centuries old ideas to the people who normally would not be very interested in is to philosophy. i think i speak to people in a wind which the that they use. my problem with a lot of. of similar work and my space or my john ron feel like is that it tends to be very very can sap show and people don't want another concept the lives are busy and off they're overwhelmed rats that they don't they don't want to be can i have to know one some brand new concept so what i find as when i speak
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to people in my terms which tends to be kind of everyday terms about how do you how they cannot even manipulate yourself to shift yourself to move your emotions a little and to move some of your actions a little. it's simple it's easy to understand and it's very powerful well gary we have to take a short break now but to be able to back in just a few moments they. are.
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so. just so. very warm welcome to you you're watching us inside. welcome back to worlds apart from gary john bishop and new york times best selling
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author and a life coach gary your book your 1st book came out in october of 2016 if i'm not mistaken and it's just less than a month before donald trump was elected president of the united states i don't know your political views we don't have to discuss them but what i see is that you both have the said pillow what i would call. new rugged authenticity what do you think about it do you think there's any overlap between the your audience and some of the people who vote for donald trump. i don't know i really don't know you know i have one meshing on this earth and that's to empower people you know i don't really care what your political view as i'm here to empower people the one thing that i well say is there's a lot to use in this word authenticity. that it's that it's a misuse of the word and what people when they're say an authenticity what they're
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really saying is something like candor or speaking your mind which i actually don't agree with i think there's a lot of stuff in your mind that should stay there. authenticity really is it's more about talking about yourself when it comes to that subject it's about talking about what's going on with you. and what people of confuse that with is. voicing their upset or voicing their concerns about others and how are those that are impacting them and so i take a slightly different view but as i say i'm here to empower people period that's well to some extent i think don't know chump also sees himself as somebody empowering people and specific kind of people people who may not perceive themselves as overly intellectual people who may not have the most polished language and i'm saying that nonjudgmental i think everybody has to be themselves and try to be the best version of themselves they don't have to look
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a certain way are as you know somebody who thinks that the model is but i guess my question is somebody who value south and to sit in a log have you ever cringed at. how forthcoming are authentic president trump may be in the way he expresses himself well i think he's he's representative of a lot of human beings right i mean what we think is authentic ultimately turns out to be a facade and nuts i'm not just i'm not just pointing that at one person saying it's been point it's been discussed and studied many many times in fact in young's teachings you know we are we're constantly presenting something to the world that we've been presenting it for so long we relate to it as a real self. but if you stop and you and you take some examination you'll see
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you're mostly presenting what you think will protect you and what you're trying to hide from the world which is usually some and security or uncertainty or can a demented xing saul of self and that's that's not just one person and it's all human beings and. some really all vs lee and noticeably but all are doing when i heard me say that you know books on not really for the high flyers or the high browed they are for the ordinary folks and there are many speakers who try to appeal to that audience jordan peterson from canada would probably be one of the most successful ad the most controversial some people even described him as the stupid man's smart person i wonder if you have ever felt the same way the stupid some and smart person. no where that's too much about me and i really don't
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whatever people think of me as what they think of me i can't really control and that's all all of those sort of observations are from what i would say up in the stands like watching life and i want to get down in the dirt with people i want to . to help people and what people think of me do when they are not there when the ultimately makes no difference to me you know i'm bored and to ask that and the person who just lost their job or they just got divorced or they've been through a really tough time in life and they're trying to get out of it or that's my concern i'm completely organized it's my every thought everything i read everything i study everything i say i just want to empower people i'll leave the opinions off the over his head the reason i'm asking is because this proverbial a metaphorical stupid man is also a big power it's a major commercial opportunity it's the people like that ordinary folks who made. motivational speakers like tony robbins for example multi-millionaires and given
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how big this industry is today i wonder why do you think there are still so many screw people around i mean on some level paying thousands of dollars to hear somebody speak is not the most rational decision either it's not and it's one of the reasons why a lot of what i do i use a do it for free or really cheap place you know i mean you can do an online course of mine for $20.00 you know and the course last like 3 hours and you've done some workbook and you do the work on yourself. you know. look i think specially in our society writings and most societies around the world. you know there's there's a kind of drive to do better that is make more money bigger house better car. but usually that draw is too far is to can i satisfy some need with yourself i don't do what i do to satisfy a need with myself i've done a lot of work on myself i continue to work on myself i know what's going on behind
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the facade to feel like and i share openly so that i don't i don't become a victim to it but but but i authentically do what i do it to empower people i think that's my life's work you know and i did it when i made no money and i do it know that i make money but but i like to think that personal growth and personal development you don't need to re mortgage your house to do it you can go on a budget and you can do it with very almost no money you know you can go online and you tube and the some great resources are there for people to empower themselves and make significant change in the lives let me ask you about them that brought a question about the industry and i want to call it with in style again because. hugh one said that the biggest difficulty in philosophy is to say no more than we know and i think that's a major challenge for many of the life coaches because they. i think and though we
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saw this both of themselves and that their audience is they often try to over project confidence to over and over solve the wisdom can you always spot the fakery of their i mean then how do you go about it with your own lives because at the end of the day you also have to pay the bills i never go and invest business to make money i really didn't i really got on it authentically to help people because someone had done that with me i've done work and i've done courses and i experienced the difference that it made for me and i just wanted to get it to other people now i know that this is a senekal world i know people look guys like me in the look in for the saying you know like yeah but what about you know you drive on a car. and i bet you you know all the other stuff which is fine you know it's people are going to do that anyway. but you're right there are people who do this and it's a career move and i would say that's a big mistake i think it's
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a big mistake to get to make your life be above. others but really it's about you. and. you know over the law it's all parties in this life and of lots of people come to me and offered me opportunities to do this thing or that thing with my bulk or do and i don't i won't do one because. i'm selling out on what this is really all about so anybody who ever comes to work with me in any partnerships that i do know it's always it's always got to be about how many people can we help and how can we do it and how can we make it is broadly accessible as possible and if it doesn't fulfill on that criteria are those needs then i won't know what ok well i don't know if you had a very interesting life to jack through from being a musician to a live coach and now a bestselling author where do you see yourself moving nags and can you confidently say that you have dogs that work to you on after yourself and when ever deemed that
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process complete yeah no it's not a death to answer the last part it's not a destination it's a it's once you realise what it takes to cannot unstick yourself then what you're looking at is new and unfolding ways to get access to that freedom isn't a particular space it's new realms of freedom new dimensions of freedom what what i'm doing now with my wife 10 years ago i couldn't of them i get. and i'm still in the process of what's next and what's next then what's next but not to get there but rather to can i bring up vibrancy to the life that i've got all you know i live my life looking at the future but i'm but i'm not pining for it the future informs and wife and the life of god and that's what i want people to get when people get that you can live an inspired life you can't see me right now by that wearing a t.
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shirt. with a side that's sad it's time for new dreams and i wonder what i know be as a guy like yourself think things about new dreams do you find them helpful in and what is life i'm sorry for using the expletive finally yeah you have to bleep out what but yeah. i do think dreams are important for human beings but you can't get so wrapped up in them that that you sacrifice the present the present as your life this is where it's happening and so i like to look at things like dreams and aspirations for the future as being the kinds of things that that inspire you to get up off your seat today that that inspires your life today. other than that if you don't if you if the dreams you have on empire acting the life you currently have. then you got to let them go they're not serving you well gary i do think that you found a new language war talking about things that are eternal in nature and i'm sure
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many of our viewers feel by your book fascinating in the meantime thank you very much for being with us today thank you and thanks for having me our viewers can keep this conversation going in our social media pages asked for me and the team we help to syria gab same place same time on the walls apart. in the troubled 19 seventies a group of killers rampage through parts of northern ireland that was coordinated
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loyalists attacks particularly the population of tens of thousands were forced to flee their homes and what was striking to put these attacks was a p.r. you see the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of preventing it they were active participants in the burning of the whole streets in belfast i think more than a 100 innocent civilians were murdered as the review can seniors and we found out more i was surprised about the extent and the ticker into which the collusion was unfolding some of those cases the killers would lead to be named to the no we're getting i think it went to do very very top i think if the. the water where politicians knew. and give. the go ahead.
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what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted over checked . so when you want to be president. or some want to be pressed. into the right to be president that's what the 43 in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of my college. she was stoic. a. tesla.
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little. russian officials have identified the suspect in a shooting near the federal security service building in central moscow 2 people were killed and 5 others injured in that attack. and other stories that shape the week moscow and the e.u. lash out and u.s. sanctions targeting russia's nord stream to gas pipeline through germany the berlin saying it amounts to interference in domestic affairs. and another inspector breaks ranks from the global chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. w. saying its final report on the alleged attack in the syrian city of 2 months distorts the facts.


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